SECRET Pizza in Las Vegas?

Maybe the coolest Vegas story of the year (keep in mind: I do love pizza).

After the Cosmo opened around New Years, I heard rumblings about a “secret” pizza joint somewhere in the casino. Well, all the marketing books will tell you the word “secret” is emotionally powerful, and I already told you how important pizza is to me - so I was on the case!

I did an Google search, and saw a few blog posts about this place.

Some tried to explain where it was. (One blog said: “Location: Undisclosed”)

All the research agreed the place had no offcial name. Yelp calls it “Pizzeria @ The Cosmopolitan”. TripAdvisor calls it “Hidden Pizza”. called it “Secret Pizza”.

I used my Iphone to take a pic of the Health Rating Certificate behind the counter - but even with full zoom and then maxing the picture size I couldn’t make out the name on the certificate.

The blogs were consistent in explaining: No sign anywhere. No menu. No prices. No set hours (typically closed between 3 am and 4 am; one review said open “when needed”). And they had “Pabst Blue Ribbon” on tap.

Now I was really interested.

So I went to the Cosmo and asked around. Here’s what I can tell you. It’s on the 3rd floor. It’s down a long, unmarked hallway. It’s the best pizza in Vegas. Pics should also help in finding it - RJ Bell

I was at Red Rock for a handicapping conference this past weekend - and when the speakers didn’t hold my interest, I wandered down to the poker room. Typically they have a few 2-5 games, but on Sunday afternoon I was surprised to find a HUGE 5-10 game. It was built around one Asian dude who was playing nearly every hand, and had a HUGE STACK (pictured above). My guess is a combined 50k was on the table! I doubled-up one time - but otherwise didn’t have good enough cards to even lose a big pot (ended up about +800). Got to love Vegas, a place where you never know when you’ll get into a huge poker game! RJ Bell


Message from Vegas Runner:

Since covering the fight game for Gaming Today I’ve been able to network with a lot of guys who are definitely in the mix…For the past few months I’ve been trying to sponsor some fighters because I know that will help get me even more connected but the UFC turned me down due to my “association w/ gambling” as they put it…

I’m still trying to make that happen and have recently been invited to Team Wand, Extreme Couture, & Robert Drysdale’s gyms to cover them for future columns along with some less recognized teams here in Vegas…After meeting the VP of TuffNuff while covering their last event here, he introduced me to the main man that represents fighters and closes sponors for them…

After meeting and hitting it off, as well as explaining exactly what it is that I do…he said he would try to do what he could…And to my surprise he called the other day and was hesitant at first but eventually gave me a shot to sponsor 3 fighters that he represents for their upcoming match-ups…

Below are the names and details of who/when/where these fighters will be going at it …

Mike Rio (6-0) at 155. Fighting Efrain Escudero (The Ultimate Fighter Alum) as Co-Main Event. Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 at CFA 02 ( Fight airs live on Fox Sports Nationwide.
Pablo Alfonso (6-4) at 135. Fighting Chino Dura. Also on the Televised Card at CFA 02.
Nazareno Malagarie (20-1). Bellator Featherweight Semi-Finals. ( Fight airs on MTV2.


Jim Mueller, star of American Outdoorsman, and Bronwyn Maddison, publisher of Kasanova magazine, hang with RJ Bell and Vegas Runner in the Cosmo VIP room.