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Something really interesting about Hanako of the bathroom is depending on what prefecture of Japan you're in the story changes slightly. I couldn't find one for miyagi, but for one prefecture Hanako is actually a 3 headed lizard who imitates (1/3)

a girl’s voice, and in another she appears as a white hand. Though generally in all of them to make her appear you have to go to the third stall in the girls bathroom on the third floor, knock three times and ask “Are you there, Hanako-san?” (2/3)
and you’ll hear the answer “I’m here,” and if you enter the stall you’ll find a small girl wearing a red skirt. Again depending on the prefecture she can be mischievous, malevolent, or passive. (3/3) - Suga anon
Also, it’s not a creepypasta, it’s actually an urban legend that gets its origins post WW2.- Suga anon the history buff (I’m sorry I just love urban legends and history and stuff) 


Never apologize for being informative, anon. This is good stuff! I do know the basics of the Hanako-san game because of my brief time in Japan and they managed to get me to do it because I was a dumb teen, but for everyone who doesn’t know!! 

Also thank you for clearing that up–you are correct, it is not creepypasta. Apologies

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How would the map of Japan with its prefectures look if you translated each kanji into English?

As you may already know, one of the things I fell in love with the Japanese language was kanji. When I studied the map of japan for the first time, I always wondered how would it look translated into English. You could guess some of them like Tokyo meaning “East Capital” or Hiroshima meaning “Wide Island”. But what about the other ones?

Well I finally made a map achieving that. My favorite one was “Love Princess”

Some of the names may sound weird because as the case of Kanagawa, the kanjis were mainly used to portray a sound, not a meaning. Check my previous post on the origin of Kana for further information on this.