Next week

Standing in the kitchen, you tore off the freshly baked cookies from the aluminum foil, neatly placing them onto a clean glass plate. Harry had told you earlier this morning he wanted cookie, and you planned on baking the best possible ones you could just for him. Harry sat with his friends in the living room, all of them discussing what they’d missed while they were all doing their own things.

You were happy his friends were over, you knew his time at home was limited, which was exactly why you wanted him to have as much fun as possible before he eventually had to go back on tour or to record his album in LA. Stacking the cookies in cute little circles. You picked up the little tray and walked towards the swinging door towards the living room.

Suddenly, you hear a voice say a familiar name, and your actions halt.

“If I were you I would’ve taken her up on the offer man. She’s sexy as fuck.” All of the boys laughed, respectively muttering small “you’re right”s and “true”s.

“I saw her on a magazine cover the other day.” You heard a whistle come out of one of the boy’s mouths, the others giggling at the statement. You felt slightly insecure. You had always been told you were beautiful, but hearing Harry’s friends rave about a supermodel that he ‘should’ve gotten with’ while he was in a relationship with you deterred your self confidence a good amount.

“I have a girlfriend” You heard Harry say. His tone was more playful than serious, as if he was just stating the fact rather than actually putting serious thought behind it. Regardless, you smiled lightly knowing that he was at least acknowledging your existence.

Mitch soon countered Harry’s statement, “That’s so boring.” He simply stated. Soon after, you hear another deep voice that you couldn’t recognize enforcine what Mitch said. “I agree with him. Ever since you started settling down, you’ve become so boring. What happened to the Styles who had girls lined up every stop of the tour?”

You frowned, Harry had mentioned his previous girlfriends, but had failed to mention anything about the string of one night stands that were apparently on his record. You’d met him when he was freshly 20 years old, and he was the first person you’d ever pursued a real relationship with.

“Bro, remember Lani?” Jeff says out of nowhere. You hear Mitch laugh before replying, “How could I forget?” Another one of the many boys in the room speaks out, “Who’s Lani?”

You’re wondering the same thing. So many topics Harry had never spoken to you about were all of a sudden being addressed.

“This hot girl from London. Harry and her-”

“Not now, Jeff” Harry urgently cuts him off, as if he doesn’t want you to hear. You feel your heart beating faster and you start overthinking. Who was Lani? Did she and Harry have some sort of history?

“Nevermind” Jeff inquires, understanding what Harry was signaling.

“The point is, there are so many hot girls out there Harry. I don’t know how you have the power to just reject all of them.”

You were expecting him to stick up for you, to give a response about how he was in a committed relationship with you, about how he had enough respect and decency not to cheat on you. But instead, he replied with an all too plain.

“I don’t know how I do it either.”

You had never been the most secure person when it came to the way you were, you always worried you were being too clingy, or that you weren’t enough for your friends or the people close to You. With Harry, those feelings couldn’t help but be elevated due to his status and the number of girls who were willing to throw themselves at him. Regardless of your many insecurities, Harry had always assured you there was nothing to worry about, so how come you were feeling uneasy now?

A voice you think is Adam speaks up, “You know what next week is. You have an awards show, are you just gonna stare at her this time or are you gonna make a move?” He questions. You balance yourself on the wall next to the door and brace your ear up closely.

“Y/n isn’t going to be there, right?” Harry inquires cautiously. Your eyes begin to burn as you cover your mouth with your hands to prevent any noise from emitting and giving you away. It felt as if everything you had worked towards with him was all of a sudden torn down, as if you didn’t mean anything to him this entire time.

“Of course she isn’t, she’ll probably be studying for some exam or writing you a fucking letter with how obsessed she is.”

A cruel laughter is emitted from the person who says it, you can feel your self confidence, or whatever is left of it, crumbling along with the small speck of pride you had remaining.

“I just might slip her a hotel key right before my performance then.” Harry lets out a laugh after, the menacing vibration escaping his throat. It was ridiculous to you how he was laughing about completely destroying you, while you stood leaning against the door and barely holding onto your composure. Softly weeping into the safety of your clasped hands, you felt a numbing ache in your chest.

Harry had always told you he was proud of you for doing what you loved, that he was happy to call you his and show you off. The words he was uttering with his friends tonight were completely contradicting his words to you. You questioned everything he had ever said to you. Was he really planning on cheating on you with a model? Did he really think you wouldn’t find out.

You had never been the closest with his friends, you were very often shy. Closed off to the people you didn’t know. you never comprehended or could tell that they hated you, especially to this extent.

Not wanting to hear anymore, you stepped away from the door, still weeping into your two hands as quietly as possible. While walking backwards blindly, you felt yourself stumbling over something on the ground and instinctively reached out for the first thing you could grab. Grasping onto the counter suddenly, you nudged the plate of cookies off of the kitchen island and onto the floor.

The plate crashed with a deafeningly loud noise. You knew the boys had heard it from the living room for sure. As much as you didn’t want to face them, their footsteps all rushing towards the kitchen were unavoidable.

Harry stepped in first, being met with a shattered plate of cookies on the floor and a crying girl with flour stains on the shirt she was wearing. A part of him had to have known that you had heard what he had said, which is why the look on his face was extremely panicked.

“Baby, are you okay?” Adam peered over his shoulder at the mess in front of him. You felt as broken as the plate shattered on the ground, tears continuously falling down your cheeks rapidly.

You shake your head, not knowing what else to say or do. So overwhelmed with all of the people who were seconds ago talking about how insignificant you were, and paralyzed with fear, you stood there frozen like a small clueless child.

Harry reached out his arm quickly, stepping over the scattered glass shards on the floor of the kitchen. He knelt down to reach for your leg but you pulled it back right as his hand made contact with it.

“You’re bleeding.” You bent over a bit to look at the blood dripping out from a deep wound on your right calf. You didn’t want him touching you, in fact, you didn’t even want to be near him at the moment.

“No!” You say as his soft hand touches near your wound. He surprisingly stand up from his kneeling position, staring at you shocked.

“I don’t want you near me!” You exclaim between hiccups. You were still understandable through your sobs, and though the condition you were in may have made you seem even more unattractive to Harry’s friends, you had no interest in appealing to them anymore.

“Baby…” Harry calls out softly. If he had known you were listening, you’re almost positive he would’ve defended you. He was legitimately considering cheating on you, and that was something you couldn’t just ignore and put aside.

Taking a few stumbles backwards and away from him, you pray he doesn’t try to follow you.

“Why don’t you go sleep with a model instead?” You ask him. Mitch’s eyes widen and he’s now aware that you were listening to the entire conversation.

“Might as well get it over with a week earlier, right?” You menacingly retort. Harry breaks eye contact with you and instead looks at the cut on your leg that is forming a trail of red dots on the floor.

Your words are slurred due to the crying that is unable to stop. You wipe furiously at your cheeks, and no one is talking. You feel like a mother scolding her children, they all seemed ashamed about being caught.

You grab your phone that is conveniently lying on the counter next to the oven where you took out the cookies. The countertop is still warm from the cookie pan, and it alarms Harry that you’re walking out with an injury and a broken relationship.

“Don’t go…” he quietly mumbles.

“We can work this out, let me explain.” He desperately says, but you don’t want to hear it. He had said too much for anything to be justifiable anymore.

“Explain what? How I stayed faithful to you and you were planning on cheating on me with some girl just because she’s pretty?” you loudly retort. “Or maybe I should let your dumbass friends explain, since they’re the ones who gave you this stupid idea in the first place!”

His eyes widen, he’d never heard you curse so much before. You were rarely ever rude to anyone.

“Just…you can do what you want next week.” You tell him, voice quieter now.

“Because you’re officially a single man.”

Marvel Preference: React To Your Weight Insecurity

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Avengers Preference – Young Avengers











A/N: They’re actually so cute i can’t!

Sex with Ethan and Grayson would include ♡

Request: ‘’What do you think Grayson and Ethan would be like in bed, like in detail??? xxx‘’

A/N: I think that the twins most of the time would be really gentle and passionate buttt also could be really rough and lowkey kinky when having sex. Because let’s face it: they’re sex gods and just from looking at them I get really turned on, lol. BUT I do think that Ethan is more into kinky stuff and Grayson into more romantic sex ;) Hope you enjoy xx


↪ Lots and looots of sex

↪ Sexting before as a warm up ;)

↪ He would be dominant af, but sometimes sub as well

↪ Lazy morning sex

↪ Rarely slow and passionate sex and most of the time really rough and maybe even kinky?

↪ You stripping down for him and he licking his lips when you do

↪ He would be the KING of foreplay (I mean looook at those fingers)

↪ Teasing the freaking fuck out of you until you’re almost begging him to fuck you

↪ Running his lips over your panties and pulling at the waist

↪ His lips on every centimeter of your body

↪ You pressing your mouth against his shoulder to keep yourself from crying out his name

↪ Lots of making out, and kisses everywhere!

↪ HICKIES and love bites on very visible places on your skin

↪ ‘’E, I can’t go out like this’’

↪ ‘‘Sure you can, everyone will know that you’re mine’’

↪ Him grabbing hungrily your ass and squeezing your boobs

↪ Sex in public bathrooms if he’s feeling very horny or jealous when he saw other guys staring at you

↪ Sooo much moaning and panting

↪ Him smirking when you moan SUPER loud (which is like all the time)

↪ Low and deep groans from him (just imagine this omg)

↪ Sweaty and hot skin

↪ SpANKinG


↪ Hair pulling !!

↪ Eye contact (SO sexy)

↪ Lots of dirty talk

↪ ‘‘Eyes on me’‘

 ↪ ‘‘Be quiet, babygirl’‘

↪ ‘’Yeah, you like that huh?’’

↪ Eating you out like 24/7

↪ Him biting his lips when he sees you reaching your orgasm

↪ Him begging you to give him a blowjob

↪ Taking turns in pleasing each other

↪ Letting you know that you’re the most beautiful girl in the world

↪ Really intense orgasms

↪ Experimenting with different positions

↪ Soft whimpers

↪ Him grabbing your waist when you climb on top of him

↪ Him getting even more stimulated and loving it when you scream his name

↪ Him breathing heavily and unsteady into your neck

↪ Holding your hand when you cum (when you have really passionate sex)


↪ Sex like ALL the time when you’re spending time just at home

↪ Usually it would be pretty spontaneous but sometimes he would prepare some things and put lots of effort into making it special, like:

↪ Your favorite music playing in the background, dimmed lights, scented candles

↪  Most of the time he would be really gentle and careful but sometimes it would be really fast and rough

↪ Again: FOREPLAYYY! Foreplay would for sure include fingering, teasing and touching you everywhere (because let’s face it: Gray is really touchy)

↪ I just know that Gray would be very good at foreplay (I mean LOOK at those fingers and big hands oh my)

↪ Shaky hands when you reach your orgasm and him holding them

↪ Tracing your skin with his soft fingertips

↪ Slow movements

↪ ‘’Just fuck me already’’

↪ ‘’Patience, baby’’

↪ Every little thing you would argue about would get heated and lead to sex

↪ Also A LOT OF make up sex

↪ Him admiring your body and smiling when you undress yourself

↪ Complimenting you on your cute lingerie

↪ And him taking forever to pull it off

↪ ‘’Need some help?’’

↪ ‘’I will treat you like the queen you are’’

↪ Lots of making out and sweet kisses

↪ Giggling all the time

 ↪ ALWAYS asking if you’re comfortable since he’s worried that he would hurt you

 ↪ ‘‘Are you sure you’re okay? Do I need to slow down?’’

↪ Sex in his new car, sex in the shower, sex at the beach, sex in the bath, sex against the wall… Literally everywhere as long as you’re okay with it

↪ You grabbing his muscular arms when you reach your climax

↪ Him grunting when he’s thrusting into you

↪ Offering blowjobs as favours

↪ Him saying ‘Babe, tonight is all about you’ but like, every night

↪ Neck kisses and leaving hickies there also

↪ He would get ten times more horny when he sees you getting an orgasm while closing your eyes

↪ Him whispering ‘come for daddy’ when holding your legs apart

↪ Multiple orgasms a night since he knows your body so well and the things you like

↪ Cuddling and more soft kisses afterwards and limbs tangled in the sheets

↪ Him calling you baby/babygirl/princess/love/darling

↪ So much intercourse

↪ Eating you out like everytime you guys have sex

↪ And when he does you stroke your hands through his fluffy hair

↪ Lots of ‘i love you’s

↪ Bruises on your hips from his tight grip

↪ You falling asleep on top of him after the sex

↪ Him being completely fine with that and whispering sweet nothings into your ear and stroking your back

Harry Potter Prefrences - Part 5: Their nickname for you

Draco: Princess. He loves to spoil you and to make you feel special, which is the reason why he calls you a nickname that expresses how precious you are to him.

Sirius: Doll. He loves this nickname. It’s a bit cheeky, a bit suggestive but also kind of sweet (like the man himself), so it perfectly summs up his feelings for you.

Neville: Sunshine. You brighten Neville’s days and there is no way he could be in a bad mood when you’re around. Because of that he chose a nickname to show you how much joy you brought into his life.

Remus: Dear. Remus isn’t one for nicknames that are too ‘wild’ to say so, which is why he chose something classy but still loving to show you how much he cares about you.

Cedric: Love. Plain and simple, when he thinks about ‘love’, your face is the first image that comes to his mind. You are the person who truly made him feel love, which is why this nickname was basically the only possible way to call you.

Fred: Boo. To Fred this nickname is the perfect mix of cute and funny, just like you. It was meant more of a joke at first, but it somwhow settled since he enjoyed how you couldn’t help but chuckle whenever he called you this.

George: Kitten. He thought it fits you well, not only because of certain parts of your personality, but also because he loves the way you blush, when he calls you ‘Kitten’ in front of other people.

Harry: Honey. To him you are the sweetest person he ever met, which is why he decided for a nickname to show you how much he adores your loving personality.

Too Soon - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Jeff Atkins x reader

Request: Hi i was wondering if i could request 13 reasons why imagine where the reader and Jeff have been dating for a couple months or an year…maybe have smut like they made love and then where Jeff passes away and maybe have the reader visit the grave with clay and tony to tell Jeff..that he was a dad.

WARNINGS: Fluff, smut, small swearing

“Atkins!” I scream when I see my boyfriend in the hallway. I jump in his arms wrap my legs around his torso and kiss him as if I didn’t see him in months when in reality is was literally two periods ago. I’m cheesy like that. We’ve been dating for over a year now, but everyday feels like we started dating yesterday. He never seizes to amaze me. He surprises me with flowers and I still get anxious and excited like a little girl when we go out on dates. He still does things like climb through my window even though my parents basically forced a key on him. He even does things like come over at 2am when I joke about being scared. He’s just the best boyfriend in the world.

“Hey baby” he laughs as he kisses me back. “You ready to go”

“Yes, it’s Friday and I’ve never been happier” I slide my hand in his as we walk out the school building earning a ‘bye’ or ‘what up’ from people.

As we walked to my house, Jeff kept telling me corny jokes and pick-up lines he found online last night trying to make me laugh.

“Babe, knock knock?”

“Not another one J.”

“Baaabe knock knock, come on last one I promise.”

“You said that three jokes ago” I whine.

“Oh. Knock knock?”

“Who’s there?” I sigh.

“A broken pencil” he smiles.

“A broken pencil who” I sigh, already knowing the joke.

“Never mind it’s poin-”

“Pointless” I say as I laugh dramatically. He looks at me seriously for interrupting his corny joke. 

“Sorry baby, love you!” I try to kiss him the rest of the way home as he pretends to be mad at me.  

As we walk in, he stills pretend to be mad when he stomps into my room and close the door. He closes me out my room. My room.

“Babe really” I laugh.

“Do a knock knock joke then you can come in.”



“Noo babe”

“Well then I’m going to go take a nap”

“No!” I roll my eyes as if he can see it. “Fine babe…knock knock”

“Who’s there” he cooed.

“Al.” I smirk.

“Al who?” 

“Al strip for you if you open this door” I smirk biting my lip. As soon as I said that, the door swung open and I’m met with Jeff’s lips as he pulls me inside. He shuts the door and pushes me up against it. 

“No need to do that” he whispers in my ear. He starts kissing and sucking on my neck and pulls up the dress I’m wearing. He slides his hands under my underwear to my butt and pulls me to him.

“J-Jeff” I moan. He looks at me and bit his lip as he throws the dress off, leaving me in just my bra and panties. He scans my body as I turn my head, feeling nervous all of a sudden. He moves my head to face him and I see such admiration in his eyes.

“You’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” When he said that I wanted nothing more than to feel him on me. I throw my arms around his neck and hungrily kiss him. He grabs my legs and I jump on him as he moves us to the bed. He hovers over me as he deepens the kiss. He puts his hand behind my neck to pull me closer to him. He rubs my thigh up and down as he slowly peppers kisses all over my neck and chest. He’s painfully teasing and I can’t take it.

“Jeff” I whisper.

“Yes y/n?”

“I need you” he looks at me and simply smiles.

He continues to kiss my neck as he unclasp my bra. He starts sucking my breast and massaging the other as I run my hands through his hair. He does the same to the other and I’m a moaning mess.

“Jeff please” I moan.

“We’re almost there baby” he whispers.

He kisses down my stomach and thigh slowly, never breaking his stare from me. I whine again as he comes back and goes back to sweetly kissing me. I groan from the friction of my almost bare core against his jeans and wiggle for him to get the idea. He does and pulls off his jeans and I hastily pull off his shirt.

“Someone is ready” he giggles. I roll my eyes and roughly palm his member through his boxers making him grunt.

“Someone is hard” I mimic smirking. He tries to keep his groans in until I full on grab him and he does a full moan. Now he’s the frantic one as he rips my underwear off of me. Literally.

“Jeff!” I scream.

“Sorry baby, I’ll get you another one” he smirks. He slides his hands all over my body, making me shiver.

“You like that?” he asks. I nod as he slips a finger in me and goes back to kissing. I  whimper from his touch and go for his underwear. I push them down and his member springs out. He kicks them off and slides two fingers in this time. I moan into his mouth as he goes at a fast pace. I let out more moans as I start to get close.

“Jeff baby, I’m abou-” when I said that, Jeff pulled his fingers away and I frown. 

“I want to feel you cum, not with my fingers” he smirks.

He grabs a condom out his wallet from his pocket and slide it on. He gives me a look for confirmation and I nod, just wanting to feel him already. He pushes his length into me. At first it hurt, but it always does when we have sex because of his huge size. The longer he’s in me, the more I get used to it. He pushes in slowly and draws out a little. I start to moan as I connect my lips with his. As he picks up his pace, I dig my nails into his back. He hooks my legs over his shoulder and I scream a little.

“Je-OH My fuck!” he’s directly hitting my g-spot and I can’t even think. I moan louder as I grab the pillow under my head, arching my back. 

“Fuck princess! you feel good” he moans. 

“H-harder J-Jeff!” He goes harder and I start almost full on screaming. As we both are climaxing, Jeff pulls out and puts me on all fours. He pushes back in and grabs my breast from behind. I lean back as he kisses my neck while pounding into me. He moans into my ear as I hold the back of his neck. I can’t control my moans and screams and neither can he. They come out louder as he hits the right spot over and over again. As we get closer, I fall onto my hands and Jeff holds my waist. He roughly rubs me with his fingers as I scream to let go of my release.

“J-JEFF!” I scream.

He cums shortly after I do and collapse next to me. We lay there in a comfortable silence while I rest my head on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around me. Both still out of breath, he looks over to me.

“Knock knock?”

“Who’s there” I laugh. 

“I love”

“I love who?” I say, letting him finish it this time for his sake.

“I love you” He smiles as he kisses me.

“My corny boyfriend” I laugh.

*Tomorrow Night*

“You guys have been inseparable all night my gosh” Jessica drunkenly laughs. Me and Jeff look at each other and chuckle, knowing exactly why. We have been at Jessica’s party for a while now and have been sitting on the couch with Jessica, Bryce, and Zach.

“Leave them alone babe, that’s how we are” Justin laughs.

“Oh, you get me flowers?” when Justin doesn’t answer, all of us start cracking up. 

“Well I’m going to get a beer, you guys want one?” Zach asks as he gets up. 

“Nah no thanks man, my girl will kill me cause I’m the driver tonight” I smile when he said that, happy that he cares about his well being. We continue talking to our group of friends and have a pretty good time.

“Where is Clay and Hannah” I whisper in his ear.

“Somewhere around here, probably upstairs, I did my meddling for the night and got them together.”

“Aw how noble of you” I giggle, pinching his cheeks. “Thank you ma’am”.

“See! look at them, they are perfect” Jessica playfully whines.

“Shut up!” Justin say as he grabs her face and start full on making out. Everyone starts ewing and shooing them off the couch.

“Get a room!”

“Jess, your room is upstairs!”

“Get it Foley!”

Justin flips us all off, never breaking their kiss and we all laugh. Monty taps Jeff on the shoulder and screams over the loud music.

“Yo bro you still doing the beer run!?”

Jeff got up and nodded his head, “Yeah shit I almost forgot”

I got up with him, frowning and grab his arm before he could go anywhere, “Babe do you have to go? I’m pretty sure there is enough beer, just not enough for every single person to get ass faced drunk.”

He kissed my forehead and smiled, “I’ll be right back babe I promise”. I pick up my bag and turn towards him, “Okay then I’m coming with you”.

“Baby, you have to watch out for Clay and Hannah remember, I’ll be back in 15 minutes then we can leave right after.”

I sigh still not liking this. I know he didn’t drink anything, but I’m still nervous for him to be out this late. What if someone else out there is drunk driving? I tell myself its fine and nod my head.

“Okay fine, just be careful J.”

“I will baby, I love you.”

“I love you too.” he gives me a peck on the lips and I hold onto his hand and let it slide out once he got to far to reach it. I watch him walk out the door and sit back down onto the couch, waiting for his return.

*4 Weeks Later*

Life is unfair. Life is so unfair. Why him? Why Jeff? Why my boyfriend. Such an amazing boyfriend. Is the best. Was the best. I stare down at his tombstone and couldn’t stop my tears from falling. So many tears. I found myself screaming at night. If I wasn’t screaming I was just silent. Completely silent. I mean was there for me to say? He’s gone. Jeff Atkins is gone. Never to hold me again, never to make me feel better, never to get me the flowers, never to throw rocks outside my window. I bend down and touch his stone. 

“I-I m-miss you so much” my voice cracks. “Why d-did you h-have to leave m-me?” I start crying harder. This is my first time being at his grave, due to the fear of seeing him. The fear of seeing reality of this situation. 

“Y-you would b-be so happy right now” I hiccup as I touch my stomach. I felt the little bump and smile through my tears.

“Y-you would have told him knock knock jokes” I laugh to myself, “or her”.

“Y-you would have t-taught baseball terms” I smile.

“You would h-have been the perfect dad” I cried looking down at him, “the best”.

I put the roses he always got me onto his grave and wiped my tears, even though they kept coming down. I kissed my finger and touched them against his stone that read 

Jeff Atkins

World’s greatest son 

world’s best companion

Even a better dad

Gone but never forgotten.

“I love you Jeff”I got up and continued crying as both Tony and Clay stood there respectfully and silent, waiting for me to finish. I smile lazily at them and hooked my arm into both of theirs as we walked out of the graveyard. I look back one more time and thought to myself ‘the love of my life might be gone, but he will forever live on in my heart’

A/N - Omgg!! I cried making this ending. It was so sad to me. I hope you guys liked it and love you guys for all your support. Your imagines are not forgotten.

Signs as Break Up Songs

Aries - Forget You

Taurus - Since U Been Gone

Gemini - Cry Me a River

Cancer - Don’t Speak

Leo - Irreplaceable

Virgo - End of the Road

Libra - Bye Bye Bye

Scorpio - I Will Survive

Sagittarius - Unbreak my heart

Capricorn - Someone Like You

Aquarius - We are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Pisces - Too Little Too Late

Eight Months.

the one where it’s been eight months since y/n and Harry have split.

Even eight months after your horrific, publicly talked about break up, Harry still felt the overwhelming urge to regularly check up on you and your life. He would often review your social media accounts, your posts serving him a few times a week and he would experience the agonising torture of your updates whilst he was in bed supposedly sleeping according to the rest of the world but those lonely times were when you crossed his mind even more so. It felt naughty, wrong in a way, after all, it was him who had ended your two year relationship together.

“It’s never going to change, Harry!” you had shouted at him in the midst of the argument. “Things will always be the same! You forgot my birthday and conveniently spent the day with Kendall instead. You forgot our date night and accompanied Cara to an event instead.” Tears streamed down your face, your unhappiness in the long term relationship finally exposed to your boyfriend. “I know it’s what the media want and expect from you, Harry, and I know management want you to do this, but I think you want to as well” you sigh, the words you had held for so long in your mouth now finally spilling out.

“Yeh joking, right? Tha’ was a joke, yeah?” he asks rhetorically before scoffing. “You seriously think I want t’ spend any spare time I ‘ave with Kendall or Cara over you? Management need me to do this y/n! If I don’t, I can kiss goodbye t’ my pay cheque! Yeh know, the one I get and spend on you!” he shouts. “How the fuck else would you get the latest handbags and purses?” he exclaims. “Who else is going to pay for your education? Because I sure as hell don’t see you or your family offering to cough up!” he spits almost bitterly.

You gasp in shock at his hurtful words as they stab into your chest, shattering your heart. He knew your insecurities regarding his money - the fans and the media having slated you on numerous occasions and often referring to you as a ‘gold digger.’ Hell, Harry had always been the one to hold you in his arms whilst you sobbed through the night at their cruel accusations, reassuring you that he knows you love him for the person he is, not because of his net worth.

Harry was also familiar with your financial situation and with your future chosen career path acquiring specific qualifications, Harry had offered to pay for your education, wanting you to only be happy with the person you were set to become.

“Really, Harry? That’s really how you feel? You think I’m only with you for the money?” you ask him, fresh tears spilling down your cheeks. “I don’t give a damn about the money! I love you because you’re my boyfriend and I see myself living the rest of my life with you. I don’t love you because you’re rich and famous!” you spit back, and whilst your words are harsh, they’re truthful.

“I’ve heard that one before” he tells you, his eyes averting to the floor.

“So now you’ve got trust issues with me?” you ask him in disbelief. “Other girls may have treated you like that in the past, but I’m not like other girls, Harry. Two fucking years we’ve been together and you really think that of me?” you ask him.

When you get no response, Harry’s eyes fixated on the tiled flooring, you continue.

“When you guys broke up as a band and you didn’t know what was going to happen to your music career, who was the one sitting up with you every night holding you whilst you cried? Other girls would have run a mile because of the uncertainty of your future. I love you even if you have nothing!” you shout at him.

Harry shrugs his shoulders and bites his lip, taking in your saddened features. “Look, it’s not even just the money causing arguments anymore. We’ve been arguing for such a long time y/n. Maybe having female friends like Kendall and Cara is something you can’t handle?” he asks in suggestion. “But I can’t live my life like this anymore. I’m done arguing with you all the time” he tells you softly.

“You make it sound like I don’t want you having female friends” you begin, “which isn’t true. I want you to put me first, like you did at the start of our relationship. You would have done anything back then for me, Harry. I hate arguing with you too” you whisper sadly. “Maybe we j=need some time away” you suggest, “just the two of us?”

Harry shakes his head. “I think it’s too little too late, y/n.”

You frown, your bottom lip beginning to quiver as you ask the dreaded question that you never imagined you’d ever have to. Not with him, not with Harry. “Are you breaking up with me?” Your voice is soft, sweet almost, but broken.

Harry’s eyes avert to the floor once more and the silence between you both speaks more volumes than words ever could.

Your Instagram account had been almost inactive for the first month after the break up, with only the occasional photos of new make-up purchases and Starbucks coffee cups. There were no selfies that indicated any happiness in your life, only the bog-standard materials your pay cheque could afford as a full time student.

After three months, your social media accounts portrayed some happiness returning to your life as you took selfies with college friends on regular nights out at the weekend but Harry knew as well as anyone that social media is a cover up for reality. Were you really actually happy? Were you living or were you just alive?

It seemed to him that your life continued to appear happier than it had been previously but after four months of opening the app, Harry noticed someone else by your side. Someone of the opposite sex. Another boy. A friend? Perhaps a boyfriend? But of course, Harry had forgotten that he no longer had the right to know.

Photograph after photograph, upload after upload, this other young boy would be stood next to you. You had a side when taking photos with Harry, but now somebody else was standing on Harry’s side, taking his place, standing where he should be standing.

Soon, tagging each other on Twitter began taking place. Simple things such as “coffee dates” and memes that reminded one of you of the other. It soon emerged that this boy had a name; Tom. Whilst Harry had taken it upon himself to unhealthily stalk the young boy, he wasn’t as active on social media, seemingly preferring a quieter and more private life.

Five months after yours and Harry’s messy break up, he sighted a picture of you and Tom sharing a kiss. “Y/N and her New Beau?” it had been publicised by the media and Harry had wanted to tear out the pages of the intimate act from every newspaper article and magazine available, but of course, not all things were possible. Your lips were on his, no doubt his tongue down your throat and Harry wanted to vomit.

Whilst the media had left you personally alone after the break up, only nagging Harry, who of course refused to ever share any intimate details between the two of you, the tabloids couldn’t resist the opportunity to share the sleazy photograph of the kiss, which had been taken outside a nightclub, and it sparked controversy between One Direction fans and Harry girls.

Upon reaching seven months, Harry noticed another dramatic change on your social media accounts. You were becoming more inactive by the day, rarely replying to tweets and the photographs posted suddenly reduced. Anybody else easily assumed you were too busy trying to juggle life - full-time studying, a part time job, and social interactions with loved ones - but Harry knew how much you had loved engaging with your social media followers and so something didn’t sit quite right with him.

But as quickly as the negative thoughts had entered his head, he quickly removed them, suddenly remembering that he’s not yours and you’re not his, and you have someone else taking care of you now.

Eight months since the breakdown of your relationship and Harry still had you on his mind every minute of every day. He would awake in the morning with the help of his alarm but your hair wasn’t sprawled across the pillows as he hoped. He no longer bothered eating breakfast in the mornings; gone are the days when he used keep something warm on the stove for you for when you awoke, ensuring you had something warm for your hungry tummy in the mornings. He had nobody to send a morning text to either, his phone barely touched throughout the day. His routine was completely out of sync and nothing anyone could do for him over the last few months made life without you any easier.

Harry would come home every evening to an empty apartment. He had nobody to cook dinner for. He had nobody to talk to about his day. He had nobody to snuggle up to at night. He had nobody to kiss. He had nobody to love and he had nobody to love him.

Some nights would be simple for him. Harry would climb into bed and flick on the television, watching a favourite classic film in which he no longer got pleasure out of. He’d briefly check his own social media accounts, lurking in the comments section before stalking yours in depth. He would then set his alarm and toss and turn for what seems like ages before finally succumbing to the darkness around him, his dreams of you haunting him throughout the night.

Other nights he’d yearn for you. He loved you, still loves you, and wants nothing more than to hold you whilst you sleep and keep you safe in his embrace, allowing no harm to come to you. But he would yearn for you in other ways too, awakening in the night from happy dreams of you, his cock hard with it’s pre-come smothering the tip, all for you. He would lay awake between the crisp white sheets, grinding his hips into the mattress and pumping his shaft vigorously as he imagined being inside of you. He would let himself go completely when he could imagine the moans that would leave your lips, the breathlessness you would encounter, and it was as though he could almost feel you come around him.

He hadn’t been in another relationship since the split but there had been a couple of one night stands. To help him come to terms with losing you, he would fuck others that had similar traits to you. The same hair colour, the same laugh, the same smile. But no other girl could ever be you. He didn’t really want them, it was because of their love of celebrities, paired with Harry’s excessive alcohol consumption, that they just happened. After two girls that he mindlessly fucked, he stopped. He wasn’t sure if it was because of the reality of the situation that he soon came to terms with or if it was the violent slap he received one night.

The music that was pounding against the speaker had no desire to stop anytime soon. DJ’s were giving shoutouts, mostly for people’s birthday’s and other celebrations, music echoed through the speakers, bartenders were leaning over the wood that separate them and their customers in an attempt to actually hear what alcoholic liquid was being ordered in the club, the dance floor was sticky, and everyone was cramped together like sardines, but it didn’t stop anyone from moving to the beat of the music.

Everyone was having fun. Everyone except Harry, that was.

Whilst he occasionally shuffled his feet in an attempt to dance, a bottle of beer in hand, he felt so lost without you there. His wandering eyes eventually confirmed you weren’t in the club and he didn’t have a duty to fulfil. Normally he would have a watchful pair of eyes on you, keeping you safe on the dance floor and ensuring that no drunken men took advantage of you. He wasn’t just your boyfriend, he was also your protector, someone who was there to fight away anyone who dared even to try and hurt you.

“What’s your name?” a young blonde suddenly asks from in front of him. She grinds her arse into his crotch to the rhythm of the music played and Harry’s not too sure if she was just acting oblivious to the fact that was the most famous person in the club, or whether she was just so drunk that she barely knew her own name, let alone his.

“Harry” he had told her loudly, almost shouting into her ear as he places his hand on the small of her back, pulling her closer so as they could hear each other’s spoken words over the thumping music.

The girl nods. “Louise” she tells him. “Fancy getting out of here?” she asks, her voice filled with confidence and it’s obvious what the intention of them both attending the club was. Harry nods, not once hesitating as he feels himself harden in his pants, the previous grinding sensation setting off a spark within him. He immediately realises she’s not as drunk as he thought she was but taking in her features, she looked a few years older than him. Maybe she really didn’t know who he was.

“Mine or yours?” she asks as they stumble out of the nightclub and onto the streets of London.

Louise quickly raises her hand to hail a taxi as Harry breathlessly replies, “yours.”

His own place seems more appealing, not having to leave so awkwardly afterwards following the no strings attached sex, but Harry doesn’t want to take her, or anyone else, to his bed. Only you got that privilege. He hasn’t fucked anyone else in his bed since you began dating and he wasn’t prepared to break the ritual with a random stranger tonight. He didn’t want anyone else to come in the crisp white sheets of his bed besides the two of you - both coming together and for each other.

The taxi ride back to the blonde’s was soon over and both her and Harry staggered through the front door or her apartment, their eyes closed, lips locked together, and hands greedily roaming each other’s clothes bodies.

In the meantime, all Harry can think about is you - kissing you, caressing you, touching you, undressing you, coming for you, and loving you.

Harry breathlessly pulls aways as he lifts up Louise’s skirt, barely covering her, which makes it only too easy for him to gain access to what he’s craving. They both quickly realise that their sexual encounter will begin, and most likely end, against the wall.

The blonde grabs at his belt, fumbling to unbuckle it before quickly unzipping his trousers, his hardened length exposed to her. He’s quick to reach into his back pocket before letting his trousers drop. Taking the small square package between his fingers, he tears it open with his teeth before covering his manhood with the latex before pushing himself inside of her. Louise winces slightly, and with Harry barely giving her time to adjust to his size, his thrusts begin as he quickly moves.

They’ve both been drinking and Harry knows his performance will be affected, so he’s not surprised when he comes inside of her faster than he normally would, moaning her name against her lips. She audibly gasps and he withdraws from her. Before even getting the chance to dress himself, her hand harshly collides with his cheek.

“Louise! I told you my name is Louise!” she yells at him angrily.

And in that moment, he realises that he moaned your name when he came.

Harry had arrived home from the London studio and continued his evening rituals. Thankfully, no work the following day meant he could have a later night than usual and whilst he was glad to be able to sleep in later and not have the demands of work, he knew from experience that a day where he lacked a busy schedule would be one of which of you on his mind more than ever.

The night passes with Harry doing nothing more than eating his evening meal and lounging around in front of the television, flicking through channels to find something to entertain him, even if only for a few hours. He occasionally reaches for the bottle of whiskey, pouring himself small measures each time. Whilst the drinking had become a regular habit a few months back, Harry had quickly realised that drowning his problems each night with alcohol helped nobody, not even himself, and he kicked the habit almost as quickly as it had started. No amount of alcohol got you out of his head.

The comedy shows provided him with some laughs, some real and some forced. Harry couldn’t remember the last time he laughed properly, though, as he flicks off the television set. Tapping his watch with a yawn, he checks the time before picking his body up from the position he had been in for hours.

As he switches off the big light, leaving only the lamp on in the corner of the room to project any brightness, a loud and repeated knock on the door makes him jump. The banging quickly gets harder and more frantic and he can only wonder who would be calling in on him at this unthinkable and unsociable hour.

“Alright, I’m coming!” he yells in frustration.

Heading into the hallway, he pulls back the safety chain to unlock the door, pouting his lips to express his emotion and to make sure his unwanted visitor on the other side of the door knows he’s angry at being disturbed.

“What’s s’ important it couldn’t wait ’til…” he begins as he swings the door open.

But Harry’s words are quickly cut off as he gasps in shock, taking in the demeanour of the person standing in front of him. The sight makes him feel physically sick, almost killing him, as bile rises in his stomach, nausea washes over his body, his knees become weak underneath his upper body and his heart lurches.

“Y/N?” he breathes out softly.

But all you can do is collapse into him as he catches you in his strong, protective arms.

[ part two ]

Reputation | Richie Tozier | Part 1

Anonymous said: An IT imagine where reader is Bill’s older sister and Richie has a MASSIVE crush on her. She has a pretty bad reputation ( kinda like Bev, but worse. Like done things with Henry Bowers, etc. ) Plot can be up to you! Just maybe a scene where she’s all sassy and this kinda represents why Richie likes her so much?? Thank you. Love your writing so much!

Richie Tozier x Reader.

Warnings: Swearing.

Part 2

Part 3

After the passing of your brother, Georgie, all you ever felt was grief. It followed you like a shadow every where you went. And frankly, you wanted it to piss right off. Over the months that your youngest brother had been missing and - in many eyes - presumed dead, you’d grieved in a way that worked for you. 

You’d heard all the insults before: ‘Whore’, ‘Slut’, ‘Ash-head’, ‘Chimney-breath’. The list went on, and somehow you’d learnt to live with it. Some of the things people said about you were rumours, but majority wasn’t. You were only fifteen, but had gained a name for yourself all over the town. As many would say, the list of the people you’d fucked, the amount of cigars you smoked during the day would cause a brand new pen to run out of ink before the list was even near finished. 

Long story short, you’d gained a pretty bad reputation for yourself over the course of seven months. Although, the person you once were was still there; buried underneath miles and miles of stone walls you’d built around yourself. Only a selected few were able to see this. Those who could be bothered seeing you for who you really were and not the stupid status you’d made for yourself due to the consequences of grief. 

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Fred Weasley dating a shy girl would include…

Originally posted by stunning-i

- The first steps would’ve been quite difficult

- He would try to get your attention by openly flirting with you, such as winking at you or just loudly telling you how cute you were

- You however would feel quite uncomfortable with this kind of attention, getting more and more distant towards him

- After talking to some of your friends, not really realizing what the problem was, he would suddenly see what made you so uncomfortable

- Knowing how you felt now, he would do his best to let you know how much you mean to him with more subtle matters

- He’d take you to library dates, knowing how much you enjoyed to read and guessing that you’d most certainly also like the quiet atmosphere 

- On rainy days, he’d suggest a walk on the lake. Barely anyone would be outside in the rain, giving you two some space from the crowded common rooms

- Him leaving you tiny notes instead of openly telling you how gorgeous you look, figuring you’d appreciate it a bit more subtle 

- You thanking him as you realized how much he got out of his usual behavior to make you more comfortable

- Which kind of made you want to show him that you were thankful to have him

- You’d gather all your strengh and after some weeks of dating, you would walk up to him after a Quidditch game and kiss his cheek

- He’d look at you stunned by your sudden display of affection, having to take a moment to process what was going on at first

- When he catched on however, he couldn’t hold back a grin before pulling you into a short, yet incredibly loving kiss

Dating Montgomery Includes:

  • Changing him as a person
  • “What did you just say to Hannah?”
  • “Something Courtney told me”
  • “Not cool Montgomery”
  • “I-I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry”
  • Monty making you wear his jacket to his baseball games to show you off to everyone, making you secretly happy
  • Going to his baseball games. Being the loudest one screaming and flicking someone off who told you to shut up.
  • Monty flicking someone off for you as well
  • “Sit down and shut up!”
  • “Don’t scream at my girlfriend up there!”
  • “Yeah don’t scream at me!”
  • Sleeping over his house after his games to give him a celebration
  • heated make-out sessions
  • Him always giving you hickies in the most obvious areas so boys know that your his
  • Him stealing you makeup so you can’t cover them up
  • “Damn y/n that one is huge!”
  • Monty getting jealous when he sees a boy talking to you
  • Jumping in front of the boy just to roughly kiss you
  • You giving him hell for getting suspended
  • “Babe come on, we haven’t had sex in a week!”
  • “Oh well, you shouldn’t have punched Alex”
  • Passionate first time
  • Him being nervous to take your virginity at first
  • “Are you sure about this baby?”
  • “Yes Cruz”
  • Rough and hard sex afterwards
  • Monty being into daddy kink
  • Him being into bondage
  • “Y/n why are your wrist red”
  • “Don’t ask.”
  • Monty being the first one to say ‘I love you’ and not realizing it
  • “Gosh y/n your lucky that I love you”
  • “W-what did you just say?”
  • “I love you, holy shit I love you”
  • Both of you being inseparable
  • Him ditching his friends just to be with you
  • “Bro are you coming over”
  • “Nah I’ll pass, I’m with y/n”
Bad Day - Sherlock x Reader

Imagine Sherlock having a bad day and ignoring you, but you’re having none of it.
Kind of based off a roleplay I once did (but then reader would be Clara Oswald).

Originally posted by sherlockjw

“Sherlock, please!” You yelled, covering your ears in defense against the screeching violin.

Sherlock ignored you, staring out the window as he ran the bow haphazardly over the strings. You stood up from the couch, closing your book and dropping it on the wooden floor with a loud slam. Still, Sherlock didn’t react.

You stormed over to him, reaching to grab his right hand, but Sherlock turned in one fluid motion away from you, still not looking at you. 

“Sherlock!” You cried in frustration, striding after him around the flat.

He continued striding around the flat, screeching on the violin, but when he accidentally turned towards you you noticed the flash of a smirk on his lips before it darted away.

This caused a smirk to appear on your own lips as you left the room to go to your bedroom. When you came back, Sherlock was sitting in his chair, pondering.

“Sherlock?” You asked, taking a tentative step towards him. He ignored you, forcing an exasperated sigh from you. 

“Sherlock!” You said again, crouching on the floor in front of him and resting a hand on each of his knees. His lips twitched slightly but his eyes remained firmly shut.

You pushed yourself up, standing behind his chair now, you placed your hands on either side of his face. You gently tilted his chin back so, if his eyes were open, he would be looking at you. 
“Sherlock.” You whispered. Pressing the tip of your nose to his. Sherlock’s muscles twitched, and a smile crept on your lips.

“Mr Holmes!” You called in a sing song voice, releasing him you walked to be on the side of him. Softly, you pressed your nose to his cheek so your eyelashes tickled his cheekbones and your words brushed his skin.
“Mr Holmes I require your assistance for I am bored.” You whispered.

Still, Sherlock kept up ignoring you, but the corners of his lips twitched, hinting at a smile.

“Oh Mr Holmes!” You cried, dramatically pressing a hand to your forehead you fell backwards onto his lap from the side so you lay across him, “I do believe my condition is fatal.”

Sherlock gave up, and the smile bloomed fully on his lips and face, “Oh good. Perhaps now I can think in peace.”

You frowned, looking up his grin.

“You are a bully, Mr Holmes.”

“And you,” he said, placing his hands on your shoulders, “Are a childish nuisance, but I have become rather fond of you.” He pecked your nose with a kiss, causing you to scrunch up your nose and close your eyes.

“Really?” You tilted your head, “I hadn’t noticed.”

Sherlock chuckled, “You should be more observant.”