preferably doing cute things

Avengers Preference – Cute things couple things you do together

Tony: watch movies

Steve: Hikes

Bucky: Listen to music

Bruce: Long walks

Clint: Road trips

Sam: Pranks

Peter: Build pillow forts

Pietro: Cooking

But like not really 

Thor: Stargazing

Loki: Slow dance


Preferences: cute things you do he loves


Shawn: you dance every time a song you like comes on

Hayes: you scrunch your nose when you say something weird

Nash: you squint your eyes to read stuff even though you wear glasses

Cameron: the way you put your hair to the side of your right shoulder

Matt: when you clap your hands wildly while laughing

Taylor: how you talk really fast when you get excited and stumble on words

Aaron: how your face turns bright red when you’re embarrassed or when you cry