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I don’t even have words. I can’t believe people can actually be this delusional.

Today, if you’ll bear with me, I have a story to tell.

Back in December 2012, edwardspoonhands took a trip to the Phillip L. Wright Zoological Museum at the University of Montana. 

The month after that, thebrainscoop aired their first official video.

At the end of that month, the video “Getting the Wolf” was posted.

These events all took place far away from where I resided at the time, in Castro Valley, California, but they had an effect that couldn’t have been predicted.

In late 2012/early 2013, I was in my junior year of high school, just beginning to look at colleges, and not quite finding anything that fit. At the time, I was certain that I’d end up going to UC Davis for college. It was close to home, it had a good biology program, and it just was what was expected.

In June of 2012, I became a nerdfighter. Because of that, I watched “Thoughts from Dead Animals” the day it came out, eager and fascinated. When The Brain Scoop officially began, I devoured each video. I excitedly told my mom all about the show, and how it was (at the time) filmed at the the zoological museum on UM campus. Since she was more into the college search than I was, she latched onto my enthusiasm. It turned out that one of her friends’ daughter went to UM to study wildlife biology, and I was soon bombarded with information about the program, and agreed to go visit that summer.

In late June of 2013, my dad and I drove from Castro Valley, California to Missoula, Montana in two days, and I read The Fault in Our Stars aloud to him the whole way (he cried like a baby across the whole state of Idaho). When we arrived in Missoula, I fell in love with the place almost immediately. My mind was made up: I would be leaving home for real after my senior year.

I applied to UM in September 2013, and was accepted in October, before I’d even finished my UC application. I continued to put that second application off, until my mother confronted me, asking if I even wanted to apply. I had already gotten into my first choice, after all. After voicing my concerns about price, we looked up the numbers. As it turned out, even if I paid full out-of-state tuition for UM, it would still be about $4,000 a year less than going to UC Davis. And so, my mind was made up.

I arrived in Missoula once more late in August 2014, fresh from a summer of harsh losses. In June that year my grandpa was killed by a careless driver, and in early August my Grandma Gigi passed away after years of poor health, just a week before my 18th birthday. School wasn’t much easier. One of my roommate’s friends groped me (legally that’s sexual assault), and when I got a no-contact order (the university’s version of a restraining order) against him, my roommate and all my supposed “friends” turned on me. Halfway through my first semester of college, I was stranded in a strange place, completely alone. As the semester ended, I began to make more friends, throwing myself into events with the HPA and the Wildlife Society, but Missoula still felt as cold and unwelcoming as my first true winter.

This semester, things began to improve. I became closer to the friends I’d begun to make, and I began to figure out how to navigate this new home, and the person I was there.

In March, I began helping with The Wildlife Society’s latest project: the articulation of a wolf skeleton. The same wolf in the video above. The same wolf that got me here. I scraped gunky connective tissue from bones that then were soaked in hydrogen peroxide for days before being coated in a protective paste and assembled. After that, I helped put that very same wolf back together.

The picture up there? That was taken today. That’s the closing of the circle. Now, as I come to the close of my freshman year of college, the dead wolf that got me here stands proudly on display in the forestry building, reconstructed (partially) by my hand. There’s something poetic in that, I think.

I just want to say thank you, honestly. Thank you to fishingboatproceeds for having your sharpie’d face show up in a funny gifset and making me look into being a nerdfighter. Thank you to edwardspoonhands for making the video that first peaked my interest in Missoula. Thank you to thebrainscoop for building that interest, and giving me a new place to go. The world is a strange place, where even the tiniest actions can change lives. The internet has just increased the reach of the effect.

Holy shit i just remembered i made a sasuke and a naruto sim in the sims 3 in 2013 and i sasuke was a business man and naruto a politician, with narutos biggest skill being handiness. Sounds familiar lol