Woody15Marianne Borge / photos Jonas Adolfson

The cabin is set in Isdammen, Norway, and features picturesque views of a small lake and surrounding forest. Woody consists of 29 cross-laminated timber elements, which make Woody easy to assemble and dismantle. Massiv Lust produced the elements, which all have a maximum width of 1.20 meters.

From the architect: Woody15 is a 17.5 sqm one-room cabin, with large glass doors opening up to the outside landscape. It has no kitchen, bathroom or electricity, and is only heated by a small wood-burning stove. It can function as an annexe, or stand alone with an outdoor kitchen and outside lavatory.

via Architizer / hat tips to Tiny House Living & Humble Homes | s&thi instagram etc.


Backyard Room | Bill McCorkell + David Martin

…to design and construct sustainable garden studios that recognise innovation, passive solar principles, energy savings and the environment.

In most cases our garden rooms require no permit and cause minimal disruption, are designed and built in six weeks, and are installed on site in under five days. 

Bill McCorkell via The Meander Journal 

Meet The Bunkie, A 100-Square-Foot House You Can Take Anywhere via supercompressor. Here’s the CliffsNotes:

  • Only $25,000 (lol)
  • 4 prefab models to choose from, ranging from the Huron to the Deluxe Premier
  • No permit needed to plop it down someplace
  • “Simple foundation” required for plopping

We’re sure that wasn’t helpful at all. Read the whole article here and/or visit here. -ts