pregen character


Pre-generated Characters for an upcoming game of Titansgrave. PDF version available here. 

EDIT 28/01/16: Added a reference for Stunts.

The art for the new ones, Spritle and Ragna, is from Overwatch (Mei and Hanzo, respectively).

I whipped up this new template in about 20 minutes and banged out these quick pre-gens. They’re not perfect, and some of the math/spelling might be a little suspect, but they’ll do for the game tomorrow. Why Green Ronin Publishing hasn’t done something similar yet is beyond me. 

Here is a androgynous halfing fighter (finesse build) called Flick.

I am sorely to make a zine of 1st level D&D pregen characters or players who need some inspiration…


Generica Pregenerated characters. Running an impromptu game tonight because it’s my birthday. 

I did not make the character art, and do not have the rights to the art. Art was sourced through DeviantArt and Zero-Chan. These sheets are temporary and were made in around an hour in Photoshop while drunk, hence their amazing quality.