4whorecruxes favorite blogs of the month results. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Favorite girl blog: violetlungs

(Runners up: 27horcruxes, stellaaathemess)

Favorite boy blog: ap3rture

(Runners up: prefavor, w4lrusss)

Favorite green blog: stillfindingwally

(Runners up: stolengreenblackberries, 189m)

Favorite blue blog: whal3bones

(Runners up: 0)

Favorite other blog: lostteardrops

(Runners up:completingyourmissionflanerie)

Favorite url: ambivlence

(Runners up: violetlungs, impeditus)

Favorite overall blog (url/theme/title etc): stolengreenblackberries

(Runners up: snai1swolfshadowsumbr-a)

Every single one of those blogs are amazing and I suggest you follow each one of them. (I think I tagged everyone, sorry if not.) Everyone who won will get a fan sign soon and a page on my blog. I’ll do the daily promotions starting tomorrow.

Well done. :-)

anonymous asked:

fave people on tumblr and why?

Emma, because she was one of the first people to ever speak to me and is is just generally so lovely and kind and considerate and i love her lots and it pains me that she lives 6 hours away :-(

Frasereven though he’s mean to me 107% of the time, he always makes an effort to stay in touch with me and it’s nice and he’s actually rather nice i suppose :)

Livvy, when we speak on tumblr/tinychats she’s always so sweet and lovely and she’s super super pretty and i just with i knew her irl ok.

argh there’s loads more too like Nia, Aaron, George, Mihkel, Kayla, AnneCerys…….. argh this literally isn’t everyone, there’s so many!

Okay, so here’s to my tumblr friends who are deleting soon.

I pretty much had a fit when each of you followed me because i’d loved your blogs for ages. I guess we never really spoke that much but it was enough for me to realise what amazing people you all are. I know you’re all going to do insanely well at school/college and in the rest of your life and i really hope you all achieve what you dream of achieving. 

Nia, you’ve always been my favourite blog and have never failed to put a smile on my face when we talk. I think i literally died when you followed me. You’re so gorgeous and such a asdffgh person. (asdffgh in a good way, of course).

Katie, you’re funny, clever and one of the kindest people i’ve ever met/not met. You’re great and your singing voice is so perfect. I once tried recording your cover of “Foundations” because i prefer it to the original and was too embarrassed to ask you for it-but the sound didnt come out very well. (OH GOSH, I AM SO WEIRD, IM SORRY) And also, your hair is amazing. Why can’t it be mine? 

George, you’re the sweetest and kindest guy i’ve ever spoke to. You’re so lovely to everyone and i don’t know how you do it. It would be so great if more people were like you. I hope you’re always happy because you really deserve that. Oh, but your socks will never be quite as great as mine. 

Good luck with everything, i love you guys.

You’re the best.

Much love 


Livvy :)


PS- I hope I bump into you all in the future one day.