predictable sexism

Grammy Predictions

If Adele beats Beyonce in any category: Several variations of “crusty mayo stain bitch” and screaming about appropriation

If David Bowie beats Beyonce for Best Rock Performance: “LITERALLY A PEDOPHILE!!1!!”

If a male beats Beyonce for Best Urban Contemporary Album: “Something something something sexism.”

Prediction that is 100% guaranteed to be true: no matter who wins anything that night, Tumblr and the Beyonce fans are going to be absolutely insufferable.

ok but imagine the wizarding world combined with the aesthetics of the roaring twenties

witches with glittering flapper dresses made with dragon scales

alcohol and illicit potions changing hands in dimly lit speakeasies, parties that went on all night under lights that flickered and changed colors

jazz clubs with instruments that played themselves and elevators with rows and rows of buttons that seemed to take you everywhere but your destination

wizarding radio selling gleaming new self-stirring cauldrons and disposable dishwashing balls and coffee pitchers that poured themselves, there should be one in every house

young witches and wizards smoking cigarettes out their windows. blowing multi-colored smoke rings that blossomed into shapes before drifting away

decadence and indulgence and the peak of american consumerism combined with limitless ability, the thrilling mixed with the impossible and the alluring

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