Pregnancy and Multiple Sclerosis

I was speaking to a fellow pregnant MSer on my other blog about how symptoms have been, and my thoughts on post-partum relapse (for those who don’t know there is an increased chance of relapse after giving birth). I thought I’d share what I said… That way I can have a record of it.

I’ve been loving pregnancy. 

I’ve had an easy go of it for sure… Although, it may just be that some of the more common complaints were just standard because of the MS. Nausea, fatigue, heartburn, dizziness, brain fog, backaches, headaches, frequent urination, constipation, and restless legs/leg cramps… 

I had all of them during pregnancy, but it’s been less severe than before.

Plus, when I look down my hands, torso, butt, and thighs don’t go numb any more. 

I’ve gotten sick way less than I’m used to. Perhaps if I’d been “healthy” pre-pregnancy I wouldn’t have found this so wonderful, but it’s like a vacation from a life sentence. I’ve been given ~9 months to feel like a regular person again. The thought of it ending, and even causing an exacerbation is terrifying.

I’ve been trying to avoid thinking about it, but as you must know it’s impossible. I’m just trying to make sure that I’m eating “healthy”, and resting now.

My husband is aware of the risks. Having people close that can help should I be caught in a relapse. MS is the worst because you can’t plan for it. You don’t know what it’s going to do… where it’s going to affect, how badly, for how long…

You just have to wait and see. Which is what I’ll be doing.

39 weeks today!

Well, I’m 39 weeks today. It’s crazy. I had my baby shower on Sunday and it was wonderful. Now I can go and get the remaining things we need, provided I find someone to take me, lol. 

I have my OB appointment this afternoon, and she’s going to do a stretch and sweep. I’m nervous. Mostly because I know that however uncomfortable it is it will be nothing compared to giving birth. I’m pretty sure I will get an epidural, but still not 100%. 

This evening we’re going to visit some friends we made in our prenatal classes. They had their little girl late last week and I can’t wait to see her! Hopefully it will encourage our little mister to come out and join us. 

Not much longer now. :-)

1cm dilated and about 50% effaced. Baby’s using my cervix as a pillow. The sweep was uncomfortable but I survived. I will be getting an epidural. Fingers crossed for a Saturday delivery. My doctor will be on call AND my favourite nurse will be at the hospital. Plus it’s the day I guessed.

When I put this in my calendar I’m sure I thought it was a good idea. Now it feels like my phone is judging me.
I had an appointment today and not a lot had changed. My cervix was thinner and softer, a little more dilated maybe. Baby William wasn’t floating away at least (I was confused when he said that because I’ve never heard of that…). She did another sweep so hopefully that’ll get things going. I’m not tired of still being pregnant but I am getting tired of people asking if I’m still pregnant. The “Do you think it’ll be today?” questions are rough too. Sadly there is no cell phone in there and he can’t text me his plans.
Oh well, here’s hoping for soon.

Maternity leave day 6... Weekends don't count.

Well, the excitement has worn off. Way quicker than I thought it would actually… I thought I’d get at least two weeks of enjoyment prior to getting restless. So far today I’ve put away baby clothes, put more books in the nursery, had 2 lay downs, ate an amazing lunch, had a bowl of mango and pineapple (too big though… My mouth feels weird) and read things on-line. Oh I also watched the end of a movie. 

Tomorrow I’m 37 weeks. We’re having a personal chef come to our place to make us a romantic 5 course dinner to celebrate. It was a gift from Kelsey’s Mom and I’m so excited! I was going to try to have a nice “Me” day, go get a massage, maybe a mani-pedi… But the massage place only does pre-natal on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. So I’ve booked one for Saturday at 11:30. It’s only $35.00 which is awesome! 

I’m pretty sure the baby has dropped a bit more… I was up every hour last night to pee. He can still reach my ribs but he seems to only use them as jumping platforms to get lower. I get a little nudge up high and then stabbing pain down low. He’s been pretty quiet today though… unusual as he’s generally all over the place. I’m enjoying the calm though.

So that’s my update. What an exciting life I lead. 

Yucky day...

Well, today is one of those days where I’m not enjoying pregnancy…  

I woke up feeling alright. We had an ultrasound that I was super excited for… Baby Bill (Aka Wilmer) is estimated at 7lbs 4oz, so not the giant baby we were expecting. He’s head down… way down… in the go position!

I’m using a read more because the rest is going to be a bit complainy… and I talk about poop!

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So, here we are. After reading this I cried. I’m so excited to have our little boy (or girl or whatever they decide on) but its just scary. It has to come out of my vagina. Yeah, I said it. That scares me! Plus my lazy snuggle times with just the hubby and I will be over. It won’t ever be just the two of us. Even if Baby Wilmer isn’t around. He’ll always be the most important topic, care, worry. It’s just a big change. Plus, I’m loving being pregnant (now that I’m mostly over the worst cold ever). It’s going to be so weird to not be. My bump will be gone, and a person will be here. In just three months. It’s going to be so wonderfully strange.


33 weeks and a day. (Last night) Good thing I only have 10 days of work left. It’s getting hard to see children and toys beyond my bump and I’m afraid I’m going to get stuck in the bathroom stall.
This was at like, 5 or 6 weeks. I was so tiny. I had already put on a bit of weight from my pre-wedding size. I wasn’t fit by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m hoping baby William will get me more active.

33 weeks...

Only 4 weeks until “Full term”. 7 until my due date. How has this happened? When did time start going so fast. I may not mind that in the coming weeks though. I think my stomach (like the real one where food goes) is pushed up way high. I keep puking in my mouth. It is unpleasant. And the kicks are cute in the most painful of ways. Head butting my pelvis… Not so cute.
Only 2.5 weeks of work left. I can totally do this!!!