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Like Father, Like Son

Title: Like Father, Like Son

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Word Count: 2,167

Request: @imboredsueme - Reader and Sherlock have a really bad argument and break up, she realizes she was pregnant with his kid. Years later her curious son tracks down the detective.

A/N: I’ve hit 1,000 followers!!! This is crazy and I couldn’t have ever imagined this would happen. Anyway….. This was the most requested of all my imagines in my ‘to-do’ list so thanks to everyone who voted and please enjoy! If you’d like to request an imagine message me or leave me an ask, my plates pretty full right now but I’ll add it to the list and hopefully get to it soon. If you’re not on my tag list already and want to be let me know! As always- feel free to message me if you need anything or just feel like saying hello!


    “William?” You bellowed from the kitchen. Your son hadn’t come down for dinner yet and you were beginning to  worry.

    “William your food’s gonna get cold, love-” You marched through the hall and opened his bedroom door, losing your voice when you saw his window open and his sheets tied to the drain pipe outside.

    “William!” You shrieked and ran to the window, sticking your head out. You looked at the drop from the second floor, it wasn’t much but you still worried for your small child.

    Pulling your head back inside, you yanked the window closed and began searching for a sign of where he’d gone. You turned and noticed your phone lying on his dresser. That wasn’t where you left it, your eyebrows scrunched together and you read the screen it was left on. A Google search - Sherlock Holmes- leading to his website with his address: The Science of Deduction.

    You cursed yourself for ever telling William his name. You could barely keep up with him, he was always 12 steps ahead of you, and he was only 6! Sighing, you looked out the window once more, knowing where he must have gone.

    You grabbed your phone and keys, running out of your flat. His name floated around your head. Memories that you had tried to forget stringing back together in your mind.

     “How many more times is this going to happen, Sherlock?” You yelled, you’d been stood up one time too many and you were sick of it. Sitting there, promising the waiter he would come, only to be left sitting there an hour later. All eyes on you as you left some cash at the table and finally gave up.

    “It’s never seemed to bother you before.” He argued.

    “Oh I promise you it has. You’re just never around to notice it.” You yelled back.

    “Well I’m sorry if my job is a little more important than you.” He growled. Your stomach dropped. You knew he felt that way, but hearing him say it out loud made it feel real, and it killed you.

    “I see…” You said quietly, shaking your head and turning towards the door.

    “Y/N, I didn’t mean-” he began, realizing what he said.

    “Yes you did, Sherlock, that’s the problem. You did mean it. I’ve never been enough for you, I’ve never been more important than your cases. I can barely hold your attention for more than a few minutes. Sorry I wasn’t clever enough or fascinating enough for you.” you yelled, grabbing some of your stuff and shoving it into your bag.

    “What are you doing?” He asked, seriously.

    “What does it look like genius?” You shot back.

    “You’re leaving.” He spoke, as if it was a question.

    “Not that you’ll notice.” You responded, truthfully.

    “Don’t go.” He pleaded, but he didn’t sound very convincing.

    “Make me. Sherlock, tell me I mean more to you than a case does. That you’d rather spend time with me then be out solving some crime. Tell me that, honestly, and I’ll stay.” You pleaded. If he couldn’t tell you that, then your relationship wasn’t going where you thought it was.

    You waited for an answer. His mouth moved as if he was about to speak, but stopped and he looked to the floor, he stayed silent for far too long.

    “Goodbye Sherlock.” you scoffed, closing the door, ending that chapter of your life.

     Your feet hit the dirty pavement, running, praying. You knew Baker Street was only about a mile away, but you prayed that’s where he was. That he’d be okay, that if he was anywhere it was there. Because if he wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have a clue where to find him. Even if he is there, you weren’t ready to face this. To be drawn back to him: Sherlock Holmes.

    Ever since William was born he had been causing you trouble. He wasn’t a bad kid, he was just so much smarter than you and so curious. It scared you how much he reminded you of Sherlock. Jesus, he even looked exactly like him. A miniature little Sherlock running around wreaking havoc on your life. But you loved the havoc, and you loved your son.

    You remembered the day you found out you were pregnant with William.

    “Mate, I’m going to the store do you need anything? Tampons? Food? Breakup ice cream?” Sharon, or Shazza as everyone called her, asked you on her way out of your shared flat.

    “No thanks, I’ll be fine.” you laughed, but stopped when your roommate closed the door. You hadn’t needed those in a while… you counted on your finger how many months it’s been since you last period. Jesus.

    You called your roommate a couple minutes later after frantically flipping through your calendar to make sure the dates lined up. You were trapping your foot anxiously, hoping she could discreetly pick up a pregancy test for you.

    “Shazza, could you do me a favor?” You asked hurriedly when she picked up the phone.

    “Finally gonna let me set you up with that guy from my spin class?” You could feel her smirk through the phone.

    “No, listen while you’re out I need you to pick up something for me.” You spoke slowly.

    “Sure love, what?” She asked, casually.

    “A pregnancy test.” You whispered into the phone. No one was around but you felt embarrassed.

    “Are you serious?” She yelled back.

    “Shh, yes.”

    “I thought you were on the pill!” She exclaimed, just as shocked as you were. You could only imagine the looks she was getting in the store right now.

    “I am!” You retorted.

    “I swear to God if that bastard knocked you up–” She began, but you stopped her mid-rant.

    “Shazza! Please just get one…” You pleaded.

    “Jesus ok, I’ll be home soon.” She said, hanging up the phone, leaving your mind to wander until she returned to confirm your suspicions.

    You’ve always heard it said that waiting for a pregnancy test result was “ the longest five minutes of your life”. You thought that was an exaggeration but jesus were they right.

    “What does it say?” Shazza asked after the timer went off.

    “I don’t know, I can’t look. You do it.” You closed your eyes, scared.

    “Oh my god,” Was her only reply.

    “‘Oh my god’ what?” Your eyes flew open, scanning her face.

    “You’re pregnant!” She jumped, a genuine smile on her face.

    “I’m pregnant…” You couldn’t help but be happy, you’ve always wanted a child. Although you pictured it happening differently.

    “Are you gonna tell him?” She asked, addressing the elephant in the room.

    “No.” You answered simply.

    “No! Why not?” She yelled.

    “Because! Because he hates kids, he’d never have time for a family. Frankly the best thing will be for him not to know, I can take care of this child on my own, thank you very much.” You said proudly.

    “Damn you’re stubborn,” she smiled and shook her head,”but I’ll be here, I’ll help you in whatever you need.”

    “Thanks Shazza.” You hugged her.

    “Anytime, love.”

     That was how William was brought into your life, a surprise at every turn since. All you wanted to do was protect him, and you feared in protected him you only caused him more pain.

    You had managed, raising a child on your own, but you feared he needed some fatherly contact that you just couldn’t provide.

    You were half way to Baker Street when it started to pour. You tried to catch a cab but none of them would stop. You were splashed by a passing car and groaned.

    You should have known this would happen, that he would search him out. It was just last week that the questions you normally avoided were given answers.

     “Mommy…I know you don’t like talking about it, but I have this family tree project for school and I…well my tree is half empty.” William held his drawing up to you. You were struck with a pang of guilt.

    “You don’t have to tell me now, only a name, I’ll understand.” He said, he always knew how to outsmart you.

    “Oh, baby, come here.” You patted the bed next to you and he jumped up. He positioned his paper and pencil and looked up to you, ready to write it down.

    “Sherlock.” You said quietly, it tasted strange in your mouth, foreign almost.

    “And his parents?” He asked, batting his eyelashes at you. He really had you wrapped around his finger.

    “Uh.. Wanda and Tim.” You took a moment, hardly being able to remember. You’d only actually met them once, and they didn’t even know you and Sherlock were dating at the time. That must have been… almost 8 years ago now.

    “And did he have any brothers or sisters?” He asked. Thinking back on this you wondered if his ‘family tree project’ was even real, or just a ruse designed to get you to give up the name of his father.

    “A brother, Mycroft.” You watched as  he filled in the enlarged leaves on the tree and jumped off your bed.

    “Is that it?” You asked, surprised at his sudden absence.

    “Yes, thanks mummy!” He rushed away excitedly, you raised an eyebrow in suspicion but let it go and got back to your work.

     You were now standing in front of 221B Baker Street, soaked to the bone, frantically knocking on the door.

    “Y/N?” Sherlock answered the door, surprised to see you.

    “Is he here?” You asked hurriedly.

    “You’re soaking wet.” He said, pulling you inside.

    “Is he here!” You asked again.

    “Upstairs” He nodded. You ran past him, taking the stairs two by two, thanking God you weren’t wearing heels.

    “William!” You yelled, Sherlock was rushing behind you. You stepped into a familiar living room that hadn’t changed a bit only to see your son sitting by the fire sipping tea. Wearing his favorite shirt,little tie and coat.

    “Jesus I was so worried.” You knelt in front of his chair and hugged him, inspecting him, making sure he was okay.

    “I knew you would be, but I had to know, I’m sorry mummy.” He looked guilty. You kissed his forehead, knowing this time would come some day.

    “Y/N…” Sherlock said from the doorway, you stood and whipped around caught off guard, forgetting he was there.

    “Can we speak for a moment” He motioned out to the hall. You nodded, wrapping your arms around you to create some warmth and comfort. You were still soaking wet. Your hair dripping slightly onto the wood floors.

    “Is he mine?” He asked, wasting no time at all. You looked up to him and nodded.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, a hint of sadness in his eyes.

    “Why would I. We had just broken up, I wanted nothing to do with you then.” You answered honestly.

    “And now?” He asked, hopefully.

    “Now?” You asked.

    “Now I’d like to be able to spend some time with my son. He’s almost too smart for his own good. I mean jesus he looks just like me, I want to make sure he doesn’t turn out like I did.” Sherlock looked to the floor.

    “What are you saying?” You reached out and took his hand, you could tell he was struggling to find his words and you tried to comfort him.

    “I’m saying I’d like to help, in any way you’ll let me. I’d like to be there for him. I’m sorry, for the way things ended, the way I treated you, never being there. I’d like to be there now. Please.” He spoke with so much sincerity that you would argue this wasn’t the same Sherlock you left 6 years ago. Something had changed, he’d changed, seemingly for the better.

    “Alright, but only because he needs his father. I’ll need time, Sherlock, to adjust to this.” You whispered, realizing how close the two of you were standing.

    “I know. Thank you” He kissed your forehead, and headed back inside the living room, only to see William looking through old case files on his desk.

    “What’s this?” William asked curiously, raising a photograph in the air.

    “A beheaded nun.” Sherlock said, casually glancing at it.

    “Jesus” You rushed over to the desk and pulled the picture out of his hands.

    “Cool.” William said, now curious, wanting more of Sherlock’s crazy life.

    “Most certainly not cool.” You said. They both looked up to you and rolled their eyes. Like father, like son.

    You couldn’t help but smile at how similar they were, and how your life had seemed to fall back into place. Your son gained the father he’d secretly needed, and you gained back the man who was once the love of your life.

    It would be hard: going back to some sense of normalcy, forgiving sherlock completely, but watching your son look upon him with admiration and love was going to make the process so much easier.

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Desperate (Part 1) - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon asked: Can I request some angst with jason x reader, where they are both young, she’s a college student, but she ends up pregnant and doesnt know what to do

A/N: As I mentioned before, this is going to be long so it’s going to be divided in parts, unless you wanted to end like this. Hope you like it! If not, let me know so that I can rewrite/correct it.

Words: 1909

You and Jason had been dating for less than a year, you two first met when you were on a bar, stressed out from exams and all the stuff you had to do in college, and some random drunk dude started hitting on you. You obviously weren’t interested but the guy didn’t seem to understand that.

“She is not into you, you jackass” a stranger said holding the guy by his shirt’s collar, clearly annoyed with the situation.

“Yo bro, chill” he said calmly letting go of the stranger’s hold “Can’t you see it? She’s just playing hard to get” he giggled putting his arm on the other boy’s shoulder.

“I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.” Jason commented exasperated and grabbed the guy’s arm throwing him to the ground effortlessly but was enough to knock him out. “Don’t touch me.” He whispered clenching his jaw.


From that day, you two became friends and later on, a couple.

Your sex life was pretty active but you were always sure you used protection. Well.. at least you thought you did…

You were now on a coffee shop nearby your apartment when you started feeling very dizzy. You got up but lost your balance and you fell but a man that was passing by caught you before your body could hit the ground.

“Are you alright miss?” he asked in a worried tone.

“I-“ you looked around putting your hand on your forehead “I’m fine.. It was just a sudden migraine, thank you” you smiled weakly at the stranger and continued your way to the bathroom.

You locked the door and looked at your reflection in the mirror. You looked more pale than usual and your hands were shaking. 

“I’m sick.” You murmured washing your face with cold water. “No, (Y/N) you’re not. You have exams in a week. You can’t be sick now.”

You took a deep breath trying to make the dizziness go away, but it was useless. That’s when it got worse. You felt a strange taste on your mouth and you knew exactly what that taste was: you were about to throw up. You rushed to the toilet and put your hair in a quick and messy ponytail before it started.

About 15 minutes later, you finally left the coffee shop and went home. That wasn’t normal, you barely remembered the last time you were sick. It must’ve been, what, 10 years ago? Being sick or not, you were feeling tired so you decided to get some rest before getting back to studying.You fell asleep quite quickly but your nap didn’t last long. You woke up feeling the need to throw up again. This time, a headache came with it. 

“Great” you said after cleaning your mouth and leaning against the bathroom wall. You held your head in your hands as your eyes started to get watery. 

You hated that feeling. Knowing that something was wrong. But your biggest concern was college. You needed to study.You slowly got up and went to your living room where all of your books were. You sit down and looked at them trying to get the courage to start doing something productive. You really weren’t in the mood to study, but you knew you needed to. 

As you were having a mental fight with yourself discussing whether or not you should go to bed, someone knocked on your door.You sighed not wanting to get up. You eventually did and walked to the front door and opened it.

“Hi babe” your boyfriend said smiling and leaned to give you a kiss but you stopped him making him raise an eyebrow, confused.

“Not today Todd.” You told him as he entered your place closing the door behind him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked worriedly while sitting on your couch.

“I-I think I’m sick.” you did the same.He placed his hand on your forehead checking your temperature.

“You don’t have a fever.” he informed.

“No, but my head hurts. Like, a lot.”

“It’s probably just a headache, don’t worry about it.”

“It’s not. I almost passed out earlier.”

An alarm rang on Jason’s head when he realized that something serious was going on.

“What? Have you been eating well? Did you drink enough water the past days? Maybe your jeans are too tight, I-“

“Stop right there” you interrupted him giggling slightly “No, my jeans are not too tight Jason.” You shook your head.

“Then what is it?” he crossed his arms.

“I-I honestly don’t know. But I need an aspirin.” You went to the kitchen but came back to the living room when you noticed you didn’t have any. “I ran out of aspirins.” You sighed grabbing your jacket.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Jason got up.

“Hm, the pharmacy?”

“No, you’re sick. I’ll go. You should stay here and rest.”

“I did that right before you arrived.” You rolled your eyes “Besides, I can still walk and talk, so I guess I’m pretty capable of buying a box of aspirins.”

“I don’t care. You’re staying.” He walked towards the appartment door.

“Neither do I.I’m going.” You walked out as soon as he opened it and started running outside the building.

“No-(Y/N) come back here!” he closed the door and ran after you.

You knew he was faster than you, so he would catch you in a blink, but you weren’t giving up. As expected, he reached you in a few seconds.

“(Y/N), this isn’t a game, you’re sick, you need to-“

“What? Go home, cook, clean and take care of the kids? No thanks.” You said as you started walking again.

“Wha-I-“ you laughed quietly leaving him speechless.

You both made your way to the pharmacy and when you got there, there was a big queue so you had to wait a long time. Some time later, Jason got bored and sit on one of the sofas and started going through a few magazines that were there.

“Good afternoon, what can I help you with?” a nice girl greeted you smiling.

“Hi, I will need a box of aspirins, please.” You smiled back. 

The girl turned to the shelves behind her but she couldn’t seem to find what you wanted. She excused herself and entered a room on the back of the building.

You looked at the shelves and a bright pink box caught your attention. A pregancy test. For some reason, you couldn’t stop looking at it. It was like your mind was trying to tell you something. You thought about what had happened to you earlier that day and flashbacks of a night a week before crossed your mind.The last time you had slept with your boyfriend, Jason, well, most of the night was spent doing something else than sleeping. That was it. 

“I’m pregnant.” You thought alarmed. “No, no, no. I can’t be. I-I, we-“

“Here you go.” The girl came back and handed you what you asked for. “Anything else?”

You looked at the pink box again and then at Jason, that was still paying attention to some magazine. You thought about it for a second. There was only one way to find out.

“I’ll have that pregnancy test.” You pointed whispering.The girl noticed you looked at Jason and smiled. 

“Want to make it a surprise, ah?” she gave you the box.

“Yeah, sure” you faked a laugh and payed leaving the building.

As soon as you got home, you took one of the aspirins and went to the bathroom taking the pregnancy test with you.You were more nervous than you’ve ever been. Not even exams were this nerve racking.

You took it out of the box and followed the instructions that came with it. 5 minutes, that was all the time you had till you could know the result. Those minutes seemed like long ass hours. You looked at your watch, 6 minutes had passed. You rested your head against the wall and just looked blankly to the ceiling. 7 minutes. You couldn’t wait any longer. 

You finally calmed yourself down and looked at the test in your hands: Positive. Your hands started shaking and a tear rolled down your cheek.You were pregnant. What were you going to do?! You couldn’t be pregnant. 

“Maybe it’s a mistake, maybe I did something wrong.” “Ugh shut up (Y/N). You know you didn’t. You know it’s true, you just don’t want it to be.”

You were just a college student, how could you take care of a baby? You had so much to worry about already.You started crying, trying to contain your sobs so that Jason wouldn’t hear them, but that boy had the hearing of a bat. (ah the puns)

“(Y/N)?” he called “Is everything ok?” 

You covered your mouth with your hand in an attempt to stay quiet.“Y-yes” you tried to speak but failed.

“(Y/N), are you crying?” he knocked on the bathroom door and tried to open it, but it was locked. “(Y/N) open the door.” 

You couldn’t stop crying, this time, you didn’t care if he heard you or not, he would end up knowing anyways. You got up and unlocked the door going back to your previous position on the floor. Jason entered the bathroom and kneeled next to you, a concerned look on his face.

“Babe, talk to me” he spoke in a calm voice trying to calm you down and hugged you when he noticed it wasn’t working.

“The-The s-sink.” You whispered.

He frowned looking at you as if your face had the answers to his questions. He then got up and looked at the sink. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as soon as he saw the pregnancy test. His back was facing you so you couldn’t see his expression and that only made you stress more.

“J-Jay?” His fists clenched the sink hard and he wasn’t moving at all. As he wasn’t answering you, you walked to him placing your hand on his shoulder. He stood quiet and still, still looking at the test.

“I-“ he started “Is it mine?” he questioned coldly as he turned to face you.It was like someone had stabbed you in the heart.

“Of course it’s yours! Wha-“ tears kept streaming down your face “We’re dating Jay.. Who else could be the father?” you tried not to storm at him, that would not help at all. You were pretty hurt though. Your boyfriend just asked you if the baby was his, that’s not something you can digest easily.

“I-You’re right, I’m sorry. I-I just don’t.. know what to think.” He looked at the mirror and you saw his eyes more shinny than usual: he was about to cry.

“Me neither.” You sit on the toilet staring at your feet. “I have college, exams are next week, I-“ you couldn’t finish your sentence.

“Excuse me.” Your boyfriend cleaned the tears under his eyes and got out of the bathroom.

“J-Jason?” you raised your head watching him go. You heard your front door closing. 

Great, he left. Your whole world got destroyed and fell at your feet. How could he do that? How could he leave like that? Without saying a thing? He was your boyfriend! It was his fault too! But he just walked away, he left. Left you alone in that bathroom, crying your heart out, desperate.   

Tears in our eyes

One shot dedicated to @sanaflowers who mentionned crying a few minutes ago. This is what came up in my mind. Hope you like it!

Sana doesn’t realise that she is crying before she feels the tear falling on her hand. Why is she crying? There are no reason to cry, none at all. Come on get a grip, he is coming home soon you don’t want to scare him,she thinks. But she just can’t stop! It is so overwhelming. She never thought she would react that way but yet here she is looking at what’s in her hands and softly crying. 

She hears the key turning inside the lock when he opens the door. When she hears him entering their home, she tries to quickly wipe away the tears. She isn’t usually overwhelmed by her emotions but this is so special. She wants to do this properly.

She checks her face in the mirror on the wall before leaving the bedroom and going to meet him in the living room. She is trying to think about what she could possibly say but all she can do is stare at her hands and what they’re holding. 

She reaches the living room and here he is. When he hears her footsteps, he turns around, surprised to see her at home when she is supposed to still be working. He smiles and opens his mouth to say hello when he notices her red eyes.

He immediately walks up to her, extremely worried. He puts both his hands around her face asking what had happened and what is wrong. She can’t say anything at all. She’s lost all her words suddenly. As he is getting more and more worried, she smiles at him.

He smiles right back and asks again what is happening. She can see that he doesn’t understand. Of course. How could he?

She simply raises her hand and puts in his hand what she has been holding for a few minutes now. He doesn’t immediately look down as he is still scanning her face for clues. She motions for him to look at what he is holding.

He looks down. And freezes. He looks at her than looks at tha thing in his hand. At her. At his hand. Her. His hand. 

He asks with a trembling voice if this is serious and she simply nods as she feels the tears coming back in her eyes. She can see that he is about to cry as well. 

When he realises what is happening he leans down and kisses both her cheeks, then her nose, her forehead and finally her lips before taking a step back and sitting down on the couch. She goes to sit next to him. She wipes away his tears. He wipes away hers. They both look down at the little thing in Yousef’s hand.

A pregancy test. Positive.

Loving You...//(N.M)

*Y/N’s POV*

I woke up this morning with the sunlight illuminating the room. Soft snores were heard form the other side of the bed where Nate was. His hand was over his face and the covers below his torso. I stood up and grabbed a button up shirt Nate took to the studio. The floor cold under my shivering feet approaching the thermostat.

Nate’s yawning is heard but no other movement is evident down the hallway. The lights down the stairway turn on when my movement is sensed by the sensors. Nate said we needed them to catch a robber but honestly I think because he is trying to see if ghosts are real.

The kitchen is filled with plates from lasts night dinner as Nate’s friends came over. Since we started dating the boys allways come to me for advice. I don’t mind since Nate is at the studio or organizing for future tours. Swazz comes for the living room with hairs sticking at every end. I laugh at him and hand him an advil and a water bottle. He mutters a quick thanks before going back to the living room. I start cooking breakfast and make a fruit smoothie to go with the meal. I feel arms wrap around waist as i put the food on the plate.

“Goodmorning Mrs. Maloley” I hear Nate say as he reaches under my arm to grab some bacon off the plate. I smack his hand away making him squeeze me harder.

“Morning Nate” I turn around and peck his lips before I am lifted on the counter. Nate takes my pajama pants from his pocket and starts putting them on me. I giggle as Nate finishes and sets me back on the floor.

“Why did you do that?” I question him as I set the table for three.

“Swazz is here and you are just wearing my shirt Y/N” He says as he takes a seat.

“Nate I know that but I have your basket ball shorts under your shirt.” I tell him a I lift the shirt a little to show him. Nate looks at me before he smiles and shakes his head. Swazz walks into the kitchen and sits down also. We eat in silence before Swazz begins to speak.

“Y/N are you pregnant? I found one of thoses tests for pregancy in the trash this morning” Swazz says it casually like this always the topic of our conversations. Nate looks at me before looking at Swazz.

“Nate I’m pregnant” Nate stands up and a pulls me out of the chair. He hugs me and tears cascade down his face on to my shirt. I hug him back as Swazz congratulates us  in the background.  Nate falls to his knees and hugs my stomach placing as light kiss before looking up at me through his teary eyes. Swazz says he’s leaving but we don’t notice because we are in our own little bubble.

“I never thought I could love you more than I do right. And each day I fall more in love with you than I was yesterday. So glad I get to call you my wife Y/N” Nate says as he brings me in for a passionate kiss. He carrys me into our room and sets me down between his legs. We starts going through our childhood photos pointing out what charcteristics we want our child to have from both of us.

“Nate……” I wait for a response and Nate hums and kiss on my cheek. “Do you think it’s too soon to have children?”

“I dont think so even if it was I wouldn’t care becuase I’m starting a family with my beautiful wife and we have been married for more than a year” Nate explains as he turns me to so I can straddle his lap. We stay in each other’s arms for a while before Nate carries us into the bedroom. I start drifting to sleep as Nate and I cuddle under the covers.

“Y/N, It’s to early to fall back asleep…. Baby” its the last thing I hear before I drift off into a pleaceful slumber next to my wonderful husband.

*Nate’s POV*

I watch Y/N sleep in a noncreepy sort of way. I have all her beautiful perfections and imperfections memorized. I would not change anything about her she’s amazing just the way she is. Y/N snuggles closer to me laying her head on my chest. I gently touch her stomach even though she is not even showing. In nine months a mini us will be brought into this world. He or she will be spoiled with love until we die and continuie spoiling him or her with love from the grave. Our baby is a miniture version of which we created from a night filled with love and only love.

“Nate did I fall asleep again” Y/N yawns and places a hand on top of mine on her stomach. She makes me chuckle at her question.

“When do you not fall asleep when we cuddle in bed Y/N?” I question as I see a blush appear on her face. The blush appearing across her face makes her hide into my chest. I laugh as I raise her chin to look up at me.

“Never hide freom me Y/N. I love seeing the same affect I had on since the day we met.” I say before giving her a passionate kiss. She giggles before kissing me back on the lips.

“Don’t worry I dont think the affect eyou have on me will ever go away Nate” Y/N says as she touches her invisible bump. I touch her stomach as well as I feel new tears surfacing in my eyes. I feel so emotional right now but Just cant believe we mad another human. Y/N hears my sniffles and looks up to touch my cheek with her hand which used to reside on her stomach.

“Why are you crying baby?”

“These are happy tears Y/N. Can’t wait to see what the future has for us after our baby is born.” I kiss Y/N on the forehead before turning her on her side so we can spoon. If I am completely honest this is my favorite position to sleep. I have Y/N securely in my arms knowing she is the woman I have always dreamed of.

“Goodnight Y/N” I whisper before adjusting my head on top of her shoulder.

“Nate its 12 in the afternoon” Y/N says and I know she has a teasing smile on. I whisper I know before hugging her closer to me. We stay like that for a while before sleep finally consumes us. Never have I been more happy than I am now ready to start a family with Y/N.

BTS finding out  you are pregnant!

Can you do a written reaction for the boys finding out your pregnant???? Sorry if you aren’t taking requests..


You looked at the pregancy test in your hands, and smiled at the small plus sign. Honestly, you were excited, a child with Jin was a true blessing to your life. You had been waiting for this ever since you got married, but with his hectic schedules, and how tired he was, and the stress you were both going through, it was becoming more of a distant dream.

You imagined his face when he found out, and it made you feel butterflies inside. You knew he would be happy. How should you tell him? It needed to be somehow special, but you didn’t know what to do. He was due to come home in a few days, and you wanted to wait until he was actually there with you to tell him.

You gently placed your hand on your stomach while you pondered, already feeling the exhaustion kicking in. This pregnancy was going to be a tough one.

Jin walked through your front door, pulling the suitcases behind him, but with a bright smile on his face. He was finally home, and he was happy about it. He had missed you so terribly since he left, all he wanted was to come home to the love of his life.

“Y/N?” He called out when he couldn’t see you.

“In here!” You yelled, from one of the spare rooms in your apartment. He dropped the suitcases, and closed the door, before crossing the apartment, and searching for you. He opened the door to the spare room, only to be met with the most wonderful sight he had ever been graced with.

The bedroom was perfectly decorated, with bookshelves filled with bedtime stories, teddies, a crib, and the walls were white and cream, with teddy bear and toy decorations. It was the perfect room. He turned to look at you, with tears in his eyes, and noticed you were holding your stomach.

“Really?” He asked, with a shy smile on his lips, and you nodded. He ran up to you, and hugged you tightly, a couple of tears now rolling down his face.

“Thank you Y/N. Thank you so much.” He repeated, over and over again.


You were resting in bed, lying down beside Jimin, with your head on his chest, and your bodies sprawled over the mattress, as you talked about everything. He played with your hair gently, smiling as he felt it tangle and slide through his fingers.

One of your hands reached up to find his, intertwining your fingers with his. You cherished moments like these, where you could enjoy the peace and quiet of your life with Jimin. Some people would argue with you, telling you there is no way that peace and quiet would ever be able to describe a life with Jimin, but you disagreed.

Yes, he was hyper, and yes he was a goofball, but he also needed moments where you just relaxed, and did nothing at all. He needed moments where you assured him everything was going to be okay, and you were there for him. And when he got them, he cherished them.

So how could you tell him, in a little less than 9 months, there would be no more moments of peace and quiet?  

You tried and tried to come up with a creative way of telling him, but you never could come up with nothing special, or fun, or interesting. Maybe it was the hormones, already clogging your mind up. You had heard pregnant women sometimes forget things, and you seemed to have forgotten how to organize surprises.

“Jimin…” You whispered, rolling over so you could look at his face.

“Mhm?” He asked, looking at you with his beautiful smile. You suddenly became nervous, blushing and stuttering, struggling to find your own words.

“I’m… I’m… I’m pregnant…” You stuttered out awkwardly, your face a deep red. You watched his smile grow bigger than it ever had before, from one of his ears to the other, as he squealed, and hugged you tightly.

“I’m going to be a dad! I’m going to be a dad! I can’t believe this! We are going to be a family! I have to tell Kookie and Tae and Suga hyung!” Jimin yelled, as he searched for his phone, dialing Suga’s number first.


You got out of the bed faster than was humanly possible, and darted to the bathroom, a disgusting wave of nausea washing over you. You lifted the lid of the toilet seat, and poured the contents of your stomach into it, with tears in your eyes from the stinging sensation in your throat.

You hated being sick. You absolutely loathed it with every fiber of your being. And it was the third day in a row that you had been throwing up, and you were getting tired of it.

You didn’t even remember eating anything strange, and J-Hope had eaten the same meals you had, and he was perfectly fine. You coughed over the bowl, feeling another wave of nausea hit you, when you felt your hair being pulled away from your face, and your back being rubbed.

“Are you okay jagi?” Hoseok asked you, worried laced with his voice. You nodded, standing up and flushing the toilet, before rinsing out your mouth, and then brushing your teeth.

“Jagi… You’ve been sick like this for 3 days now… It’s not likely to be food poisoning or a virus you know…” He started speaking, hesitatingly. You could hear in his voice there was something else he wanted to say, but he wasn’t able to, or didn’t know how to word it.

“What are you trying to say Hoseok?” You asked him, feeling a little weak. He sighed.

“Have you considered the option that maybe… you could be… pregnant?” He asked you, his cheeks tinting a light red, as he looked at the floor, trying to prevent you from seeing the small sparkle of hope that glimmered in his eyes. Realization hit you like a truck. You began counting back, your eyes widening when you realized you were 3 weeks late.

“Oh my God Hoseok!” You yelled, covering your mouth with your hands, as you opened the bathroom cabinet, and pulling out a pregnancy test. You shoved him out of the bathroom, and took the test. Positive.

“HOSEOK I AM PREGNANT!” You exclaimed, opening the door widely. The moment those words left your lips, he began screaming with the biggest smile on his face. You could see tears of joy rolling down his cheeks, and you realized then and there, that you were the luckiest girl in the world, and you were about to have the happiest little family in the universe.


Finding out you were pregnant with Jungkook’s child was definitely not the best news you had received, and it hurt you to think so. But you were both so young, and you weren’t even married, and he was an idol who toured around the world, and was gone for months at a time. Not to mention all the fans that would surely hate you when they found out.

You screamed into the pillow you were holding, trying to find a way to tell him that wouldn’t make him run in the complete opposite direction, screaming. What if he broke up with you? What if he didn’t want the baby? What would you do then?

You didn’t want this baby now, it wasn’t the right time, it wasn’t the perfectly timed schedule you had made up in your mind, but it was your baby after all, and you had started growing attached to it, even though it was smaller than a pea.

Jungkook was too young to be a father, he would be scared, he wouldn’t be prepared for the responsibility a child brings.

You didn’t hear him come back after practice, you didn’t hear the door open and close, and you were too immersed in your own thoughts, to notice him sitting down beside you.

“You seem pensive. Tell me what’s troubling you Y/N?” he told you, taking your hand in his, and searching for your eyes. You looked at him, slightly surprised to see him there, but quickly looked away bashfully. Jungkook put his hand under your chin, and pulled your face back towards you, insisting you told him what was on your mind. You sighed.

“I’m pregnant.” You replied flatly, but you still closed your eyes, too scared to look at his face. You heard him sigh deeply, his grip on your hand tightening, but when you opened your eyes, you saw a small smile on his lips.

“Well, this isn’t the best timing, we are still too young, but it is my responsibility as a man to look after you and the baby. We’ll try our best, yeah?” He spoke, and although he was serious, you could see a small spark in his eyes. He was hopeful, and kind of excited, just like you were, to finally start a life together.

Rap Monster:

You wanted to tell him, you had meant to, as soon as you found out, but the moment your friend called, crying over something ridiculous her boyfriend had just done, you couldn’t bring yourself to bring up the news, at least not to her, so you walked out of the bathroom, tossing the test in the empty trashcan, and walked to your livingroom to continue the conversation somewhere more comfortable.

By the time your friend had finished crying and you had managed to convince her to break up with the guy once and for all, you were too exhausted to even tell her the good news, so once she was done, and you said your goodbyes, you hung up, and rested on the sofa.

You meant to close your eyes for just one second, but you ended up falling asleep. Pregnancy makes women exhausted you see, and you were very much pregnant, with Namjoon’s child.

You were still asleep when he came back from practice, and you were so tired, you didn’t even budge when he accidentally slammed the door shut, and tripped over a chair, and thus accidentally smashed a glass.

He laughed, wondering how the hell you managed to sleep through all that, and then decided it was either you were too used to him being clumsy and a disaster, or Yoongi had taught you his ways.

He picked up the pieces of glass, and swept the floor, trying to make sure there were no bits of glass left lying around, just in case you got up from your nap barefoot again, and stepped on it.

Namjoon being Namjoon, cut himself with one of the pieces, so he walked to the bathroom to find the disinfectant, and some band aids you kept there. Before he could even open the cabinet where you had those things, his eyes were met with the lone stick in the trashcan. He got closer to examine it, without touching it, but he was pretty convinced what he saw was a plus sign, and everyone knows what a plus sign means.

His lips broke into a perfect smile, his precious dimples poking through, and he knew, he  understood why you had been so tired and worn out lately. He was happy, he truly was a happy man. He had been praying every day for you to get pregnant, and now his wishes had been granted. He watched your sleeping body, and he wanted to jump on you and kiss you, but now you were carrying his child, and he understood the effort that took, so he let you sleep just a little longer.


You had just come home from the doctor’s appointment you’d had, with the biggest smile your face could possibly hold. You thought your chest was going to burst from all the happiness you felt inside.  You had just received the best news in your life. You were pregnant.

You had been wishing for a baby ever since you and Yoongi finally got married, which incidentally, wasn’t that long ago, but you both thought since you were now married, you could forget all about protection, and just take things as they come, meaning you weren’t actively trying for a baby, but you welcomed the idea if it happened.

Yoongi would be at the studio all day today, so you had until dinner to come up with a creative way of telling him he was soon going to be a father. You thought for a while, throwing ideas around, but you could never come up with anything that was good enough.

Until you passed a baby store, and saw all the cute onesies. You stopped, and entered it, having a look at the items, trying to find one for newborns. You found a small white one, and it almost brought tears to your eyes. You bought it immediately, an idea already popping in your head. You ran to another store, and had them print something on the onesie, before you returned home to cook Yoongi’s favorite.

Yoongi got back home, sweaty and tired from practice, but he smiled, as he was greeted by the smell of delicious steak being cooked in the kitchen.

“oh, what did I do to deserve steak tonight? Are we doing something adventurous tonight?” he joked wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed, as you placed the food on the plates, and brought them to the table.

“No, silly. But today is special. Before we start, I need you to open something I got for you today.” You told him, handing him the bag that rested beside your chair. He looked at you panicked, and for a second wondered if he had forgotten your anniversary. Or his birthday. But he took the bag regardless, putting his hand in it gingerly, and frowning when he felt the material. He pulled it out, and held it in front of him.

His eyes began to sparkle the moment he saw the small onesie, with the words “My Appa has Swag” printed on it. He began to tear up lightly, and his precious smile made way onto his face. He didn’t have words, he was too overwhelmed to speak, so he just kissed you passionately, placing a hand on your still flat stomach. Immediately, he came up with a  melody, and the lyrics, his previous block fading, as happiness now coursed through his veins.


You waited for him at the dorm, almost bouncing on the couch, as you stared at the clock on the wall ticking by.

“he will he here soon, relax. He just went for vocal training.” Namjoon told you, patting your shoulder gently. You smiled at him. He knew you had come here to talk to Tae about something, and he knew it was important, but he didn’t know what it was. You felt bad for not telling him, but this was something you had to tell Taehyung first.

You started nibbling on your nails nervously, as the hand of the clock ticked closer to the time you knew Taehyung would be back.

You watched the door fling open, and Jin, Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin walk in, laughing about something that you probably wouldn’t understand even if you got it explained to you. The moment Taehyung’s eyes landed on you, he began running towards you, to envelop you in a tight hug. Namjoon motioned for the guys to follow him, so you two could have some privacy, and they all did as he said without hesitation. Everyone could feel how tense you were.

“Jagi what is wrong?” Taehyung asked, noticing how tense and upset you seemed to be. You played with your hands, nervous, scared.

“I have something important to tell you Taehyung… but I don’t want you to be mad at me. We might have to postpone the wedding…” you told him, tears beginning to well up in your eyes.

“What why? Is everything okay? DO you still want to marry me?” He asked you, his expression panicked, his eyes wide, and his mouth speaking faster than it made sense.

“Of course I still want to marry you! But the thing is… I might not fit in my dress…. You see I’m… I’m pregnant.” You told him shyly, still looking down at your thumbs. Suddenly, you heard a loud squeal, and you just barely managed to snap your head up in time to watch him leap up from the sofa, and run down the hallway, yelling.

“I’M GOING TO BE A DAD! GUYS! I’M GOING TO BE A DAD!” And banging on each of the member’s doors. You sighed, and rolled your eyes at him, chuckling, because why had you even been nervous to tell him in the first place?

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Obi Wan finds out that Anakin is a trans man after he finds a false positive pregancy test in the bathroom. He's upset that Anakin never confided in him and confronts him about it. Anakin assumed he already knew and is more concerned that he found the test (he doesn't know its false yet)

I feel like Obi Wan is mostly hurt by the fact Anakin clearly didn’t trust him enough to tell him. He believed he had their relationship at a place where Anakin knew he could tell Obi Wan anything but clearly not because Anakin never told him about it. The confrontation is more about him asking Anakin why he didn’t trust him enough to tell him + what Obi Wan can do to get Anakin to trust him/where he failed. What a pregnancy test indicates probably gets a bit not registered in his head because he’s kind of caught up in the fact Anakin could have use for one (as in he has a womb)

Anakin (probably fairly safely) had always assumed Obi Wan did know. Obi Wan was his Master SURELY he would have been notified about something like that when it came to his Padawan. Or at least it should have been on any medical records pertaining to Anakin. Obi Wan is quick to point that that Anakin’s medical records weren’t’ freely available to Obi Wan because doctor/client confidentiality exists and unless it was immediately important to Anakin’s health Obi Wan wouldn’t be told anything. Same sort of goes with being told generally – the only people who know would be the Healers and maybe the Council (which Obi Wan wasn’t a part of at the time and didn’t go snooping through records when he became a part of it).

And look, the conversation would have gone a lot nicer and smoother if not for the fact that Anakin is sort of freaking out because OBI WAN KNOWS ABOUT THE PREGNANCY TEST. So he’s being defensive and evasive about it all which is making Obi Wan feel like he’s stepped over a line somewhere in confronting him and it’s a mess.

Although Anakin does get out of the conversation without actually having to talk about the reason he would need a pregnancy test because at the end of the day Obi Wan very much tries to allow Anakin to come to him with his problems and not confront him with what Obi Wan knows/thinks might be happening. Which is only a problem because Anakin doesn’t know that – so instead he’s convinced Obi Wan is either waiting until he can tell the Council about it or for some other time to get Anakin in trouble over this. Thus Anakin ends up very snappy and on edge and Obi Wan thinks it’s his fault he’s like this for pushing a boundary.

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Daryl x reader, where Daryl left after knowing he'll be a father. After a few years the 'end' came and he met her again with his child(s). He begged for her forgiveness and promised he'll be the best father for the kid(s). :')

A/n: i apologize, i have been away from tumblr for so long i’ve been having problems with it and at home. I will try to come on and write more frequently.

time skips.

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Please forgive me.

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I’m pacing back and forth in the middle of the forrest.

Hours seem to go by while merely minutes infact have.

I grab the pregnancy test and look at it, two stripes, pregnant.

My breathing gets stuck in my throat and everything seems to stop around me.

How am i supposed to tell Daryl, we never talked about having kids.

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SHINee reaction to finding out you’re pregnant

Masterlist here


Onew sighed, waiting eagerly for practice to be over so he could come home. You had texted him saying that the results of your pregnancy test came in. From the moment he saw the text that was all he could think about. He had been trying to start a family with you for some time now and when you finally showed signs of being pregnant, he had taken you in to get a pregnancy test. 

As soon as the practice was over, he rushed and drove back home to find you sitting on the couch nervously, an unopened envelope in your hands. He sat next to you, rubbing your arm in reassurance as you opened what could possibly be your future with him.

Onew smiled immensely at the result of the test. He took you into his arms and held as you cried tears of joy at the thought of having a child. The thought of him being a parent started to set in and he couldn’t help but be nervous at the same time. 

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Jonghyun sighed. He didn’t want to be here. He had just gotten done with promotions. He did not want to be at a company Christmas party at the moment.

One the bright side, you were here on his arm, in a matching gown to his tux. It was nice to have a relationship that was public enough that he could bring you with them.

A waiter came over to you both, serving glasses of red wine. Jonghyun gladly accepted one while you declined. He was slightly surprised with red wine being your favorite but thought nothing of it. That is, until he noticed by the end night you hadn’t drank a single drop of alcohol. When he got home, he asked you the question that had been burning at the back of his mind all night.

“Jagi are you pregnant?” You swallowed nervously and nodded at his question.

“That’s amazing!” Jonghyun replied. His heart was beating a million miles a minute at the realization of becoming a father. 

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He was terrified. Nothing but a short text from you telling him that you needed to talk to him. This was bad. Those texts were always bad.

Minho tried his best to calm himself down. This surely wasn’t a break-up. You hadn’t been fighting lately and nothing seemed out of the ordinary so what could it be that was wrong? He made his way home as fast as he could.

As Minho walked through the door, he could hear your heavy breathing from the bathroom across the hall. You were sitting on the sink, staring down at a pregancy test with a little plus on it.

Minho instantly smiled, picking you up in his arms and swinging you around before setting you back down to talk.

“Is this really what we needed to talk about?”

“Yeah. I’m pregnant” you said nervously.

Minho smiled, reasurring you that the pregnancy was a good thing.

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Key had been away from you for more then a month already. He loved preforming but at this point he wanted any excuse he could to get to get back home into your arms. That night when you skyped him, he had the perfect one.

“I’m pregnant” you announced over the video chat. 

Key couldn’t stop smiling and giggling at hearing those words. A baby. That something he had thought of only for the far future but right now those words you spoke felt so nice to here.

“I’ll be home soon!” he promised. 

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He was so nervous waiting outside the bathroom for you to finish the test. You had been throwing up for a couple of weeks now and this was the only reasonable explanation you two could come up with.

He didn’t want to go see a doctor. No amount of patient confidentiality would be able to keep this visit a secret. 

The moment the door opened and you stepped out crying tears of joy, he was too.

“I’m going to be an appa” he said, the words coming off strangely on his tongue. The thought made him nervous but he wasn’t about to ruin your happy moment. 

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Birthday Surprise (Jensen x reader)

Summary: You spend the day on set for Jensen’s birthday and surprise him with some exciting news as his birthday present.

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 358 (it’s short, but cute)

A/N: I just wanna start off by saying happy birthday to my favorite actor ever! I can’t believe he’s 38 now :’) I know there people will post things similar to this, but I just wanted to write my own so I hope you all enjoy !!

“Thanks for coming again, babe.” Jensen says placing his hands on your hips.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, birthday boy.” You says smirking. He smiles and pulls you into a kiss. You pull back causing him to groan.

“Come on, finish this scene so we can go home, okay?” You say smiling at your husband. He nods and kissed you once more before getting in his place. Truth is, they already got what they needed for the scene. This time was to surprise him with his birthday present. You bit your lip and waited nervously by the camera.

“Scene 6, Take 3.″ The guy said slamming the thing down. You didn’t know much about filming, so this is still unfamiliar to you.

“ACTION!” The director yelled out.

“Sam, hurry up and find the hex bag!” Jensen yelled in character. They were filming a scene where a witch is killing succesful people. Jared and Jensen kept on looking around to find the hex bag to save the victim in time. You snuck his present in a small box, that’s where he was suppose to find the hex bag. He took the box out of the drawer and quickly opened the box. Jared was out of characer by time point. Jensen looked at the note that read, “Happy Birthday, Babe.” He took the note out and looked at the pregancy test underneath it. He broke out of character and looked at you.

“Are you seruous?” He said looking directly at you. You nod as a few tears roll down your check. He smiles from ear to ear and runs up to you. He wraps his arms around you and spins you around in the air as the cast and crew start cheering. He sets you down and looks at you, still smiling.

“You’re gonna be a dad, Jensen.” You say smiling. He nods and kisses you passionately. He pulls back and rests his forehead against yours.

“Happy Birthday, Jensen. I love you so much.” You say holding him tightly.

“I love you too, Y/N. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday or wife.” He says kissing you once more.