harry potter au part 1 + obianidala

When headmaster Palpatine takes a special in Slytherin prefect Anakin Skywalker, the rest of the school must rush to figure out his intentions. Leave it to prefects Padmé and Obi-Wan from the houses Ravenclaw and Gryffindor to discover the ill-intent behind the man’s interest in their friend. House rivalry knows no bounds and Anakin has been misinformed by the headmaster, turned against his friends in their attempts to stop the headmaster and have him removed. With knowledge, creativity, bravery, and nerve the two will embark on a mission to restore Hogwarts to its former glory prior to the tyranny of Palpatine and set their friend free and back on the right path. Feat: Ravenclaw head of house Yoda who offers strong criticism and advice, badass defense against the dark arts teacher Mace, and Slytherin first year Ahsoka Tano who provides ample information on Skywalker. Oh and Hufflepuff prefect Bail who just wants to help honestly.

the obianidala can be seen as romantic or platonic, whatever floats your boat.

IRAQ. Basra governorate. Near Umm Qasr. March 16, 2009.

“I was watching the light — and the day — slipping away from me as I flew to Camp Bucca, a U.S. military prison in southern Iraq. Bad light and military censorship; the day, I feared, would be a waste. By the time I got through the required briefing and finally commenced the prison tour my mood was as gray as the light. As night fell, my frustration at its heights, I happened upon an area of the camp whose centerpiece was a pathway for guards with prisoner tents on either side. At the end of the path I spotted detainees, in perfect formation, praying in front of a guard tower. All I had to do was to stop at the right place; a scene rife with symbolism, in prefect composition and contrast, presented itself before my lens. It was a breathtaking moment that will stay with me forever.”

Photograph: Dusan Vranic/AP

Camp Bucca has been described as playing an important role in shaping ISIS. The detention of large numbers of Jihadists and ex-Ba’athists during the Iraqi insurgency provided them with the opportunity to forge alliances and learn from each other, combining the ideological fervour of the former with the organizational skills of the latter. Former Camp Bucca detainees who went on to become leaders in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant include Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Daesh; Abu Muslim al-Turkmani, al-Baghdadi’s deputy; Haji Bakr, who spearheaded ISIL’s expansion into Syria; Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi, the military leader responsible for planning the seizure of Mosul; and Abu Ayman al-Iraqi, another senior military leader. Abu Mohammad al-Julani, who founded the Syrian Al Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front, was also a Camp Bucca detainee.

House Cup Announcement

We have decided the dates for the House Cups!

You voted to have four House Cups every year, and we can now confirm exactly when each Cup will be held. 

The 1st Term is from the 1st of September to the 30th of November.

The 2nd Term is from the 1st December to the 28th of February.

The 3rd Term is from the 1st of March to the 31st of May. 

The 4th Term is from the 1st of June to the 31st of August. 

The main motivation for these dates was to keep the dates as close to various countries’ school terms as possible, and our Prefects agreed that to start the first term on the 1st of September brings that sense of Harry Potter magic. 

We are open to changing the names for each term, however, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know! Also…

This year, we will have an extra term. For now, we will refer to it as the “Original Cup”.

This is because the Harry Potter Studyblr Community has been running for several months now, and we decided to have an individual Cup in order to celebrate everyone who has helped to make this community what it is, and so that the points already earned have more value. 

We will announce the winner of the Original Cup on the 31st of August. The blog colours will change to those of the winning House, and the winning House will, of course, take its place in the Trophy Room.

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“You might belong in Hufflepuff,

Where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,

And unafraid of toil.”

Kim Jiyeon (Kei) – 5th Year, Prefect

The Flower Goddess of Hogwarts. No one in their right mind would deny the title that has been crowned to Jiyeon. Though a fair number of jealous students spread a rumor that Jiyeon is a fake person, never did Jiyeon shows a negative side of her. Chosen as the Prefect of Hufflepuff, Jiyeon always try to be a good example to other students. Her friendly and gentle personality doesn’t mean she is less strict. Some account of Hufflepuff students said that Jiyeon can be ‘scary’ when she scolds them for breaking a rule, telling them off while maintaining her smile. She dotes on Sujeong who she considers as her destined duet partner. Apart from her friendship with the Hufflepuff students, Jiyeon is also well-known for her quite ‘interesting’ circle of friends. She befriends Seungcheol the enthusiastic Gryffindor, Jisoo the strict Ravenclaw, and Jeonghan the eccentric Slytherin.    

Kwon Soonyoung (Hoshi) – 4th Year, Chaser

Soonyoung, the energetic friendly Hufflepuff boy who knows most of the Hogwarts residents by names. He is the type of person who would greet everyone he meets and people often sees him chatting with the potraits and ghosts as well. Soonyoung is also known as a hardworking person. In his 1st Year, he almost failed his Flying class. He worked hard to make it up for his final exam and now Flying becomes his expertise. Soonyoung was chosen as Hufflepuff Chaser in his 3rd Year and is the ace of Hufflepuff Quidditch Team. Soonyoung and Sujeong are half-siblings, hence the different surname. His father passed away when his mother was pregnant with him. She re-married when he was 3 months old, and not long after that, Sujeong was born. His mother calls him Hoshi as she considers him as her guidance star when she was at her darkest time. Soonyoung loves his family so much that he carries their family pictures in his robe pocket.      

Lee Seokmin (Dokyeom) – 3rd Year

The mood maker, Lee Seokmin, is loved by many students. Seokmin is a muggle-born wizard who still finds every magical things fascinating. He grew up with the Kwon-Ryu sibling that their mother practically sees him as her own child. Mrs. Kwon-Ryu is the one who explained him and his family about the wizarding world and assure his parents that Hogwarts is a good and safe school. Seokmin is part of the Frog Choir, his strong vocal earned him a couple of solo parts which moved people who hears it. He usually practices his vocal with the accompaniment of his childhood friend, Sujeong, guitar. He is also good friends with Mingyu and Minghao from Gryffindor and is the middle-man between the two. It’s not rare to see Seokmin getting frustrated over the two best friend bickering, and eventually gives up on stopping them at the end. On his 3rd year, Seokmin replaced Soonyoung position as quidditch commentator and is partnered with Boo Seungkwan.  

Ryu Sujeong – 3rd Year

‘Bread-cheek Sujeongie!’ is what her brother called her when she first joined Hufflepuff table after her sorting ceremony. The nickname sticks until today and she could not do anything but accept it. Sujeong is also part of the Frog Choir with Seokmin and Jiyeon. She once proposed to have a Rock n’ Roll session, but Professor Flitwick and Jihoon ‘the producer’ quickly turn down her idea. Hufflepuff students remembers how Sujeong took it hard and plays sad and melancholy songs in the common room for a month. Sujeong is also known for being good at her studies and likes to share her knowledge with others. She first conducted a study session when Seokmin, Mingyu and Minghao are failing their Astronomy class. It became popular among her year-students that she held it regularly before the exam season. Her friend once told her that she should have been placed in Ravenclaw instead. Sujeong disapprove the idea and told her that she is a proud Hufflepuff.  

Having been endlessly patronised by a prefect - in the year above me and so barely my senior - lecturing me at great length about my behaviour, I then have to bend over at his command. He whacks the prefect’s cane across the seat of my shorts with youthful vigour, clearly relishing his power over me.

Glenn and Maggie as amazing parents

Watching season six and it’s painfully obvious that Glenn and Maggie ARE going to be the best parents a child could want.

Let me get started with Alexandria first of all. This is a community that has serious potential for a real, normal life for the survivors after all the shit they’ve been put through. It has electricity, it has land for food, it has houses untouched by the apocalypse, it’s clean etc.

It’s pretty much prefect. And then you have peeps like Rick who take issue with it because they don’t think it’s strong enough, the people aren’t strong enough. So on and on. But Glenn and Maggie are above that. Yes they might realise that the likes of Nicholas aren’t strong enough. But THEY are still giving it a shot, because it’s their future. They are trying to make it work whilst Rick and his trusted peeps are going behind people’s backs plotting some plan or another.

Glenn is able to forgive Nicholas for what he did to him, and is willing to give him another chance. He gives Maggie, his equal, the option as to how she should take the news. And after thinking about it, she agrees to give him another chance. Because of how things were like with Tara.

So not only do they see the potential in Alexandria, they see potential in the people that were already there. They would show their child to forgive and see the best in people, and they make the decision to have this child when they think things are 100% safe.

Because they believe…

And it’s not just that either. They do have to get their hands dirty too. Because it’s tough work running that community, and keeping it safe. And hard work is something Glenn and Maggie have NEVER shied away from. Glenn goes on the herd quarry plan and Maggie stays behind to motivate Deanna to keep on being strong for her people.

All of this is not just for themselves at the present moment, but for the people of Alexandria and their friends and their unborn baby and the future that awaits them all. They see potential and they are making that potential succeed.

When Glenn fails to return, Maggie prepares to face the possibility he’s dead. She needs to know, one way or another. Because she can’t just wait around for him when she’s got their child to think about. Aaron manages to restore her optimism in that he will make it (and he does) but it just goes to show that Maggie keeps on going despite the horrible shit for her family’s sake.

Little baby Hershel Jr. already has great parents and it hasn’t even been a month yet…

And Glenn, during this run after narrowly surviving getting eaten; runs into Enid and once again this “seeing the best/potential” in people comes into play when he doesn’t want her sticking around Alexandria. Because Glenn “saves people, that’s what he does.” And Enid is just a child, and he doesn’t like the idea of leaving her out there in the horrible world. He’s already extremely overprotective of the vulnerable and Enid isn’t even his responsibility.

After their big reunion and the time jump, Maggie shows the same traits in that she offers Enid to come stay with them as a thank you for everything she did for Glenn. She never forgets the kindness of others, not ever.

But food is running out, and it worries the pair of them. And this is when the real test as parents come into play. Because they need to make some pretty damn horrible choices to give a brilliant life for the baby. Dealing with a tyrant and his army is something Glenn and Maggie have had experience in before, but this time that tyr at stands in the way of their child and future life.

As a result, we have Glenn:

- Killing a man for the first time despite how he feels about killing others.
- He then proceeds to kill multiple men in the saviour compound.

We have Maggie:

- Dealing with a man who more than makes her uncomfortable. (Side:note, remember Maggie has been sexually assaulted by the Governor so this would have brought back unwanted memories).
- Going out to fight in a battle, because the gain is worth more than the risks.

They are facing the saviours head on because they are horrible people and they are going to come for them sooner or later, and they will prevent their baby from having a life that is happy and normal. So they do this stuff that they are extremely uncomfortable with just to give their baby a chance.

All of this || is a reason why it will be extreme bullshit if Glenn dies like he does in the comics. Because Glenn and Maggie fought tooth and nail for this child that isn’t even out of the womb yet. And they will continue to do so.

Hogwarts in 2016
  • Student:And who's that?
  • Prefect:Oh that's Peeves the Poltergeist
  • Peeves:*in the background* My name's Jeff
  • Prefect:Peeves mate, that's so last year
  • Peeves:At least I don't play Pokemon Go, running around the castle and screaming at everyone to get out your road because this is urgent
  • Prefect:
  • Peeves:
  • Student:
  • Peeves:
  • McGonagall:
  • McGonagall:I found Pikachu
  • Prefect:Goddamn it

James bribing Remus to talk him up to Lily on their prefect rounds by spelling Remus’ pocket to produce a chocolate frog every time he compliments James. Remus taking advantage of the situation almost immediately because chocolate?

“Lily have you ever noticed how James’ eyes just seem to gleam in the moonlight? Oh you’ve never seen James’ beautiful eyes in the moonlight? You should get on to that.”

“Yes, Pads, that was very impressive… Not as impressive as James though— ouch!”

“Professor, the answer is James Potter because he is everything.”

“Take your shirt off, Potter! What? It’s quidditch, not a bloody church… Sorry Professor McGonagall.”

“What the hell do you mean I have to try harder? Its only the bloody morning, she’s not going to fall in love with you over the course of one breakfast! Fucking fine, ahem, JAMES POTTER HAS THE BIGGEST, MOST GLORIOUS GENETALIA OF ANY I HAVE EVER SEE—mrphff.”


“You could say I got a lot to live up to. Bill and Charlie have already left – Bill was head boy and Charlie was captain of Quidditch. Now Percy’s a prefect. Fred and George mess around a lot, but they still get really good marks and everyone thinks they’re really funny. Everyone expects me to do as well as the others, but if I do, it’s no big deal, because they did it first.” (x)


I’m the sixth in our family to go to Hogwarts. You could say I got a lot to live up to. Bill and Charlie have already left – Bill was head boy and Charlie was captain of Quidditch. Now Percy’s a prefect. Fred and George mess around a lot, but they still get really good marks and everyone thinks they’re really funny. Everyone expects me to do as well as the others, but if I do, it’s no big deal, because they did it first.

i’ve been thinking about the kids at hogwarts playing pokemon go and what a disaster the school would be

  • students flying around the grounds on broomsticks trying to catch flying pokemon
  • “hagrid we need to borrow one of the first year boats there’s a blastoise in the middle of the lake”
  • mcgonagall threatening to and then actually transfiguring phones into rocks because kids won’t stop playing during class
  • “students are reminded that the forbidden forest is off limits i don’t care what pokemon are in there, the woods are dark and full of things that will kill you.”
  • kids from different houses trying to break into other house dorms to get pokemon
  • kids from different houses switching phones so they can get different pokemon from all the dorms
  • certain pokemon only showing up in certain rooms of the room of requirement so kids camp out in front of it during their time off waiting
  • sitting around on the moving staircase until the stairs move towards a pokemon
  • each house has it’s own gym right outside their common rooms and there is an eternal struggle for prefects to keep kids from sneaking out in the middle of night to have gym battles
  • the dueling club becomes half wizarding duels half just a pokemon go club
  • there’s a gym inside the headmaster’s office and kids keep getting themselves in trouble so they can get sent up there to overtake it
  • screencapping ghost pokemon with the actual school ghosts
  • hagrid drops lures near his hut and the kids come down there to hang out with him and end up learning about all the creatures he takes care of
  • “you can’t come in here we are in the middle of class” “okay but there’s a chansey in here” “10 points from slytherin go back to your dorm”
  • hogsmeade days are CRAZY because it’s a chance to finally catch new pokemon and the younger students are devastated that they can’t go
  • every single hidden passage way is discovered by kids who are pokemon hunting
  • harry does his kids a solid and reenchants the maruaders map to also show where pokemon are 

oops I’m garbage! 

okay but for real tho, hogwarts overwatch au???? dva is the youngest most kickass quidditch chaser with a million fans, tracer is seeker obvs (lucio is seeker for hufflepuff) pharah is beater (JUSTICE) mercy is her ravenclaw doctor gf that is always looking for new magical medical advances. tracer and widowmaker make out in the prefects bathroom

Sirius Black's favourite things about Remus Lupin

-How Remus looks a two goody shoes prefect and is actually terrifying. He always thinks of the best pranks, he curses like an old sailor (James learnt his first swear from Remus)

-How everyone thinks Remus loves chocolate because he carries them with him just all the time. He has constantly atleast 3 chocolate bars with him. He used them as incentives when he tutors other students

-How everyone who spends just give minutes with Remus has a crush on the lanky boy with curls, awkward elbows and a lopsided grin

-How Remus always (ALWAYS) smells of tea and lemon (from his shower gel)

-How Remus forgave him after the Prank.

-How Remus acts when he’s drunk. He talks a lot, without any filter. “Sirius’ hair is so pretty and so long. Just really really nice to hold on to when we are-”

“Okay goodbye Dorcas”

-How Remus constantly wears sweaters. He has 3 layers of sweaters at any time in him.

-How Remus is ridiculously tall. Sirius‘ arms wound themselves around his middle. Remus has to crouch when they kiss.

-How Remus just knows when Sirius has a bad day. How he comforts him with hugs, kisses, cuddles, chocolate and stories. The wildest stories, always with a character called Padfoot (and sometimes one called Moony)

-Sirius Black just loves Remus Lupin. He could not unlove him, even if he tried or wanted to.