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I spend more than 4 hours on your blog. Only because of your GIF reactions. I love how prefectly they fit to their personalities and they're always so cute~ *sigh* Can't even anymore. Your blog became my life.

Awww anon!!! You really think so? Sometimes I just read the reactions I write and I’m like wtf did I just posted xD I’m glad you like them!! Please don’t overdose, feels may kill you xD jk I love you, Admin A~

Perfectly Imperfect - Chapter 32 (on Wattpad) What if a two popular person -with different case of popularity, met? fell inlove? will their be hindrances? will their popularity be a way to make them more inlove or will it became a hindrance? what if their past lovers returns to get them back? how about their imperfections??? can they be PERFECTLY IMPERFECT???

Only the drunk, know what it’s like to love… Falling down and getting back up, sick to your heart and never knowing, just how long that feeling of chemically induced happiness will ever, really, last. #staystrong #prefectly #imprefect #faith 👸🏽🙏🏽🌌☄🌺✨❣

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Does God "mind" if we get tattoos and stuff or is that like bad?

Yes. God made us perfectly with everything we need. For us to put “art” on our body, even if it is “Christian inspired” art, is a direct smack in the face to the creator. I wouldn’t use the Leviticus laws here, because those are specific laws for specific people. But we must understand the occult origin of tattoos, and the permanence of altering your body. Also, I personally believe it’s a giant waste of money! Instead of spending that money on inking your flesh, you could feed hungry people, buy bibles for people who don’t have one, buy some books by jspark3000, or tblaberge… lol (low key shout out!), etc. God knows the ways of all of our hearts, he will weigh that in the end. In summary: getting tattoos is financially irresponsible, damaging to the body, an insult to the God who created our bodies perfectly, and unwise in every sense of the word. God commands his people (the Israelite’s) not to get tattoos to set them apart from the world. Why is everybody so obsessed with looking like the world? We are children of God; his people. Theirs just no good reason to altar the body unless surgery is NEEDed.

P.S now is a good time to let you know that I once had size Double 0 gauges in my ears. I removed them because God needed me to reach people in the world who would not listen to me unless I got rid of my gauges.


Subject: MOONBIN
Gender: Male
Debut date: 20160223💕
Why should I like him?…: CAUSE YOU JUST SHOULD✊🏼❤️


Tried to make a moonbin vid:-: sorry it came out horrible but it was a new try on a app I got👌🏼



Long and exhausting day today, but the good news is that my students are finally done with the Bible and starting the Odyssey.

I gave them a bit of a break today since they just handed in a paper and did Trojan war/general relevant backstory story time during section. Student reactions prefectly illustrated the difference between my two sections.

Seciont 1: :o :o He ate his own children?? And had sex with his daughter?!?!? WHAAAAAT. Zeus had sex with a lady as a SWAN?? She gave birth to eggs?? :o :o

*as soon I ask if there are questions*

“…did he know she was his daughter?”

“How did Agamamenon make the gods angry?”

“Did Clytemnestra kill Agamemnon herself or did Aegisthus do it?”

“Ok but for real why did Thyestes have to bang his daughter???*

Section 2: *stony silence and blank faces as I recount tales of kinslaying, cannibalism, incest, and divine bestiality*

*no questions*

Inbetween classes

I feel your emotion
I see them too
The look in your eyes says your dieing today
But you casually say that your fine that you just didn’t sleep last night
Why didn’t you sleep my dear?
Please answer me that?
You just say it was the dog
I feel your lies like a hot summer breeze
Nasty and shouldn’t be there
You know I read through them though
But you can’t say the truth
It can’t come from your lips
Awww your lips so beautifully round
So prefectly sculpted to fit your face
To match your eyes with your silly round glass that somehow work perfectly on you and only you…
I sense you shift
I’m probably staring
But the class bell rings
Your gone before I can say goodbye
So I sit.

[12:35:44 AM] Vak nosh: I just remembered we get a A wearable faction pennant from Legion’s PvP system. So I guess we can sorta be Blademasters after all.
[12:42:40 AM] Grand Poobah of Skull Crushing: its weird looking
[12:43:11 AM] Vak nosh: well it should suit you prefectly then

git gud