Living in a body that looks this way has always been my worst nightmare.
I took this over a week ago and hesitated to share it anywhere.

But being cuddled skin to skin with my little miracle makes me love every stretch mark and embrace every extra pound.

I will never see the body I looked at my whole life again, but I will never see the person I was again either. While I’m in a way still the same person, I’m very far from it in another way. I will love myself, I will not be hard on myself. This body grew the best thing to ever happen to me and continues to nourish him. That’s something to cherish. My son will hug this body, cuddle it, and love it. My body will be there to lend him a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on. I should worship the body I’m in because of the opportunity it has given me, and so I will.

Dylan moved the bed out of Addison’s nursery today and I literally couldn’t be happier. Things are falling so wonderfully into exactly what I have always imagined.

Our little girl is so welcomed, it’s unbelievable. These next ~30 days are seriously going to be the most difficult of our pregnancy. How can we wait when we are so ready for her!?

Things we still need:
- Pack and Play (which we don’t even need for her to come home, just in general so we have somewhere for her to hang when we’re downstairs!)
- bottle sterilizer
- more baby towels

Literally that’s all I can think of! We’re just playing the longest round of “wait your turn” ever.

I’m working until May 16, and if she hasn’t come by then, the real wait will start! I don’t know what I’ll do when I am really just waiting! At least, now, I’m forced out of the house for work!

Ramble. Ramble. Baby. Ramble. Can’t wait. Ramble.

Any kind of abdominal pain freaks me out now especially if it’s sharp and sudden ugh last night was rough…I hope everything is…okay in there. I was scared about placental abruption for a while and was considering going to the ER if it got worse. Alhamd it got better though.

Y'all I am half tempted to fall asleep in this bath, and just let Jacob wake me up when he gets home from work. I mean, last call is in 90 minutes, and then they just have to close and wait for the drunkards to leave. He usually gets home around 1 am, which means I could take a 3.5 hour nap in here. If I could sleep for 3.5 uninterrupted, comfortable hours I would be a changed woman.


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A mothers love is…

The feeling you get when you find out you’re pregnant.
The feeling you get when you see them on the screen for the first time.
The feeling you get when you feel them move for the first time.
The feeling you get as your bump grows.
The feeling you get as you count down the days.
The feeling you get in your tummy when you see them for the first time.
The feeling you get when you hold them close.
The cuddles you have and the never wanting to let go feeling.
The kisses they give to you and no matter how slobbery you wouldn’t change it.
The magic of hearing “mum” for the first time.
The way they look into your eyes and you don’t want anything more than to protect and keep them close forever.
The entire world seems scarier than before as you have to protect them from harm.
The fact you’d move heaven and earth for them, no matter what.
The giggles you hear, as they find you funnier than anyone else in the world.
The smiles on their face makes your heart melt.
The fact you are just as irreplaceable as they are, no one will ever be them and no one else will ever be their mum.
No matter how sleepless your night is, it’s worth it.
No matter how naughty they are, you look at them and all is forgiven, just by looking in their eyes and feeling that “mothers love”
Watching the same Tv cartoon all day, everyday.
Sick days are cuddle days and work will always have to wait.
Nights out turn into nights in and you wouldn’t change it.

A mothers love, is indescribable, you cannot describe it, you just feel it, whether you’re a biological mother, father, adopted mother, carer, guardian or foster mother, you’re still a mother and will feel it in your heart. It cannot be taken away. 
A mothers love is perfect.