Hello Sweet Cheeks

Word Count: 1095

A/M: I’m gonna take my hand at writing an AU enemies to lovers idea. And this one has “bad boy” harry, so. Some swearing but nothing too bad. Also I meant to post this Friday but oh well.


You walked into class with your best friend and went to take your usual seats.

However this time you were stopped in your tracks as you looked over at your usual spots seeing the same dickhead that got under your skin at the mere mention of his name.

“What are you doing here? You know this is our spot. We sit here every class.”

He leaned back in the chair, kicking his feet up onto the desk, “You weren’t here and your name’s not on it.” He said simply, a cocky smile spread widely across his lips.

You felt your jaw clench and your hand go into a fist, but you felt your friend bring you back advising that you both go to your second favourite spot.

You continued to watch him as you walked away, the both of you keeping eye contact as he sat there proudly having won- as you felt more annoyed and angry with every step.

“I don’t know why you hate him so much.” Your friend said as you both took your seats.

You gave them a look, “Seriously? The guy is just so annoying. He makes fun of me all the time. You know one time when we were 7 he stuck gum in my hair. It was tangled in there so bad we had to cut it out. Then another time he spread that stupid rumor about me that I peed my pants at lunch when we were 10, I spilled my apple juice! And he always has that stupid cocky smirk on his face, and his douchey hairstyle, and acts as if he owns the place. Who does he think he is?!”

“Okay, but it’s been years since he did most of those things [Y/N]. People change. We were all stupid 7 and 10 year olds once.”

“Fuck that. Who’s side are you on anyway?”

“I’m not on anyone’s side [Y/N]. I’m just saying… he might’ve been a stupid kid. But we were all stupid kids and I think he actually likes you.”

You laughed loudly, almost choking on the air at their statement, “Please, I know you’re funny. That may be the best joke you’ve ever told me.”

They just rolled their eyes and you both watched as the teacher came in and got ready.

Your gaze had turned naturally to him as he quickly put his feet back on the ground and sat properly to not get in trouble.

You rolled your eyes and scoffed, looking through his little act.

“I think you like him too.” You heard your friend whisper.

“WHAT?!” you didn’t mean to say it that loudly but you caught the attention of the entire class; including your easily annoyed teacher.

“Do you mind? But unless you have something educational to say don’t interrupt my class.”

You felt embarrassed and gave an apology but caught sight of him as you met eyes again and watched him give that same stupid smirk that annoyed you to the very core.

“I hate him.”

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Remus finding your sketchbook would include.....


I just want a Remus in real life… Enjoy!


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  • He would already know that you were an artist since you had been dating for two years
  • He would love how you use muggle suplies mostly because thats what you were brought up with
  • So he would always watch you whenever you were creating something
  • And one day he would be watching you paint something new in your dorm when he saw something poking out from underneath your pillow
  • He would discreetly pick itup and quickly find out that it was one of your sketchbooks
  • Him flipping through it silently while you continue to paint so he doesn’t distract you
  • Him being confused on why all of your sketches are of the same person thats just doing different things
  • Him gasping quietly when he realises tat he is the person in the sketches
  • “Uh (Y/N)? Is this entire book just filled with drawings of me?”
  • You turning around and immediately ripping it out of hands
  • “Remus!! You weren’t supposed to see that!!”
  • Him becoming really happy that you knew him well enough to draw him by memory
  • Like he would become unbelievavly giddy about it
  • Watching him nervously as you give him back the book and he continues to flip through it
  • Him taking time to thuroughly look at each picture
  • “I just… I’ts unbelievable how amazing these are….”
  • “Well, you are my inspiration”
  • He would totally ask you to paint a picture of him
  • Painting him may or may not conclude in him taking his clothes off
  • “I guess I’m painting you like one of my French girls.”
  • Laughing your ass off at your joke even though he doesn’t understand.’
  • “French girls? Should I be concerned?”
  • Him now constantly asking to see your latest drawings of him after that
  • Him attempting to draw you
  • And it would be totally adorable
  • “I love you, Remus. Thank you for being my inspiration.”
  • “I love you too my little artist.”
Preference #2 - How the Avengers cuddle you

Requested by @glitterbearbear

Tony Stark: Tony isn’t a very cuddly person, so it’s quite rare that he cuddles with you. When he does decide that he wants some cuddles, it’ll usually be after a long day or after a mission gone wrong. You’ll hold him as he buries his head in the crook of your neck, neither of you saying a word.

Bruce Banner: Bruce is scared of cuddling you in case something triggers him and he turns into the other guy, but other than that he would enjoy cuddling with you. You would lay your head on his chest and you would both talk in hushed murmurs, telling each other about how your day went.

Steve Rogers: Steve is definitely a cuddler. He would love to cuddle you no matter what mood he’s in and I think that his favourite way of cuddling would be spooning. You’d be the little spoon and he’d be the big spoon — obviously because his arms are huge and they can wrap around you easily — and he’d press little kisses on your shoulder and neck every so often, just to let you know that he loves you.

Thor Odinson: Thor is like Steve: a cuddler. He’d love to wrap his arms around you and just pull you into his chest, hugging you with all of his might. Sometimes you would have to tell him to let you breathe a little, but other than that, his hugs are great.

Clint Barton: Clint is more of a cuddler when he’s stressed. Just being in your embrace is able to calm him down and helps him to stop worrying about whatever he’s worrying about. He likes cuddling with you because you don’t ask him why he wants to cuddle; you just do it because it makes him happy.

Natasha Romanoff: I can see Natasha as wanting to be the big spoon. She likes holding you and you would feel her hot breath on your neck and her adorable laugh in your ear, making a huge smile come to your face.

Pietro Maximoff: Pietro is a very clingy person, so there is no doubt about it that he wants to cuddle you 24/7. When you’re too busy to cuddle, he sneaks up behind you and picks you up before you can protest, speeding off to your bedroom where he will force you to cuddle with him — even if it’s just for five minutes (which it never is)

Wanda Maximoff: You’re the big spoon. Wanda wants to feel loved and comforted and with you being the big spoon, she gets both of those things. She enjoys being in your embrace as much as you enjoy holding her close to you and you’d both feel content and relaxed.

Vision: You’d probably have to explain what cuddling is to Vision, but when he gets the hang of it, I think that he’ll enjoy doing it. He likes having you close to him and he also uses this time to tell you how much he loves you.

Sam Wilson: Sam likes cuddling and he’ll do it literally anywhere: in the common room, in your bedroom, even on the floor if he has to. He doesn’t mind where you are as long as he gets to cuddle you.

Bucky Barnes: Bucky is nervous about cuddling you at first because of his metal arm. It makes him quite self-conscious and he doesn’t like the idea of the cold metal touching your skin, but when you reassure him that it’s okay and you grab his metal hand and place it on your skin, he eases more into it and enjoys cuddling you more than he should.

Scott Lang: Scott Lang loves cuddling. If he could cuddle you all day, he would. Cassie sometimes walks in on the two of you cuddling and she usually joins in, jumping on the bed and interrupting your cuddle session. You don’t mind, though, as you love the little girl more than anything.

T’Challa: The King of Wakanda will never admit it, but he is a secret cuddler. He’ll come into your bedroom after doing his duties for the day and find you sat in bed, watching some random talk show on the TV and trying your hardest to stay awake, and he’ll get into bed next to you and hold you as you talk about anything and everything.

Peter Parker: Peter doesn’t mind how you cuddle. One day he’ll want to spoon and the next he’ll just want you to lie in his arms, your head on his chest and his arms wrapped around your frame. He usually plays with your hair while you cuddle and you usually run your hand up and down his arm, the both of you completely relaxed.


(A/N: Hey guys! Hope you have a good day today! Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Preference: How you cuddle



       You and Caspian aren’t very touchy people, and can’t be anything more than holding hands in bed. So, you usually cuddle on the couch.

       You’ll be sat on the couch in front of the fireplace. Caspian would come sit next to you, putting his arm over your shoulder. Usually he’ll have made you a warm drink.


       You lay on top of him.

       Peter, no matter what, will always pull you on top of him when you’re cuddling. He’ll wrap his arms around your waist and roll you onto him so that your fronts are pushed together. He doesn’t know why, but somehow your weight is calming, almost like a security blanket.



       Edmund loves to spoon. He loves to hold onto you while still snuggling into your neck. He loves the feeling that he can protect you from anything. He loves that he has room to play with your hair or kiss your neck and shoulders. He always says that he’ll have your back, right?

What they do when your sick

•brings you soup
•makes sure you have water near by
•gets whatever you want so you can stay in bed
•cuddles with you
•trys to sing you to sleep
•shows you funny memes
•plays with your hair
•shows you cute fan art of you two
•carries you to the bathroom

•cuddles you
•reads you shitty fanfics
•shows you cute fanart
•plays videogames with you
•tucks you in bed
•carries you around the house
•makes sure you take meds
•watch happy animes together
•trys to help you brush your hair

Him Accidentally Run Into You Changing (HP Preferences)

Preferences #1

You were changing your clothes in your dorm when he ran into you by accident.


Harry Potter

“Y/n, quick, let’s go to dinner!” Harry shouted as he opened the door.


“Wow you look- I mean- uh I’m so sorry.”

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Ron Weasley

“Hey y/n did you see my- holy mother of Merlin-

“Get out!”

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Draco Malfoy

“Y/n? You there?” His face suddenly changed into a wide grin when he saw you. “Nice body." 

You threw a pillow at him and screamed, "Draco Malfoy! I suggest you get out now!”

“Not in a million year.”

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George & Fred Weasley

“Oh dang.” One of the redheads said, you weren’t sure which twin it was.

“Oh Merlin.” The other said.


“You don’t mind us staying for a while do you, y/n?” They both smirked.

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Remus Lupin

“Oh I’m so sorry y/n!” Remus’s cheek darkened as soon as he saw you.

“Uh! It’s okay.”


“Um.. Why are you still here?”

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Sirius Black


“Sirius! Do you mind?!”

“Just what I wanted to see. Since you already got your shirt off, might as well take off the rest?” A smirk appeared on Sirius’s smug face.

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James Potter

“Ah y/n, if you wanted me to see this you should have told me. Why bother planning it to look like an accident?” James teased you while looking away.

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thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it :P that wink from johnson tho

you can always request imagines & ask questions, here // masterlist

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Summary of Comeback
  • Scoups:still a dad
  • Jeonghan:adorable but lost fans because of a damn haircut
  • Jisoo:jesus take the wheel
  • Hoshi:choreo game getting stronger
  • Wonwoo:singing more
  • Woozi:stepping up his music game
  • Dk:learning how him and seungkwan's voices together can make the whole fandom die
  • Mingyu:somehow getting hotter
  • Minghao:HIS ERA
  • Seungkwan:high notes higher than yall can scream
  • Vernon:12 year old smurf
  • Dino:slowly converting to hiphop unit
Signs as Michael Tweets

Capricorn: “Do bees even have knees?? wtf”

Aquarius: “I don’t have a girlfriend ? I’m dating Calum”


Aries: “could really use a Nutella & go right now”


Gemini: “going to the beach! Lol jk I’m staying inside forever”

Cancer: “what the shitballs was that”

Leo: “*wakes up* *drinks coffee* *goes back to sleep*”

Virgo: “'Oh god Luke how good would it be if you just stopped talking?’ ‘SO GOOD'”

Libra: “here’s a cup of calm the fuck down”

Scorpio: “@Luke5SOS stop being so happy”

Sagittarius: “i really want to google the name of this song but the only way i can describe it is ‘ba da da da daaaa’”


Harry Potter Preference - What They’re Like When They’re Jealous

[Includes Marauder Era]

- Trio Era -

Draco Malfoy:

Draco would be brooding more than usual when he’s jealous. You wouldn’t notice it at first, thinking that it was just him being his usual self until you’d begin to notice him glowering across the room at one of your male friends that he’d never even interacted with. You’d try to make him admit that he was jealous but he’d deny it – him? Draco Malfoy, get jealous? Never! But when he’d start asking questions about your friend and making sarcastic comments, you’d know that he was. Draco would also approach you at one time or another when you’re talking with your male friend and completely ignore him as he wrapped an arm around you and just let you continue on with your conversation. Your friend would be very aware of Draco’s watchful eye, even a little scared by how intense he was staring at him and this would satisfy Draco enough to know that your friend wouldn’t try to make a move on you – and if he did, Draco would be more than happy to beat the hell out of him.

Fred Weasley:

Fred wasn’t one to get jealous – he trusted you more than anything and knew that if a guy tried to make a move on you, you’d be perfectly capable of telling them off but there was some rare occasions when he did get jealous. It’d probably be a guy that he’d notice trying to get just a little too close to you, always interrupting your conversations with Fred and trying to take you away when you were ‘clearly’ spending quality time with your boyfriend. It’d be times like these when Fred tried to act perfectly normal around you but you’d notice him staring off at the guy during dinner and then a few moments later the guy would become a test subject of one of the twin’s products. And not a volunteer test subject, either. When you’d turn back to Fred, realising why that had happened, he’d interrupt you with a small kiss and say, “we’re all good now, (Y/N)”.

George Weasley:

George would be almost sweetly jealous. Unlike his brother, he was rather protective of you around other guys but he did his best to give you space and trust you because he didn’t want you to resent him for being ‘too protective’. But you’d notice it when you tell him that you were going to hang out with one of your male friends and George would say ‘okay’ but his face would go flush and he’d cross his arms to his chest. You’d pick up on the small sign and know that he wasn’t actually okay with it and hug him and tell him that you’d hang out with him instead and that it was cute that he was jealous. Rather than trying to deny it, George would probably just mumble, “what can I say? You’re bloody beautiful. I’m gonna have to begin fighting these guys off with a stick”.

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Preference 2: Little Things?


SIDE NOTE: Sorry I couldn’t do one for Slip Knot. I just couldn’t think of anything. He might be in the next one was. Also sorry that Katana and Joker only had 2 instead of 3 different things.

El Diablo:

  • Kissing

Lots of sweet little kisses on your nose, cheeks, neck, and shoulders. He’ll sneak up behind you and warp his arms around your waist. Other times you’ll be laying on the couch or in bed and he’ll be sneaky (so many kisses).

  • Dinner

He absolutely adores when you make him dinner. Especially if you try something more ethnic. Sometimes he’ll help you a little bit by lighting the grill or stove (even if there’s a nob to turn”.

  • Talking 

Normally when he gets upset and starts steaming/smoking you have to talk him down. Sometimes you’ll put your hands on his shoulders even if it burns a little. Other times he’ll be having a nightmare and he’ll catch fire. After a while you’ll smell smoke and wake him. Make him stand up quickly and pour water on the bed where there was fire. Then you’d hold him and lay him down on your side of the bed. Another time when you talk is when he just wants to have a nice calming conversation. Just because he feels like you always problems when you talk he wants you to have nice times when you talk.

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Harley Quinn:

  • Makeovers

Harley loves to put makeup on your face and do your hair. You’ll be laying or sitting somewhere, she’ll pick you up and carry you into your shared room. She’ll then sit you in the chair on your vanity. She’ll then braid or play with your hair till she likes it. Then, she’ll turn you toward her, she’ll give you a few quick kisses then gets started. She uses bright colors and pale foundation. When she ends she claps her hands and screams “date night!”

  • Small Adventures

You and Harley will just be sitting or hanging out. Out of the blue she’ll bring up going to a fair or carnival. You’ll immediately pick her up and toss her in the car. She’ll laugh, giggle, and tell little jokes the whole way there. Then when you get there its like having a kid in a candy store. Its absolutely amazing fun!

  • Games

She LOVES games. When you or Harley get stressed the other one of you will go get the other one favorites game and set it up. Then you’ll begin and start playing. Eventually, you’ll both be happy and playful again. Sometimes she’ll sit in your lap and keep playing. Lots of kisses and hugs are given. Lets just say there are no losers. (;

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  • Working Out

He loves when you come downstairs into the gym and workout with him. Sometimes you spar (mostly ends in ties and them some love). Other times you’ll lay underneath of him when he does push ups or sit on his back. More than enough times you’ve had battles on who could lift the heaviest weights. Sometimes you set up targets for him to shoot at (other times you’ll stand in the middle and he’ll try not to shoot you).

  • Hugs

Between the two of you there’s no way to count who’s given the most hugs. You’ll give them to him when he gets upset or when he starts getting frustrated. He hugs you when you get flustered or when you make little mistakes that make you upset. Hugging is just more convenient than kisses for the two of you. Only because it takes longer to accomplish and let go without a fight.

  • Nerf Wars

Since Floyd doesn’t like it very well when you pick up and start messing with a real gun you decided to start a new game tradition. You would take a Nerf Gun and shoot it at him when he’s least expecting it. Then you’ll run and hear a ‘oh its on’ behind you. Then you’ll really start a war. He normally wins but, sometimes you’ll persuade him to give up.

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Killer Croc:

  • TV

Honestly you guys watch more tv than anything. It not only keeps you occupied but, it makes him focus on something other than the needs of the wild crocodile side of him. You mostly watch more adult tv than anything.But, sometimes you’ll make him sit through a really dumb tv show.

  • Bar Jumping

When days get a little bit more chill and he’s not into as much ‘work’ you guys jump in the car and go to a bar. Then after a while you both get bored of that bar and move along. Overall you guys end up visiting over 15 bars a night! It always gets really exciting and more creative the more you drink.

  • Swimming 

You know that his crocodile side does have to take over more of his body than looks sometimes. So, when this happens you go to a lake so that he can swim and eat. You normally sit on the bank and either get a tan or look at the stars (depending on what time you go.) Most of the time you go at night so that he doesn’t get a big thirst for people. But, sometimes you’ll go during the day just to get some sun.

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Captain Boomerang:

  • Challenges

Boomerang isn’t much of an adult. So, the only way to really settle an argument is to complete a challenge. Normally the challenge is who can do this the longest or who can do this the fastest. Other times you’ll do them for fun.

  • Stuffed Animals

He loves his stuffed unicorns so anytime the two of you lay down to sleep or take a nap he gets 50% of his unicorn stuffed animals. Then you’ll go get some of yours and snuggle up together and be incredibly warms. Other times you’ll try and hit each other through out the day. 

  • Children’s Movies

You love to make him watch kids movies. He thinks there ridiculous and lazily made. So, when the two of you watch them he always asks stupid questions. After a while he gets drunk and sings along or yells at the characters like there real. Lets just say he is better than the movie.

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Enchantress/June Moone:

  • Reading

June loves reading and sometimes you do to. Sometimes you’ll lay together in silence and read. Other times you’ll just lay there and she’ll read to you. Normally you’ll fall asleep and she’ll keep reading but, realize your asleep and put her fingers through your hair. 

  • Walks

She loves walking with you. Even though she hates the worst part which is getting you off the couch unless your energetic. When the two of you walk she looks and examines almost everything. Eventually you get tired and she gives you a piggy back ride the rest of the way.

  • Pillow Fights

Every morning when you or her don’t wake up on alarm you take it as the best opportunity ever. The one that wakes up takes a pillow and straddles them and starts beating the other with the pillow. It ends with a big pillow fight and tons of kisses. Sometimes you get out of bed other times you give up.

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Rick Flag:

  • Rambling

If there’s one thing you and Rick love its rambling to each other about the little things in life. His are normally about work or the Squad.Yours are moreabout random things.Like cleaning or your job. He enjoys listening yo you and playing with your hair. You like to listen to him. Even if you giggle about the things the Squad does to Rick.

  • Cleaning

Trying to clean up a mess made by Rick Flag is almost impossible. Because there’s bullets and guns with different bombs and traps. Its crazy! Eventually he comes home and helps you. It normally ends in love making unless he accidentally sets something off. Then it leads to getting out the ‘RICK FLAG EMERGENCY KIT.’ He always gets angry when you pull it out and you always hear about how ‘he has his own emergency kit’.

  • Running

He’s a sprinting soldier. And when he wants to do something with you he usually brings up running. If you say no he throws you over his shoulder and takes off running. Eventually he says ‘your own your own’ and puts you down. Sometimes you sit and wait for him other times you run and beg him to pick you back up till he obliges.

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  • Painting

The both of you love painting together even if it gets everywhere. When you paint she takes it mostly all serious painting people or scenery. You however will paint anything you think of. Then you’ll throw paint and she throws back. It ends up with you both covered in paint and laughing. 

  • Yoga

Kat loves yoga. The both of you find lots of peace in it. The room will either be silent or booming with loud music. When you turn on the loud music yoga moves faster and it turns into more speed stretching then yoga.

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  • Driving

He loves to speed around the road and be the real king of Gotham. You love to encourage him because life with him is crazy and fast. Its something you never felt before. When you drive sometimes you hit things other times you trick people into thinking two of you were chasing them.  Then he normally shoots them just for fun.

  • Drinking

The two of you love laying on your king sized bed and having lots of different drinks. The two of you tell jokes, watch tv, or read mystery books. He loves talking about all the crazy things he’s done. Some of them are very interesting others are a little bit gruesome.

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Not Tonight
  • Draco:Come on, I need it right now. I'm really stressed and that always helps.
  • Me:No!
  • Draco:Please, baby? It's been on my mind all day!
  • Me:The answer is still no.
  • Draco:But we did it all night last night!
  • Me:Yeah? So what? It doesn't mean we have to do it all night every night.
  • Draco:But don't you want to please your boyfriend?
  • Me:I didn't know it was my fucking job to make paper snowflakes with you every minute of the goddamn day!
  • Draco:You know what? Fine. I'll go make them by myself. Good luck finding the scissors tonight.
  • Me:*Rolls eyes* Whatever you say. *Mutters* Freaking weirdo.
Hey, bi people…

Just a reminder to anyone who may be feeling unsure or anxious about where they stand, being bisexual with a preference is still bisexuality. You are valid. It doesn’t matter how strong the preference is, which way the preference leans, or if your romantic and sexual preferences differ.

You don’t have to feel guilty, or like you owe it to the label of bisexuality to “even yourself out.” And if your preferences shift as you continue to discover your sexuality, that’s totally okay.

You are valid, you are visible, you matter.

Marvel Preferences - Their reaction to you being pregnant.

Steve- He didn’t know how to react at first. Laugh, smile, be scared, be confused? He decided sitting there with a dumbfounded expression was the best thing to do.

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Clint- He picked you up and spun you around, excited about the new addition to the family.

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Thor- He immediatly brought you back to Asgard where he told Odin and Frigga and a celebration was planned.

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Tony- He freaked out slightly at first, worried he would be like his father and put work first. But then you convinced him that together, you would make the perfect parents.

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Bruce- Bruce could never have children due to his…Condition. So you two adopted a sweet little boy.

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Natasha- You had never seen her smile so much. You had spent most of your money on IVF and this was the last chance you two had at having a family.

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Bucky- He dropped down on his knees and pepper-kissed all over your stomach.

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Loki- A genuine happy smile, something you rarely get to see, spread across his face as he promised the baby in your stomach that he would be the dad he never had.

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The Avengers Preference - His Reaction to You Getting Hurt

Bruce Banner:

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Bruce would be unnaturally calm. Everyone was fully aware that the only reason Bruce had agreed to stay with the Avengers in the first place was because of you – he loved and adored you more than words can describe – and so you getting hurt would crush him. But when you did get hurt during a mission, the team was surprised when they didn’t get any incoming calls saying that ‘the big guy’ had been unleashed at the Avengers facility. Instead, when they arrived back, he wouldn’t come rushing to the quinjet to see you but instead he’d be in the operating room. He’d have set up everything himself for you when you arrived and have gotten all the best and most trusted doctors and surgeons to be there to examine and operate on you. He knew what would be best for you and that was for him to step back and let a team of professionals work on you – no matter how much he wanted to cry and get angry at the team, he couldn’t. He had to stay calm for you – he had to be there when you woke up, smiling comfortingly and ready to look after you.  

Bucky Barnes:

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

Bucky would panic. He’s never had a girl that he’s cared so deeply for so when he’d hear that you were hurt, he wouldn’t know what to do except begin saying “oh my god” over and over again. Eventually, it’d take the entire team to get him to calm down and reassure him that they’ve gotten medics to you – but as soon as he sees you he’d sprint to your side and start rambling and trying to ask you what he can do for you to help you. You’d have to be the calm one in these situations and tell him to just be there for your injuries are taken care of and he’d do just that – being at your side day and night, carrying you from place to place, running baths for you and doing all your errands. He’d treat you like the most fragile object but it’d be because he cares about you.

Clint Barton:

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Clint would be very assertive and agent-like about the situation. He’s been an agent of a long time so he knows the risks of dating someone who has the same career as him – that’s why he’d act more like an agent than a boyfriend when you get hurt. But it wouldn’t take an expert to see the fear in his eyes and the casual crack in his voice; he’d want to cry or even go out of his way to avenge you but he knew what his job was. But as soon as the two of you were left alone and there were no more doctors or other agents coming in to check on you, Clint would lose it and tear up while telling you over and over again how much he loves you and doesn’t want you to ever scare him like that again. 

Pietro Maximoff:

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You getting hurt would stress out Pietro. He’d be constantly running a hand through his hair and he’d pace ever so slowly around the room, waiting until there was news about your condition. He’d blame himself for not being there to look out for you and then he’d begin blaming other team members for not protecting you better. Wanda would do her best to calm her brother down but she knew he wouldn’t be fully okay until he saw that you were safe himself. When he did finally see you, he’d smile and tell you that he knew all along that you were going to be fine and that he wasn’t at all stress – but you knew he was lying.  

Sam Wilson:

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Sam would act as if he was totally cool about the situation but his voice squeaked for an update on your condition. Everyone knew though that under his tough exterior, Sam was terrified – you were the first girl he ever got nervous around and he did just about anything you asked him to. He cared about you more than he showed and when Tony thought it’d be funny to test this theory, he told Sam he was worried that your condition may worsen and Sam broke the glass he was holding. When he finally did see you, Sam would crumble at your bed side and tell you how happy he was he you were doing okay and that he so scared that the worst had happened to you. He made you promise not to tell anyone about what his reaction to finally seeing you was though.

Steve Rogers:

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Steve wasn’t exactly calm when the news was broken to him that you’d been hurt during a mission. He’d go rushing through the Avengers facility, breaking down doors along his way, until he finally reached the landing space where you’d be arriving. He’d get a full mission report from the agents that arrived with you, wanting to know what had gone wrong and who there was to blame for this because there had to be someone to blame for this. He’d try not to get annoyed with you when, even in your state, you jokingly tease him and tell him to calm down because you’re fine. Steve would insist on staying by your bed side and doing whatever he could to make you as comfortable as possible – he’d even use his Captain tone of voice on you from time to time so you got that he was being very serious about the situation.


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T’Challa may overreact and have one too many surgeons and doctors on standby when you arrive back at the Avengers facility. He’d pace outside your door, not wanting to disturb the doctors as they examine you, mumbling to himself and ignoring anyone that wasn’t one of the doctors who tried to calm him down. He’s handled a lot in his life time but nothing has frightened him as much as finding out that you’ve been hurt – he’d even begun to come up with all the people he’ll ring in any case that it could turn out to be that could look after you. When T’Challa is told that he can see you and that you’ll be alright and just need a bit of bed rest, he’d begin to tell you a list of reasons as to why you should never go out on a mission again and that he can safely support you in whatever you do for the rest of your life.


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The team would approach Thor carefully when it’s discovered that you’re hurt – they wouldn’t be too sure as to how he would react but like they originally thought, he does flip out. Thor would break many things on his way to get to you, demanding to know who hurt you and becoming determined to (no pun intended) avenge you. He also welcomes you to join him, if you like, to destroy whoever it was that hurt you but you’d assure him that there was no need to do that. He’d say ‘okay, fine’ and then he’d start telling you that you should come live in Asgard where you won’t ever be hurt again. He’d then tell you after this that he’ll still try to avenge you.

Tony Stark:

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Tony isn’t the best at expressing his emotions but it’s clearly written on his face how worried he is. It’s not a secret that he loves you more than anything in the world so he decides he’ll do everything for you to help you get better – he’ll even create your own Iron Man suit that’ll get you to and from the bathroom. Rhodey buys him a pink apron after you get better because Tony legitimately becomes your personal assistant; always making you coffee and tea himself, trying to make cakes for you (and then buying one after he fails but pretends he made it) and changing your bandages for you. He’s completely smitten with you and you having a near-depth experience has just made him adore you more.


If you haven’t heard this you’ve missed out. I took the audio from this video and it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. Happy listening!


Harry Potter Preference – Them Having a Crush on You Would Involve

- Trio Era-


- Draco would be super shy around you!

- You’d be really surprised when your friends tell you that they saw Draco standing up for you after he heard someone saying rude things about you

- He’s just extremely protective of you

- If you ever did something such as kiss Draco on the cheek, he’d act really cool about it but would continue talking about it to Crabbe and Goyle for days

- And they can’t exactly tell him that he’s being stupid about you because he’s rather defensive when it comes to you

- Catching him staring at you during meal times and when you smile at him, he gives you a small smile back and blushes furiously

- Draco’s really smart so if he ever sees you struggling with some work, he’d be at your side in 0.2 seconds offering to help you

- Whenever you’ve spoken to him in the morning, throughout the rest of the day he’d be really nice to everyone so you’d suddenly have people encouraging you to go out on a date with him because if he’s this nice when you just talk to him, imagine how great he’d be when you date him

- He’d probably be really cautious about bringing you up to his family. He knows his mum would fully approve of you but his dad, on the other hand, would be really iffy about it and Draco doesn’t want to push you away any further because of his family

- Draco would really want to buy you something to show that he likes you and so he finds out what your favourite sweets are. In the end, he can’t decide on just one treat to get you and ends up nearly buying out Honeydukes

- Would constantly deny having feelings for you even though it’s completely obvious and whenever someone asks him about it he’d go, “pfff, I do not fancy (Y/N)! Actually… why do you ask? Did she say something to you?”


- George has to hear about you ever 5 minutes and if you’re ever nearby he has to tell Fred how many times you looked their way

- Waving at you during a Quidditch match, whether you’re in the stands or if you’re playing in the same game as him, and completely missing the bludger he was meant to be hitting away from Harry (Harry does not appreciate this)

- But if Fred was ever worried that it was too cold and you didn’t have enough winter clothes, he would write to his mum asking her to send any of Ginny or his old winter sweaters that he would then send to you

- He’d think you wouldn’t know that the Owl that lands in your cereal one morning with sweaters that have the letters ‘F’ and ‘G’ on them were from him but you’d kind of have a hunch

- Plus Fred would’ve been watching your reaction the entire time and when you’d look at him, he would look away really quickly

- Being showered in compliments by him. He’d never let you go feeling as if you were ugly or not good enough. Even if you’re just studying for an exam, he’d be sitting next to you complimenting how good you look AND how smart you are! (He has to cover all grounds of compliments)

- The only time you’ve ever seen Fred angry was when you told him about some people that were being rude to you. He’d take it very personally and would promise you that he’d avenge you – this would probably be one of the dead giveaways to you that he fancies you

- He’d find any reason to spend time with you. You kind of wanna have some girly talk? Fine, braid his hair and bitch about the rude Slytherin girl. You’re struggling with potions? He’d become a potions master overnight to help you

- Trying to subtly see if you like him back.

               - “Hahahah (Y/N), Angelina keeps telling me that we should just hurry up and date. Ridiculous, isn’t it?”

               - “I mean, we would be really cute together. The fittest couple at Hogwarts, I reckon.”

               - “Fred, do you fancy me?” “WHAAAT? FANCY YOU? HAHAHA…. Why, do you fancy me? My answer is going to depend on what you say.”

- He’d plan out the best dates for the two of you. He wouldn’t specifically say they were dates but you’d kind of assume they were when you’d go to Hogsmeade and it was just the two of you (which rarely happened). He’d plan picnics, save up money so the two of you can have a decent meal together, go exploring together, ect. It would be lovely.


- George is the type of guy who doesn’t just fancy a girl right away. You’d start off as friends, maybe having a class or two together and one day he’d realise that he fancies you and when you go to talk to him like usual he’d be all sweaty and would be like, “is it hot in here? I think it’s hot. I must go”.

- He’s a tall guy and one of his ways of flirting with you is to tease your height

               - “George, I’m not even that short. You’re just a giant.”

               - But he would always give you piggy back rides, get things for you off high shelves and rest his chin on your head

- Fred would try to wingman him, even though George wouldn’t approve. And by wingman, you’d be sitting at your table during lunch and Fred would come sprinting in towards you, yelling incoherent things that was him attempting to tell you that George fancies you and George would full on tackle him in the middle of the Hall to stop him

- After long and stressful days, he’d really like going for walks with you around the lake or just around the grounds – he’d be a lot more insightful and wise than he’d let other people see.

- George would be a lot like Leslie Knope out of Parks and Rec in the way he’d have really weird anniversaries? Aside from your birthday, which would be the most important event of all, he’d celebrate the first day that you two met, the day you officially became ‘besties’, the day you fell down the moving stairs, ect

               - He’d also have gifts for you on those special days

- He’d blush really easily whenever you’re around. You’d find it really cute but Fred and Lee would probably make a game out of it to see who can give the best guess at how many times George will blush while you’re around

- Would make up facts and statistics to try and impress you. For example: “yeah, that constellation there is the… Mollyation constellation…”

- Sometimes you’d point out that you knew he was making it up but other times it was just so cute that he was trying his hardest to impress you

- George has 100% attempted bad pickup lines on you that Ginny promised him would work


- You would have Harry wrapped around your finger without even knowing. He would drop everything to help you and cancel any plans if it meant spending time with you. You probably wouldn’t realise this until you noticed that whenever other people attempted to make ‘chosen one’ jokes like you do to Harry that he’d get annoyed with them.

- All you’d have to do is walk into the same room as Harry and he’d instantly be taken out of his bad mood and be happy just because you’re there

- Everyone in the school would secretly be shipping the two of you. Professor McGonagall would have even paired the two of you up in class and people would Harry how his crush on you was going

- He’d really trust you – Hermione would tell him that it would probably not be a good idea to let you in on some of his secrets and Harry would be like “you’re right, Hermione” and then you’d sit down with them and he’d turn around and tell you exactly what Hermione just told him not to tell you

- Harry would make a fool out of himself in front of you 24/7. Water would come dribbling out of his mouth whenever you were talking, he’d trip over his own two feet and would take you with him – he’d really come to hate his luck

- He’d be super protective of you

- Even if someone just looks at you and their expression just doesn’t seem kind enough, Harry goes into full protective mode and his hand will remain on his wand until you’re safely away from this person. That person will remain on his watch list for a very long time.

- Will offer to help you with your problems even if he doesn’t really understand them. You’d have to tell him the story twice so he can see why that dude is an absolute prick and why Harry now has to hate him as well.

- Has asked Hermione as to how he should ‘win you over’ and when she suggested just asking you out on a date, he rolls his eyes because that’s obviously a stupid idea

- Harry has definitely accidentally done something like give you a forehead kiss or held your hand when he was nervous. He wouldn’t even realise what he’d done until hours after it had happened and would actually curl up into a ball.

- He hates talking about the Dursleys’ but if he notices that you need some cheering up, he’ll tell you the most embarrassing things that they’ve ever done just to see you smile


- Neville would either be extremely nervous around you or really confident around you – it would all just depend on how he was feeling that day

- He probably has a habit of spacing out when you’re talking because he’d get distracted by how pretty you are

- Neville doesn’t really have a very large self-esteem so when he realises he likes you, he accepts it and tries not to do too much about it but there are often times that he still finds himself desperately trying to impress you just in case he stands a bit of a chance

- So any time you compliment him in the slightest, he’s the happiest person in school for several days. He’ll even fall asleep with the biggest grin on his face.

- He’s a very nervous guy but he’d do anything for you. Neville would just absolutely adore you and will always be one of your biggest protectors even if he doubts he’d do a very good job at protecting you.

- He’d get you plants that remind him of you:

- Even if, to you, the plants kind of look kind of ugly, you’d know that Neville doesn’t think you’re ugly and what would remind him of you would be the plant’s ‘personality’

- He’d write you a note of the plant’s personality so you can keep it and just remember how great you are

- Neville has probably sent you little secret admirer notes – whether they’re just telling you how pretty you look that day or how great of a person you are, sometimes he just thinks that the notes will make your day better (and they of course do)

- Notices small details about you and uses this to strike up conversations with you

- Neville lets you do just about anything. If the two of you were studying by the lake, he’d read out to you what you need to know for your upcoming exam while you make him a flower crown which he will wear during dinner because you said so


- Probably starting out as friends and you having a habit of tracing his freckles and making patterns out of them when you’re bored but now that he has a crush on you, he gets goosebumps really easily and his whole face goes bright pink

- Even though Ron is technically only the second youngest, his family would treat him like the youngest and Ginny, Fred and George would constantly be teasing Ron about his crush and trying to bring it up around you in not so subtle ways

- “So, (Y/N), how do you feel about our ickle Ronnickins? He might not be the best looking but mum swears that it’s what’s on the inside that matters.”

- Ron would probably have no idea how to act around you now that he has a crush on you

- Sometimes he’ll come off as cold or he can come off being really cheesy. He really just has no idea what he’s doing but he just wants you to like him back so bad.

- One of his brothers have definitely sent him a book on ‘how to get girls’ and you have caught him reading it

- His voice can be very loud at times and you have accidentally heard him talking about how pretty you look

- Naturally, when you’ve asked him about it he’ll completely deny ever even speaking about you

- Ron would be your biggest fan. He’d always be encouraging you in whatever you do and helping you reach your goals because he knows you’re capable of great things and he’d just be so proud of you!

- He’d be pretty shy around you and wouldn’t be the best at complimenting you but if you ever have even a hint of self-doubt, he’s there yelling at you just how great you are and cannot believe you would ever doubt yourself because you’re so amazing

- Him apologising over and over again if he ever did something like accidentally hold your hand when he was nervous or just absentmindedly wrap his arm around you and then getting even more embarrassed when you tell him that it was fine and you kind of liked it