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Do you have any advice for budgeting/saving $ if there's a lot of unpredictability in spending? I'm an art student, so sometimes I'll spend hundreds of dollars on supplies a semester and sometimes I'll rarely buy anything. Sometimes it's hard to predict how much I'll have to spend on materials for a class beforehand, so it's hard for me to set aside an amount. I had to buy a bunch of paper for next week and now I have $3 in my bank account. It's not an emergency but, help

Oh no, that sounds stressful! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

I don’t personally have any experience with this kind of budgeting, but it sounds tough. Do you have an idea of what the maximum spending you’ll have to do will be? Like, for example, what are the most expensive materials you might have to buy? Can you ask former students to get an idea of what they had to buy for that class? Can you buy some pricey items ahead of time when you have extra money to stock up, or is that not really feasible?

It might be helpful to put aside some money each month or at the beginning of the semester for art supplies. It can’t hurt to over-budget this, especially since you said the costs vary! If you end up not spending, you can carry that money over into the next semester or use it for necessary items!

But yikes, the $3 sounds rough and I hope things got a little more stable since you sent this ask! I know you probably need high quality art supplies, but please make sure you’re eating and taking care of yourself, too!– Mimi


Even tho I still can’t manage holding my tablet’s pen, my mechanical pencil is slim and light enough to let me draw! Which is why I spent the last few days sketching traditionally - maybe this blog has been inactive long enough to allow me to post shitty pics of shitty pencil doodles too haha

my favorite thing about the cask of amontillado meme (which I LOVE) is that it displays, yet again, how difficult millennials on the internet are to predict. oh, giant company, you want your advertisement to go viral? well this week the kids are obsessed with a short story written in 1846 good fucking luck


In other news Hiryuu’s too cute and I’m weak


2 ≡ riley matthews & maya hart (13.61%)

“because i love her. i always have and she loves me.”

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NOOOOO listen i know like……can you imagine? Rowan having to react to Celaena? Celaena, who can’t stomach excessive contact or expression of love? Celaena, who stepped away from him and his attempt to comfort her when Arobynn was killed? Celaena, who wanted to die and was very much suicidal and depressed, who begged for trouble so she could feed on her own misery?

This is the Celaena that Rowan knows, that Rowan helped come out of the darkness. Celaena is Aelin’s defense mechanism. Aelin turned to Celaena’s anonymity, her ruthlessness and wicked, cunning nature, when she didn’t have the strength to face her parents’ deaths. Or Sam’s. Or Nehemia’s. Or Endovier. Celaena is the assassin who will win at all costs, prevail against all odds, and not feel anything but the killing calm and writhing anger beneath it. But…. Aelin is the Warrior. Aelin is the hope, the dream, of a better world. Aelin can’t cut corners like Celaena did. Not as a queen, at least. Aelin had to peer into the shadows and show them her flame to come out of her despair in Heir of Fire. She had to work and continues to have to work for Aelin to triumph in the face of everything going on, every single day. Being Aelin is a constant battle for her. One that she and those around her are helping develop.

So for Rowan to have to cross oceans and endure her absence for so long, only to find her having retreated into Celaena’s comforting shadow and darkness….it’s a step back. It’s Aelin’s crutch. and I would never blame her for needing that in the isolation, the torture, the loneliness, but I can only imagine how that could impact Rowan as well. Because Rowan won’t be able to slip into who he was when Lyria was murdered. If Aelin has shifted into Celaena, he can’t give up too. He has to hold the line. For the both of them. And for Rowan to tell Aelin how much he loves her, how much hope he has for her, and for Aelin to be in Celaena’s mentality….that’s heartbreaking. Celaena was never able to reciprocate those things—not to Sam, or Chaol, or Dorian. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t. Not while being the Celaena-branded coward that doesn’t face the enormity of her responsibilities. So Rowan finding Celaena instead of Aelin in Maeve’s hold….that’s utterly devastating.

Anyway………I got carried away and now I’m crying. Oops. U asked for it. But yes yeah that’s how I feel about Aelin falling back on Celaena while being tortured by Cairn/Maeve in tog6. And yes, I will most definitely be writing fanfics on this. I literally can’t help myself.


               When my 60 seconds came around,

                    l realized l had everything l ever wanted

                         but nothing l really needed.

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Okay, so I realize that we've only seen snippets, characters are complex, developer intent changes, etc, etc. Buuuut....Canon pre-Reaper Reyes seems like a relatively chill dude? Like,THIS is the guy that was supposed to be the hardass "ends justify the means" and "stick to the mission at all costs" type? o_O Would love to know your take on this.

This is like 99.99% speculation and personal projecting, but I’m fond of the idea that Young Gabe was extremely hard working, gruff, bad with people, edgy on purpose, and young Jack was more chill, friendly, charismatic, motivational. So through the amount of time they spend together Jack helps pull Gabe out of his shell, muscles him into working on his social skills so he’s got less of a wall up. He’s got his own friends and life and he’s fun at parties, but he’s still a gruff, intimidating guy with super high standards so he can be tough to work with because he’s a hardass who’s better than everyone at everything.

Jack and Gabe have like a good cop bad cop dynamic for the Omnic Crisis, Gabe is calling the shots but Jack is the approachable go-between that people aren’t afraid is going to bark at them for messing up. When the Omnic Crisis ends the powers that be are like “hey, Jack a good upstanding ‘’’’’’’All American’’’’’’’ guy, he photographs well, he looks good on posters, he’s good at making all our weird special snowflake superheroes get along and work together, he knows how to tactfully navigate conversations with important people without offending them, let’s put him in charge of Overwatch!”

Gabe is pissed because he did the heavy lifting and now he’s not getting the glory, Jack is pissed because he ALSO wants Gabe to get the glory. He doesn’t want to be in charge, he wants to be the Fun Uncle who helps the kids get along with Rules Dad. But now he IS Rules Dad. He can’t be The Fun One anymore because now everything he does matters and everyone in the world is waiting to pick apart every descision he makes and backseat drive all his mistakes. So Jack starts turning into the stressed hardass because he’s juggling so many plates and playing politics with everyone. 

Meanwhile Gabe is realizing a lifetime of Trying The Hardest didn’t really matter, because it still didn’t get him the job he wanted. He’s kind of salty, but also realizing from what it’s doing to Jack that he probably dodged a bullet because he would not have the tact to deal with all the political niceties. So in his own sardonic way, he kind of turns into “the fun one” because he doesn’t have the spotlight on him and can be as sarcastic and back-sassy as he wants without worrying about what it could “do to his career”. He throws a lot of jabs about Jack getting all the glory, but at the same time he enjoys getting to chill for the first time in his life. He doesn’t want Jack’s job or resent Jack for having it now that he’s seen how all the chips fell, but there’s always going to be that little part of him that can’t stop picking that scab and bringing it up when Jack is stressed out or fucking up. Gabe probably thinks of it as pushing Jack to do better and live up to the standards he expected for Overwatch when he was in charge, but for Jack it’s more like rubbing salt in the wound.

Then when he gets Reaper’d he’s just a pissed off man-on-a-mission who doesn’t need to worry about playing nice with others and social nuance at all anymore, so it’s all Reyes dry humour plus his skill and ambition plus his lifelong dream of wearing The Most Over-The-Top Goth Kid Sleeveless Black Trenchcoat ensemble and throwing shotguns at people. Reaper is Gabriel Reyes coming back from the dead with no fucks to give and ALL OF THE fucks to give simultaneously.

Now I’m not gonna say “this is how I think Blizzard is going to make it happen when they actually drop the lore” because that would make me a goddamn clairvoyant to predict that much backstory. I’m just sayin’ that if I was on the writing staff that’s probably how I’d pitch their relationship dynamic because it meshes with a lot of the established lore bits they’ve already dropped like  “Gabe was in charge of Overwatch for the Omnic Crisis”, “Jack got promoted ahead of Gabe because he ‘brought out the best in people”, “Jack and Gabe continued to work together reasonably well despite this for another 20 years until [mystery event] happened”, “Gabe is an edgelord who condescendingly slow claps at people and talks like a smarmy tryhard theatre kid”, and “Gabe is also fun at parties and says quippy things when everyone else is stressed out about serious political problems”


✨プリクラ ft. 長兄松 ✨

Heartbeat | 2

You convince Hoseok that you are capable of a no strings attached arrangement.

pairing: hoseok x reader
word count: 13.5k
genre: gang!au, smut

part one

warnings: dom!Hoseok, demeaning names, oral, public sex

You knee bounced up and down nervously. An hour had passed and still no reply from Hoseok. You bit back a sigh, regretting sending that ‘What are you doing tonight?’ message to him. You felt like an idiot, worse yet, a desperate idiot.

You cringed, remembering the hope that had sprung in your chest as you boldly fired off that text to Hoseok. You had honestly expected him to reply back straight away, conveying some kind of interest, wanting you as badly as you wanted him. Instead, you had nothing but stifling silence.

“Are you liking the film?” Taehyung leaned over and whispered, his eyes were full of concern and you gave him a weak smile in return. “It’s just a little bit scary,” You lied. He nodded and offered you a warm smile. “I’ll protect you,” He said reassuringly. Your phone vibrated in your pocket and you felt your heart leap in your chest. “Thanks Tae,” You responded faintly, staring straight at the TV until Taehyung glanced away from you, focusing on the movie again. 

Struggling to stay calm, you glanced down surreptitiously at your phone, feeling your heart race in your chest. There was a message notification, from a string of numbers- someone who wasn’t in your contacts. 

It was him. Hoseok.

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POC Potter Week: Saturday
AU Day - Medieval

Hermione Granger
Draco Malfoy
Luna Lovegood
Cedric Diggory


Finally finished _(:3」∠)_ very belated monthly Kanadian Day comic, as voted from this poll.

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i wanted to make the fandom sad and throw my headcanons for how squips work into the void of the bmc tag. this info / headcanon(s) is entirely book-based. and if you want to look more into quantum computers and quantum theory, please watch these videos, i consulted them closely for some of these slides!

this is Michelle Simmons at Tedx Sidney, and her talk is very much ‘predictive’ or at least explanatory of the possible existence of something like a squip; a really tiny supercomputer! she talks more about math and the logistics of constructing a quantum computer in this video.

this is Dominic Walliman and he does a good job in this video / talk of breaking down quantum theory and the basics of quantum stuff for ‘7 year olds’ aka teenagers on the internet who kinda want to know a little more about Stuff™ in this universe. 

and this is a really cool youtube video about quantum stuff with really wonderful illustrations, a knowledgeable narrator, and relaxing music to go along with it. 

Voltron Season 3 Predictions: Discourse Edition

After much debate, Allura will attempt to pilot the black lion, and fail like she did in 80′s Voltron. Keith ultimately takes over piloting the black lion.

  • People will call the writers racist.

Lance will have a meltdown from being in Keith’s shadow. Him and Keith have a very good episode(s) of working out their troubles. In the end they declare each other brothers.

  • Shippers scramble to explain how this is different from when Keith called Shiro “like a brother” and that kl@nce will still happen.

Lotor is introduced. He is a very well rounded, morally gray villain. There are glimmers of a possible redemption arc.

  • Anti-shipping blogs multiply like bunnies. Everyone who has Lotor as a favorite character is immediately put on a list of problematic people to avoid and redemption arcs/problematic faves are myths. Zuko who?

It is hinted that the Alteans might not have been 100% good guys.

  • It will somehow be interpreted as racist writing.

More Kallura moments. Maybe even some Lance and Allura moments.

  • More complaints of heteronormity. Possibly more staff harassment because why not.

Coran is awesome.

  • Nobody complains

There will be more Hunk cooking jokes.

  • Even if Hunk gets more screentime/development, people will still complain.

Keith saves Shiro.

  • People are angry because Allura (or fan favorite Lance) should have saved him. Who cares if that’s how it was in season 1 and 2.

She!th reunion hug. There are tears. (Bonus points for that being the last scene of season 3.)

  • People will complain because Sh@llura reunion was much less tender (or even non-existant).

Feel free to add more!