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Hey! me and my friends are going to play d&d for the first time and im going to be the dm, do you know any easy short adventure that we new players can take?

Firstly grats on becoming a DM, being a player is fun but being a DM is IMHO more rewarding.

The first three videos of Matthew Colville’s Running the Game series (which I would recommend to DM’s old and new btw) has a walkthrough of creating and running a very simple beginner adventure/dungeon. These are linked below.

Your First Adventure

Your First Session

Your First Dungeon

If you are looking for something published The Lost Mines of Phandelver is the D&D Starter Box with a rules summary, adventure built for beginners, pregenned characters and dice. It can be used with any characters if your players already have made theirs.

Good luck!

Here is a androgynous halfing fighter (finesse build) called Flick.

I am sorely to make a zine of 1st level D&D pregen characters or players who need some inspiration…

I’ve been re-reading Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine recently, and I was struck by how it approaches the topic of gender-bending with respect to the game’s iconic characters. One of the usual criticisms of gender-bending in media is that it’s tied up in a lot of really gender-essentialist notions, and while I’m not sure those criticisms are entirely addressed here, it’s definitely a much more nuanced take on the matter than most.

To provide a bit of background, Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine is a tabletople roleplaying game by Dr. Jenna Moran. It’s basically a game of low key slice-of-life drama involving characters who just happen to be gods, mythic heroes, cosmic archetypes, and other unreasonably powerful entities. “What if Azathoth tried being a dorky teenage boy and decided he liked it?” is a totally valid concept (and, incidentally, one of the game’s signature characters).

One major respect in which CMWGE differs from most tabletop games is that, while character creation is theoretically supported, it’s an extremely complicated and time-consuming process, so the expectation is generally that you’ll play as one of the iconic characters that are included with each campaign. Though each pregen character has a “default” version, it also includes various adjustable knob and levers you can use to customise it, with some discussion of what each adjustment means for the overall character concept.

As you might expect, one of those adjustable parameters is the character’s gender. GMWGE treats this particular dial not as a matter of the character’s appearance or aptitudes, but as a matter of roles and expectations. How does adjusting this character’s gender influence how they relate to other major characters, and how those characters relate to them in turn? How does it affect how they fit into the setting’s broader society? The provided options are highly variable; for some characters, basically nothing changes other than pronouns, while for others, it’s much more far-reaching.

For example, you have Leonardo de Montreal, the young master of nightmare science (it’s like regular science, but grosser) who may or may not also be an amnesiac fallen angel. Gender-bent, Leonardo becomes Dulcinea, but otherwise absolutely nothing about the character changes - she doesn’t even dress or cut her hair any differently.

Then you have young Miramie Mesmer, a melancholy dream-witch who is not dealing at all well with the fact that she’s the reincarnation of a reality-devouring cosmic horror. Her gender-bent version is Reynard Mesmer, the blustering self-proclaimed Lord of Dreams (a claim he has difficulty selling principally because gravitas is hard when you’re a fourteen-year-old boy). Both versions of the character have the same underlying issues, but flipping their gender roles also flips their public-facing coping mechanisms.

And then you have the tutelary spirit of the game’s eponymous Wish-Granting Engine. By default, she’s an adventuresome woman named Lilimund Cartaign who resembles nothing so much as a steampunk Mrs. Frizzle. Gender-bend her and you end up with Laodemus Schwan, a flamboyantly gay luchador vigilante, because of course you do.

I can’t say that I always agree with Dr. Moran’s conclusions, but she’s clearly put a lot of thought into this aspect of the game.


Pre-generated Characters for an upcoming game of Titansgrave. PDF version available here. 

EDIT 28/01/16: Added a reference for Stunts.

The art for the new ones, Spritle and Ragna, is from Overwatch (Mei and Hanzo, respectively).

I whipped up this new template in about 20 minutes and banged out these quick pre-gens. They’re not perfect, and some of the math/spelling might be a little suspect, but they’ll do for the game tomorrow. Why Green Ronin Publishing hasn’t done something similar yet is beyond me. 


Generica Pregenerated characters. Running an impromptu game tonight because it’s my birthday. 

I did not make the character art, and do not have the rights to the art. Art was sourced through DeviantArt and Zero-Chan. These sheets are temporary and were made in around an hour in Photoshop while drunk, hence their amazing quality.