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Hawkeye (2012) #11


Evidently General Hux retires from the Order to take up gardening and brings to it his unique life philosophy and zeal for perfection. Good for you, sir!

Preference #7-Cute Things You Do That He Secretly Loves

♥ ♥ ♥

Daniel: Grabbing mugs with both hands. You don’t know why but for some reason, whenever you drink from a coffee cup you hold it securely with both hands. It’ doesn’t matter if you’re drinking coffee or tea, you cradle the mug like your life depends on it. Even though he teases you by blaming it on your “tiny” hands, Daniel finds it incredibly adorable.  

Zach: Wearing his clothes. Though you don’t live too far from Zach, being away from him is extremely hard for you. When you do get to see him, however, you’re sure to steal a few items of clothing from him to save for later. Although he gets annoyed with this from time to time Zach loves seeing you in his clothes and his face lights up when you FaceTime him and just so happen to be cuddled up in one of his hoodies.

Jack: Singing in the shower. Music has always been a very big part of your life and even though you didn’t picture yourself taking it on as a career, you occasionally dabbled in it, experimenting with your creativity by writing songs you would never share with anyone, not even Jack. This shyness keeps Jack from hearing you directly but it doesn’t keep him from listening in on you from time to time. He’ll quietly tip toe through the halls, hoping to catch you absentmindedly humming to yourself on the couch and he’ll sneak into the bathroom as you shower, cracking the door open just enough to get an earful of your angelic voice.

Jonah: Standing on your tippy toes to reach things. It’s not that you are short for your age by any means, it’s just that Jonah is basically a giant compared to you. He’ll laugh when you have to jump to reach the top shelf, making jokes about your height until he decides you’ve had enough. When he finally helps you out, you’re left in awe as he singlehandedly pulls off a task that would have taken two people your size. 

Corbyn: Talking with your hands. You’re a very expressive person and everyone who has ever had a real life conversation with you knows that. Corbyn will watch you with wide eyes and raised brows as you act out the events of your day with quick hands and flailing arms. He’ll playfully mock you as you go, secretly feeding off of your contagious energy. 

Avengers Preference – Cute things couple things you do together

Tony: watch movies

Steve: Hikes

Bucky: Listen to music

Bruce: Long walks

Clint: Road trips

Sam: Pranks

Peter: Build pillow forts

Pietro: Cooking

But like not really 

Thor: Stargazing

Loki: Slow dance

liamazing13  asked:

Hello Hajimama ! I love you 💖 I saw that you liked Eremin so it leads to another question : do you prefer them doing cute or nsfw stuff ? What are some things you would like them to do together as a couple ?

I think Eremin is more of a fluffy pairing, but I can see them having their first experiences together. I think they’d have cute dates, Idk. 

Firey has DETERMINATION! *plays Undertale music here* Will she succeed?

FMA Snapchat headcanons

-Al & Mei send pictures of cute animals back and forth
-Winry likes to put pictures of her automail projects on her story
-Ed, among other things, likes to take funny pictures of Roy and doodle on them. He also likes battle selfies.
-Roy would spam Riza constantly, even during the work day. The pictures would include weird selfies, blurry pictures of her working, shots of her butt, and pictures making fun of their teammates (usually Feury)
-Riza wouldn’t send snaps often, and when she would it’s usually Black Hayate
-When Hughes was alive, he would only snap videos of Elicia doing cute things
-Ling prefers to snap pictures of food, and sometimes types in Xingese by accident
-Ed refuses to let Ling or Roy be on his Best Friends list. Thus his best friends are Alphonse, Winry and Major Armstrong of all people.
-This is due to Armstrong spamming everyone with muscle shots whenever he gets the opportunity.
-Olivier has no idea what snapchat is, but is the subject of many. Including some of Ed’s.

Preferences: cute things you do he loves


Shawn: you dance every time a song you like comes on

Hayes: you scrunch your nose when you say something weird

Nash: you squint your eyes to read stuff even though you wear glasses

Cameron: the way you put your hair to the side of your right shoulder

Matt: when you clap your hands wildly while laughing

Taylor: how you talk really fast when you get excited and stumble on words

Aaron: how your face turns bright red when you’re embarrassed or when you cry

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How would the Iwatobi and Samezuka boys want to spend a lazy Sunday with no school or homework with you?

(aw, this one’s cute)

Makoto would prefer just to do simple things, either take a walk in the park with your hand in his or to go a small cafe, although he’d also like to have you over on rainy days so you can sit in his lap or nestled near him to play video games together or watch his favorite childhood movies. Being the cuddly teddy-bear he is, spending a day with you would mean lots of lazy, cute cuddles, hugs, and kisses. 

Haruka tends to like lazy Sundays because it means he can go to public pools or just sit around in his bathtub, so his idea of a nice one with you might just be to take a bath together. It’d be an innocent one with no kind of sexual meaning intended at all from him, because it would make him happiest. Sitting in warm water with you in his arms would calm him down instantly and maybe even soften him up to be more affectionate, leaving a few kisses on your neck and cheek. 

Nagisa doesn’t have many days where he just flat-out does nothing because he gets bored easily. So on a Sunday such as that with no responsibilities in order, he’d call you over so the two of you could go to his room and read comedy manga together or play on one of his old video game consoles. Naturally, making you happy is his main priority, but just cuddling and laughing together over his favorite manga would be a dream come true. 

Rei doesn’t believe in having completely unproductive days, but if you invited him over to have a relaxing date, he definitely wouldn’t reject the idea. You would have to be the one to convince him that one day without learning anything new wouldn’t kill him, so the best way for him to enjoy the day is either read an interesting book together or watch a documentary, but he’d like for you to be cuddled up to him the whole time. 

Rin would enjoy the fact that he had a complete day off with no homework or school, but there’d still be a nagging voice at the back of his head telling him he could be training, so he’d call you over to Samezuka to time him or something along those lines, though he wouldn’t be pushing himself nearly as hard. Then he’d take you back to his dorm room just to cuddle, go on Youtube, and listen to music, sharing earphones with you in his arms before you both end up falling asleep, and maybe some kissing in between.

Sousuke always gets slightly confused when days without any responsibilities come along, because he almost always occupies himself with training or schoolwork, but when they do, he can’t think of how to fill in the gap on his own, so his first thoughts would definitely be pointing towards you. As cheesy as it sounds, he’d like to go on a walk along the beach while holding your hand, just listening to you tell him about your life. He really treasures the time he gets to spend with you and is quite good at remembering all the little things, but honestly, he’s just glad to have you in his life. 

Nitori likes taking the chance to relax on these days and visit a greenhouse or gardening center, because he finds all the different colours of the flowers and the glass surrounding them to be incredibly calming. It wouldn’t exactly be a completely lazy day, but he’d still hold your hand and walk you through the aisles of plants, happily explaining their meanings and when they were planted with a sparkle in his eyes.

Seijuurou would jump on the opportunity right away, calling you up and asking if you wanted to go anywhere. He has quite the active lifestyle, but a pool date with Seijuurou would be a lot more calming than you’d think. If you needed any help with your own swimming skills he’d help you with no hesitation, or if you just wanted to float around with him while watching the sun set, he’d do that too. He would still be laughing and smiling like he always is, but more touchy than usual, wanting to touch your face and hands more often on a day like that.

Momotarou loves his days off, especially when you’re involved. He’d pop up at your doorstep with pillows, popcorn, and still dressed in his pajamas, ready to have a complete movie marathon with you. Whether they’re action, cheesy chick-flicks, or childhood cartoon movies, he’d watch it all with you by his side and the lights turned off, even if he ends up falling asleep on your lap halfway through the second one. 

5SOS Preference : Cute Things Your Baby Does

Ashton: “What is she doing?” Calum’s girlfriend asked you as you bounced your ten month old daughter, Naomi, on your lap. “Huh?” you asked and looked down to catch a glimpse of whatever it was your little girl was doing and then you looked up to see Calum across from her blowing her kisses and she blew them back to him. “Awww, Ashton, look at Naomi, blowing her uncle Calum some kisses back.” Ashton laughed. “Look out Calum, keep it up she’s gonna want you to take her home with you.”

Luke: “How is Declan handling the new puppy with him only being a couple months?” Liz asked and you smiled. “He loves the puppy and the puppy loves him, come, i’ll prove it to you.” The two of you got up and she followed you to your son’s nursery where your son laid in his crib fast asleep and the new puppy you guys had gotten laid next to him, softly snoring in sync with the newborn baby. “They’re the best of friends.” You explained and Liz smiled. “That is so cute!”

Calum: “Watch what she does when we put on your guys’ music.” you instruct Luke, Michael and Ashton and they all sit back and wait as you turn on some 5 Seconds of Summer and little Violet perked up immediately and began to dance her little butt off. Everyone was laughing and she just giggled along and bounced around. “Dances like her mother.” Calum says and you grin. “I’m so proud to say that that fact is 100% true.” Calum shook his head. “My two girls are crazy, but i love them.”

Michael: “It’s so weird when we ask Jasper where anything is, he immediately bops his nose and says ‘nose’ and we’re just like no Jasper and we laugh but yeah.” you tell the other boys and their significant others. “Really?” Ashton asked and you told him one second, you’d show him. You got Jasper and brought him back to where everyone one. “Jasper, where’s daddy?” Michael was right next to you but Jasper once again bopped his nose and laughed. “Nose.” You look at Ashton. “See? I told you.” “It’s cute though.” you hear and smile at your baby boy. “Yeah, it is.”

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all these poseidon hcs made me think, what about one time Percabeth get called for hero duties and theyve got like a one year old and sally's away so theyre like errrrrrr.... and then percy's just like dad you take him. and poseidon appears but is completely like 'what do i do with a baby!?' but they've dissappeared aready. they come back later to find poseidon sitting, exhausted, in the middle of chaos and the baby asleep under water in the fish tank.

You had me until the fish tank

5sos preference #3:

The cute coupley thing you guys do

Ashton: he always gives you a kiss on the cheek and you pull him back and say “you missed” as you pull him in for a “real kiss”.

Luke: after every kiss you guys have, doesn’t matter if it’s a short sweet kiss or long and passionate but after you guys always do Eskimo kisses.

Calum: one of you says “I love you” the other says “I love you more” and the first one says “liar” even though both of you mean it.

Michael: After you guys kiss (doesn’t matter what type passionate or sweet) he always kisses your right cheek, nose and then the left cheek and finally a quick one in your lips.