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i thought cis meant "doesnt experience dysphoria"

There are a lot of people who say they are trans and don’t experience dysphoria. Also, I am going by the definition of “cis” given by Janet Mock, one of the most prominent trans activists. She says, and I quote:

Children who behave in line with their prescribed gender roles are cisgender or cissexual (throughout, I will use the prefix cis, which means “on the same side of” while trans means “across” or “on the opposite side of”), a term used for people who are not trans and more likely to identify the gender that correlates with the sex they were assigned at birth. Most cis people rarely question their gender identity because the gender binary system validates them, enabling them to operate without conflict or correction.

If you want to read more about what trans activists really believe in their own fucking words, here’s a book review of Redefining Realness that quotes Janet Mock’s own misogynistic words.

Another thing Janet Mock wrote about womanhood:

“I hate walking to work in heels, but I have to have a complete outfit with the right proportions so I tend to walk to work in heels. I hate tweezing my eyebrows, but I have to in order to achieve my most enhancing arch so I pluck my brows. I hate using eye makeup remover (Kiehls supremely gentle) but I do so at the end of a workday because I want to be free to rub up against my boyfriend at home while watching Netflix. These are the beautiful inconveniences that help make up the sum of my womanhood.“    

Basically she thinks womanhood is about conforming to the patriarchal concept of femininity. That’s what makes her a misogynist: she thinks womanhood is nothing but make up and dresses and looking pretty, when those things are forced on us against our will.

This is trans activism: defining womanhood by what the patriarchy says it is.

The Difference Between Feminism & “meninism”

So I’m going to try to explain this as best I can, and hopefully it clears up all the misinformation that many people have on Feminism and meninism.

Feminsim is the advocacy for equality. We campaign for equal treatment, equal rights, equal representation politically, socially, and economically regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. The prefix “fem” doesn’t mean we only support women. In fact, we support ALL gender identities (male, female, demi-, agender, gender-fluid, nonbinary, etc.). We solely talk about the inequalities of women (or people societally seen as women) because women face more problems than men (or people societally seen as men). This doesn’t mean we don’t bring awareness to the prejudice and harmful expectations men (or people societally seen as men) go through, especially the inequality that male LGBT+ & MOC  face. Because we do. Anti-feminists just refuse to acknowledge that.

Feminsim is inclusive. It’s for EVERYONE; it includes all! Yeah, despite what you heard, feminism doesn’t just support women. We aren’t biased. We aren’t exclusive. To even try and write everything we advocate for down would be almost impossible because feminism doesn’t have an end-point. We tackle on every issue that promotes detriment, every matter that supports segregation, every topic that goes against equality. The Google definition doesn’t give this movement any justice because we’re MORE than that. Feminism is more than just a simple sentence you can look up and think you fully understand, because you most likely will not if you base it off of it. We just want everyone to be treated fairly. We want to destroy patriarchy because patriarchy creates these intersections of different oppression.

Then there’s meninism.

People don’t realize that meninists don’t fight for anything. They don’t support anyone but straight, cis-gendered, white men. Most are racist, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic, pro-life, pro-rape,  support violence against women, and uphold the unhealthy gender-roles that are harmful to women AND men. The whole thing was created to attack feminism, nothing else. It is not just “parody,” like most would think. It isn’t a joke when it supports rape and domestic abuse.

They claim feminists don’t focus on the issues men face. They say they fight the gender biases that challenge men, but the fact is they don’t. The only time they even address these issues is when trying to dismantle a feminists’ argument. There have been no actions done in advocating: no protests, no petitions, no anything. They just want to uphold patriarchy, and mark off our activism towards equality as “female tears” or “bitches on their periods.”  So when I see women support meninism and deny feminism, it really confuses me, because it goes against us women. It in no way supports or benefits women whatsoever. In fact, it does the complete opposite of what most women who call themselves meninist think. It supports our oppression.

So while feminism fights the hyper-masculinity towards men; the harmful expectations of what a “real man” should be; men who are feminine, the wage  gap and racism towards MOC, male rape victims, body insecurities, gender biases in child custody battles,  their emotions/mental illnesses being seen as weakness, the violence faced towards the male LGBTQA, etc., all meninists fight for is access to a woman’s body regardless of consent.

Issues Feminism takes on involving men:

  • Hyper-masculinity expected of men
  • “Man up!” told to men when they try to be themselves
  • Expected male roles, and the fear not not conforming to them
  • The expectations of what a “real man” is
  • Men shamed for their femininity
  • The wage gap between MOC
  • The demonization of Black Men
  • The harmful sterotypes MOC face
  • Male Rape Victims
  • Body expectations (being muscular enough, big enough)
  • Gender biases In child custody battles
  • Gender Biases in Domestic Abuse
  • Men’s Emotions/Mental Illnesses seen as weak
  • The violence faced towards male LGBT+
  • Prejudice to men with vaginas

And there are many, many more, not just this short list.

But all meninists fight for is access to a woman’s body regardless of consent and sees equality as beating a woman. #NowYouKnow :) (twit: @tropicalmelanin)

So Zed will get her warrior name soon.

Soon enough.

And I want help with the naming!
Her prefix will be Storm- or Rain-
because of her experience with Falconstep in the swamp, it happened during a storm when it rained a lot.
I need to decide on a suffix!

Here’s the list of suffixes and meanings! (Not all are stone-set canon but seriously. Who gives a damn xD)

Rain/Storm breeze – a fast and agile cat 

Rain/Storm flash – skilled fighter, fast and hits hard

Rain/Storm flight – an agile cat who is good at jumping and/or climbing

Rain/Storm flurry – a very energetic cat

Rain/Storm leg(s) – a very fast cat

Rain/Storm light – a cheerful, optimistic cat

Rain/Storm runner – a very fast cat

Rain/Storm skip – an energetic, enthusiastic cat; may have a light, bouncing gait

Rain/Storm stone – a trustworthy, dependable cat; alternately, a stubborn, determined cat

Any of these

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Re: The anon asking about cis and trans. (please don't queue) Cis and trans are latin prefixes that mean same and other/opposite/across. For example the transsiberian train goes across siberia, or in chemistry with some compounds if they have cis/trans properties where certain atoms are attached on the same or opposite sides of a molecule. So it's literally like proper scientific words, in english it would be samegender and oppositegender/acossgender if you'd just translate it.



Have you ever thought about the fact that Lydia is a banshee and the Scott’s last name is McCall and banshees are most commonly associated with families carrying the “Mc/Mac” prefix meaning that Lydia was bound to be a part of Scott’s pack? Lol same.


I joined Fire Flight a week ago (one of the july registration newbies) and I hate a lot of the mentality of the forums. Yes. I get it. You don’t drink because special snowflakes think drinking and partying is for those MEANIE PREPS and you’re going to sit in your corner and sip your fucking sparkling grape juice because you’re so ABOVE IT ALL. Fuck you, you’re probably 15 and can’t legally buy alcohol anyway so WHY BOTHER POSTING IN A DRINKING THREAD IF YOU DON’T DRINK OR LIKE DRINKING THE OP EXPLICITLY SAID THAT IF NON-DRINKERS OR PEOPLE NOT OF AGE DON’T HAVE TO PARTICIPATE WHY MUST YOU INCLUDE YOURSELF IN EVERY THREAD YOU SEE 

and don’t get me fucking started on the tryhard asshole with a lair full of the downright ugliest dragons i have ever seen whose names all have a pyro- prefix we get it we are the fire flight so hurr durr FIRE IS OUR THING but do you need to try and cram those ugly undesirable genes of yours down the forum’s throat by setting up an overcharged shop as well??? go ahead, make another fashion thread we get it you’re rich and can buy all the apparel please LEAVE THIS FLIGHT 

I totally know exactly what thread you are talking about and like, if you dont like drinking, dont join the fucking thread. Damn. Fire has some really uptight Special Snowflakes in it. I stay around for the few that agree with me that people suck there x’D. Plus those orange eyes are bomb.

And I think I know exactly who you are talking about. and I can tell you now, you are not the only fire member that FUCKING HATES THEM. Like I know a few people that REALLY CANT STAND THEM. They are extremely Narcissistic about their lair, and with any chance they get they don’t shut up about their dragons. Ever. Like they just go off on it. Not to mention they talk WAYY too much in the fire forums like, I talk a bit but I keep my distance. I only talked when I feel like i’m constructive. If we are talking about the same person, that is. They need to leave the flight, or the game…..or just get the fuck out. When ever they talk they are so condescending and like…whenever I talk to them they talk /down/ to me. They think because they are an old player they are more important, and they think they talk for the majority of the flight/game but really no one thinks the way they do. ugh. 

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (also, yin-yang or yin yang) describes how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another (wikipedia)

Bonnie and Malachai…In french Bon means good and Mal means bad…In the Bonkai relationship, she’s attracted to his darkness as and he is attracted to her light, even if they fear it, they complete what eachother misses: Bon brings Kai’s good side and  Kai brings out Bonnie dark side, they complete eachother, they are two side of the same coin. The Good and The Bad

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'Tan' being used as an adjective

As in this recent example I came across:

“I stick out like a pale thumb in a sea of tan blonde hipsters”.

I find this interesting, because to me tan is either a verb or a noun, the standard adjective being tanned. For example you can go and tan (verb) in the sun, and you might get a tan (noun), but as a result you will be tanned (adjective). This fits with a rather general pattern of forming adjectives from past participles (pp) of verbs. (Examples: to grow - I have grown (pp), thus I am a grown (adj.) man; to pop - The internet has broken (pp), thus we have a broken (adj.) internet; to close - the shop has closed (pp), thus we have the closed (adj.) shop.)

However there are examples of adjectives being the same as the uninflected (unaltered) form of the verb. For example, if you clean yourself, you become clean, you don’t need to follow the pattern and say that you’re now cleaned. So since words change word class all the time (here I think we’re going from verb to adjective), and since tan as an adjective is not morphologically* inconsistent with existing patterns in English - clean being one such precedent used in the same way that tan is now being used - I’ve got no huge problem with it, I just find it very interesting.

*Morphology - regarding how existing words are manipulated, mainly through suffixes and prefixes, for example the ’-ed’ suffix to make a past tense; ’-s’ to make a plural; ‘un-’ to make a negative or ’-ly’ to make an adjective into an adverb.

PREFIX: Remembering Jay Dee

Jay Dee, born James D. Yancey, was one of the few artists whose records were bought on sight, played until digested and then discussed among fans and critics (usually on Okayplayer), where an entire legion of Dilla devotees lurks). He kept hip-hop relevant long after many of its greatest heroes had left it for dead, at least creatively. There are many talented beat-makers and producers, but there will only be one Jay Dee.

Great article from the archives on Dilla.
Prefix free: Break free from CSS vendor prefix hell!

-prefix-free let you use only unprefixed CSS properties everywhere. It works behin the scene, adding the current browser’s prefix to any CSS code, only when it’s needed.

my advice : It would be a great tool but it’s only compatible with IE9+, Opera 10+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+ and Chrome. The lack of backward compatibility is really pain in the ass and you may consider using other tools like less or saas.

Ham Radio: Call Signs

This is the fingerprint of the Ham, each one is unique.  All have a common structure depending on license class, location in the country, and even country.  Each call sign has a prefix and a suffix.  Every country has a unique block of prefixes:

So in the US, an amateur call sign prefix consists of one or two letters and one numeral.  For example W3ABC is a valid US amateur call sign while KDKA and KMA3505 are not.  US call signs start with K, N, W, or AA-AL.  No matter what, if you hear a call sign beginning with those letters, you know its a US call sign.  And depending on where you are in the country, that may be different as well.  For example:

The suffix of the call sign is the unique part that identifies the particular station and consists of only letters.  In the call W1AW, “AW” is unique among other calls starting with W1.  These can be 1, 2, or 3 letters.

Depending on what kind of license you have, there are also differences:

And even if you move, your callsign moves with you.  If you get a call sign it can also be characterized by the number of letters in its prefix and suffix.  US calls only have one numeral in the prefix:

  • W1A - this is known as a 1x2
  • W1AW - this is known as a 1x2
  • WA6CF - this is known as a 2x2
  • WA1ZMS - this is known as a 2x3