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PR Stunt Exposed: Briana Jungwirth

I’m taking a huge risk by posting this. At this point, anything could happen to me or my account so it’s best that you know the truth. First disclaimer: I am in NO way whatsoever doing this for attention. Second: Believe me or don’t believe me (and if you don’t, that’s no excuse to be rude). Third: I can’t and won’t give away who my insider is. 

1. Are the baby rumors fake?

Yes. Every rumor you’ve heard about the “baby” being real is absolutely fake. Not true. Never existed in the first damn place. No matter what you’ve read or heard: fake. Doesn’t matter what newspaper, magazine, tweets or website. 

2. Will they actually make Briana pregnant? 

First of all, you can’t force someone to be pregnant (like, actually impregnate them). That’s wrong in so many ways.

My insider overheard a phone call discussing the options that management could do to really make Briana seem pregnant. It was on speaker and they heard a woman shouting. 

The person who was talking to the woman said: “Just get Bri in a baby bump suit and done.” 

The woman argued: “No, no woman can go from skinny to pregnant in a day.” 

Other person said: “Just erm, make her gain some puppy fat. Ya know, cakes and shite on the shoppin’ list and bam she’ll be pregant.”

Woman retorted: “Yeah, pregnant with junk food. And nah, we can’t. She’s a model and she’s on a diet.” 

 (Briana would refuse to actually put on weight, so giving her a diet of greasy snacks and junk food was out of the question; apparently she wants to be a model and she’s taking no such risks. The fake baby bump would be too obvious as well.)

Believe what you want. My insider was taking no such risks of recording this. They were already hiding, and that alone would’ve gotten them into trouble. 

3. What’s the worst thing they could possibly do for this fandom? Force a live interview for Louis to “admit” he’s going to be a “father”?

The worst thing my insider has heard SO FAR is that Harry and Louis will get into a fight (staged, of course). A huge heated argument about “the baby” that would make us believe they’re not on good terms anymore. However, given all the bullshit that has occurred, this seems unlikely; Harry and Louis would both never agree to such a thing.

A live interview? Well, management could easily do anything.

4. Why start such a rumor? Does this have anything to do with Elounor? And how did it happen/work?

My insider states that this is to conceal Louis’ sexuality, as well as earn more publicity for One Direction. They’re playing Louis off as “100% straight.”

We all remember Elounor (Eleanor Calder + Louis Tomlinson). Miss Calder was Louis’ “girlfriend” for four years. They “split up” in March 2015. (As I am giving you this information, this is knowledge my insider has collected. This is not their opinion or my opinion. Also, we’re not insulting or trying to mock anyone who ever shipped Elounor. Just to note: my insider is not even a shipper of anything at all in this fandom.) Remember how the fans made such a fuss about it, but neither Louis or Eleanor did? Neither of them publicly commented about it. Neither of them tweeted. We got a lot of crap after that. People would make edits of Twitter DMs to “convince” us they were still together or if they really had broken up. Bottom line: Louis never confirmed or denied it. And he’s in the same situation with these baby rumors. 

My insider has told me that Elounor was “called off” by management because they needed to move into the next phase of PR: Zayn leaving. A few days after the headlines gave us such stories like “Louis Tomlinson Splits From Longtime Girlfriend” or “Representative for Louis Tomlinson Confirms Breakup” what happened? That’s right. The big shocker: Zayn “quits” 1D. 

Elounor was called off for several reasons. One of them being that management no longer cared about them as a “couple” and wanted all the remaining attention to focus on Sophiam and Zerrie (but definitely Zerrie). Following the “split” and Zayn “leaving,” we received stories and publicity photos of Louis out clubbing on the town. In most photos he was drunk and/or miserable. They used the “he misses his ex-girlfriend” excuse, and people actually believed that. Remember how Harry Styles used to be known as the womanizer? (That’s what they made him out to be.) They tried it out on Louis. People started having doubts by then. 

Here’s how they played it: Louis casually out partying with random girls and guys; they focus on one particular girl; said girl happens to be Briana Jungwirth; regardless of whether or not she’s actually friends with Louis, they hire/pay her and she probably signs a non-disclosure agreement (a contract stating she’s under oath and can’t speak or act out of line…even if, sadly, she receives hate); Briana and Louis will be photographed more and then rumors will start when we least expect it….. all orchestrated by those at Modest! Management who are in charge of PR.

To sum it up: Elounor will be used for these rumors as long as they’re floating around. We’ll get several stories about how “Eleanor and Louis will get back together” and “Louis wants Eleanor back”; all that is bullshit, but they want you to believe it. 

 This is all I’m going to post for now. This was hard for me to do. I debated numerous times about whether or not I should post this. Expect a huge retaliation from Modest! if they see this… 

-Princess Direction xoxoxo


“Diablo is such a bad sterotype for Latinos!”

“Why do people like him?! He killed his kids and wife! He’s HORRIBLE.”

“Y'all are saying you wanna date him, but he’d probably kill you too”

“Diablo and Harley? He would set her on fire, good lord, don’t ship that.”

“Eughhh, he’s so SCARY. And looks so creepy…”

(Gestures to images up above, which made up about half of a comic book, there’s a lot more that I couldn’t fit)
You sure about all those things?

You’re telling me a man who says “Howdy, folks” is awful. Listen, I know we didn’t get to see a lot of Diablo, but please know that he’s truly a sweet guy. Someone who’s just trying to be the hero again and attempt to make up for what he did. He swore to never hurt a woman nor child, and he never has to this day. This is the man who politely asked for an awful villain to defend themselves, just because he didn’t want to just hurt someone without them having a chance (and to justify his right to fight) Spread the word about El Diablo, Chato Santana, or any other name. He deserves to be known as the beautiful man he is, and the man who deserves a second chance at life. At everything.
Hero of War || Open

Jehan always thoguht fighting for your country was a good thing. A way to become a hero, to earn a spot in heaven.. To make your country proud, show your love for it off… And so, when all hell broke lose in northen India, and France decided to interfere, Jehan had quit his studies and signed up, together with a whole bunch of his friends. To his disappointment, they weren’t placed in the same groups. He, instead, was placed in a group where he didnt'know everybody, where he felt a little left out, even… They didn’t have a special task, they were just soldiers, like so many others were.

On that one day, the day Jehan would never forget, never in his entire life, he and his squad were supposed to guard a little village that- after they had attacked and taken it and now was occupied by pregant woman, old and sick people and children, mostly-  had become their base. Jehan sat in the back of the truck, not liking the way the others were behaving right now- as if this was a joke. As if they had forgotten about the four men shot last week during this exact same routine. He hadn’t ,and he was eying the surroundings with eyes like a hawk. Of course, that didn’t mean he had eyes on the front, and so he didn’t see it coming when- well, when even more hell broke lose.

Later, he was told, a bomb had gone off, right underneith the front of the truck. He had been sent flying, his right leg blown off right away, his left burned badly, like some parts of the rest of his body as well. He felt as if he was in a dreamworld, gasping for air as smoke and sirens filled the sky around him… It felt as if it was years later, when he felt somebody call his name, and he just barely managed to open up his eyes, trying to say something, to apologize, but failing miserably.