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what are some of your Steven headcanons, if you have any?

Oh don’t you worry. I got a bunch of ‘em!

- Steven is autistic! His favorite stims are Lion’s fur, playing his ukelele, and lots of different hand stims like hand flapping, air drumming, wringing his hands, tapping his fingers, etc.

- He’s ace, and maybe even somewhere on the aro spectrum! (possibly gray-aro?)

- He has tried to dye his hair pink before, but forgot to bleach it first, so it didn’t work out.

- He actually likes being shorter than Connie, and only tried to be taller because he thought she would like him better that way.

- He was excited to find a facial hair and could technically grow a beard or some stubble at this point, but he found out that it’s sensory hell for him. He prefers a clean shaven face, and has made shaving a part of his morning ritual.

- He already has a lot of responsibilities, but part of him wants to be a big-time musician like his Dad.

- His bestest friend (out of the gems) is Garnet. They often talk about how their day went over dinner, and they come to eachother for a lot of their problems. He’s probably worn Garnet’s visor more than once just so he could look cool and distinguished like her.

- He has severe anxiety, even more than what we see on screen. He’s constantly in fear of letting everyone down, of not being able to protect everyone, of losing someone. There’s some days that he can’t bring himself to put on a smile, so he spends hours in his room playing games or watching CBF or talking to Connie on the phone.

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Do you prefer dark-haired Tom, or light? Curly- or straight-haired? Long hair or short? Clean-shaven, stubble, or full beard? I have such a hard time choosing which is my favorite, and he looks so different each way!

I definitely know what you mean, anon! To be honest, I’m not entirely sure either but i think i prefer him clean shaven.. that’s just me tho. I mean lookit him

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Okay after looking at more pictures of him I can’t decide XD maybe i like him with a little stubble ????

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He’s honestly just so beautiful no matter what and I’ll love him always! But secretly i have a soft spot for him as Thomas Sharpe… ;3 

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I just can’t get over that smile!!! !!!! How adorable is that smile!!!! Like lookit that smile!!!!!!

Sorry for totally not answering your question but I’m as confused as you are, ehehehe! He will always be beautiful regardless of whatever he does-that just seems to be the hiddles way~ 

I was listening to an NPR podcast recently and they were talking about Sherlock. One woman said “John’s love for Sherlock is intense but platonic, and Sherlock’s love for John is romantic but not sexual.” And the other panel members were like mmm, interesting, yes, great observation.

And I mean. On the one hand, congrats on admitting it’s not just a bro thing. On the other hand…fuck you, a little bit? Because let’s just imagine Sherlock was played by a woman. A tall, slender, raven-haired woman with killer cheekbones. John Watson is sitting across from her at a candlelit table in the first episode. He licks his lips before asking if she has a boyfriend, a girlfriend? No? She’s single like him, good. Anyone on this earth gonna say “oh well his feelings are clearly intense, but platonic"? Nope.

Imagine this woman repeatedly poking fun at John’s mustache (because she can’t bring herself to ask if he’s going to keep his fiancee) and then John shows up at the flat they used to share and he’s shaved it off. And this woman, she looks John Watson in the eyes and tells him in a low voice that she prefers her doctors clean shaven. Still romantic but not sexual? Anyone? Bueller?

It’s just frustrating to hear a panel of liberal fans of this show spouting intellectual-sounding shit about the John/Sherlock relationship that seems progressive on the surface but really just makes excuses for why it can’t be what it would SO OBVIOUSLY be TO EVERYONE ON THE PLANET if they weren’t both men––a slow burn romance with mutual sexual tension.

Anyway. Preaching to the choir here but I needed to vent.

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So I like just hate Magnus' goatee is that weird?? It just doesn't look right on him and idk if he's like supposed to have it but I can't stand it

hmmm. i preferred him clean shaven in season 1 but now i can’t relate to past me rofl ‘cause i def love the facial hair now. i think it suits his character more? and it makes him look a tad bit older, which i like.

but he looks great either way imo.

John Watson is TEH's "Jack the Ripper"

Molly, Greg, and Sherlock go to investigate the mysterious Victorian skeleton in TEH and find it’s no long-forgotten serial killer, it’s just an ordinary dead man in disguise. “Male, forty to fifty” Molly says. Both Molly and Sherlock agree the corpse can’t be more than 6 months old - and only minutes prior we were told that John started growing his mustache 6 months ago. He claims to Mrs Hudson that he’s “just trying it (the mustache) out” but he’s had it for half a year - and he has no intention of shaving it off until Sherlock points out how much he doesn’t like it. He’s become an old man who’s given up, possibly 6 months ago when he started seeing Mary. I believe Mary has only known mustache John because she had a hard time telling him she didn’t like it. If John started growing it after they were already together, it would’ve been easy to say “Your mustache is cute, but i prefer my doctors clean-shaven”. Mary didn’t know how to tell him because “I don’t know what you look like without the mustache, but I’m willing to chance it since i hate the way it makes your face look old” isn’t easy to say. Mrs Hudson and Sherlock are both quickly to point out how bad it looks because they know that John knows they know something to compare it to, but Mary does not. “Mary likes it” is what John wrongly thinks on the subject, possibly because he was sporting the mustache since they started dating.

The voice Sherlock hears inside his head (John) could very well be coming from the skeleton (in Sherlock’s mind, at least). That’s why when Molly touches the skeleton, Sherlock hears the word “Jealous?”. This is why Sherlock is verbally telling John’s voice to shut up - he’s telling the skeleton to shut up.

So this skeleton is wearing a shoddy Victorian outfit that’s been “displayed on a dummy for many years”. This could be seen through John wearing the long coat and scarf at the beginning of TEH, subconsciously paying tribute to the outfit Sherlock always wore. This could also be a reference to our John whose outfit (disguise) was symbolically kept behind glass up until a fire (love) made its shoddy appearance noticeable to Sherlock. So through this skeleton we see symbolically John died 6 months ago, tried to hide his true self by “dressing the part” only to have his feelings/love expose him in the end. “How I Did It” would’ve been the tell-all Sherlock needed to understand why John doesn’t want to see him anymore even though they were such close friends in TRF. But all of it’s fake. None of it matters. Someone went to extraordinary lengths to get Sherlock to investigate this case which is just like saying, “John went to extraordinary lengths to conceal who he really is and what his feelings truly are, all to divert Sherlock’s attention” which is also like saying “John gave up and started seeing Mary because his romantic feelings for Sherlock could never be fulfilled. But even after Sherlock’s return, John still picks Mary and insists she’s the one. John still doesn’t forgive Sherlock and that confuses him because it contradicts everything Sherlock knows about John Watson”. But why would John do that? It’s all so elaborate and unnecessary. Why won’t John just admit his feelings and be with Sherlock? Why pretend to be someone you’re not? These must be questions Sherlock doesn’t understand the answers to.

“Why would someone go to all that trouble?”

“Why indeed, John.”

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any headcanons for fitzsimmons wedding? :)

Thanks for the ask, dear, hope you like!

  • Fitz is the one who wants to get married, and soon.
  • Jemma’s fine with their current arrangement. They’re working together, eating together, sleeping together (showering together whenever they can get away with it). Their names have been merged for ages. They share a laundry basket. For all intents and purposes, they are married.
  • But he likes the idea of standing in front of their friends and family to proclaim his love. To swear before witnesses that he’ll be hers till death do them part (although he might not mention death at all, because, well). He wants to stick it to the cosmos.
  • Also, who doesn’t like a good wedding buffet?
  • Since he keeps bringing it up, she starts thinking about it. After what feels like forever (but in reality it’s only been a few months) she formally proposes.
  • She’s considered waiting for his birthday but that’s in months and once her decision is made, she wants to get started right away. 
  • She doesn’t get down on one knee, but she does give him a teary-eyed speech about everything he means to her and how she can’t imagine a future without him.
  • In true Fitz’s fashion, he asks when she’ll be expecting his answer? He needs to mull it over, because, you see, he’s been thinking and YES YES HE’LL MARRY HER.
  • (That was a fun night. Good thing she thought to book a room off base.)
  • But a wedding seems like such a job. One she doesn’t have the time or mental energy to take on. Agonizing over the perfect font for a Save-the-date seems a bit futile when a few months earlier, you were fighting for survival on an alien planet.
  • Jemma suggests they elope, but he’ll have none of it. His mother might never forgive him, and he doesn’t want to give her any tools for blackmail (she’s started bugging him about grand-children about two months after he broke the news of their relationship).
  • As much as they’d like to keep it low-key, pointed questions about “their future” are coming from left and right before they even start telling people. They have a feeling Coulson would get very sore if they kept things family only.
  • She gets into it. Oh boy, does she get into it. Their wedding-planner comes close to having a nervous breakdown (Jemma’s very hands-on with all the proceedings, you see). She’s not a bridezilla by any stretch of the imagination, though. It’s just that she wants to be prepared for all eventualities, and Jemma Simmons’ eventualities are not most people’s eventualities.
  • Fitz is involved as well, especially when it comes to tasting things. He takes those tastings extremely seriously.
  • Jemma doesn’t want to wear white because she hates that symbol. Instead she chooses a rather simple but statuesque dress in a pretty, pale blue that reminds her of his eyes. When she tells him so, demanding that he recognizes how romantic she can be, he just rolls said-eyes and reminds her that if she’d had her way, they might have gotten married in their work clothes in-between briefings.
  • When the day comes, there are no catastrophic happenstances, no alien destructions or otherworldly demons. It’s just the two of them and all their love ones, celebrating a love that beat all the odds. More powerful than the cosmos and stronger than death itself.
  • It doesn’t matter that she steps on her beautiful dress and tears part of the hem, or that he’s regrettably clean-shaven (at his mother’s insistence) when she prefers him not. Many things don’t go as planned, but all that matters to Jemma is Fitz’s evident happiness and the way he’s looking at her –simultaneously sinful and reverent.
  • That day, they miss some of their friends, but they’ve learned to do with what they have, and each other is enough. Each other is plenty.

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i wish i was as confident as you about a johnlock kiss :/ i would cut off my left arm for it to happen, but i just don't see it?? idk i'm just such a pessimist.

it is okay to doubt beautiful johnlocker but there is really no need, restore your faith with these holy gifs 

and recite these holy prayers:

“all the nice girl’s like a soldier, sherlock is actually a girl’s name, you chose her, i heard you, do you have a boyfriend, it’s always you john watson you keep me right, YOU’VE TEXTED HIM A LOT, 57 of those texts, i prefer my doctor’s clean shaven, why would he change his identity? maybe his married, i wish you weren’t…whatever it is you are, i know what kind of man you are but we could have been friends, girlfriend? not really my area, look at us both, i am not gay- i think i’ll surprise john, i’ve got a date it’s where two people who like each other go out and have fun- that’s what i was suggesting, i can’t do it john i don’t know how, you were the best and wisest man that i have ever known, i was so alone and i owe you so much, amazing how fire exposes our priorities, don’t make me compete with sherlock holmes, bachelor john watson, is yours a snorer?- got any crisps?, it’s definitely him that he talks about?, he is? he’s the most unsociable? ah so that’s why he’s bouncing around him like a puppy, enjoy not getting involved…sherlock”

and of course, the most sacred lines known to mankind

“the stuff that you wanted to say but didn't say it. say it now.”

“john there’s something…i should say.”

“no. i’m sorry. i can’t.”

“sherlock is actually a girls name.”

The thing is, these are the two scenes Mark Gatiss cites as evidence that TPLOSH Holmes falls in love with Watson:

  1. Holmes is recruited against his will to impregnate someone, hears that Tchaikovsky got out of this because he was gay, and lies that he and Watson are a couple so that he can leave.
  2. Watson asks if Holmes has women in his past, and Holmes avoids the question.

It is in no way necessary to interpret these scenes as evidence of Holmes’ romantic feelings for Watson.  Like, at all.  But Gatiss does.

And this is the same man who wrote all of these lines:

  1. “I’m moving on.” /  "You’re emigrating?“ / "No, I’ve met someone.”
  2. “I prefer my doctors clean shaven.”
  3. “You’re still hanging around him then? Opposites attract, I suppose.”
  4. “I’m glad no one saw that.  You ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool.  People might talk.”
  5. “John Watson, his P.A..  Well, live-in P.A.” / [disappointed sign from John’s date] "Live in…“
  6. "Sherlock’s business seems to be booming since you and he became *delicate pause* pals.” (wrote and delivered this one)
  7. “Sorry we couldn’t do a double room for you boys.” / “That’s fine.  We’re not…” [trails off]
  8. “Mrs. Hudson, how many times…. Sherlock was not my boyfriend.” / “Live and let live, that’s my motto.”
  9. “Six months of bristly kisses for me and then His Nibs shows up…”

And co-wrote all these ones:

  1. “I wish you weren’t… whatever it is you are.” /  "I know.“
  2. "I don’t mind.”
  3. “Into battle.”
  4. “Yeah, I’m there if you want it”
  5. “Oh, Sherlock.  Neither of us were the first, you know.”
  6. “Not you, not you, not you, not you….. You. It’s always you, John Watson.”

After helping clutterbooty​ out with Norman Reedus Appreciation Week, we came to the conclusion that the next person who really deserved an appreciation week was our leading man himself, Andrew Lincoln! So clutterbooty​​ put the post together and I made the gifs and Andrew Lincoln Appreciation Week was born! It’s going to start on Sunday, October 4, 2015 and go through Saturday, October 10, 2015 - right before the premiere of Season 6! Here are our themes:

Day One (Sunday, October 4th): Favorite role (movie or tv, etc)
Day Two (Monday, October 5th): Favorite photoshoot
Day Three (Tuesday, October 6th): Favorite quote or interview
Day Four (Wednesday, October 7th): Favorite friendship
Day Five (Thursday, October 8th): Favorite acting moment
Day Six (Friday, October 9th): Favorite stage of the beard (bit of stubble, mountain man beard, etc (or if you prefer him clean shaven))
Day Seven (Saturday, October 10th): Anything goes!

Please tag all of your appreciation week posts with #andylincolnweek (in the first five tags or it won’t show up!) and remember only original posts! All posts types are welcomed (gifsets, photo edits, text posts, etc) but please do not repost anyone else’s hard work! If you have any questions, you can direct them to Kayleigh or SamiIt would also be greatly appreciated if you reblog this post and spread the word! We look forward to seeing all of your love for Andy!

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Hi, just letting you know I love your blog! :) Did you know 'beard' is a slang term for a fake hetro partner of a gay person to cover their real sexuality? We meet Johns 'beard' (Mary) in the same scene as his moustache. Sherlock then tells him "seriously, it's not a joke, you're really keeping that?" and then HE SHAVES IT OFF FOR SHERLOCK. Coupled with the 'disguise is always a self portrait' (sherlocks eyeliner moustache) , sherlock comments "does yours rub off too?" Hmmm. ;)

Holy shit, I did not know that! I just looked it up on Urban Dictionary, and lo: you are correct.


Any opposite sex escort taken to an event in an effort to give a homosexual person the appearance of being out on a date with a person of the opposite sex.

Well then. I like the way your mind works, my friend. Oh, and it gets better: Canon John Watson had a mustache, of course. So TEH opened with BBC John standing hand-in-hand with Mary, as close to resembling Canon John as he’s ever been.  I’m rereading the canon stories right now, and I haven’t yet seen any evidence Canon Sherlock doesn’t like Canon John’s ‘stache. But BBC Sherlock takes an immediate dislike to it, and mentions it several times. So BBC John shaves it off for him. And what’s the line again? “I prefer my doctors clean-shaven.” Our John-Sherlock relationship has officially departed from canon.

So I have a theory about how Sherlock refers to John over the course of the show. No, not by name, exactly, but by two singular terms he uses to refer to John throughout the episodes we’ve seen so far. 

Exhibit #A

Sherlock does say that he’s ‘be lost’ without John - implying that he’s started to care for him, to the extent that he’d almost feel incomplete if John disappeared from his life (ow, my heart). BUT it’s the fact that he calls him ‘[his] blogger’ that I want to focus on - it almost adds an impersonal, distant touch. Here, he’s almost saying that John blogs about him - that’s all. As if Sherlock is trying to distance himself from these (probably very new) caring emotions that he’s feeling towards John, at this point - but ultimately fails, because he still can’t help admit that he cares for him. However, you could say that him calling John his ‘blogger’ is still an attempt to distance/reduce how he feels about John, perhaps by justifying the fact that he brings him along on cases - he’d only ‘be lost’ without him, because he is his ‘blogger’ - not his friend, or colleague, or anything else - but just because John and his blog has this purpose that Sherlock can justify in his mind as something that is worthy of his feelings, and most importantly his need to have him around, without him having to admit to any kind of feeling yet.

But then we go from this example in S1, to this in S3 - 

Exhibit #B

Okay. So again there’s that possessive ‘my doctor’ - again, Sherlock is showing that he cares for John enough to claim it verbally - but this time, he’s more open about his feelings. Not only is he telling John that he’s pleased that he’s shaven his moustache off (read: the most un-platonic thing I’ve ever heard) but he is clearly verbalising this feeling, so John explicitly knows how he feels (woo! Character development!) He also says that he ‘prefer[s]’ his doctors clean-shaven’ with ‘prefer’ being the focus here - again, he’s admitting to ‘prefer[ing]’ a certain type of people, doctors specifically, and with a doctor being a stereotypically male profession, could this be an entirely different confession?? (Especially with John shaving his beard/moustache, and the other connotations of that, but I’ll leave you to your deductions). 

Again, it’s the word choice of ‘doctor’ here. John is no longer just Sherlock’s ‘blogger’ - Sherlock doesn’t have to justify his feelings towards him as needing him around to simply record their cases - he can admit that John exists outside of their cases (and that the cases do not take precedence, and he’s not ‘married’ to them any more, even, and isn’t lost without them being recorded). 

No, John is ‘[his] doctor’, and as he’ll later admit, he is the man that John saved, in so many ways. John is his doctor, and he’s grateful - because not only did John save him from addiction, murder, you name it - he also saved him from the loneliness and isolation that his work beings. As well as saving him from a life where he couldn’t admit his own feelings, whether they be just towards John, or indeed towards himself and his sexuality. John helped Sherlock see beyond his cases, and into a world, that with John’s help, they attempt to make less dangerous and deadly. 

So Sherlock is no longer ‘lost’ without his blogger there recording his cases, now he much ‘prefers’ his doctor (clean-shaven specifically) there with him, ready to save a life (his) at a moment’s notice - like John’s done so many times before. 

And what does this mean? Well, gone are the days when Sherlock hid his life behind his work, and now, thanks to John being a constant positive, supportive force in his life, they’re solving cases and saving lives. (Because John, a doctor, saved Sherlock first - and now they can save people together, as a unit - albeit in different ways).

(Could you tell that this is my first meta? Sorry it’s not the best - I’m a English Lit student and have a tendency to ramble, but I hope you like it!)