I’m Still Alive!

Although to be honest, for the past month or so I’ve been a little on the near death side. I exaggerate. 

Morning sickness has kept me feeling ill, weak and gross and generally unable to muster any motivation to do a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. Not wanting to eat anything really puts on a dampener on your day; I always knew my unhealthy obsession with food and eating would catch up with me. I had no desire to do anything because there was simply nothing that I wanted to eat. If there was some random food I craved, after eating it, the mere thought of that particular food would make me feel sick. 

So overall, I’ve been very low on energy and motivation and it’s been a sucky few weeks. I am feeling much better though!

Been thinking about buying a Doppler thingy because I’m constantly so paranoid about the baby’s heartbeat! I have a GP appointment scheduled soon-ish, do GP’s usually have the equipment to listen for babies’ heartbeats? 

Other things aside, I can’t figure out to send my in-laws things, purchasing from Korean sites is a HUGE pain in the ass, I don’t have I-pin and I can’t confirm my identity using the sms messages because some random snapped up my awesome easy-to-remember number I used in Korea. Sigh. And I wanted to sort some New Zealandy stuff today but I forgot its Labour Day there, so poopies. 

One of the physicists behind the Higgs boson has made an algorithm to replace the pill
It's up to 99.5% effective at stopping pregnancy.
By Fiona MacDonald

One of the physicists who helped find the Higgs boson, Elina Berglund, has spent the past three years working on something completely different - a fertility app that tells women when they’re fertile or not.

It’s not the first fertility app out there, but Berglund’s app works so well that it’s been shown to help women avoid pregnancy with 99.5 percent reliability - an efficacy that puts it right up there with the pill and condoms.

Best of all, the app doesn’t have any side effects, and just requires women to input their temperature daily to map their fertility throughout the month.

Back in 2012, Berglund was working at CERN on the Large Hadron Collider experiment to find the famous Higgs boson. But after the discovery of the particle, she felt it was time to work on something completely different.

“I wanted to give my body a break from the pill,” she told Daniela Walker from Wired, “but I couldn’t find any good forms of natural birth control, so I wrote an algorithm for myself.”

The resulting app is called Natural Cycles, and so far, it’s had pretty promising results.

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Absolutely Beautiful: Watch This Woman Tell Her Husband She’s Pregnant While Conan O’Brien Pours Good Milk Down The Sink

Get the tissues ready, because this is guaranteed to be the most emotional video you’ve seen in a long time.

Everyday Hero: When This Pregnant Woman Couldn’t Find A Seat On A Train, This Man Decided To Stand On His In Solidarity

Well, this story absolutely proves that you don’t need a cape to be a hero.

Zack Clifton will tell you he’s just a normal guy, but his small humanitarian gesture on his morning commute yesterday shows just how extraordinary he really is. When the 25-year-old graphic designer saw a pregnant woman who couldn’t find a seat, he knew he had to do something about it. While others looked the other way, he decided to stand on his own seat in solidarity.

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Click here to order my new sketch book!

Its finally here!  My latest sketch book is stuffed to the gills with drawings and comics I’ve done in the past year or so.  With a title like “Oh My God.. I’m A Mom you might be wondering what it could possibly be about.  Well, ever since I first became preggers, the theme of babies and motherhood has popped up in my work from time to time.  Just a tad.  To be honest, drawing about my experiences helped me keep my sanity, or at least what little I had to begin with.  This book chronicles the sweet highs and bewildering lows of becoming a new mom, and hopefully you’ll find it full of humor, sassafras, and plenty of “d'aaawwww…lookit the baby!”  If you’ve ever enjoyed or shared my drawings like the ones above, have a look-see!  This mama would be ever so obliged.

I feel like I clarify this a lot but I feel like it needs its own post.

- If someone wants to keep their pregnancy, I support you. 

- If someone wants to keep their pregnancy and parent or adopt, I support that too. 

- If someone wants to abort, I support you. 

You can feel happy, sad, indifferent, nervous, scared, angry about ANY of those situations. 

And I will support you and your decision.  If you need help with any of those decision, I will support you and help you. 

Because I am pro-choice. And that is what pro-choice people do. 

Imagine your OTP has recently gotten married, but are not ready for kids. Around the same time, a close friend of theirs announces they’re pregnant. Nine months later, when said friend gives birth, your OTP is there with them. After the baby is born and they go home, Person A says, “Wow. That was intense. I’m glad we aren’t having kids for a while.” Person B (awkwardly) has to announce that they just found out that they’re pregnant. How Person A reacts is up to you.