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request: “Hi. Could I ask for 14, 15 & 16 with Draco x reader. Also I love your writing. It’s so amazing and well done. Thank you xoxo” — by anon

a/n: thank you 💓 hope you like this as much i liked writing it hehe

14. “Who in the right mind would trust me?”
15. “This is the part where I tell you to mind your damn business.”
16. “Wow. True love sucks.”

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    Late night sneaking out has been your thing ever since your second year at Hogwarts. You didn’t particularly know why you loved doing it, you just knew that the thrill of running around the castle with Filch and Mrs Norris hot on your trail gave you such a rush. That’s why whenever it was the last day of the week, you would take it as a job to go out of your common room at midnight to go to the Astronomy tower or maybe even the Black Lake if you were feeling up to it.

    Though it was no question that ever since Umbridge became Headmistress of Hogwarts, it weren’t only two people (or cat, for Mrs Norris’ case) that were your concerns, it also happened to be the Inquisitorial Squad who also roamed around the corridors even when everybody was fast asleep, making your habit hard to do.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” the usual drawling voice called from beside you just as you stepped outside your house’s common room, Draco Malfoy leaning casually on the wall. “Sneaking out again, Y/L/N?” he smirked.

     You gladly returned the gesture.

    “Malfoy, what a surprise. Shouldn’t you be sleeping right now?” you asked innocently, unfazed by the fact that he was a Prefect and a member of the Inquisitorial Squad.

    He chuckled. “I should be asking you the same thing.”

   "Well, I’m sad for you because you ain’t getting an answer.“ you winked.

    Draco straightened his posture and walked towards you, pulling you towards him so that you stood closer to his body. "I miss you, you know.”
    You rolled your eyes at him, your boyfriend for over a year now, while he grinned. “It’s that pink toad’s fault we can’t see each other properly — and let me remind you that you’re working with her now.”

    He kissed your forehead. “I’m only doing that to get on her good side, of course.” he gently let go of you in case his colleagues would see, since you and Draco weren’t even supposed to be within arm’s reach because of the dumb rule Umbridge gave Hogwarts. “Which brings me to my previous question, are you sneaking out again?”

    Draco, of course, knew about your late night adventures that at some point, he even joined you despite not being really keen on breaking some rules. He knew that if his father somehow found out that he wasn’t doing well in school, Lucius would be disappointed and probably pressure him even more.

    But when he was with you, he didn’t care. He was happy and you were the exact reason behind it.

    “Maybe.” you shrugged. “Not going to stop me, are you?”

    “Frankly, I am.”

    You raised your eyebrows at him. “I see that you’re finally learning to betray me, Draco.”

    He chuckled. “Don’t be dramatic, I’m doing it for your own good. I know what Umbridge does to those students who get caught and if you get caught, I wouldn’t be able to stop her.”

    “But I won’t get caught.” you insisted. “Besides, don’t you trust me?” you took a step closer and held both of his hands.

    Draco cocked an eyebrow. “Are you seriously asking me that question?”

    You broke off into a grin, aware that Draco was well educated on how you were so mischievous and daring. “Yeah, you’re right, I wouldn’t trust me either. Who in the right mind would trust me?

    “No one.” he played along and the both of you quietly chuckle. “Okay, can you now please go back to bed?”

    “Draco, I’m going to the Astronomy Tower.”

    “You’re not. This is the part where you go back your common room and sleep.”

    “No, this is the part where I tell you to mind your damn business.” you bluntly replied.

    He sighed. “You do realize that you are included in my business and that I have the right to command you to go back now both as a Prefect and a boyfriend, right?”

    You snorted. “Hate to break it to you but you’re not my mum so —”

    “Y/N, please.” he cut you off. “I’m really trying hard here.”

    “Fine, if you don’t want me to sneak off alone, come with me instead.”

    Draco looked at you as if you were joking, apparently realizing soon after that you weren’t because of your determined expression.

    “You’re serious?” asked Draco.

    You looked around you as if to catch anyone looking, “Yes, Malfoy. Let’s runaway together.”

    He still had a hard time processing your proposal in his head. “Y/N, I love you but —”

    “Wow. True love sucks.” you didn’t let him finish his statement. “That’s literally all I’m going to say if you say you love me but you can’t risk getting caught.”

    “Y/N …”

    You sighed, dropping his hands and wrapping your arms around his torso instead. “Come on, love. Just this one night. I promise you won’t regret it tomorrow.”

    Draco thought about it for a few more seconds, in the same time enjoying your embrace. Finally, with a grit of his teeth, he slowly nodded which brought a big smile to your face.

    “Yes!” you kissed his cheek. “Now, come on, before someone else catches on. We’ve been on that spot for ages …”

    And as you drag him along, he couldn’t help but think that you were really his perfect match. You balanced him out, let him do something that was completely out of his comfort zone. He didn’t actually want to admit it to others but he was also starting to change his views and perspective in certain topics because of you. You kept him sane and for that, he didn’t know how to be thankful enough.

BTS Reaction: When you tell them you are “used to it” when they admit they cheated on you (requested)

***This was original done on my main blog a year ago, but since I made this new one I am posting it here***

I am doing this reaction based on the assumption that they still love you and consider what they did to be a “mistake” and that they still want to be with you.

Rap monster:

Rap monster would feel like shit hearing you say the words “I’m used to it”. He felt  bad enough that he broke your heart to begin with  because he knew that you were such a great person who he loved alot, but then to hear you say that, he felt like more of an asshole. You were someone that meant alot to him and he felt you deserved the world, so he could not help but hate himself over that fact that he couldn’t have been that “better someone” for you. After revealing his truth, he wouldn’t say too much, nothing more than the facts, he wouldn’t to bend the truth or make up excuses nor would he beg you to forgive him. Instead, he would just let you vent at him, knowing he deserved the hate he was getting from you.

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For Suga, hearing you say those words would affect him to the point where it would make his body ache. There was no doubt in his mind that he loved you and he never wanted to be the one to hurt you. Knowing he was in the wrong, he would remain silent, he would just keep everything bottled up inside and fight the urge to try and beg you to forgive him. If you wanted to break up with him, he would let you. He would prefer you be happy with someone else, someone that wouldn’t hurt you the way he did.

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Chances were that with Jin, the topic of your cheating exes had come up one one point. Jin being Jin might have also promised that he would never hurt you the way they did and promised to just never hurt you in general. You were his “princess” and he swore to treat you as such. Of course, hearing you say those words to him would make him feel horrible and would most likely shed a few tears. He would hate himself for breaking his promises to you and being just as bad as the other guys that hurt you. Even though he knew his words would meaning nothing at this point, he would still try to say what he could to try and fix the situation and make up for what he did.

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Like with Jin, Jimin mostly likely would know about your dating past. This would be the reason he would hold off on telling you the truth about his own cheating. It was something that torn him up inside and when he finally let it all out just to be reminded of how bad he fucked up, he would feel like the scum of the earth. And like Suga, he too would stay silent. He would himself back from begging you to forgive him no matter how much he still loved you. He knew what he did was something that was unforgivable after knowing your previous relationships, so he would let you break up with him. Even is he felt empty without you, it was a punishment he deserved.

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After admitting to cheating in you and then hearing you say you were “used to it”, V would be shocked. the topic of exes was probably never spoken between the two of you so, hearing those words was the first in learning you had been cheated on multiple times before. Prior to this fact, he had already planned this whole speech to win you back and was ready for some intense graveling until you forgave him, but after hearing you out, he gave up on all that. He figured you wouldn’t be willing to give him another chance after been having been hurt so many times before and now by him. He would feel bad that you were hurt before and he didn’t know about it. the guilt in him would grow more. He would just wish for the best at this point, just hoping you wouldn’t completely be out of his life. He loved you too much to not want to be without you in some way.

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Jhope would be the most expressive when it came to you saying those words. He would be that one to for sure beg you to stay with him. He would feel so horrible about the whole thing and he would just be in tear from the second he admitted to it to after the whole conversation was over. He would repeatedly apologize for it and keep begging. However, if you decided to end things with him, he would understand and just keep hating himself for ruining everything. 

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Jungkook would really hate himself, probably more so compared to the rest of the members. You were his first girlfriend. He always imagined that when he started dating he would be the prefect boyfriend, so when you two started dating, he held himself up to a high standard. He wanted to make sure that he would make sure you never anymore, but in the end he let you down and he let himself down. He would be desperate in trying to get you back and it would be a long while until he would finally move on and let you be happy without him.

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Ghostbusters Hogwarts Headcanons

-Erin and Abby are muggleborns, Holtz is a half-blood, Patty is a pure-blood, and Kevin is a Squib (but he’s the ground keeper’s assistant because the Headmaster felt bad for him)

-Holtz is an Animagus and can turn into a blonde tabby cat

-Holtz’s favorite subjects are Potions (cause it’s easy to make things explode and Professor Gorin is there) and Muggle Music, her least favorite is herbology but only because in the first class she was attacked by like six of the plants

-Erin’s favorite subjects are Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms, her least favorite is Astronomy

-Abby’s favorite subjects are History of Magic and Charms, her least favorite is Flying because it scares her and she’s relieved it’s not required past first year

-Patty’s favorite subjects are Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures, her least favorite is Dark Arts because it reminds her of the history of discrimination against half-bloods and although she may love history she hates discrimination

-All of them take the extra-curricular class Ghoul Studies once the squad comes together. They love it

-Erin and Abby grew up together, and Abby was the first one to believe Erin’s stories about being able to do magic

-Erin had to run away with Abby to go to Hogwarts because Erin’s parents didn’t believe her about the letter, even after Abby showing them she had one too

-Holtz and Abby are both Hufflepuff, Patty is a Gryffindor, and Erin is a Slytherin

-Erin always wears her uniform exactly to dress code but somehow manages to get a hold of a Slytherin bow tie, Patty wears everything but the tie, Abby wears basically everything but never the robe, and when Holtz actually attempts the dress code she still only wears the tie and the shirt. “Dress code is for dudes” is her response whenever Professors lecture her about it 

-Erin and Abby were best friends until their third year, when they had a huge fight after the Slytherin/Hufflepuff dueling club rivalry led Erin to cast the attero jinx on Abby’s wand the night before the championship, making her wand snap in half at the beginning of their duel

-Holtz befriended Abby after that by not only helping her fix her wand, but by hiring Peeves to pull a slime-prank on Erin, dubbing her “Ghost Girl”

-Holtz didn’t watch the prank happen because she felt awful about it going down, so she never actually met Erin until their fourth year when Erin accidentally happened upon Abby and Holtz’s “lab” in the ROC

-”Come here often?” happened in the ROC too (Holtz scared the living shit out of Erin when she transformed out of her cat form while leaping onto a table) as did Abby and Erin becoming friends again after they all had to stop a boggart that somehow got in (Abby’s fear was abandonment and betrayal, and that made Erin realize what she had done)

-They met Patty when she joined their new “muggle history book club” which was code for “let’s make a club as an excuse to do whatever the hell we want when and where we want it and we know nobody cares about muggle history so let’s just do that” but they let her stay because she was actually really cool and had some good ideas for some of Holtz’s potions and enchanted muggle tech

-They always hang out in the ROC, half of it is covered with white boards for Erin to write her spell ideas on, and the other half is a bunch of random muggle shit, like iPhones and record players, and a potion station is thrown into one corner next to the lounge area. When Patty joins the “club” they let her bring in all the animals she finds and befriends wandering in the Forest because she loves the fairies and sprites

-Holtz met Kevin when she was in the Forbidden Forest looking for potion ingredients, and she instantly befriended him and taught him everything about magic that he wanted to know, including introducing him to the rest of the squad and the ROC where he now basically lives

-Patty and Holtz join the Quidditch team in their sixth year because Patty bet Holtz she could be a good enough Keeper to keep Holtz from scoring on her all year, so naturally Holtz has to prove her wrong

-Every match Kevin, Abby, and Erin wear Gryffindor and Hufflepuff stuff to support both of them

-The first match goes on forever because both Patty and Holtz keep “accidentally” messing up so the score stays even

-Gryffindor wins but only because a bludger hit Holtz square in the face while she was doing a loop on her broom to impress Erin (the bludger totally came from the Hufflepuff beater who was fed up with Holtz for dance-flying and “accidentally” dropping the quaffle when she could have scored on Patty)

-Erin waits in the infirmary for Holtz to wake up and makes sure to cast the Slug Vomiting curse on the beater when he’s flirting with a group of girls in the hallway

-Erin and Holtz totally make out after every Quidditch match, she would never admit it but Erin thinks Holtz zooming around the pitch with her tinted goggles and blowing hair is super hot

-Kevin knows all the secret passageways around the school and somehow knows all of the Prefect routes. His boyfriend also works at Honeydukes and gives them all free candy basically whenever they want

-Holtz builds a special wand for Kevin and helps Erin to enchant it to allow Kevin to cast certain simple spells without needing magic. He cries when they give it to him for Christmas

-Patty and Abby totally know all the house elves by name, and have them deliver food directly to the ROC whenever the squad gets hungry

-Patty is lowkey obsessed with muggle board games, and has Abby and Erin bring some in so they can have “family game nights” together. Kevin kinda sucks at all of them but they always let him win anyway cause they love him

-They all cry graduation day, even Kevin and Holtz. They lay on the Quidditch Pitch that night, looking at the stars and talking about the future, and right then and there they all agree to start a business together

-The business is called “Exotic Creature Collection and Delivery” but after they catch the ghost of a dragon to use in a Triwizard Tournament everyone calls them the “Ghostbusters” much to Erin’s annoyance. “We only caught one ghost! The name makes us sound like we hate ghosts!” “Erin come on it’s a cool name and it’s good for business.” 

-Kevin is apart of the business too but because it’s too dangerous for someone who can’t use magic to go on Creature Hunts he stays at their headquarters to handle the money and keeps track of the requests as best as he can

-After some initial interference from Minister Bradley, the MoM ends up funding certain collections and also hires them for Dementor hunts every time one goes AWOL

What if: Ginny was Sorted into Ravenclaw?

[Part 1] [Part 2][Part 3]

Ginny’s working on her latest Transfiguration essay in the library when she hears her brother’s hushed voice enter the library. She looks up and spots Harry and Hermione with him as they take a seat at one of the desks. None of them has seen her yet since she’s chosen one of the quieter alcoves to sit in, Luna across from her, so she gets a clear view of them but they won’t see her if they don’t look directly in her direction.

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Request: Your writing is amazing! ^-^ I sent a request of my own in already, based off of me and my best friend. And I don’t mind waiting for it at all. :) But dude, when you get the chance, you have to make a part 3 of the story with Sam and the reader. It’s so adorable, and I’m just like ‘AHH!’ Hehe ^-^ Sam’s always been my favorite :) Happy Saturday! ^-^ (I hope I found the write story)

Request: Just got a lil bitty teeny tiny request here. Reader finds a diary of Sam’s just full of weird kinky sexual fantasies.

Warning: It’s gonna get a little inappropriate. But don’t worry, no smut.

Part One

Part Two

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Her pov:
Sabi ko sa sarili ko kapag nagmahal ako dapat dun sa lalaking mahal na mahal din ako. Yung lalaking handa akong ipaglaban kahit kanino. Yung lalaking hindi basta basta susuko sa mga problema na dadating sa relasyon naming dalawa. Yung lalaking walang pakialam sa sasabihin ng iba. Para sa akin kasi kapag mahal mo ang isang tao, ipaglalaban mo sya kahit gaano pa yan kahirap. Kahit gaano pa yan kadalas mangyari at kahit pa paulit-ulit. Kapag mahal mo kasi ang isang tao, hindi mo sya hahayaang mawala di ba. Hindi mo sya pakakawalan. Hinding hindi mo sya susukuan. Gusto kong mahakanap ng lalaking gagawin ang lahat para sa akin at pangakong mamahalin ko sya ng sobra sobra at hinding hindi iiwan.

His pov:
Ano bang mali sa akin at lahat ng babaeng mamahalin ko, iniiwan ako. Lahat naman ginawa ko para sa kanya ah. Sinikap kong maging angat sa lahat ng lalaking matipuhan nya. Pinilit kong maging prefect boyfriend nya. Ginawa ko lahat para magtagal kami.. para manatili sya sa akin. Hindi pa ba sapat yung mga ginawa ko para hindi nya ako iwan. Hindi pa ba sapat na mas minahal ko sya kaysa sa sarili ko. Hindi pa ba sapat lahat ng ibinigay ko. Ano pa bang kulang at nakaya nyang iwanan ako. Ano bang mali at humanap sya ng iba. Kasalanan ko ba kung bakit sya nangiwan o sadyang hindi lang talaga nya ako ganun kamahal. Bakit ganun? Hindi pa ba ako sapat?

Prom?- Isaac Lahey

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Member: Renee (rae-the-wolf)

Rating: T for teen

Ship: Isaac x reader

Requested: Yes

Summary: A cute Isaac imagine where he asks the reader to prom

“How are you going to do your hair?”

“What color is your dress?”

“How are you going to do your makeup?”

These were the things I heard as I walked into school. Every girl in school was talking about the biggest night of high school. Prom.

All my friends had dates. Kira had Scott. Malia has Stiles. And Lydia had about 3 guys to choose from.

It was kind of bothering me that my own boyfriend hasn’t even ask me to prom yet. Prom is in two weeks, but knowing him he probably won’t ask me.

Going to my locker, I get out everything I need for my morning classes. I decided to text my boyfriend, Isaac, since he wasn’t at my locker waiting for me like he always does every morning.

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The Prefect’s Girl

Pairing: Klaus/MC

Requested by: Anon.

Summary: With their relationship still private, Asana’s attractiveness as caught the attention of many men, though she oblivious to their turning heads. Her heart belongs to one man. However, a group of guys have a game going to receive a kiss from the beauty but when one forces a kiss from her, Klaus sees the whole thing. Asana has to calm him down.

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Personal for Catherine- (young) Remus Lupin imagine

Request: So sorry but I have one more I wanted to ask but take your time. I know your a busy person xD. Okay so like its young Remus and I find out he’s a werewolf and he won’t talk to me for like a week and then I finally force him to talk to me and he breaks down and gets upset and then we kiss or something like that. Thanks btw can you use my name in this one? It’s Catherine. Thank youuuu.


You made a mistake. A grave mistake.

The night was clear; the perfectly sphere shape of the moon showered Hogwarts’ grounds in pale light, enhancing shadows and defining the stars. You peacefully tried sleeping, but you simply couldn’t for one reason: whispering in the common room. Not the ghostly kind of Sir Nicholas, but the presence of students staying up past curfew. It had been going on for many minutes now, and you were about to let them have a piece of your mind.

“Hey, some people are trying to sleep–” you paused, seeing no one in sight, “–here.”

You heard the portrait close shut in front of the entrance to the Gryffindor common room. Somebody was escaping the room. You sighed to yourself and padded down the stairs after the mystery students. You might as well, seeing as though you were a Prefect anyway.


The ancient castle’s stone floors were cold even through the soles of your socks and slippers. Shivering once, you pressed on; you heard voices and you were coming up quickly. The pace was even and slow. You gained on the sound, and as if wanting to make your day worse, the footfall sped up.

“Come back! If you come back now, I won’t report you!” You threatened half-heartedly. If only you had your Prefect boyfriend with you; Remus would have caught up with them by now.

The footfalls stopped and you thought you had won. But just your luck, you had lost them, for a door opened and you saw four figures appear. You were dumbfounded.

You looked straight into Remus’ eye. Your mouth fell open and you skidded to a stop. The rest of his mates shoved him out the door with panicked glances your way.

“Catherine?” Remus whispered in shock. His face fell and he looked over his shoulder to the bright full moon behind him. “I’m so sorry.”

The fact that you couldn’t move an inch was brought upon by this conclusive event; you had been putting together that something was off about Remus. Disappearing every month, coming back looking like he was mauled by a very angry cat…. It all made sense now. You only wished the look on Remus’ face didn’t linger into your dreams.


You were anxious to talk to Remus again. Anxious to tell him that he didn’t have to hide from you when it was time for him to transform. Well, you would tell him if he wasn’t hiding from you now.

Remus hadn’t shown up to breakfast, lunch, or diner in the last few days after the full moon. You looked for him desperately, but all you ever saw was his mates: the Marauders.

“He’s getting help from a professor.” James Potter told you; not likely.

“Try down by the lake.” Peter Pettigrew suggested; also not likely. No help came from the other boys those days, so you took it upon yourself to investigate alone.

The library was where you would start.

You pushed the heavy doors open to find it empty. Except for one person.

Remus jumped at the sound of the door squeaking open; you cursed. Remus opened his mouth to say something, but instead turned his back away from you. That was it? That’s all he was giving you? No, not if you had anything to say.

“Remus Lupin, don’t turn away from me!” You demanded, thought your tone was softer than you felt necessary.

“Catherine…” Remus’ voice warned. You didn’t falter in your approach. You reached him quickly and he spun around to meet you with a highly unlike-Remus glare.

“Remus, why did you keep this from me?” You asked, your lip wavering slightly. Remus looked horrible; dark circles outlined his eyes and his shoulders were hunched over deeply. You wanted to hold him to you, but time for that would come later.

Remus squeezed his eyes closed, then opened them into yours. “No one would accept me if they knew. Especially a girl with interest in me. A girl like you would turn me away if she knew. I couldn’t ruin what he have.”

“A girl like me,” you mocked his tone, “would never turn someone away because of a disease.” Remus winced and you felt a little guilty. You stared at the side of Remus’ face that was still facing you. Remus’ jaw tensed and his cheeks reddened.

“What, nothing to say?” You placed a hand on your hip and stared harder. Remus glanced sideways at you and you saw his eyes water.

“I’m sorry, Catherine. I wanted to tell you– No, I didn’t want to tell you. But I didn’t want you to run away from me because I’m some– some monster!” Remus snarled. You didn’t think it was aimed at you, but your chest gave a tight squeeze.

“Oh, Remus.” You sighed, touching his arm. He ignored your touch. You stepped in front of him and brushed his hair from his face with your fingertips. “I want you for who you are. You are a brilliant wizard and an even better boyfriend.” You added shyly. Remus met your gaze finally and his eyes were soft as they looked down at you.

“You mean it?”

“Of course I mean it.” Your hands slid down his face and rested at the base of his neck. You stood on your tiptoes and pressed your lips against his softly. Remus resisted ever so slightly, but you felt his relax against you. When you stepped away from him seconds later, Remus was much more relaxed.

“Thank you.” He breathed, leaning his forehead on yours. You didn’t reply, but simply held him close to you.


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