Meet The Bunkie, A 100-Square-Foot House You Can Take Anywhere via supercompressor. Here’s the CliffsNotes:

  • Only $25,000 (lol)
  • 4 prefab models to choose from, ranging from the Huron to the Deluxe Premier
  • No permit needed to plop it down someplace
  • “Simple foundation” required for plopping

We’re sure that wasn’t helpful at all. Read the whole article here and/or visit here. -ts


Kraus Schoenberg - House W, Hamburg 2007. A personal favorite; this house is an affordable, prefabricated project for a family that desired both a connectivity between the various occupants with the ability to maintain privacy if desired. Constructed of recycled CNC milled timber panels, the upper volume of the house sits on a glass base with a sunken concrete living room below. The submerged space allows for eye-level views of the garden when standing, but offers visual privacy while seated. The sleeping spaces rise above the glazed base, each room with a different ceiling height based on function, and spiral around a large central atrium anchored by a 3 story bookshelf. Interior windows in the bedrooms and cut-outs in the bookshelf ensure visual connectivity is maintained between all rooms. Via, photos © Ioana Marinescu.