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What they wanted: Stiles gets a surprise on Christmas from his girlfriend Reader and he faints. (Only they wanted the reader to be pregnant!)

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Stiles had just gotten home from college to spend time with his girlfriend (y/n), she had moved closer to his college so it would be easier for them to see each other and Stiles was thankful for that.
Stiles smiled down at his girlfriend who was currently cuddled up in his arms while they watched Christmas moved, it was only Christmas eve but Stiles could see how happy it made his girlfriend for him to watch Christmas movies with her.
When Stiles was in high school him and his dad hadn’t really spent Christmas like that since his dad was always busy with work or something Stiles mainly celebrated with Scott and his mom or just his friends but he still always got something from his dad even when he couldn’t be there.
Stiles didn’t blame his father for not really being there, he knew it was hard being a single dad, not that Stiles were a single father or anything but he knew his father tried to give him the best life he could so being here with an loved one like (y/n) made the young Stilinski boy feel loved like actually love, not like a family member or your friends show you but actual true love kinda love.
(Y/n) could feel Stiles glance on her every now and then even when Stiles was this close to her she got goosebumps and chills, not because she when he was near her he gave her butterflies it was because his had was close near her stomach.
(Y/n) was pregnant.
She had kept the preganacy a secret from her boyfriend from over 2 months. She wasn’t really that big for a 2 month pregnant women, but with the baby being more active now a days she had to be careful around Stiles. She hadn’t want him tk find out just yet not because she was scared he would leave or anything she k ew Stiles wouldn’t after all he did want a baby and they were trying for one some time ago but after not being pregnant they just decided to go with the flow.
(Y/n) sighed and got up from the couch stile pausing the movie for her as she moved out from under his arms and stood infront of the couch, “Where you going babe?” Stiles asked.
“Just to the bathroom gotta pee.” She answered.
“Told you that you shouldn’t have drunk that much orange juice.” Stiles mumbled as he sat up on the couch, (y/n) rolled her (e/c) and smacked Stiles on the back of the head warning a yelp from him return, mumbling “asshole” under her breathe (y/n) walked to the bathroom as fast as she could.
Now in the bathroom she sat down on the toilet her hands resting against her thighs she mumbled to her self, “Being pregnant is hard.”, finishing up in the bathroom she walked back to the living room cuddling up with her boyfriend on the couch continuing the movie.


Stiles dark brown eyes widen at the sudden movement waking him up from his sleep. He sat up quickly but not enough to wake up (y/n). It felt like someone had just kicked him hard in the stomach.
He glanced down at the small space between him and his girlfriend as saw what looked like a foot being kicked out from inside of her stomach.
Could it be?!
(Y/n) eyes slowly opened up once realizing stiles body wasn’t next to gets anymore. She could see a shocked expression across Stiles face and sat a bit, his glance still on her but it was looking downwards.
The (h/c) haired girl looked down amd saw what he was staring at, down below was their child kicking inside of the womb. Her eyes had widen in surprise Stiles had knew she was pregnant now, his eyes slowly met hers as did hers meet his.
“Surprise!” She whispered to him a weak smile on her lips. Stiles smiled at his girlfriend before replying “Your pregnant.”
Then he fainted.

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Found this wonderful blog today ✨ I'm excited to read more! Can I have a hc for Bakugou dealing with his pregnant s/o? e.g. how would he react to mood swings, sudden cravings for specific food in the middle of the night, the growing baby bump etc. Lots of love and good vibes for you ✨

OooOoOo, I am very glad that you’re enjoying the blog. It’s been super (hah, super lol cause they’re heroes) fun so far to write these headcanons. And YAY! FIRST PREGNANCY HEADCANON AND IT’S BAKUGOU MWAHAHAHA!!!

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Let’s just say finding out that his s/o could be scarier and moodier than him was a shock to say the least. He didn’t know what to do or say. I mean, what would anyone do when their s/o starts maoning about how fat they looked with the bump and then spontaneously burst into tears over it?
  • Bakugou was disgusted at some of the odd craving his s/o had. Peanut butter and pickles? He was nearly sick. Although some of his s/o’s cravings for weird food actually turned out to be quite nice. Who would have known fries and whipped cream could be so nice together?
  • Late night strolls to the convenience store to get his s/o’s random and unpredictable food cravings.
  • The growing baby bump would be mind-blowing to him. I mean, there’s a living and growing thing inside of his s/o, of course he’s impressed. 
  • Playing with the baby bump and wanting to feel every single kick and nudge from the baby.
  • Finds it very amusing that his s/o can’t even bend over to put their own shoes after a while once the bump gets really big….until he realises he’ll have to help them.
  • Staying as calm as possible when his s/o goes into labour. He needs to be strong for them to make sure his s/o stays calm too. 
  • Holding his s/o’s hand through the entire delivery even as his s/o screams and yells at him.
  • Very manly tears as he holds his child in his arms for the first time. Is sweating so much that he’s afraid of what could happen if he combusted right there and then.
Sleeping Beauty | Hank McCoy

Fandom: X-Men

Pairing: Hank McCoy x Reader

Warning(s): too much fluff, your heart might not handle it

Requested by:  @fuck-my-addiction Can I request a Hank imagine like maybe he was working late in the lab and his s/o was gonna wait up for him but they fell asleep and it’s just super cute and fluffy

A/N: This request was sent so long ago, I’m so sorry I’m late. I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. I tried to make it as fluffy as possible (as requested) and honestly what could be more fluffy than Hank with a pregnant wife? And yes, they’re having twins because I have the feeling Hank would have a huge family and you can’t convince me otherwise. 😍

Hank smoothly opened his room’s door, barely dragging his feet across the room to your shared bedroom. He expected you to be waiting for him like you always seemed to do every time he stayed up late in his lab - despite him telling you not to. It wasn’t fair for his work to keep you up too and especially in your condition. You needed all the rest you could get.

Taking a peak inside, he stopped in his tracks and simply leaned on the doorway, taking his time to admire you. You seemed to be fast asleep on your side with a book close to you as always and a pillow supporting your body. 

He couldn’t help but smile to himself at the image. How peaceful you looked, like an angel tangled in the white sheets. These few months were hell for you and he knew it. Even sleeping was a difficult task with your enormous baby bump getting in the way of everything, but no matter how exhausted and sleep-deprived you were, there always seemed to be this unearthly glow within you.

He never thought you could be any more beautiful yet here you were. Perhaps it was the way your eyes sparkled every time you discussed baby names and came across the cutest little bodysuits in the mall. Or perhaps it was the mere thought that you were going to be a family soon. A family he never thought he would have.

Oh, how overjoyed he was to hear the news. He remembered that day like it was only yesterday. He was convinced his heart would explode at any moment. And then the doctor’s appointments came and he could hear the faint heartbeat - no, heartbeats.

It was a shock to say the least. As if one baby wasn’t enough of a responsibility now there were too little people you would have to look after. It all seemed so terrifying but when he looked at you, he knew the two of you could do it. 

Taking slow steps as to not wake you, he came to kneel on the floor next to where you slept. The small noises that accompanied your steady breathing only made his smile grow wider and his eyes fell on the hand clutching your swollen stomach protectively.

He changed quickly and carefully took his place next to you, the mattress dipping a little at his weight as he shifted to wrap himself around your small form. You must have noticed for your eyes slowly fluttered open at the feeling of warmth on your back. 

You did your best to crane your neck around and look at him. “Hankie?” you managed a sleepy smile and snuggled your body deeper in his embrace,

In response, he gave you a sweet kiss and stroked your hair. “Hello there, sleeping beauty.” he smiled back lovingly.

You laughed with your usual adorable little snort in the end that he had come to love so much. “I doubt Sleeping Beauty snored in her sleep.”

“If she carried around two little humans, I think she’d have a right to snore too. Now go back to sleep, sweetheart. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

You could only hum in response before you started feeling drowsy again and drifted off to sleep, surrounded by Hank’s comforting warmth.

It didn’t take Hank long to join you, his hand gently laying on top of yours as he felt the babies’ movements inside you and caressed your finger, cherishing the cold feeling of the golden band around it.

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I hope this is ok and if you did this already you can ignore it. i wonder if you can do a one shot where mycroft and his wife have been married for 5~ years and you both dont want children (his fear of having an Eurus and you think you are unable to have children). you find out youre pregnant and youre both stunned at the news. all fluff just two people surprised.

“Honey...Honey, can you come up here” you call a bit stressed as the fifth pregnancy test came back positive.

Honestly you had no idea how to feel about this.

From the start you and Mycroft had been mutually against the idea of having any kids in fear of producing another Eurus and you-well, you weren’t even sure you could have kids with years of less than regular periods.

“Our relationship can survive without the addition of children,” Mycroft had stated quite pointedly when Mummy heard that she would not be expecting any grandchildren after returning from the honeymoon, “We have each other and that is more than enough to keep us happy.”

Of course Mummy didn’t take too kindly to that if the screeching on the other end of the phone was anything to go by but when it was finally announced that Sherlock had proposed to Molly her attentions were (thankfully) redirected.

Er, mostly.

 Mummy now likes to call and complain at odd hours to the pair of you on just how long its taking Molly and Sherlock to get details pounded out for the wedding and how she’ll be dead by the time she’ll see her baby boy as a groom.

As you could hear your husband’s steps lumbering up the staircase you feel panicked wondering how he will take this. 

Mycroft was a God when it came to small children to which no one save Sherlock could argue (and only because he was jealous) with given on how many times that Rosie and her friends just gravitate toward him.

Sure, Sherlock may try to distract them with experiments and excitement but in the end Rosie and her gaggle of friends will always be at Mycroft’s heel; asking him questions while hanging on his every word.

And it didn’t even stop there-any time you would be out and about whether it was for crown or just groceries Mycroft seemed to entrance small children of all ages.

Most would wander up to him and stare affectionately, others might be as bold to pull on a pant leg to demand attention and one had the gall to attempt to follow him throughout the stroll babbling all while the pair of you were shopping for a dinner party.

Anyone with a pair of eyes could see Mycroft melt when a child took interest in him and it made you fall more in love with him by the second to witness it and depressed all the same.

For all that Mycroft claimed that he was fine with a life without becoming a father was mainly due to Eurus you were near certain that it was due to your infertility.

Oh and how you ready to choke down any pill, take several injections or even “borrow” a body to give Mycroft a child-its not like you couldn’t afford it but Mycroft turned it down.

“I will not have you stress your body needlessly for something we don’t necessarily need to make us happy,” Mycroft had stated quietly which opened up a whole lot of painful discussions on what you each wanted in life and crying but it had been a productive talk.

There had been mentions of adopting and even getting a whole shelter full of pets but as the year went by nothing changed.

The pair of you were still without children and Sherlock’s wedding planning was making more headway than you.

By all accounts this should make Mycroft happy, hell, even you should be happy but then there’s that underlying fear-those horrible kernels of evil that keep you from basking in the glow of the previously thought impossibility. 

Your hips are too narrow to carry a child to full term…how are you go to deliver a baby especially if it turns out to be two?

What if they turn out like Eurus? What if they turn out worse than Eurus?

Who even says you’ll survive the pregnancy?

It was horrible miniature hurricane swirling in your mind as Mycroft finally entered bathroom and took in the scene.


Oh Lord, that doesn’t sound positive you think and wish that you at least had some of that earlier morning sickness to keep you from talking.

Finding that your throat too thick to talk you simply nod and hold onto the toilet bowel like a life line. Looking at him doesn’t make you feel less sick as he bends to become eye level with you on the tile.

“For how long?” he asks his voice although displaying concern and wonderment.

Clearly he must not take to the news too badly but then again the rush to purge your stomach has returned as if summoned by your silent plea and gives no time to speak.

Mycroft being the thoughtful husband that he is quick to grab your hair as you expel what little you’ve kept in your belly from brunch and soothe you as you heave.

“There, there ______, just let it all out and I’ll fetch you a glass,” he croons as the retching becomes all there is left.

Grabbing the cup from the sink he’s quick to fill it in order to help rid the taste of bile from your mouth and there again with his embrace to help ease the tremors from the aftermath.

He doesn’t speak for a while as holding you on the bathroom floor, just swaying slight to make you feel less sick and running his fingers through your hair. It makes you feel at ease and sleepy.

“Do you want it?

You swear that by all that is holy you did not mean to say that. It was if God himself took over your mouth and forced you to say it against your will and even the sound of that phrase sounded foreign to your own ears.

Feeling his arms stiffen around you pull away to look at your husband of five years. “I mean, I want it if you want it-the baby I mean,” you struggle to find some part of you that doesn’t sound frantic, “I see how you are with kids and I want that-with you but not if it makes you unhappy. Because I am happy. With you-I just want you to be happier-”

“Would this child make you happy ____?”

It takes only minimal thinking what with all the instances of Mycroft cuddling children and wishing they were your own to blurt out, “yes.”

“Now would you still want the child if it turns out like Eurus?”

Now that takes a bit more time as you search for an answer. There’s no true way of knowing if any child will turn out like that of the youngest Holmes anymore if they’ll turn out to be a genius like Mycroft.

A coin toss. 

Just one big guess game of what ifs.

Would the pain be worth the pleasure of having a child? 

Will the work put into raising one be worth the risk of raising a criminal? 

Was this worth it?

“Yes, yes Mycroft I would still want this child,” you state solidly as you lock eyes with him, “Just like our marriage; for better or worse.”

Tears are forming in Mycroft’s eyes as he brings you into a hug. “Then parents we shall be.” 

The moment is magical and fluffy that you can’t imagine the spell being broken until the answering machine downstairs starts ringing and the the box beeps.

“Mikey. MIKEY, its your mother sweetheart and you need to go down to your brother’s flat and see what’s taking them so long to pick out a venue! I won’t be around forever! MIKEY! I know you’re home darling, pick up the phone!”

“Do you want to tell her or should I,” Mycroft asks with a chuckle as Mummy continues to rabble on the answering machine with her demands to be answered.

“I think I’ll let her son do the honors since I’m in such a delicate condition,” you say wetly caught between wanting to still cry and laugh.

“Then I shall,” Mycroft says softly before pressing a kiss to your temple and then jogging out of the bathroom to catch the phone in the bedroom. 

To the girls with...

To the girl with the pregnancy test in the grocery store bathroom, waiting impatiently to see her results, you will survive.
To the girl with the packed backpack full of clothes and photos, getting kicked out by her parents because she is pregnant, you will survive.
To the girl with the boy who left her because he won’t own up to his responsibilities of being a father, you will survive.
To the girl going into labor who is scared of the change her life will have when she gives birth, you will survive.
To the girl with the life plan who can not bring a child into the world yet, you will survive.
To the girl with the pain in the hospital room alone without an infant to take home, you will survive.
To the girl with the crying infant who has not slept in weeks, you will survive.
To the girl with the scrutiny of society because she became pregnant as a teenager, you will survive.
I will not lie and say you will be ok, because life is a roller coaster and no one knows if life will get better or worse, but I do know you will survive through this journey.
You will come out stronger and wiser than before.
You are not defined by the words and judgments of others.
You are defined by your perception of who you are, not anyone else’s.

Snap Shots

This is an anon request from quite a while ago. This, I suppose, a continuation of Important Lessons? Because I can’t seem to quit it.

It’s just a little drabble.

Hope y’all enjoy.

When Saizo returns home from the university he’s met with the stark silence of his apartment, an odd dissonance from the usual bustle he returns to, followed by the very discernable sound of sniffling.

Dear oh dear.

He loosens his tie, dropping his work onto the counter, quietly following the sound into their bedroom.

No, not in there, he gives the empty bed a once over before turning to the bathroom.

He grabs the handle, twisting it.


His frown deepens, especially when he hears the uptick in her crying.

“Little Lady,” He begins, his voice concealing the concern he feels. “What’s going on?”

He hears her muffled response and for a moment he feels his entire world off kilter. The blood in his veins turns to ice.

Then he hears her again, her voice teary and pained.

“I’m sorry-I’m really sorry” She sounds so lost, so scared. What irony, since the only one who can really be blamed is him.

“Why are you sorry? It takes two to tango” He chuckles, a forced sound, his knuckles turned white from clutching at the handle. “Just let me in, little lady.”

Saizo never thought he’d be a father, actively attempted to not be a father, even.

But of course, of course with her he wasn’t careful. She always made him forget a piece of himself.

Still, being with her, he has learned to expect more of himself than he could imagine.

Especially when she looked at him, with those burning, loving eyes.

He had told himself he wouldn’t fall in love, wouldn’t settle down.

Thus far she’d proven both of those points wrong.

Perhaps with her, he could be a father.

She proves him wrong (or maybe right)  when he is holding his son in his arms, her familiar eyes shining under the starkness of hair that so resembles his own.

A perfectly imperfect little being, prone to wailing unless he rested in the arms of one of his parents.

That, he reasons, he must get from his mother.


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