Okay a couple of things again because LIli and Cole have made it a mission to kill us all this week:

(starting at 0.27)

  • Lili’s adorable smile while looking at Cole
  • Cole looks DIRECTLY on her lips when she turns to remind him about episode 12. There are inches away from each other and the room isn’t that crowdy or loud, they can perfectly hear each other so there is no need for him to read her lips. it’s pure instict at this point.
  • his goofy expression after that because he most certaintly isn’t thinking about episode 12
  • plus, he remembers prefectly what happens in episode 12 he is just toying with her, the little cheeky bastard
  • Lili’s flattering eyelashes and cute, lovey-dovey expression
  • THE FUCKING WHISPERING, and not a stubtle, prententious one just for the sake of teasing the fans about what big secret is there in Riverdale but a full on, chest against chest, body heat against body heat whispering.
  • I’m fairly convinced that whatever Lili said to him had NOTHING to do with the episode
  • his wide, pleased again, grin
  • the one that’s a little disorientated because he is basking at the fact that his beautiful girlfriend is being all touchy with him, yes, that one
  • him cheekily licking his lips
  • you can see it in that split second before he jerks his head back to pay attention to the interviewer that he gets a tad lost, like the kinda lost you get when the mind shuts down and the body wants to do all the talking
  • the loud YEAH as a knee-jerk reaction of him snapping back into reality
  • Lili’s giggle and her practically being all over him and glued to his chest after that
  • how he becomes this hypervating school boy, typical male behavior when they are smitten and they can’t keep their hands to themselves and they don’t know what to do because there is no blood on their brains but it’s all gathered to other areas, yeah, you know what I’m saying
  • and I would go on about how they look at each other or how about there is zero personal space once again but I don’t want to get repetitve and tiring, you know the deal, they are dating

Goodbye everyone, it was nice knowing you.

Imagine them. Imagine every single detail.

Imagine sitting on his couch.
Look around.
What can you see?
Is it a small cozy place? Or is it a nice modern flat?
Is it a bit messy? Or is it fully tidied and clean?
And what about the colours on the walls? What about the furniture?

Imagine every little detail. Got it? Great, let’s continue.

Now think about your look.
What are you wearing?
Is it one of his tshirts? Or is it your own cozy tshirt?
What about your hair? Do you have them in a ponytail? Or a messy bun, maybe even a braid?
And what about makeup? Are you wearing any or are you keepin it natural?

Imagine it. Think about how you feel comfortable the most.

Now look around again.
Where is he?
Is he sitting next to you? Or is he working behind his desk? Or maybe even cooking some meal in the kitchen?
If he’s sitting next to you, what are you two doing? Are you watching TV, maybe reading books? Or are you just chilling and talking?
If he’s behind his desk, what is he doing? Is he working on something? Or is he just checking his emails?
If he’s in the kitchen, what is he cooking? Is it something healthy? Maybe some vegetables? Or is he more into those fast food kind of meals?
Or maybe he just wants to surprise with some delicious pasta.

Imagine it. Imagine what he’s doing.

Focus on his look now.
What is he wearing?
Is it that favorite outfit of yours? Or is it something comfy? Or maybe he’s topless, trying to impress you with his gorgeous body?
What about his hair? Is it messy or perfectly still?
And what does he smell like?
Can you smell cologne? Or maybe his aftershave? Or can you smell his shampoo and shower gel?

Do you like that smell? I’m sure you do.

Finally, we’re getting to the touchy part.
Imagine his hands. Oh god, imagine them. He wants to touch you.
Where does he touch you? Does he just place his hand over your knee or thigh? Does he place his arm around your waist? Or does he touch your face?

Imagine the heat of his hand when he touches you. Is it comfortable? Well, of course it is.

He’s moving closer, his lips are closer to yours.
Can you see them well? Are they thin or full?
He probably wants to kiss you.
Where does he kiss you? Is it on the neck first? Or does he go straight for your lips
And how does he kiss you?
Does he kiss you slowly at first? Or does he kiss you hard?
Can you feel the desire behind?

That’s right. You’re kissing. Imagine it.

Now what about his lips?
Are they dry or prefectly smooth?
What do they taste like?
Do they taste like coffee? Or maybe tea? Or do they taste like cigarettes?

Focus on your heartbeat now. Is your heart beating faster? Because it should.

Now it’s your turn.
You want to touch him as well, of course.
What are you doing with your arms?
Are you moving them slowly around his back? Are you touching his perfectly shaped stomach? Or are you holding their face, maybe pulling his hair a little?
Does he like it?

You would like it.

That’s why you’re imagining it.

You’re welcome.

BIGBANG React To; Being on Return of Superman

Writer ; ~ MonsterYuYu/ Yuyu ~

A/N ; I just love that show so much..

T.O.P ;

SeungHyun would be very hesitant to accept the invite to appear on TV with his son at first, thinking of all the things that could go wrong in just the first day. He was really not experienced with his kid, handing him to his mother whenever the little baby started to cry because he was clueless what he wanted and you somehow always knew what the baby wanted. You would convince him to accept it, because he wanted to get closer to his baby and also help you take care of it so that’s why he accepted after some months.

The first two days would be difficult, too difficult. It was like an war with his baby, calling you all the time to ask what he should do. But as time passed, he grew to understand what he had to do and what to do to make the baby stop crying.Things were going well, but when his kid started to crawl suddenly one day he wouldn’t know what to do anymore. Yesterday he was just kicking his foot in the air now he was crawling around the house? I feel like he would forget that his kid started to crawl someday and honestly lost him in his own house. Overall he would be a great entertainer, always doing silly faces that sometimes would make his baby laugh and other times cry.

“Wait.. WHERE’S MY BABY? … Oh there you are.”

TaeYang ;

Without even thinking, he gladly accepted. Youngbae knew his daughter well and was expecting to be asked in the show, after he accepted it he told you what he did. Your reaction would change his decision, if you didn’t want it, he would respect it. But he said he was doing it only because he wanted to get closer to you guys daughter and show her more things in life and make her interact with others children her age. He thought he knew what to do prefectly from watching you, but he really didn’t expect everything that was coming his way.

So yes, He would be clueless when things didn’t go his way, he thought he looked like a idiot in the TV, because he was saying how good he would be in the show and how his baby wouldn’t even miss it’s mother, but things took a turn, he didn’t new anything truly expect from playing with his daughter. But that didn’t work as she cried for you,her mother as the minute you walked over the door. She would be banging on the door softly and crying out for you, and Youngbae really didn’t know what to do. After that day, things would softly calm down and he would get along more easily with his daughter and know what she liked, what she didn’t like and these types of things.

“Ya…Mommy will come back later…”

G-Dragon ;

As soon as Jiyong got the invite he was already talking with you ether or not go to the show, he wanted to go but first he wanted you to be sure you were okay with you guys kid on the TV so early. He was a good father, he always helped you and you were sure he would do good. But his daughter was a bit of a cry-baby and she cried really easily because of small things , but that’s because Jiyong spoiled her too much and being on the show, going trough the child psychologist would make him realize that he shouldn’t do everything his daughter wanted at such young age. When you agreed he would happily agree with the contract in the same day.

As expected, Jiyong treated his daughter very well and actually knew what to do in the situations where she cried or even was hungry. Every time you did something to your daughter to eat, he would record it on his mind to do it when you weren’t home and his daughter needed food besides milk. When some people told him that it was not good to spoil the daughter too much, he would have a hard time saying ‘no’ to her and seeing her cry because of it, he hated seeing her cry and every time he had to take her to the medic or to the dentist he would feel bad seeing his child crying or in any pain so he couldn’t stay with they whenever he had to go.

“So.. i spoil her too much?.. I’ll try to stop… try.. ”

Daesung ;

As soon as he got the invite, Daesung didn’t really want to go at first, not because he didn’t know how to take care of his son but yes because he wanted hid son to live a life out of the cameras, Would only accept after a year to be honest, because he noticed that he hadn’t been that much active and present father, so he would accept it taking that in mind. Also, he thought about you taking a break for a while and that pratically made up his mind and he decided to attend the show.

He would be more into the playfully husband and father, but would surely know what to do when his son started to cry. Would love when other members of Return of Superman came to his house with their babies, he adored seeing his son so happy and running around, Daesung wants his son to grow more kinder than smart and that’s was his plan for him, teaching him stranger danger and how to share things. Even if he was still on the show for a long time, he would feel a bit surprised seeing cameras everywhere when he just wake up, it’s not always that it happens. But actually he was more afraid that the cameras were invading you both privates life and your child’s life more than getting surprised by it, he would think a lot. But would always do the show, succeeding on being a father and always making his little one smile in delight.

“ Whyyyyyyy?~ Whyyyyyyy are you crying?~~~ Daddy is going to be sad!~”

Seungri ;

The only word to describe how Seungri was, is definitely excited. He would always be taking care of his child and always watched the Return of Superman, when he got the invite he would talk over to yoy at first, but a quick talk, just asking you if he and your daughter could be on the show. You can’t say no, that’s a basic. He will be staring at you with those exciting and puppy eyes trying to win you over and we both know that we can’t resist anyway. It would take only a few weeks before he was on the show, in the middle of this he would learn more new things with you about the baby.

Seungri would love to have a lot of babies around, just kinda of inviting his daughters friends over with their mothers acceptance of course, It would be practically a baby’s sleepover and he didn’t mind one bit taking care of that many children. In fact, I guess seungri would be a guy who wants at least two kids and this experience would be kinds of leading him more to have more children with you. Would find amusing when his child noticed the cameras and started walking around with it following her each step. He would love to be out with his daughter, she would receive attention from everyone, from the granny’s who watched the show, from his fans and a lot of more people who thought she was absolutely stunning for a baby. In general, he would get pretty well on the show because he already take care of the baby without the cameras.

“That’s a camera! Look it’s following you! Run from it! Run!”

truth or dare

a/n: im having extreme writers block right now i cant think of anything to write and sometimes just writing thru it is whats best but i c a nt please bear with me. its so cheesy and so cliche but i need to get out of this slump lol

Much like on the regular, you found yourself sitting in a circle on your best friends’ tour bus with said friends completing the shape. You regretfully agreed to play Truth or Dare with your four best friends; but when Luke flashed you that charming smile of his, you couldn’t say no. 

The order of the circle went you, Luke to your right, then Ashton, Calum, leaving Michael to your left. 

“Okay, (y/n), truth or dare?” Michael said, turning from his position directly next to you, asking the first question of the game. 

You hesitate but decide to play it safe with a truth. You never know what kind of dare he would make you play. “Truth,” you smile, wondering what he is going to ask. 

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- Lucius and Bruce work together prefectly at Wayne Enterprise. Hardly ever have problems.
- The kids not so much
-Both Luke and Dick dont want to work in that part of the family business but will if needed.
- Tim and Tamara at least wait till they are in the office without others before they argue.
- Damian and Tiffany just argue loudly at the board meetings.

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When medicine ruins art... you get a failure of the heart.

I keep coming across really cute chibi drawings of characters, only some artists draw the feet and ankles/lower legs chunky in a cute way. Which can really fit their styles.

Except my brain keeps messing up and interpreting it as severe bilateral pedal oedema, so lately every time I come across prefectly reasonble artworks looking like this, all I can think about is how much furosemide I’d write them up for.

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“ I  can understand why you wouldn’t want me around because of all this. As I mentioned before, I’ve been living like a nomad before meeting you so I’m prefectly capable of taking care of myself. “

“But what I don’t get, is why you’re trying so hard to find fault. Like you’re finding every possible reason to dispose of me. We haven’t worked that many cases- but I thought we at least had some neutral grounds.”

((i love this ask))

“Say, tell me. What’s Arthur’s deal? To be honest, I’m only complying to be nice to Arthur for letting me crash his place. But I thought we were already passed this point of trust?”

“Well I AM partly to blame for that. It’s really not my place to say, but you can’t blame him too much… Trust isn’t Arthur’s strong suit. Even though we’re friends, there are times he still has trouble accepting me. Which is why I’m surprised he took you in so quickly, but also thankful that he has you looking after him.”

“I don’t think it’s fair that I never once questioned you for your past. Nor have gone against your word. Yet I’m here on trial. I believe you owe me and explanation at the least.”

“This isn’t what I- *sigh* Perhaps I have been going about this all wrong afterall…”

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Can you tell me about this Remus x Regulus hc of yours?


  • so listen. when Regulus is 5th year he gets chosen a prefect bc he’s the golden boy of slytherin, you know who else is prefect? Remus Lupin. 

  • they do rounds and prefectly duties together and they’re both like “wow he’s actually not that bad??”

  • Remus brings him chocolate frogs and wipes the smudges off Regs face w his thumb *screams*

  • but u know how Remus is so he’s always pulling back, like keeping Reg in an arms distance, bc hello he’s a werewolf and Regs in blood purist gangs oh boy this is never gonna end well

  • Regulus thinks it’s bc he’s in the junior death eater squad so he always talks abt how he’s doing what he has to and deep convos like that.

  • Reggie is so so gay he’s pining so bad imagine this

  • then the prank happens.

  • Snape tells Regulus what happened in a fit of anger and everything finally makes sense to Reg, Remus’ monthly illnesses, james & sirius being overly protective, Remus keeping his distance, everything

  • listen, Regulus is smol emo baby so he has this angst period where he’s super conflicted bc Remus isn’t like anything he’s ever heard about werewolfs?? 

  • at the end he decides that maybe not everything he’s been told is true. so he tells Remus that he knows and he doesn’t care- no listen Remus, he really doesn’t care and he still likes him just as much, maybe even more

  • Remus’ is already upset abt the prank and he likes Regulus so much that he can’t fight it anymore *insert heavy snogging*

  • but ofc they have to keep this a secret bc Sirius and Regulus aren’t talking and Remus is a halfblood also they’re in rival houses.

  • secret relationship ensues, snogging in alcoves, arms brushing when they’re walking past each other, sneakily gazing at each other, the whole package

  • when Remus graduates Regulus still has a year left and w/o Remus he gets sucked in to the dark magic and bad crowds even worse

  • they write each other letters with pseudonyms, Romulus & Little King, Reg secretly loves his nickname but denies it.

  • at this time Remus’ is on undercover missions and he can’t tell Regulus, but Reg knows he’s doing some dangerous stuff so whenever a letter is late Reg’s Freaking Out™

  • when the whole ordeal w Voldemort happens and Regulus dies Remus is crushed. so he starts going to more and more undercover missions, therefore Sirius starts suspecting him bc no one else is out this much??

  • then october 31st happens and Remus loses the last people he has ever loved 

  • imagine angst filled years where Remus thinks both Black brothers left him for the dark side, yes you may cry

  • fast forward a few years, the second order of the phoenix is cleaning grimmauld place, Remus volunteers to take Regulus’ room

  • guess what he finds there? letters. like a shit ton of letters that are worn out from being read too much. also unsent letters from Regulus that say he’s scared, that he’s in it too deep and doesn’t know what to do, the last ever letter in that pile says “I’m gonna try to do what’s right for once.”

  • that night Remus drinks his ass off, later Sirius joins him and Remus breaks down and tells him everything. they talk about Regulus and cry together.

  • there’s more but im tired. i hope u didnt expected a happy ending bc i told u this was a tragedy 

    my pretty Lily Flower @peppermintdrarry helped me come up with these and i love her so credit to her too ok

You know why this video is the most precious thing on the planet? It has Black Sails, smiles and positivity

toebeanz replied to your post “Ah could u tag the q slur please? thank you”

Yo, as another queer person thanks for not agreeing to let people call us a slur. I hate it so much when I see other queer people get bullied into essentially having to deny their identity because someone else doesn’t understand what queer really means or the history of it or that pretty much any word for non straight or non cis people has been used as a slur

I think that yes, it is a slur and to some lgbt+ people it can obviously be upsetting to see / hear. They’re prefectly entitled not to want to be called queer if they don’t want to be, and to avoid the use of the word / blacklist it ect. 

But I also think people who use queer as an identity are entitled to not have to tag their identity as a slur, and have to put their own comfort and identity aside for someone else’s comfort. 

People act like it can only be one or the other, when both sides can be right and valid in their arguments….

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why is ike there

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My odd stim is wrapping cords and getting them prefectly right and all the same length. I work for the tech rental space at my school and I get to wrap so many cords and organize all the electronics, it's heaven.

ohhh, thank sounds nice!!

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you're blog is so wonderful :) I was wondering if you had any recs that had a posessive/jealous sirius? don't mind if the relationship is established or not :)

Aw, thank you! Here are some jealous/possessive sirius fics for you: