((nervous because of upcoming housing plots in 3.3 ;w;….))

Anyhow, have an unfinished pregnant Ahri.
Because, it’s official. She’s 4 months pregnant by now. And her and her hubby are happier than ever.

Let me tell you a secret though:
They’ll get adorable sun keeper x moon keeper mixed twin girls, with more moon than sun features, bc of Ahri’s dominant moon genes.
They’ll also be future tribe leading twins, just like Ahri’s mom and aunt (I’zumi’s mom) were.


Done during last LS, I’ve been really thirsty for older!amourshipping lately. Now I’m happy.

Comes from the idea that happened in an old “send me a ship and I’ll tell you” of mine where I mentioned amourshipping spooning pikachu, so here it is.

Pikachu be like, mama pika raised no fool. He went for the cockblocking softest spot.

Do You Take Them To Be Yours Now And Forever?

Midnight sits in the chair impatiently, wanting to fiddle but Luna and Apollo doesn’t let her, the male angel fixing her hair. “Guys, cmon, my ass is asleep, lemme moveeee.” Her only response was a flick to the forehead and Luna frowning.

Today’s finally the day, Mid had woken up to Red and Luna tugging her out of bed, pulling her to a spare room where everything was already in place. She quickly ate a breakfast burrito while they were resizing her for the last time, making sure everything was perfect.

Red had gone back to his room to get the dresses and hopefully wake up Dawn and Spark.