If this:

‘’Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman holed up in the darkened, Victorian living room, working through an emotionally-charged and potentially devastating episode. Between difficult takes, the ladies retreat from the camera, exchanging hugs and “I love yous” to get through the scene. ‘’ (x)

is in anyway related to this:

That would mean we’re dead on Tuesday… 

Star Trek Predictions

Promised for the future and delivered IRL:

- Flip phones
- Flat screen TVs
- Video conferencing
- Touch screen tablets
- Transparent aluminum

Still pending:

- Faster than light space travel
- Matter to energy to matter transport
- Terminals that explode upon OS crashing
- Mirror universe of evil goatees
- Nebula full of coffee


Look at Amy’s Shirt. In the bottom picture Reagan and Amy appear to be breaking up, they’re both crying and Amy pulls away from the kiss. In the top picture Amy is wearing the same shirt. Amy is crying, Karma is comforting her, and appears to be smiling. My thoughts are that Reagan and Amy break up and then Amy goes to Karma right after to seek comfort and Karma is happy that Reagan is gone. This could be what allows Karmy to happen later in the season and could even be the beginning of the prom arc since Amy is not taking Reagan to prom.

Prediction for S2E5
  • Carmilla:I'm not this hero you're trying to-
  • Laura:Yes, Carmilla, yes you are! Stop putting yourself down! You saved everyon-!
  • Carmilla:Damnit, Laura! I saved YOU! Just you! Everyone else surviving was just lucky. If not for you, I wouldn't have even bothered!
  • Carmilla:I'm not the hero because I was only trying to save one person. One. It wasn't heroic, it was selfish.

Okay here’s what JP said, in order:

The library is gone, so that’s that. 

JP knows Latin. Interesting. Not surprising - that was common in his day. But this isn’t the first time Latin has come up in this season…

His memory is erased or something - somebody’s been messing with him; it’s not just the library. 


Brutus killed the person who trusted him - similar to how Carmilla killed her mother. Saint Genevieve? She was around in the fifth century, and “acted as an intermediary between the city (Paris) and its conqueror, collecting food and convincing Childeric to release his prisoners. Who do we know who makes a lot of food? Perry. Who was against taking Carmilla prisoner at first? Perry. HMMMMMMMMM…. Saint Barbara? She was “known as the patron saint of armourers, artillerymen, military engineers, miners, and others who work with explosives because of her old legend’s association with lightning.” (both quotes from wikipedia) Hmmm sounds like war or science - I’m thinking either LaFontaine or Danny. 

Again with the baking - More about Perry? Perry and LaFontaine? Idk. Maybe Perry and Laura?

She doesn’t have a face? Descending? Carmilla’s mother, perhaps? Or maybe just a prediction of bad things to come? 

Basically I don’t think J.P.’s weird speech patterns were an accident. They are foreshadowing bad things. Lots and lots of bad things.

I’m terrified. 

Random Civil War predictions/drabble

Talking last night with my wife araniaart and a few things came up:

- Why would Falcon want to call in Ant-Man to help with Bucky?  I mean, sure its easy to assume Tony would have a problem with him, but why not call in Natasha or Clint?  Well, my theory is that the arm has either a tracking device or kill switch (which would also explain why, if Bucky did indeed put his arm in the vice in an attempt to remove it, would explain why he waited this long - maybe he didn’t know beforehand) and Ant-Man will have to shrink down and physically go INTO the arm to disable it.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I have a suspicion at some point we’re going to see Scott have to go inside a computer or some other kind of technology and do some physical wire-wiggling of some kind.

- I also wouldn’t be surprised at all if Scarlet Witch is brought in to give Bucky his memories back.  In the comics, Bucky gets slammed with ALL his memories, all at once, when Steve grabs the Cosmic Cube.  Let that sink in, folks.  The Cosmic Cube can grant literally any wish and Steve uses it to give Bucky back his memories.  But anyway, they have already established the Tesseract is an infinity stone in the MCU and not the CC, so if they still wanted that poignant Bucky-gets-all-his-memories-back-at-once-and-then-crumbles-and-breaks-down-as-he-realizes-the-full-scope-and-scale-of-everything-he’s-lost-and-what-he’s-done, then this would be a way to do it.

- ALSO - if they use Scarlet Witch’s mind-voodoo to give him his memories back CAN YOU IMAGINE THE POTENTIAL FOR QUICK-FIRE FLASHBACKS WE WOULD GET AND HOW AMAZING THAT WOULD BE.  I mean, can you imagine all these emotional, gut-wrenching snippets of memories with children’s voices echoing:  “I’m James Buchanan Barnes.  But my friends call me Bucky.” “My name is Steve… you know I could have handled them myself…”  “Sure, whatever you say Stevie…”

That’s all for now.  100% conjecture but it makes me smile.