Comfort Zone

Aries comfort zone: A place, a group, a career that they know they’re good at. A place where there is admiration and even a place or person they dominate.

Taurus comfort zone: A predictable place with little conflict. People are steady and familiar, acts are repetitive.

Gemini comfort zone: They don’t have to focus, there isn’t a lot of pressure, friends might be plentiful, and there’s lots of encouragement around.

Cancer comfort zone: A place or people with plenty of security, a place that actually feels comfortable, and lots of sentimental attachments.

Leo comfort zone: Where they can be the big fish in a little pond, there’s stability, they always have resources, and they have the upper hand.

Virgo comfort zone: Plenty of routine and safety. They are the most knowledgeable in an area, knows everyone, and they always know what’s coming.

Libra comfort zone: Little conflict or drama, has strong connections with others, has a good reputation, knows their way around, and feels secure.

Scorpio comfort zone: Has power over environment in some way, no one messes with them, experiences “safe” excitement, and they know everything/no secrets.

Sagittarius comfort zone: Not a lot of pressure or responsibility, little consequence for speaking their mind, a place or person with positive vibes, and there is little criticism.

Capricorn comfort zone: Has control in some way, a lot of reliability and routine, nothing ever changes, people listen to them, and others bend to their way. 

Aquarius comfort zone: They are a main source of info, everyone knows their name, there is at least one or two people that “get” them, and there is a lot of communication (but let’s be real they gave up that “zone” a long time ago).

Pisces comfort zone: Around dependable people, there is a place to escape, lots of comforting energy, and things are familiar in a physical sense.

We all have our comfort zones and at times we all need to step out of them!


GuanShan: He Tian! Come to the kitchen for fuck’s sake!
He Tian: *sits on the couch* I told you I don’t need a birthday present, let’s just eat the cake.
GuanShan: …I guess I’ll just put my clothes back on then.
He Tian: !! *rushs to the kitchen*
GuanShan: *holds out a birthday present* Here
He Tian: *pout* You promised that you woulnd’t do that anymore
GuanShan: Shut up and take it, you pervert

Q: Which of Doraemon’s gadgets would Daesung want most, and how would he use it? (credit to gloomynaomy for the subs)


This ending was too predictable, I couldn’t agree with you more, Sonic… Just the montage of Sonic and pals goofing off was more fun than this episode…