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The Moon Loves The Sun-Young!SiriusxReader

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Word Count: 1014

Warning(s): Angst???

Request: hello! I dont know if you do any marauders oneshots but if you do can you write one where the reader and sirius are dating and they get in a huge fight and remus is the one to push the reader back to sirius???? 

A/N: This was hella fun to write

“No, you’re right Sirius! It’s always my fault! I’m always the bad guy!”, you yelled tears threatening to pierce through your eyes as you slammed the palm of your hand against Sirius’s chest.

“I never said that! This is what I am talking about! You always jump to conclusions without consulting me first!”, He yelled back not daring to break eye-contact. All you saw was blue. Blue like the tears streaming down your cream-colored face,  like the stone necklace that Sirius gave you for your first anniversary that seemed to now burn at your throat, and like the roses Sirius would give you after whispering ‘I love you’. You distinctly remembering the first time you two admitted your feeling towards one another. It was during the fifth year, somehow the two of you went from talking about how you managed to fail your potions class to confessing your acquired adoration for each other. With him asking timidly at the end, ‘can I kiss you?’.

Tightening a grip on Sirius’s jumper, you held him close to you.

“And you, you bastard never take my side! You’re always so kept to yourself! Never once have you came to me with a problem! I trusted you enough to let you in, but you couldn’t do the same! The only thing I ever needed was for you to need me, Sirius! That’s all I ever needed! Because I deserve somebody who gives a shit!”, you screamed even louder on the top of your lungs, causing your voice to crack. Sirius tried to take a step back, but you held onto his jumper even tighter not letting him leave. Straightening up his posture, Sirius glared at you, a hard cold glare. A glare he would give to someone like Bellatrix.

“Don’t you even dare Y/N! I loved you through everything, and you don’t even care! And you know what Y/N! I deeply wish that I never met you!”, Sirius screamed at me even louder with each sentence, his body trembled as his voice croaked with broken cries, before ripping your hand off of his jumper and running away. All you could do was stand there, sobbing loudly to yourself, grasping onto the single chair for support afraid that you might fall to the ground.

“Go after him Y/N”, You heard a raspy, cool voice of Remus lupin. Turning around to face the werewolf that you have became close mates with, you realize that you could barely even see him through your teary eyes.

“You know that it only hurts more when you stop pretending. ”, Remus continued on not bothering to move from the staircase that lead to the boys dorm, “So stop pretending that what Pad-I mean Sirius said hurt more than what you are letting on. Go after him and I predict that when you see him it’s going to hit you. Hit you like a muggle bus just crashed into your body breaking your soul into pieces and your heart in shattering glass fragments.”

“W-What are you talking about Remus”, you choked on your sobs trying to make process on what the lad was saying.

“I’m saying that it’s always been you and Sirius. Always. Ever since first year when you hated each other, no matter what you two will always love each other, so I don’t see why you are forcing him away, and him visa versa. But knowing how stubborn the both of you are, I am not telling-I am demanding that you go after Sirius and tell him. Tell him how you are feeling now. Or else I will drag you by your hair to him”, Remus didn’t say another word before storming back up the stairs.

Numbly you moved forward, towards the portrait that would lead you out of the common-room. Once outside the sound of a broken cry filled your ears. Sirius. He was more then crying, he was cursing to no one but himself. There he sat at the top of the moving staircase cursing and cursing to himself, and crying even louder. That’s when it hit you, it hit you harder than a muggle bus crashing into your body. It hit you more painfully than the curico curse. You collapsed down to the cold stone floor, clenching your chest above your heart. The pain was unbearable. Seeing Sirius the way he was puffy eyed, tear stained cheeks, messy destroyed locks of crow black hair, paler skin than the snow falling outside, and the look of death itself shadowing over his handsome face. Your heart was smashed, beaten, crumbled, torn apart, and shattered to the base of your chest like fine china.

“No-please. Please don’t leave me”, you cried broken and torn like your vocal cords yearned for fresh cool liquid, “Please Sirius, you’re the only good thing I have. I can’t-Don’t leave me”

You didn’t know if he could hear you and you sobbed on the hallway floor, it wasn’t until you felt those cold strong arms around your body. engulfing your body in a cold chill. The cold chill you have grown custom to after so many years of hugging, holding hands, colliding in the middle of the hallways, and sneaking kisses at midnight. Moving your body around so you would be able to hold onto the person who was your first kiss, your first love, your first friend, your first enemy, and the first person who you beat the crap out of when they accidently called you a ditzy little girl.

“It’s okay, I’m here. I’m sorry.”, Sirius’s wobbly voice spoke almost like the wind in the summer, soft and almost unnoticeable, “I will never leave you. Never. Just promise you won’t leave me”

His grip grew stronger around your body pulling you closer to him. Crying into his shoulder, all you could do was nod.

“Never, I would never leave you. Never. I love you”, You whispered over and over again. I love you.

You love Sirius the same way how the moon loves the sun, dying each day so the sun can live.

At Last

Characters: Scotty x Reader

Summary: Scotty has been pining for who knows how long, is he going to take advantage of this birthday celebration or just let another opportunity pass him by?

Word Count: 845 words

A/N: This little piece is especially for the lovely Alex @youre-on-a-starship) on her birthday.  I know you are in a Scotty hole right now so I hope this helps (or doesn’t).  Happy Birthday Sweetie. xx

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Montgomery Scott would be the first to say he didn’t do well with people.  It’s not that he wasn’t a likable guy, far from it, he just couldn’t work them out. Truth be told he was far more comfortable with machinery where a certain action would bring about an inevitable and predictable reaction.  People weren’t like that he mused as he sipped on his drink watching the merriment surrounding him, all the crew members there to celebrate your birthday. His eyes scanned the room and inevitably fell upon you and his heart constricted in his chest.  You were smiling, laughing at something someone had said and it was as if you were emitting more light and energy than any sun he could think of.  Ever since you had joined the crew he had been drawn to you, caught in your gravitational pull and he didn’t have the first clue what to do about it.  Your eyes met for a moment and he was lost in your smile, the soft one that he felt was reserved for him, the one that seemed to come from your cheeks and  made your eyes that little bit brighter.  He had never seen you smile at anyone else that way but maybe he was just letting his imagination get the better of him.  Raising his glass you nodded at him before your attention was stolen by McCoy and the moment between you broken.

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Cali Thornhill Dewitt is a creative monster. He has been consistently putting out work for years running label Teenage Teardrops, making zines and art with his WSSF/ZMFTW squad, collaborating with fashion brands like Colette and Off-White, and more recently participating in major art fairs and being exhibited internationally. If you pay attention to the art scene, chances are you’re familiar with his bold text-based posters or Cholo-influenced sweatshirts with dedications to deceased cultural icons in Old English text. I caught up with Cali at his downtown Los Angeles studio to see what’s new.

What have you been working on lately?

CTD: I had a few shows all in a row so I was working on those and that was working with deadlines, which is cool but there was sort of too many of them in a row and I couldn’t really like…it wasn’t giving me time to experiment that much or expand on stuff. So I was doing stuff I like but now that I’m home and past that, I’m just kind of experimenting on different text things and ways to do them just to see what works with no pressure. I really like the idea of trying to paint text on images that make it look like a machine did it. That’s kind of what I’m doing right here while we’re sitting here (laughs).

That’s kind of like the Warhol mentality right? He wanted to be a machine—or he would say that in interviews.

CTD: Yea, I don’t know, machines are cool, it’d be cool to be a machine (laughs). I don’t dislike the way things look when they’re handmade, it’s the opposite—I like the way things look when they’re handmade but I want to try to make things look like a machine.

How has the internet and being exposed to so many images influenced your work? You grew up in a time when that shit was not around, but now it’s everywhere and images are available instantly.

CTD: Um, I like it. I think a lot of people my age don’t understand it or don’t really know how to use the internet, you know? I like both. I like when it was harder to find images and I like it when it’s easier. I mean, I’m not sure in the long term how it effects me but I think all of us see 100 images or more in the first hour we’re awake. So I just think it’s important to figure out a way to digest them. So I guess that’s cool and that’s what I subconsciously try to do, digest everything. I remember what it was like when there was no real internet but that doesn’t really matter, you know what I mean?

Yea, it’s here and there’s no point in comparing the two [time periods].

CTD: Yea, It doesn’t matter to me that I was there for a different timeit rarely matters to me that I was there. I guess it’s interesting to see what images you are more assaulted with now, you know?

Like if you thought that that picture of Marilyn Monroe was famous before (points to the piece he is working on), the one in the middle of this board, now it’s so famous. It’s interesting to see the unconscious hive of people latch onto [images], like that frog meme (laughs). It’s interesting to see what people get into as a herd, like the thing that everyone can agree on. Like it seems that everyone can agree on Bart Simpson, which I don’t dislike Bart Simpson but the popularity of him on the internet makes me never want to watch The Simpsons again.

(Laughs) Yea, that’s the thing with the internet, when things go viral, it happens so quick and can make things played out quicker I guess.

CTD: Yea, the shelf life of things can be much quicker, absolutely. And that’s something people should maybe keep in mind. Know that your shit can get played out real fast if you hammer it home too much.

The scale of your work has grown increasingly larger, and you install pieces to take up entire walls. Is this meant to overwhelm the viewer?

CTD: Yea, I like that immersion thing. So If I’m given the opportunity I like to do that for sure. It’s fun to make it something you walk into and are assaulted by—or try to do that. At the same time I don’t want to only make large things because there’s not that much space in the world for just large things. But I think naturally I do like to make bigger things, or more assaulting and immersive things.

A lot of your work seems heavily influenced by city life. You got married in the LA river, some of your pieces are printed at the swap meet, and the sweatshirts you make are influenced by gang culture. What does Los Angeles mean to you and your work?

CTD: Oh I mean everything, in the way that it’s my home. So everything around me here…almost everything here that I make is somehow right downstairs, so I like that. I like it here more than I’ve ever liked it before. I continue to love it here and I guess you couldn’t really predict that would happen, you know? But yea I think it means everything. I ride my bike around and I love it and my relationship with it gets deeper. It’s what I see, what I like to see. It’s like a living animal to me.

Some of your recent pieces have incorporated American flags. What are you trying to say about the American experience?

CTD: I don’t really know (laughs). It’s just funny. It makes me happy to work with something that’s supposed to be sacred and something that represents fear and oppression in the rest of the world. And it’s funny to work with something that you’re supposed to hold sacred just because. I also really like the American flag, I like the way it looks. I think it’s an image that everybody knows and I’m fascinated by the reach of certain images like that image, and how it can mean something to so many people. You know, here it means… I don’t know, it’s supposed to be this thing you’re really proud of, hold close to your heart. And in other places of the world it’s this thing people want to step on and burn. It’s this really loaded image that you’re not supposed to do anything with, so of course it appeals to me, like well..what if I do something with it? And just on an aesthetic note I do like the way it looks.

You recently went to Hong Kong for Art Basel and to Tokyo with the WSSF/8-Ball crew, among other places. How has traveling been for you? How have the reactions to your work been in other parts of the world?

CTD: Traveling is awesome. I love to go and I want to see everywhere but I also kind of want to extend the family. So that’s the goal with traveling, have people in everywhere you go that you can call a friend and they can come to LA and stay with me, and I think that’s probably the best part of it. The reaction has been surprisingly good. I mean I didn’t expect that it would be bad I just didn’t expect it would be anything. My expectations are low so when people come and are into it that makes me really happy. None of it seems too crazy—

Just everyone pretty stoked on it?

CTD: Yea and some people aren’t and that’s good too. If everyone thinks it’s great or everyone thinks it’s pretty good then it’s probably nothing (laughs). It’s better to have some kind of polarizing reaction. The one conversation I keep thinking of is one in Paris, which really had nothing to do with [this], but there was a guy who liked the show, but he wanted to know if it was true that I was a drug addict who essentially became braindead (laughs) and that I fought my way back to sanity. And I was like “Umm, sure. Yea that’s true!” It was the way he was saying it that was so funny, like I was Robert De Niro in Awakenings. But it’s been good. I feel so lucky that I get to go somewhere else and have an art show. I feel so lucky that I get to have one here. I feel so lucky that it’s Tuesday and you and me are sitting here, you know? I really do feel so happy about stuff like that. Anything else is like that feeling elevated, like I get to go to this thing in Honk Kong, or Long Beach, or wherever. I feel that there’s nothing I should complain about being a white male in America as it is. So all this other stuff is so dope, and such a blessing. That’s just the overriding feeling, that I feel lucky that I got to go to all those places. Lucky that I got to meet all these people this year, and lucky that most of them were really awesome.

You made some “Desert Island Drinks” shirts a while back. What’s your favorite beverage?

CTD: Well when we made those, it was me and James Rockin. When we made those, those were our favorite beverages (Tampico, Arizona, Jarritos). I was on an Arizona Iced Tea thing, but if I have to pick favorite beverages it’s three: it’s Canada Dry ginger ale in a can, it’s Coke in a can, and it’s coffee. The runners up are Topo Chico mineral water, and Mineragua mineral water. Those are the best drinks. And I feel like the rest of the world that I’m super into that sparkling LaCroix water right now. Especially the coconut one. Coconut LaCroix, it’s like coconut and sparkling water.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2015?

CTD: Well, I’m gonna stay home until August and work on new stuff. And then I’m gonna spend August with Jenna in New York cause she has summer vacation so we’ll go out there and probably work on stuff there too but be somewhere else. Then in September is the New York Art Book Fair and then after that I have no idea. I have nothing else planned, except for I’ll go to the beach as much as I can once it get’s hotter, hopefully in a couple weeks.

Any shout outs?

CTD: Just shout to the squad, you know who you are.

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Divided: Part 17

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: This is super fluffy 

Word Count: 2537

Summary: Your new team assembles, preparing to fight, but some slight conflict ensues, when and unexpected visitor arrives. 

Authors Note: I kinda love this part so I hope you guys do too. The character I reference, Veil, is from @thewintersoldierprogram sequel piece. It has a different reader, Veil, but gives a happy ending to Steve, something you will not find here. I always love hearing from you guys, so drop a line with thoughts or predictions!  Tagging is open, just ask, if you are on my tag list and your username has changed PLEASE let me know!

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16

The small blue buggy turns quickly around the corners as Steve drives hurriedly down the ramps of the empty garage. The car skids slightly, pushing your shoulder roughly into Bucky’s side with the force of the turns.

You smile apologetically at him, eliciting a slight chuckle from him in response as his eyebrow raises at Steve’s ferocious driving.

Finally, the car turns tightly into an empty spot, a white van a few spaces over from your window. Steve parks the car, stepping out hurriedly, Sam following quickly behind him.

You remain still for a moment, watching the van, Bucky peering over your shoulder as your arm reaches back across him, your shoulders rolling back into a defensive and protective posture.

Then suddenly you see Wanda’s head poke out from the passenger seat of the van moments before Clint appears around the back. Your shoulders immediately relax as you register your friends. You move quickly, dislodging yourself from the small car as Steve walks forward to greet Clint.

“Cap,” Clint says, a small smile pulling at his lips as Wanda climbs out of the car. “You know I wouldn’t have called if I had any other choice.” Steve responds, his posture falling back into his normal Captain’s stance as he shakes Clint’s hand.

“Hey, man, you’re doing me a favor.” Clint responds as you rush towards him, happily throwing yourself into his open arms. His hands wrap around you tightly, pulling you closely to his chest as he lifts you slightly off the ground.

For a moment you want to cry, realizing how long it had been and how much you had missed him. “Besides, I owe a debt.” Clint says softly, still looking at Cap as you hug him. You finally dislodge from him, beaming ear to ear as you turn to Wanda, moving forward to wrap her in a tight hug.

“Thanks for having my back,” You whisper softly in her ear, smiling as the two of you rock back and forth slightly in a tight embrace. She pulls away slightly, smiling as she looks you up and down, noting the new marks and bruises you had received since last you’d seen each other. “It was time to get off my ass.”

She winks at you as she takes your hand, moving forward to speak to Steve. Steve’s face is tense, unsure how to proceed with Wanda’s presence. He glares at you, knowing instantly that you are responsible for Wanda being there. His nostrils flare as you avoid his gaze, his anger swelling in him once more at you disobeying his orders.

Steve opens his mouth, preparing to scold you, but Wanda interrupts him, raising a soft finger in the air to hold his words.  “Old man, you need my help, just accept it.” She teases slightly, Steve exhales, annoyed as he shakes his head, a small smile to tugging at his lips as Clint lets out a laugh.

“Fine,” Steve nods, his eyebrows rising in amusement, “How about our other recruit?” He inquires, his gaze shifting to the van. “He’s rarin’ to go!” Clint laughs amusedly as he roughly pulls back the sliding door of the van.

“Had to put a little coffee in him but he should be good.” The sleeping man in the back seat jerks forward, startling awake. Sam’s recruit steps from the van as you and Steve exchange skeptical looks with Sam, who just nods confidently, his arms crossing defensively across his chest.

“What time zone is this.” The man says as he blinks ferociously at the bright light of the sun. Your eyes glance briefly to Bucky, hanging back by the other side of the car. His face downcast as he waits patiently for the exchange of pleasantries.

“Come on Scott. Come on.” Clint says pushing Scott forward towards Steve, you give Wanda’s hand a small squeeze as you release her, stepping forward quietly and moving towards Bucky as Scott walks dazedly towards Steve.

“Hey,” you whisper as you move in front of Bucky, your hands sliding softly to his waist as you slip your face into his downcast gaze. You see his face tense, his jaw set tightly as his hair hangs down slightly around his face, “where’s your head at?” You ask softly, your hands sliding up his body to his cheeks, tipping his head forward so that you could place a delicate kiss on his furrowed brow.

You pull back to see his softened expression, his eyes blinking faintly as his lips pull in a reluctant smile, his metal arm slides gingerly around your waist pulling you against him as he straightens, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead before turning to focus on the conversation.

“Hey man!” Scott exclaims loudly, looking over at Sam. “What’s up tic tac,” Sam responds threateningly, his arms still crossed defensively. You can’t help but snort as you try to suppress a laugh. Is this just Sam’s way of interacting with people? Have I just never noticed because we’ve always been friends? Or is Sam just being a protective Mama Bear to Steve?

“Look… what happened last time…” Scott starts to explain, but Sam quickly breaks, smiling slightly as he interrupts Scott. “It was a great audition, but it’ll never happen again.” He laughs, the small sound of a threat still present in his voice. Yep, Sam the Mama Bear.

“They tell you what we’re up against?” Steve asks, drawing Scott’s attention back to him but not before he glances momentarily at you and Bucky behind Sam. “Something about some psycho-assassins?” Scott responds, raising an eyebrow at Steve to display his own skepticism.

“We’re outside the law on this one. So if you come with us you’re a wanted man” Steve speaks clearly, making sure Scott knows exactly what he’s signing up for. Steve has always been a worthy leader, careful at all times to make sure that his team is informed and willing, careful to never take advantage of the loyalty he inspires. It’s why you liked him, why you trusted him, why you…

“We should get moving.” You startle slightly as Bucky speaks beside you bringing your focus back to the situation. You glance up at him, noticing the tension in his chest again as he feels the pressure of the ticking clock.

“Veil helped us to get a chopper lined up.” Clint responds, immediately clicking into work mode. Steve smiles slightly, appreciating the reliability of his friends. Suddenly a siren sounds as a German voice echoes over an intercom throughout the parking complex.

Everyone tenses and looks around, Bucky listen’s carefully to the announcement before explaining a translation, “They’re evacuating the airport.” He pulls away from you as he stands firmly upright to face Steve glancing around to watch for any intruders.

“Stark,” Sam growls slightly, looking around as if he expected his ex-teammate to suddenly appear. “Stark?” Scott questions, looking confused.

Steve nods as if making a decision before announcing to the team at large. “Suit up. I’ll go scope out the helicopter, draw Stark out if he’s here, you all split up and explore other exit routes and escape routes.”

You all nod, Scott snapping into a serious salute, “Yes Sir, Captain America.” You can’t help but laugh at Scott’s nervous demeanor as Steve smiles slightly, “Except for you Mr. Lang, I need you to come with me.”

Steve and Scott waste no time in suiting up as the rest of you move quickly about gathering your gear. “Here buddy, I think I grabbed a piece that’ll fit you.” Clint advances on Bucky as he looks nervously to you for reassurance, you nod softly as he consents to follow Clint to the van.

“Y/N, hun, I think Wanda has something that will make you very happy.” He tosses over his shoulder as Bucky follows him. You move quickly towards Wanda as she reaches into the car, “Hey Clint says you have something…” She pulls out of the car, pulling with her a familiar pile of clothes. Your suit.

Your hands run happily over the flexible corset and close fitted leather jacket, smiling widely as you find the stretchable strong fabric of the pants, littered with pockets and holsters for all your favorite knives.  

You smile happily up at Wanda as she hands you a rolled piece of fabric. You roll it out on the seat to reveal your vast collection of knives. The only pocket empty was the one for your Scorpion dagger, which was still safely secured against your thigh.

“Thanks Wanda, I… Thank you.” She smiles happily at you receiving your thanks as she pulls out her own duffle. “You heard Cap, suit up.” She smiles as she begins to undress, swapping her civilian clothes for her gear.

You follow her quickly, stripping off your jeans as you swiftly slink into the close fitted black fabric, stripping off your shirt for ease of buckling the high waisted pants. You move quickly, loading your knives into each of their designated pockets.

“Hey, we have to get going soon, are you all almost ready?” Sam speaks plainly, looking at you and Wanda, his eyes briefly grazing over your exposed chest, only covered by a bra as you load your knives. Bucky and Clint walk around the van, coming to listen to Sam’s plan.

Bucky’s eyes flash briefly to you before widening, his fist clenching slightly at the discomfort of your exposed body around Clint and Sam. He moves quickly, stepping towards you to block the view to you as he reaches for your corset on the seat. “Doll?” He says sweetly to you as he hands you your top.

You glance up at him, halting in your ministrations, seeing the discomfort in his face before glancing down to your top in his hand. “Call me old fashioned but…” He whispers quietly. It dawns on you why he’s so uncomfortable and you quickly grab your corset from his hand, wrapping it around your torso as you begin to do up the clasps.

“Sorry… we change in front of each other all the… I just don’t really think much about it… never really had to…” You whisper as you finish the clasps, moving quickly to lace up your knee high boots and grab your leather jacket.

Bucky nods, as his shoulders jut forward, hunching defensively. He turns from you and moves around the side of the van as Sam calls to everyone for a strategy design meeting. “I… just give me a minute, I’ll get him.” You say to an annoyed Sam, turning quickly to follow Bucky around the other side of the van.

“Bucky… Hey, what’s going on?” You walk forward in front of him, his head hangs down again, biting at his lips as his brow furrows. “We never… I know I don’t have… We never talked about it but…” He stumbles as he tries to find the words. “I just…”

He tries to pull back, away from your grip, but you hold onto his suit, locking your fingers into the belt around his midriff, pushing yourself forward against him as you slide your arms around his waist.

You rest your head against his chest, hugging him closely. His arms rise up defensively for a moment before softly wrapping around you. “It’s ok… I’m here, I’m right here beside you…” You pull back slightly, your hands moving up to frame his face and pull his gaze down to meet yours, his arms still wrapped around you.

“I’ll stay here as long as you’ll let me…” You kiss him softly, feeling a small tingle press down your spine as his fingers flex against your back and he pulls you closer.

“You…” He pulls away slightly, pressing his forehead to yours as he sighs heavily, his voice shaking ever so slightly “you matter to me… it’s been a long time since anything’s mattered to me… but you…” He whispers softly, his eyes blinking open to look at yours.

His eyes shine down at you. You gaze into his blue stare, feeling as if you could see the whole meaning of life in his sad eyes. Your head swims as you breathe deeply, feeling as if an addictive rush was coursing through your body.

“I love you.” You whisper quietly, your mind blurs as your adrenaline sky rockets higher than any fight had caused it to before. You bite your lip nervously as you gaze up at him. Unable to take back the words that you had never before been able to say.

He smiles widely, his eyes sparkling with the vulnerable joy that you had only seen once before in bed. His arms wrap strongly around you as he pulls you into a deep and passionate kiss, his hand sliding up into your hair to pull you tighter against him.

After a moment, you kiss down his neck, settling into the comfort of his embrace, his hand still pressing softly in your hair. “I love you.” He breathes, his lips pressing softly against your forehead as a smile cracks across your face.

You both stand there, arms wrapped around each other, smiling slightly as you both breathe evenly for the first time in the last 48 hours.

“Umm…” Wanda interrupts awkwardly, stepping around the van, you pull sharply away from Bucky, turning towards her as she stares at you for a moment, her eyebrow raising, before her eyes dart to Bucky, widening her smile.

“Sam has a plan; you need to come be briefed quickly. Cap’s about to move forward with Scott.” She reports, the knowing smile tugging at her cheeks. You nod tensely, your eyes glaring at her, knowing exactly what she was doing.

You step forward, Bucky moving beside you towards Sam. Wanda grabs your arm for a moment, holding you back, “In love? Certainly not what I was expecting to overhear… I guess, congratulations?” She chuckles as she teases you, causing your face to go red.

“It’s not nice to read people’s mind Maximoff.” She rolls her eyes at your teasing before placing a quick kiss on your cheek. “I just want you to be smart and stay safe.”

She smiles as she links her arm in with yours, moving you forward towards Sam and Bucky, “And I want to keep Steve from killing you,” She teases, her eyes flashing forward to appraise Bucky’s large form, “Or him.”

You chuckle slightly, tension present at the edge of your laugh as the memory of your argument with Steve flashes in your head, giving way to the image of his kiss with Sharon… You step up beside Bucky, looking to Sam as he continues with his explanation.

Your eyes flash up to Bucky, his tall form standing close beside you… His perfect jaw darkened with thick stubble, pieces of his hair flittering forward into his bewitching blue gaze. His eyes flash to you for just a moment, catching you staring at him.

He smiles broadly at your gaze, his eyes twinkling with the hint of a laugh. Your chest relaxes, a feeling of calm and certainty washing over you. You matter to me… People have before… But never like this… You… you are what matters to me.


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@brotherhoodofsteelofficial pointed out that we need more stuff about Danse being friends with the other companions so here are some headcanons!   

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My Ethel and Jughead theory

GUYS! I have this theory, I think it’s more of a prediction, So here it is:

I think Ethel Muggs is secretly in love with Jughead Jones! Don’t get me wrong but I ship Bughead so damn hard, but I think this is a good twist!


At Jughead’s “Unwanted” Party (The Lost Weekend) Ethel suggest that Jughead should eat a piece of cake, considering that it was badluck.

Okay, I may be “over reacting” but it’s a possibility!

And if you’re a fan of the Archie Comics like moi, You may know that “Big Ethel” is Jughead’s Love interest.

#Ethhead? #JugThel? Anyone? Okay I’m bad at doing ship names lmfao😂

ps. I’m sorry for the crappy grammar, English isn’t my native language.😂

twitter: bugronchie


This is my gift for @sayloni in the @meroniasecretexchange.
Her prompt was “Awkward (and probably hateful, but secretly anticipated) Christmas hugs?”. Like I said to her in the artist’s note, these hugs are no where near ‘hateful’ and none of these two could have predicted the action of the other but she also said that she loved angst and bittersweet so I decided to combine her prompt and her suggestions.
I just want to reupload this so it will be on my blog with a bigger size.
If you’re reading this then I hope you like this piece @sayloni 


Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Meme

1 Magician → John Segundus

It has been no small inducement, in my coming to York, that your excellent and, er, distinguished society exists here - not to mention your extensive library of magical books! I have studied magic, gentlemen, for many years. The histories of the Raven King, the great magicians of long ago. I’ve read the new publications and even made my small contribution to their number. But I have recently begun to wonder why the great feats of magic that I read about remain in the pages of my books and are not seen on the street or on the battlefield. I have begun to wonder why modern magicians are unable to work the magic that they write about. In short, gentlemen, I wish to know… why is magic no longer done in England?

Hero (Isaac Lahey x Reader)

Request: Hola! I was wondering if you could do an Isaac Lahey imagine based on the next text ‘you left here without giving it a thought, you told me you dont love me anymore, i begged you to stay, i dont know what i would do without you, i dont think i can stand it, life put me close to you i could never predict i would become your past, you left here,found another life and buried mine, you left here, found another’s arms you erased my kisses, you left me in pieces and it hurts to see that you gave your heart to another’ -Anon

A/N: I know it’s short but I hadn’t enough time to write. Hope you’ll enjoy it :)  MASTERLIST

Word Count: 321

Warnings: None

“You left here without giving it a thought, you told me you don’t love me anymore, i begged you to stay, I don’t know what I would do without you, I don’t think I can stand it, life put me close to you I could never predict I would become your past, you left here,found another life and buried mine, you left here, found another’s arms you erased my kisses, you left me in pieces and it hurts to see that you gave your heart to another.” You eyes were tearing up  your boyfriend’s face just stared at you. “Oh come on Y/N…don’t be so dramatic.” He exclaimed. “Dramatic? You cheated on me with a bitch you asshole!” You cried. He grabbed your throat and pressed you against the wall behind you. You were losing your breath. “Let. Me. Go.” You pleaded. “I’m an asshole, remember?” His fingertips were pressing your throat even further.

“Leave her alone!” You heard Isaac yell. You blacked out. Your ex boyfriend threw you on the ground slamming you. “Oh, so you’re her guardian Angel?” He asked sourly as he moved towards Isaac. “No…I’m a werewolf.” His eyes turned orange. He jumped on your ex and began beating him up. As he felt like he was done, he ran over to you. “Y/N, can you hear me?” He cupped your face and held you bridal style.

You opened your eyes and to see Isaac’s crystal blue eyes staring at you with tears. “Are you okay?” He asked as he helped you sit up straight. “Yeah, just a little sore.” You kept looking at each other. Without thinking, you both leaned in and your warm lips touched. You gently pulled back. “Still sore?” He asked. “A little.” You smiled. He sat on the bed next to you. Your rested your head on his hard chest. His strong arms wrapped around you and held you close to him.

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toramarushou  asked:

6, 27, 48, 59, 70, 91, 112!

Oof, theres some big ones there…

  • 6. What fictional place would you like to visit?

  • 27. Who’s your go-to band or artist when you don’t know who or what to listen to?
    More than band, it’s usually specific songs, but these days I’m still hooked on the Ping Pong Girls OST…
  • 48. What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with no preparation?
    I love market trends of the video game industry, and always try to follow the most recent fads and popular opinions.  I love discussing the history and analytic predictions.
  • 59. What piece of entertainment do you wish you could erase from your mind, only to experience it for the first time again?
    The shock value of Gakkou Gurashi (School-Live!) is sort of lost once you see it coming.  Going into that show completely blind is the best way to watch it.  (Its still good, but that first time is an emotional freight train)
  • 70. What movie title best describes your life?
    Lost in Translation
  • 91. When was the last time you changed your opinion or belief about something major?
    I’ve made a pretty big 180 in philosophy in the last 10 years or so, but most recent…  since driving regularly i’ve realized how wasteful cars are.  Every time i get stuck in traffic, I can’t help but feel guilty sitting alone in this big, metal box thats just belching carbon to just creep along at 5 mph.  Not just me, but every other car around me.  Cars are a vital need in order to function in modern society, but are not being used properly.  Automotive transportation needs a drastic change.  (also pickups need to be gotten rid of entirely.  No one ‘needs’ a pickup)
  • 112. What is the best & worst thing about getting older?
    Having money is nice, but with work, its really hard to fit everything i want to do into a day

Q: “Why no new drawings Blue? :(”

The thing about getting better after your world falls apart… is that things don’t come back in a predictable order; you get given bits and pieces at random, fragments of yourself here and there, you know it will all come together eventually, but you don’t get a say in whats dropped back when.

I’ve got a lot back, thankfully. Not all, but I can function, leave the house, do the daily jobs, not want to die, that kind of thing :)

The drawing thing has been tricky though. Drawing has been such a huge part of my life, and that was taken away along with everything else I loved by the mental illness.

It hasn’t come back fully yet.
I can sketch, and I’ve been sketching a lot, but my focus and concentration to work on a full piece has been impaired. Its a fine line between coaxing yourself to do something, and forcing yourself from a bad place.
It’s hard because there is pressure; pressure to produce new drawings for my supporters, to make a new prints so I have an income, to not get lost in the sea of amazing social media artists, and the internal pressure, the want to improve, to have the full ability back to participate in something I love so much. I just want to get it back properly…

One thing I have got back is my organisational skills. I organised shows. Probably too many. But I will do them, they keep me busy, and out meeting people, and I fond them very rewarding. There is a lot of work which goes into these shows, so they do take up a large portion of my time.

One thing which has taken a lot more time than I ever anticipated, is recovery. I don’t mean time waiting for it, but really -doing- it. Real active time participating in and facilitating my recovery.
I have come to learn I won’t just ‘get better’ If I wait. I have to practice it, to earn it. We often talk about 'fighting’, and in some respects it is like that, but in other respects its like understanding and forming a new relationship with myself and my demons. At the moment I’m doing a lot of 'openly meeting’, meeting the negative thoughts, the dark cognitions and the mal-adaptive comping mechanisms which have taken hold over many years. I am learning new strategies, and implementing them. My cognitive arsenal is growing. But it takes a heck of a lot of work for it to not fall down. It can be like doing mental summer-salts some days, but just as our muscles get stronger as we exerciser, so my mind is getting stronger.

The sketch above is something I did while watching the Olympics, never intended for anyone to see, but hey. This is what I’ve been doing a lot of. I have treated myself to a nice camera and have been taking photos with that to stay creative too

Naruto Fleet

Rule : List your top 10 Naruto ships in order then tag 10 people you’re curious about. 

I was tagged by @ichaichatactics, thank you this was fun to make! but tbh i’m quite predictable lol (and i tried so hard to think of a ship that doesn’t have an itachi in it orz)

1. Kisa / Shi / Ita

do ot3 count ? because lisTEN … listen this. ship. man. *explodes*.

2. SasuIta 

“i will love you forever” made me feel the most i ever felt for a piece of fiction in i don’t remember how long. i like almost any variation of this one, from dark sasuita to soft uchiha bros just chilling and being the cute beans that they are (in fact, if you know of any uchiha-bros centered gen fics, hmu!).

3. KakaIta

rare precious pair with really nice potential and content.

4. Juugo/Itachi

calm boys who love sasuke and birbs. nuff said.

5. SakuIno


6. SakuKarin

my girl Karin is such a gentle soul and she genuinely cares about sakura and i’m weak

7. (at this point i failed at pretending to have non itachi-centered ships) MadaIta

ah yes, back in the good ol days.

8. Anko / Shi / Ita

malignedaffair’s art is the only explanation and damn it is nice. and i love ot3 involving itachi ok

9. PostwarKabuto/Itachi

at this point i’m like, show any positive attitude towards itachi and i’ll be grateful to you forever. and there’s also lot of potential here but there’s literally no content for this one ToT

10. … 

Trying to post more cosplay here since my Mars pic was so well-received! (Thank you everyone!)

Not a pretty girl cos this time, but… tbh, crossplay is my norm and… well, it’s very clear that I love Mob Psycho 100 to pieces…! The instant Reigen appeared I was like WELP I KNOW WHO IM GONNA COSPLAY LOL… 8___D I’m seriously so predictable, it’s really embarrassing…

I shared this on my Instagram as well!

I want to know why I chose you, and why I continue to choose you. I predict the ending will be bitter, but I guess I’m hoping it will be bitter-sweet.
You’re voice constantly echoes through my head, but never mentions anything significant. I can’t piece together why its your face I see in my dreams, or why it’s your arms I wish hold me at night. Why did I choose you?

Day 10: Adding It Up

As you make your way to the eleventh floor, you catch Smith up on some of the finer points of your tale, and she shakes her head when you detail Waite’s involvement thus far.

“I got a call from them last night, after I got home from the choosing.” She says, chewing on her lip - at some point, you notice, she started taking notes. “They said that today was the only day that the Page would have time.” Despite having her thinking cap on, the girl droops just a bit. “And I really thought it was because they thought I was a good reporter…”

“Don’t worry so much. You must be.” Rider, who appears to regret his earlier outburst, has reined it in. He grins at her when she looks with her pretty dark eyes, and you feel a touch warmed to see him back to his kinder self. “Even if there’s more going on, they wouldn’t have sent someone stupid out here to meet the Page, or it would have all fallen flat from the start.”

Smith beams and fiddles with her earring - her cheeks go red when she notices you nodding in agreement. You start to feel like you’ll be able to convince the Page that the three of you are, in fact, a team.

That said, you don’t manage to come to any conclusive ideas on the extent of Waite’s involvement in the five more minutes it takes you to descend the elevator and navigate the executive floor. Granted, this floor is the greenest of them all, boosting a fully trimmed lawn instead of a carpet and several golden apple trees lining the pathway into a large door. It is easy to get distracted by this strange place, and you squander your last bits of planning time staring at the fresh fruit - besides you, you can hear Smith squeal and Rider seethe.

A secretary underneath one of the trees smiles when you enter and buzzes open the door, gesturing you into the office as she continues to talk into a headset. You pass her, take a deep breath, and–

You run into a skinny boy with sandy hair that falls limp in his face. The gawky kid is shorter than Rider and perhaps only has a few years on you, at best - his face is stubbly and his arms are noodly as they raise to prevent your collision. You assume he is on his way out from a meeting until you get an eyeful of his yellow badge - you elbow Rider, who surely hasn’t figured out there is disbelief plastered all over his face, and back away.

“My bad, guys!” The Page of Pentacles waves his hand. “I was going to step out until you got here - here!” He scoots past you and goes up to one of the apple trees, standing on his toes - you notice his worn sneakers - and harvesting five fruits into his arms. He hands one to his grinning secretary as he goes by and passes the rest out to you and your friends as he ushers you into the office. “I’ve been eating them all day, help me - but you must be from the Fountainhead?”

Smith lights up at the reference and steps forward, holding out her hand. “Yes! Smith, from Features. I - we -had been hoping to discuss the Penthouse’s work towards ecological technology with you, amongst a few other things.”

The Page shakes it and grins, making a show out of shaking your hand and Rider’s hand as well. “Come on in! Pull up a chair - or sit on the grass if you want, I’ve been doing that. We like to keep it real casual around here, real human. Just because we’re down in a bunker doesn’t mean we can’t hang out, you know?”

Smith, of course, writes this down and eventually seats herself on the lawn across from him - you catch a peek at her notes and notice she has scribbled out “more like a picnic than an interview”, a catchy opener for her story, no doubt. You sit next to her and Rider, who is gnawing on his apple, flops down behind you.

“This place is incredible.” She says, looking around the room, and the Page blushes, his voice breaking a bit.

“Well, that’s just the first part of our eco-program. I, ah, grew up out on the outskirts of the city - Mom and Dad aren’t so happy I got into computers, you know? You can never make your parents happy.” Smith beams at him knowingly, her pen scratching. “But they taught me the value of being outside and working with the earth, and I thought, why compromise? Having the convenience of a phone in your pocket isn’t inherently unthoughtful. But ech these days is too wasteful, too unfriendly. The Penthouse headquarters is fully self-sustainable, with self-generated electricity, heating and cooling, and water filtration. Plus,” he crunches his apple. “We grow our own produce. Best in town.”

The journalist nods and asks a few more questions, during which you keep quiet during as you let her get what she came for - the Page answers smoothly, although he is half script and half “you know” and “um”. You remember reading that he founded the company at nineteen and he looks like he’s not even hit that age yet. But the emblem on his earpiece speaks for itself.

You drop back into the conversation when Smith brings the Major Arcana up. “And the Sun - he is your primary benefactor, right?”

The Page smiles. “Not to cheapen the contributions of our other shareholders, but like the earth as we know it, this place wouldn’t exist without the Sun. He’s got an invested interest in eco-friendly technology and we pitched him way back when we were literally working out of my old penthouse. He’s the whole reason we’re here - he’d been tasked with finding a use for this massive war bunker that was used by the government way back in the first days after the Incident, and did we think we could use it? We’re all about upcycling everything at Penthouse. So with a free, incredible donation of space, we were able to pour all our money into upgrading everything to be super sustainable instead of having to build from the ground up. And a few years later? Paradise. Course, bunkers are a little creepy - there’s a couple really condemned spaces further down even I haven’t been, too dangerous, and not all the floors are totally done, but Paradise in the making.”

You find yourself speaking up. “And is sustainability what your platform will be if you get selected to be The World?”

With this, the atmosphere changes, and the Page turns from half-convincing CEO to full-on boy - he has run almost entirely out of script, and he stammers. “Ah! Ah, Miss Smith, I’m not sure I can go on the record with this. I don’t even know how you got that scoop, but…”

He crosses his arms and looks at the ground, red. “It’s true I got approached as a candidate to replace the World, yes. And if I were going to be the World, I’d employ sustainability as a movement.”

“So what, you’re going to install all those solar panels yourself on Candlestick Row? Buy all the homeless nice greenhouses for gardens?” Rider, who has nearly finished his apple, can’t seem to hold back much longer.

The Page looks at him through his glasses, and to your surprise, he stares down in shame. “And that’s exactly it, right? I’m no politician - I’m barely even a businessman. I want this place to nourish the neighborhood. And yet the money slips out of my fingers, all my moves get countered, I…” He sighs. “I’m turning down the offer. Not even running. I have to finish what I started here. So you can tell whoever gave you the scoop that they’re wrong, because they might as well be.”

That was fast. Was that all the Devil wanted from him? Smith puts her pen down and pats the Page on the shoulder, and he flushes.

“I love the world way too much to be the World. All of that - the suits, the cards, the predictions and the politics, that makes no sense to me. You know what makes sense? Numbers. Those add up, you know? I can see the future in numbers. Everything else is just noise.”

Unsure exactly what to take from this, you fumble about in your pocket to show the Page the list of candidates for his thoughts - what comes out, however, is the piece of paper with a circle that the High Priestess slipped you. The Page stares at it  his eyes growing wide.

As you move to hand the paper to him, your fingers touch the circle of ink just as the Page’s do. And suddenly, the grass, the trees, the apples, your friends, and the world are gone.

Day 10 Task: Numerology

Numerology is the practice of using arithmetic and the properties of numbers to divine inner traits and the future. It is an easy and fun style of divination very suited for those who find stability and knowledge from the way numbers work. Feel free to enlist help or to help others with their task. 

To do this challenge, write out either your full name, your tumblr username, or your Diviner’s name on a piece of paper. Using the guide provided, translate the name into numbers.

To Calculate your Expression Number: Add up all of the numbers in your name to one larger number. If the number is under 10 or is 11 or 22, you are done and can look up the number’s meaning in the provided chart. If the number is over 10 and is not one of the exceptions, add all digits together and continue to reduce until you have found an eligible number. This number provides insight into your life’s purpose and natural potential.

To Calculate your Heart’s Desire: Add up all of the vowels in your name to one larger number, including Y. If the number is under 10 or is 11 or 22, you are done and can look up the number’s meaning in the provided chart. If the number is over 10 and is not one of the exceptions, add all digits together and continue to reduce until you have found an eligible number. This number provides insight into your hopes for the future and your core qualities.

For today’s challenge, calculate both your Expression Number and your Heart’s Desire and write a sentence or more on your interpretation and reaction, based on the cheat sheet. Feel free to further google and research Numerology for more insight into your findings.

#Tarotpocalypse Master Post

World on Fire

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Alex/Maggie

Rating: T

Author’s notes: This is a prompt fill for @quinnsexriot who requested prompt #10, “Did you really think I’d just give up?” This one got a bit angsty and intense, but it’s got a happy ending. Hope you like it. :)

Thanks to @zennie-fic for the quick beta.


Maggie struggled toward consciousness. She was warm, unbearably so, sweat slick on her body beneath her clothes, and the world waiting for her on the other side of the darkness was deadly.

A loud groan followed by a worrisome cracking finally jarred her leaden eyelids open, and Maggie woke to a world on fire.

“Alex?” Maggie whispered, struggling to sit up. Her legs were pinned by something heavy, and panic stirred in her chest, chasing away the mental cobwebs and sharpening her senses. “Alex!” she called out with a little more volume, glancing around for her girlfriend and finding nothing but destruction and flames. She drew in a deep breath of the heated air, choking on ash and smoke. “Alex!”

The old apartment building. The alien they’d chased inside. The trap they’d walked right into. It came back to her in a sick rush when she remembered the fire, Alex pushing her out of the way to save her.

“Maggie!” Alex suddenly yelled back, somewhere close, the distress in her voice agitating Maggie further, but at least she knew the other woman was alive.  

Wooden timbers dropped from the ceiling with a boom, embers shooting skyward at the impact, and the floor vibrated ominously under her. Maggie struggled to get up again. She had to get out of there. She had to get Alex out of there.

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Drifting || part 2 || l.h

“I am an invisible girl that falls for boys that shine like stars”

Part one 

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

You laughed sourly as your phone lit up for the hundredth time tonight, a familiar name flashing on your screen. Now he knows what you’ve felt like for the past three months, you knew it was childish to flat out ignore him and you were stooping down to his level. But right now, you didn’t want to talk to him. 

At least that was what you are telling yourself. your mind knew all you wanted to do was talk to him. But you decided to hold your ground. You twirled the folded piece of paper in your hand, the dried tears made your face feel stiff and stuck. 

You were surprised as your phone kept dinging when just a few minutes ago he didn’t even recognize your number, nor your voice. It was a given you would be getting a call from either Calum, Ashton, or Michael soon. You predicted it would be Michael, since you and him were close as well, and he knew about your feeling towards your best friend. He was always secretly rooting for the two of you to be together in the end at some point. 

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Yes, yes...

You guys already know that Sanji asked Nami if she loves him (the only woman in One Piece he bothered to ask that). You also certainly remember that she said yes two times, jokingly of course (but she dodged the question the other two times ^^).

These moments are treated as a gag, and they probably are, but I don’t know if you guys are aware of these heart-shaped bumps:

In Alabasta, Sanji saves everyone and asks Nami if she loves him:

Not long after they escape, Nami hits him and we have this:

In Fishman Island, Sanji teases her again only to receive another yes:

After the battle and the party, when Nami hits him we have this:

The next time Nami answers yes, I predict three heart-shaped bumps. ^^ 

Of course, this could be Oda just making fun of Sanji’s heart-shaped eyes and love motif, but I find the timing rather curious.