prefect relationship

anonymous asked:

do you ever feel pressure to like be "prefect" in your relationship because you made it public and you share your relationship with your followers?

absolutely not. I guess in the back of mind I’ve been like “gee it’d be really awkward if we broke up and I think a few people might legit cry” but everything we share - how sappy and gross and happy we are - that’s all real and genuine. We have our disagreements and general bad days as a couple but I love her so much and I want to be with her forever, and because I don’t get to share that yet with everyone in my life outside of Tumblr, it’s been a wonderful outlet to have people on here support us and have people to share with and talk with publicly and privately about our relationship.

I’ve mentioned a few times how hard it can be sometimes because I’m not out to my parents yet and I feel like that can be a major stressor, but I also hate bringing it up because people have been real assholes and saying things like “just tell them it’s no big deal!” and “if I can come out to my homophobic parents then so can you!” It’s not helpful and supportive at all and the fact is I honestly cannot tell how they’ll react - especially my dad who has said how “he likes how in some cultures they kill people for being gay.” But that’s a whole different rant. Bottom line: don’t tell me when or how to come out thx!

But yeah, that’s the long answer I guess.


You said you liked watches.