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Hi! I just wanted to apologize for any crazy fans who harassed you or any of the crew member for the trans marco theory thing. I don't exactly support the theory as well, since I find that 1 guy and 1 girl as protagonist creates a perfect balance that welcome both side of the gender and having 2 girls instead would favor more on the girl side of the demographics. But it's wrong to send hate to the crew or ANYONE over it for that matter. I hope you don't have a bad impression of our fandom :(

Hey! Thanks for writing in! Don’t worry, I don’t have a bad opinion of the fandom–in my experience, every fandom has its own brand of drama, and there are plenty of creators who have experienced much worse than I did. 

But I did want to say something on the middle section of your comment! So: it’s totally fine if you aren’t interested in the trans Marco theory and personally prefer shows with one male and one female protagonist. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! But when you bring up this particular opinion in a conversation about female and LGBT representation, it makes it harder to have these kinds of conversations.

“Balance” sounds super great … in theory! If this show existed in a vacuum, then I would absolutely agree with you that equal gender representation is ideal. But it doesn’t. This show exists in our world, and our world has some pretty lame stuff in it. 

For instance, you mentioned that having two female protagonists would favor a female demographic. But here’s the thing: animated shows are functionally not ALLOWED to have a show with two female protagonists. Historically, networks have overwhelmingly favored shows with male protagonists because advertisers who support television networks have preferred to manufacture and market toys and products aimed at young boys.

Every once in a while, networks seek out shows with female protagonists–with the caveat that they be accompanied by a male costar. They don’t want to risk losing their “boys” demographic and, at the end of the day, that means that boys are valued more than girls. So when you see a show with a “balanced” show with a female lead and a male sidekick, remember that that “equal representation” is done to cater to male viewers and is usually mandatory. 

And then there’s the trans element.* Trans representation is exponentially rarer than female representation. If you are a trans kid growing up, you will have a very hard time finding your experienced reflected in the media you consume. And when the media you consume–and the culture that creates it–acts like you don’t exist, it’s easy to feel like you yourself don’t exist. That you don’t deserve respect. 

While we are seeing better representation of LGBT folks in media, we still have a long way to go. In the meantime, some people are taking matters into their own hands, either by creating their own stories or through fan theories. And that’s ultimately (to my understanding) what the trans marco people are doing: they see the potential for representation and make it their own. 

So when people post about the trans marco theory, hoping for representation that they badly need and deserve, it’s probably not a good time to jump in and talk about how having two female protagonists would make the show “unbalanced.” The WORLD is unbalanced. We gotta do something to tip the scales back in the right direction. 

And after all, if you wanted male representation, you could easily look to the supporting cast–or any number of animated shows that feature primarily if not exclusively male protagonists. There is really no shortage of them.

Again, I want to stress that if you like the one-boy-one-girl dynamic, that’s fine! But there’s a time and place for that opinion. 

*Disclaimer: I am not trans! And I don’t pretend to speak for trans people. Please feel free to correct or add onto this. 


goblin: due to our contract with subway, we’re supposed to tell you to eat at subway.
also goblin: but that price tho

The veterans' dream house (Modern!AU)
  • Levi: The outside looks of his house wouldn't be important; as long as he has a roof over his head and food on the table, he's set. However, if he really had to dictate how his house would look like, he would choose a small apartment in the quiet side of town that has a supermarket, hospital, fire station, and police station nearby. He would be very minimalistic and monochrome when it comes to his place's interior design, and would rarely want to have guests over to avoid the mess and ruckus.
  • Erwin: For sure, he would choose the modern life and rent out a very sleek and new flat smack in the center of a busy, bustling city. He would opt to choose a higher floor, just so that he could admire the city skyline, especially at night. On nights wherein he doesn't have any work to do, he would sit in front of his flat's huge window with a glass of wine or whiskey, and admire the twinkling lights.
  • Hanji: She would pick a bungalow tucked away in the woods. The seclusion would give her freedom to disconnect from the busy, modern life and reconnect with the gifts Mother Nature gives to her. She would be content with having an ample amount of alone time, but she would be overjoyed if she had friends or guests over as she would love to show them around.
  • Mike: A decent sized bungalow or apartment located in the outskirts of the city would certainly be paradise for him. He would love the idea of living in a quiet area and still have access to the vibrant, lively city. On most days, he would opt to spend his time taking in the view (day and night) from his bedroom as he listens to music that calms him. However, he would still be up for going downtown, either alone or with friends, to check out new restaurants or bars and just soak in the energy.
  • Nanaba: To suit her calm and quiet nature, she would opt to live in a quaint and rather rustic house in a small town predominantly surrounded by nature. It wouldn't matter how small or big the house is as long as she has ample space to work and think. She would also prefer to have a market not far from where she lives– perhaps a 10 minute walk from her place.
Songs for Smashing Things To, a playlist by claireormsby on Spotify
A playlist featuring Ram Jam, Meat Loaf, 3 Doors Down, and others

So, I had a bit of time to kill and decided to finally get around to putting together the sort of playlist I thought Duo might listen to in battle. I’ve talked a bit about Duo and music in the notes for Salvage, but I know y’all aren’t necessarily 2x5 fans so may not have read it, so I’ll stick it here.

BUT basically lots of driving drums and guitars, high-tempo shout-along songs, is what I pictured for fighting music. I may keep adding to this, and I’m definitely open to suggestions! (also I’ve never made one of these before, so I hope this is alright)

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The preferred free-market plan for health care policy should be no plan whatsoever. The idea that we need a federal top-down strategy to manage a huge chunk of the economy is at the very heart of the problem. We don’t need a federal plan for health care. Yet Republicans have allowed liberals to frame the entire health insurance debate in these anti-market terms.

So the American Health Care Act, or AHCA, is obviously weak tea, falling far short of a promised free-market solution, much less a full “repeal” of Obamacare. It’s a half-measure that endeavors to fix Obamacare with small doses of deregulation while failing to repeal its core. It’s almost as if Republicans were trying to mollify their constituents and save Obamacare at the same time.

—  David Harsanyl, Senior Editor of The Federalist
A confession

I’ve been keeping this bottled up for too long. I need to say this somewhere. All my otherkin disdain has just been me projecting. I’m actually a Republikin. I have phantom  limbs firearms that I can feel all the time. Sometimes I find myself fumbling around at my hip only to remember there’s nothing actually there. I would really appreciate it if you would use the pronouns Reagan, Reagans, Reaganself when referring to me now. If only we lived in a truly free world market where my kind would be accepted. All I want is to own a bald eagle named Freedom, have a deregulated small business, and live near a small body of water into which I can dump all the tea I can get my hands on. I hope you’ll accept me for who I really am.

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How do tree grafts work, and Why are they so widely used for growing fruit?

Odds are, almost every fruit you have ever eaten is from a grafted tree.

What we call ‘cultivars’ of fruiting trees in horticulture are usually clones of a single seedling. Take the ‘Gala’ apple: it was a single tree planted from seed in the 1930s. This one tree yielded such desirable fruit, that since the 1930s, pieces of it can been kept alive as ‘scions’ and grafted to ‘rootstocks,’ which are seedling trees, or rooted clones. The original ‘Gala’ apple tree seedling is long dead, but there are pieces of this tree still growing all over the world, yielding the same fruit.

In the orchard business, this means producing trees with predictable dimensions, fruiting style, branching habits, harvest dates, yield, and levels of disease resistance. Clones are a much less risky investment than seedlings, which can vary widely. Clones have a name and ‘brand’ that is established and likely to find a reliable marketplace.

In terms of mass-production of food, this practice of grafting trees produces fruit of a reliable size, shape, texture, and flavour, which makes them easily transportable and marketable. Consumers prefer to know a ‘name’ of an apple they like, as opposed to examining or reading about the characteristics and uses of a type of fruit, and will consistently purchase fruit from a favourite well-branded cultivar. 

The importance of the name of a new apple cultivar in marketing is evident and supported by research at Cornell, where exciting names led consumers to spend more money for the same variety with a “generic” or non-exciting name (Rickard et al., 2011). Willingness-to-pay auctions are indicating traits of interest to consumers willing to pay a premium, and they are often variety dependent. In addition, the response from buyers is also being examined relative to new varieties and fruit size premiums (Carew et al., 2012). [x]

I’m not saying this industrialised side to it is good, but it’s just how fruit production has become.

I graft my trees with scion wood that I have traded or purchased in order to get a wide variety of high-quality fruit, and so in the future, I can cross high-quality cultivars with each other and plant seeds. My hobby – and the main subject of the site – is planting from seed. In that respect, I like to get seed from ‘pedigree’ parents, because there is so much written about these trees.

Those pieces of wood – scion wood – are from other cloned trees: some of the scions I worked with this year are from trees that were planted in the 1700s, but are kept perpetually alive today by being grafted.

I also graft a number of my trees with multiple scions, so that a single tree produces many cultivars of fruit (I call them my “frankentrees”), which is a better economy of space for a home gardener: my red-fleshed apple tree, pollarded apple, ‘family tree’ of cherries, multi-grafted pear, multi-grafted pear 2, almost all of my plums and apricots, or my almond tree that is grafted with peaches and nectarines are all multi-grafted trees.

As for how it works, biologically, and other reasons for doing it, you can refer to the following posts:

I also have an archive of everything I’ve ever posted on the subject if you want to read more: #grafting.

I hope that answers your question!

@rollindice LIKE….. command economies do NOT always meet the needs of consumers bc the government decides what’s made!! tbh i totally see why people prefer free market. it has flaws but they appeal to consumers more at least

Do any of my Aussies followers have recommendations on things to do (preferably hikes, national parks, markets, etc.) and places to eat in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Byron Bay I’ll be doing a little 2 week holiday next month. 

Gracias xx 

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All this talk about make up makes me think: Dwarves would have well known craftspeople that specialize in the creating of certain kinds of makeup. Like maybe they help make a lot of lip balms and eye shadows?? Plz consider this

YES. Imagine the cool makeup workshops they’d have; there would be bottles and jars and powders plants and pouches all over the place. Concocting cosmetics is an art form, lots of precision goes into measurements and specific colours. There are specialists for hair products too, though it requires a different form of training. Maybe there’s even a cosmetics guild?

Think of the competing producers, though: 

Broggûn Son of Ûhn’s latest collection is finally available at South Market!” 

“I prefer Ida IronEye’s products myself, she has a more diverse colour range year-round.” 

“Well she trades with elves to get her colours, not sure I trust anything supplied by an elf.” 

“…Well, Broggûn’s makeup hasn’t helped you woo a wife, has it now? Whereas, oh yes, IDA’S…”

“…ok don’t rub it in.”

Dwarves would be very conscious of eyes, I think, due to facial hair taking up varying amounts of the face. Same with lips. So dwarves learn which colours go best with their hair and eyes to be able to bring out the best of both. I imagine glittering eyeshadow would be HUGELY popular. They don’t use foundation as a means to cover blemishes (it never really occurred to them, and scars are a sign of pride), but rather around the eyes and cheeks to accentuate eyeshadow or to draw patterns on.

And not only is makeup for everyday application; no, there’s BATTLE MAKEUP. Smears of red/black/blue paint, geometric designs, kohl-lined eyes. If there’s tournaments, dwarves may wear battle paint on their bared skin and dark kohl to intimidate their opponents up close.

And I bet young dwarves would get makeup to draw tattoos on themselves and pretend to be like their parents (or impress potential partners).

Master Race Masterpost/Today in Glorivs Evropa: PEGIDA Porn DramaRama!

Vielen Dank to @fml-2017

Lutz Bachmann is The founder of PEGIDA (aka annoying German wannabe Nazis and real Nazis who protest every Monday because the girl they had a crush on is dating a Syrian guy and they’re triggered and think this is Just Like living under ISIS #stopwhitegenocide #heidiyougoddamnsracetraitorschlampe_love_me_bitte).

Tatjana Festerling is a yoga instructor and nazi who joined PEGIDA because melanin is scary, got kicked out of PEGIDA for unclear drama reasons involving our homeboy Lutz, and has since been practicing radical self-care by filling the void in her life by first trying to stage her own PEGIDA, failing, doing yoga, going to Bulgaria to join armed refugee-hunting vigilante squads and getting threatened with German legal citation over joining said Bulgarian vigilante refugee-hunting squads, constantly starting shit and/or lawsuits with Lutz, and going on Twitter to act like an attention-starved 12 year old who just discovered /pol/ and was raised by parents who say racial slurs a lot. #namaste

According to Lutz, Festerling’s nazimaste self-care also includes catfishing by running a fake Facebook account in his name where she posts videos of him making a drunk Nazi fool of himself in Tenerife (which is where he occasionally moves to seek refuge because Germany is too dangerous these days for the white man, due to all these refugees coming here because their homelands are too dangerous, albeit in more of a “I was tortured and my house destroyed” kind of way). Lutz is very angry about that, because he would prefer to corner the market on being a frequently drunk Nazi who’s crazier than a fistful of shit and twice as dumb on his own Facebook page. (Lutz originally dropped out of PEGIDA leadership because he got busted taking selfies of himself posing as Hitler, and was inspired to start PEGIDA to save evropa from Islamic takeover after witnessing a demonstration that was actually Kurds protesting ISIS. What A Guy.)

So Lutz hit back by doing what any sane human being/glorivs Aryan defender of Western evropean civilization would do: he stole her phone and is now threatening to post to a “perverted disgusting porn tape of hers” that was on it if she doesn’t delete the catfish account by tomorrow.



Hi guys! Firstly, let me wish you a merry Christmas to all of you! I’m now taking prompts for Eremika one-shots, so this is the first one, as requested by an anon. Hope you guys like it! If you want, you can send me prompts. You can also read it here.

Title: Pearls

Prompt: As kids Eren sees Mikasa admire something (dress, jewelry something she/they can’t afford) years later when they’re older he surprises her by buying it for her.

Summary: “Mikasa was really touched. Not because Eren had spent money on her, but because he had remembered what she had told him, even after all this time.”

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Queen of Shadows preview

As some of you might have noticed, BookCon has released a preview from Queen of Shadows, but only those with an Apple device can read the file. No worries if you were unable to access it, we typed it all out to make it available for everyone. Click read more if you want to read the first three chapters now, instead of waiting until September 1st.

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The Oldest Champagne Ever Tasted

Researchers have sampled 170-year-old bottles of champagne, which were recovered from a shipwreck off the Finnish Aland archipelago. The 168 bottles discovered are being analyzed to study how wine was made in the 1800s. Biochemical analysis showed they had low sugar content, less than 150 grams per liter, suggesting the champagne was intended for a German market which preferred moderately sweet wine.