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Imagine Mycroft x reader cuddling after sex or pillow talk please? :*

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As the rain gently cascades down the window in the fading afternoon light Mycroft settles in closer to his fiancé and recounts his blessings.

How could he manage to have such a prefect woman enter his life and not only want to be part of it but to have a starring role in it beside him.

Tangled in the silken sheets and slowly drying from their early excursions Mycroft counts the ways.

How could he despite his grim upbringing found an individual so alluring, so intelligent, so caring and kind to walk with him along the shadows running his life only to chase them out with her light?

How could he not only be so fortunate to have not only her good grace but her love, a love so divine that it has him quaking under the sheets in a cold sweat despite just having a round not too long ago.

Prior to meeting her Mycroft would have been had pressed to find any beauty to the falling rain on a summery evening such as this but with her bodily pressed behind him Mycroft cannot find anything more magical than this moment.

He can feel her chest softly rise and fall against his back, her heartbeat, although realistically silent to his naked ears hums in one of the sweetest lullabies and her heat a solid reminder that this was all real.

Her scent it otherworldly to him as she clings closer to him and digs her naked leg further between the hallow of his thighs.

No this wasn’t some fevered wet dream from a young man broken by the death that nearly tore his family apart or one from a lonely man trying to grow into a part that most could not ever hope to carry.

No, this was real.

This beautiful creature spooning him from behind and gently, slowly rubbing his thigh was truly not a figment of his sad overactive imagination.

She was wonderful.

She was his life.

She was still rubbing his thigh.

She was the light of his life that other than Sherlock made very little means to him.

She was still rubbing his thigh but now that he notices it her hand had strayed a bit lower to more interested parties.

Trying to turn Mycroft finds that she’s already at his ear, mouth poised above it and says in a husky taunting whisper, “Are you ready to go again?”

How am I blessed? Let me count the ways Mycroft thinks merrily as he turns around fully to embrace her once again.

Life was beautiful especially when you’ve found love.