PH YEAH todays end roll fact of the day is that i (gardenia) was supposed to be the protagonist at first, and the game was going to be about making food for everyone and making them happy, but segawa scrapped that and made russell the protag instead! also, all of the characters stayed the same too, which i think is preettty interesting! the only thing that changed was the who the protag was and……the entire plot of the game. but yea!


PART 1 of my @redbubble haul,

*excited screaming*



Words cant explain how happy and exited I am to have these. These stickers are great quality and ssooooo PREETTTY!!

I can’t wait to decorate my school books with these, going to fangirl during my classes (or just all day long).

These stickers are made by @meabhd
And they are as beautifull as her personality, she has been really kind to me and even put her mates drawing and more on her redbubble acount available as stickers for me. She is a wonderfull person and makes amazing art.