predictive biology

I am all for bio-engineering. This stupid way of producing children has done enough harm. The whole history is full of it. Don’t you ever think that if a gardener plants thousands of trees, and only once in a while one tree flowers—would you call that gardener a gardener? Thousands of children are born, and rarely will someone become a Mozart or a Gautam Buddha. Most of them will be clerks, postmasters, stationmasters.
Your son being a clerk, even if he becomes the head clerk, is not going to bring you the rejoicing that I would like. And these jobs soon will be transferred to the machines, to the computers. The machine is more reliable than your beloved son who has become a clerk. The clerks are going to be out of employment very soon.
Don’t produce clerks! Don’t produce stationmasters, postmasters. We have had enough. Now machines can take the place of all ordinary jobs. But the machine cannot become a Bertrand Russell, a Wittgenstein, a Martin Heidegger; that is beyond the computer. You have to create a child which will be needed, and cannot be replaced by any machine. Otherwise, everybody is going to be unemployed, hungry, starving. It will not be only in Ethiopia, it will be all over the world.
—  Osho