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This tiny princess was welcomed to the world on Friday, December 16th, at 9:26am via emergency c-section. She weighted 2lbs and was 13 inches long (tall girl!).

She was only 25 weeks, 4 days along.

My life has been violently turned completely upside down, but we are just so happy to have this tiny angel in our life and are amazed at the tight grip she already has on our hearts.

If you could spare a prayer or two for her, we would be ever grateful. There is a long, painful road ahead of us…


It’s hard to believe it’s been eight weeks since this tiny girl came into the world.

Our whole life has been flipped upside down, but we are so happy she is here- such a strong, little soul.

There are good days and bad, but overall, our girl is making incredible progress. Still at least a month until she can come home, but I anxiously look forward to that magical day! 💫

Yay!!! Got the call a few hours ago from Rocky’s NICU asking for consent to his transfer back to his birth hospital! I won’t be on the highway for an hour and a half both ways just to see him anymore!! And Rocky can see him SO much more often. They said he will be transferred tomorrow morning but the nurse will call with a time frame sometime tonight, and after work Rocky and I will take a tour of his birth hospital’s NICU since I only went in once after he was born before he was transferred.

I am rather nervous, idk how their NICU functions, I don’t know any nurses, I don’t know the requirements for discharge, etc. Hopefully we can be at the NICU when he arrives so we can see him right away, I know he won’t even notice I’m there when they get his situated but it’s nice to know everything is going smoothly.

Just so excited!! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day too so yay Rocky’s first V-Day ❤

Many times I’ve asked “why me, why my son, why..?” Then I realized I wouldn’t change a thing. Becoming a NICU mommy after EVERYTHING we went through to even bring him into existence, made me stronger. It made me a better wife, learning to lean on my husband. It made me a better mom, cherishing every single moment. It made my son stronger, he fought hard and fights everyday. It made my son realize just how loved he is, let alone will always be. It brought me deeper into my faith and closer to God. It gave me a chance to sing my son church songs as he slept. It gave me a chance to defy all odds that were against us. It gave our family the strength to stand as one. I wouldn’t trade being a NICU mommy for the world.

“When you look at me, I see such a bright future.”

fic: tony baby

because like a lot of people, I expected Rachel’s water to break in the middle of her award speech. One-shot. Klaine, St. Berry, Tartie. Warning for preemie baby.

The 2020 Tony Awards

She’s crying, clinging to her Tony award like they might take it away if they realize she has it. She’s been in pain on and off again all evening, but she chalks it up to pregnancy: carrying Kurt and Blaine’s spawn has been a trying experience, that’s for sure.

It’s only once she’s sitting down again beside her husband, with Jesse kissing her cheek—“I love you so much. I’m so proud of you”—that she feels it.

She squeezes her husband’s hand tightly. “I think my water just broke.”

Now? Here? At—at the Tony’s?” he breathes, panic in his voice. “You—you aren’t due for another month, and they haven’t even announced the best show category, and—“

Jesse,” she bites down, seething through pain. “Get me to a hospital.”

At the St. James-Berry residence, everything is laughter and celebration. The Tony’s are still on the tv, but nearly everyone has moved on to their own conversations. Currently, Artie has the whole household entertained with the plot of his next movie. He keeps looking at Blaine like he wants to ask him to star in it, but Kurt merely shakes his head at the thought. There’s no way: not with a baby due in a month.

He’s refilling his and Blaine’s champagne flutes when his phone rings. He grins when he sees who’s calling, even if he is a little surprised.

“Couldn’t wait until you got home to brag, huh?” He laughs lightly, picking up his glass. “Congrats on the win, by the way, but isn’t it a little faux pas to call someone from the actual award ceremony—“

“My water just broke.”

He drops the champagne flute, shattering glass onto Rachel’s carpet, catching the attention of the entire house. “You aren’t due for another month.”

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What 4.5 pounds of perfection looks like! Each of the girls are 4.5 pounds (2 kilos)!! Which means they’ll graduate to a basket and out of their incubators soon!! All they have to do is learn how to take a bottle and they’ll be home before we know it! Gah! It’s all still so surreal….like I have three babies….I grew three babies…..just a weird feeling! They don’t feel like they’re mine! I can’t explain it. I know some women who see their babies for the first time and they have an immediate maternal connection. Maybe because I haven’t held them yet, haven’t fed them, haven’t touched them….I have an immense love and curiosity for them but I don’t feel connected to them quite yet, if that makes sense. I even googled it….I came up with postpartum depression….I am certainly not depressed….at least I don’t think, then I googled if I was depressed or not, ha I think I’m just overwhelmed with the idea of being a triplet mommy….certainly not underwhelmed….

Drive-by shooting robbed baby of more than just its mother

The person who fatally shot a pregnant Toronto woman on the weekend robbed her prematurely delivered baby of more than just a mother — also gone are the child’s best chances for a healthy life.

Candice Rochelle Bobb, 35, was killed Sunday in a drive-by shooting while riding in the back seat of a car. Her baby boy was delivered by emergency caesarian section, then transported to the trauma centre at Sunnybrook Hospital, where he remained in stable condition Tuesday.

Doctors have the immediate challenge of keeping the baby alive.

The infant’s exact gestation period was unconfirmed but estimated at five months. Babies born between 22 and 26 weeks are classified as “extremely pre-term” or micro-preemie. Babies born at under 22 weeks are the most fragile of all, and have an extremely low rate of survival, according to the Canadian Neonatal Network.

If they do survive, micro-preemies face a much higher risk of chronic lung disease, intracranial (inside the skull) bleeding and an eye condition called retinopathy of prematurity, which can cause blindness, says Dr. Michael Narvey, section head of neonatology at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.

The infant will usually spend the first five or six months of its life in hospital, likely needing help to breathe and eat.

In any event, it takes more than just feeding tubes and ventilation machines to sustain a baby’s development: what micro-preemies need most is a parent, according to experts.

They need contact, and especially skin-to-skin contact with their mother — so-called kangaroo care (KC), which has been shown to improve the baby’s breathing and sleep, helps stabilize the baby’s heart rate and seems to reduce pain. The Canadian Paediatric Society strongly encourages such skin-to-skin care.

“The effects of KC are dramatic and effective,” Narvey says on his blog, All Things Neonatal.

It “improves infant growth, breastfeeding and mother-and-infant attachment, which won’t happen here,” Narvey says.

It’s unclear whether the father of Bobb’s baby, or another family member, is available to step in.

But nothing can replace all the benefits — like increased immunity and resistance to infection — that come from a mother’s own milk, something that’s even more crucial for babies born prematurely than those born full-term.

Higher risk, but also hope

Down the road, extreme pre-term babies are at higher risk of cognitive, behavioural or physical impairment. One study published earlier this year in the journal Pediatrics found that more than half of infants born at under 28 weeks gestation went on to have “moderate or severe” cognitive deficits.

However, research conducted at Ottawa Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario suggests Bobb’s baby could still have a good outcome.

Of babies born at under 26 weeks gestation, the majority survive “free of disabilities or with what we would view as minor disabilities,” says Dr. Brigitte Lemyre, a neonatal ICU doctor at both hospitals who was involved in the study.

“Contrary to popular view, it’s not the majority of children born extremely premature that are severely disabled; it’s the minority,” she told CBC News. “The majority actually do well and thrive and have a very good quality of life, according to their parents and themselves when they grow up.”

It’s impossible to predict the long-term outcome of such an inauspicious birth.

“There are examples of babies who have done phenomenally well, who have no problem whatsoever, who were born at the extremes of gestation,” Narvey says. 

Officials at Sunnybrook Hospital declined on Tuesday to provide any updates on Bobb’s baby.

What’s Attached to the Baby?

I’m currently at my Mom’s house watching my 1 month old niece, and there is some seriously odd stuff going on. I really could use some advice, because I’m pretty much stranded here with the baby until this evening when my sister gets back.

Let me back up a bit. My sister moved in temporarily with our Mom when she had the baby, because she needed some help. She’s a single mom with a preemie baby who’s on an apnea monitor. For those of you who don’t know, an apnea monitor is basically a little machine that has leads that are constantly attached to the baby to monitor her breathing and heart rate. Braylynn, my niece, has little ‘episodes’ where she will hold her breath which causes the monitor to go off. It’s something we are told she will grow out of, but it’s still scary as hell when it happens.

A few days ago my sister called me. I could hear the anxiety in her voice as soon as she started talking.

“There’s something really weird going on here at Mom’s,” she whispered.

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4 years ago, I met the love of my life.
this man has had my back through it all, ups & downs, ins & outs.. all of it. I just wanted to show my appreciation. we’ve gotten into fights, fist fights, spats, arguments, what have you. but it just goes to show, true love truly conquers all. 2 micro mini preemie babies, countless “hoes”, 2 apartments, 2 cars, too much bullshit & we’re still here. we’re making it work, and I know God got us no matter what. I just wanna say I adore you, Khalfani. I love you. I love Khalìa & Khalil too. for no reason, other than to say, you are appreciated.