Only the drunk, know what it’s like to love… Falling down and getting back up, sick to your heart and never knowing, just how long that feeling of chemically induced happiness will ever, really, last. #staystrong #prefectly #imprefect #faith 👸🏽🙏🏽🌌☄🌺✨❣

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Does God "mind" if we get tattoos and stuff or is that like bad?

Yes. God made us perfectly with everything we need. For us to put “art” on our body, even if it is “Christian inspired” art, is a direct smack in the face to the creator. I wouldn’t use the Leviticus laws here, because those are specific laws for specific people. But we must understand the occult origin of tattoos, and the permanence of altering your body. Also, I personally believe it’s a giant waste of money! Instead of spending that money on inking your flesh, you could feed hungry people, buy bibles for people who don’t have one, buy some books by jspark3000, or tblaberge… lol (low key shout out!), etc. God knows the ways of all of our hearts, he will weigh that in the end. In summary: getting tattoos is financially irresponsible, damaging to the body, an insult to the God who created our bodies perfectly, and unwise in every sense of the word. God commands his people (the Israelite’s) not to get tattoos to set them apart from the world. Why is everybody so obsessed with looking like the world? We are children of God; his people. Theirs just no good reason to altar the body unless surgery is NEEDed.

P.S now is a good time to let you know that I once had size Double 0 gauges in my ears. I removed them because God needed me to reach people in the world who would not listen to me unless I got rid of my gauges.


Hi there! Cami here! Sorry for the inactivity again, I’m not having a lot of free time with university and stuff but I’m doing what I can.

Yesterday I watched Fight Club, a 1999 movie by David Fincher based on the Chuck Palahniuks novel by the same name, starring Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter. The story of a man tired of his every day life who seeks ways to rest from it, until he finds the soap maker Tyler Durden and together they will form a fight club under a bar, with other people who also wanted to fight recreationally.

I loved this movie. It had some amazing psychological messages and a reaally good concept: I spent a while thinking how could someone come with such a complex and ingenious idea. The script is great too and the main actors played their roles prefectly. In a few words, it’s a smart movie. Truly a classic that must be seen.

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Is it bad to break up with someone? Like I broke up with my boyfriend cause I wasn't happy with the relationship and with him in general. I hate to say it but he was dragging me down; don't get me wrong he's a great guy, smart, caring, loving.. he was too quiet and I waited to him to open up more but he was holding back a lot. He loved me, and that made it harder to break up with him cause why lead stay and lead him on more? When you know he loves you so much..?

everything you said was a prefectly valid reason to break up. even though you liked him, and thought he was caring, he wasnt opening up enough and you didn’t want to lead him on..

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“You need to stop doing stupid shit like that or you will get yourself killed.”

“Please brother, I only rescued that insufferable knight under the command of the supreme leader, and I had plenty of time in which to do so.” he replied. “You do not need to baby me, Nathaniel. I am prefectly capable of looking after myself.”



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The sleek design of this small magnetic holder is wonderful. It easily attached to my auto, but you can also use it anywhere. The super strong magnet graps your tablet, phone, GPS, or phone and holds it secure with the ability for rotating it 360 degrees. It is easy to apply with included 3M adhesive and has metal plates you attach to your device. I love how handy it is for the auto for hands-free use of your phone. I even use it as a replacement for my broking GPS holder. Since it is so small it is not hardy noticeable in the auto when not in use unlike some of the other big cell phone holders that stick out of vents or stand high on your dash. The magnet is so much stronger with this brand than most as I have tried similar products but they don’t keep my phone from moving around while driving but this is really strong and holds prefectly even if you hit bumps your phone stays put. I am so happy with the SMART & EASY® Plus Magnetic Cell Phone Holder by Smart & Easy.

SMART & EASY® Plus Magnetic Cell Phone Holder| Car Tablet Mount| Magnetic Cradle-less Dash Mount| Suitable For All Phones and Tablets, Samsung Tablets, Nexus, Asus, Lenovo, IPads, IPad Mini

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