pregancy tests

That awkward moment when a doctor asks you to take a pregnancy test after you’ve had a hysterectomy, “Just in case.” Just in case what, my uterus magically grew back? In case the surgeon was somehow lying about taking it out, and instead filled it full of gumballs or something? Like, I could see if it was just some procedure they have to do for their forms, but “Just in case?” WTF?

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if i have one will you still love me?

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vincent hummed softly sitting out waiting for  fritz to finish what she was doing  . as  fritz came out with a nervous look on her face holding a piece fo paper. he looked over  and blinked  seeing ti was a pregancy test  . his eyes widdened  as she looekd up nervous shaking “  vvincent wwhat do i do ooh god i i” vincwent held up hsi hands in defence”  nope don;t ask me nope scooootttt ! scott come ehre please  there soemthign going on and i need your help  …. stop making out with mike and get over here!”  he called  and grumbled , thankfuly the pizzaria was empty.