Comfort Zone

Aries comfort zone: A place, a group, a career that they know they’re good at. A place where there is admiration and even a place or person they dominate.

Taurus comfort zone: A predictable place with little conflict. People are steady and familiar, acts are repetitive.

Gemini comfort zone: They don’t have to focus, there isn’t a lot of pressure, friends might be plentiful, and there’s lots of encouragement around.

Cancer comfort zone: A place or people with plenty of security, a place that actually feels comfortable, and lots of sentimental attachments.

Leo comfort zone: Where they can be the big fish in a little pond, there’s stability, they always have resources, and they have the upper hand.

Virgo comfort zone: Plenty of routine and safety. They are the most knowledgeable in an area, knows everyone, and they always know what’s coming.

Libra comfort zone: Little conflict or drama, has strong connections with others, has a good reputation, knows their way around, and feels secure.

Scorpio comfort zone: Has power over environment in some way, no one messes with them, experiences “safe” excitement, and they know everything/no secrets.

Sagittarius comfort zone: Not a lot of pressure or responsibility, little consequence for speaking their mind, a place or person with positive vibes, and there is little criticism.

Capricorn comfort zone: Has control in some way, a lot of reliability and routine, nothing ever changes, people listen to them, and others bend to their way. 

Aquarius comfort zone: They are a main source of info, everyone knows their name, there is at least one or two people that “get” them, and there is a lot of communication (but let’s be real they gave up that “zone” a long time ago).

Pisces comfort zone: Around dependable people, there is a place to escape, lots of comforting energy, and things are familiar in a physical sense.

We all have our comfort zones and at times we all need to step out of them!


GuanShan: He Tian! Come to the kitchen for fuck’s sake!
He Tian: *sits on the couch* I told you I don’t need a birthday present, let’s just eat the cake.
GuanShan: …I guess I’ll just put my clothes back on then.
He Tian: !! *rushs to the kitchen*
GuanShan: *holds out a birthday present* Here
He Tian: *pout* You promised that you woulnd’t do that anymore
GuanShan: Shut up and take it, you pervert


A ficlet for the Carry On Countdown


“I just didn’t think it was that great.”

           I see Baz roll his eyes in the rear view mirror, but Simon just looks concerned.  “You didn’t like it?”

           “Not as much as other films, no,” I say, flicking on my brightest headlights as we leave the city.

           “What was wrong with it?” Agatha asks from beside me.

            “The writing was predictable.”

           “Of course it was, Bunce,” Baz drones, “it always is with you.”

           “What, you didn’t think so?”

           He shrugs.  “Sure it was.”

           “You, too?”  Simon turns on him like he’s been betrayed.  “Crowley, was I the only one who enjoyed the movie?”

           “I enjoyed it,” Agatha pipes up.

           “Thank you.”

           “I’m glad you liked it, Simon,” I say without looking at his reflection.  “You don’t have to not like it just because I didn’t.”

           “Yeah, but now I’ll never be able to watch it without thinking about how much you didn’t like it.”

           “So watch it with someone who did like it,” Baz tells him.

           “Didn’t you?”

           “Sure I did.”

           “It might have been predictable,” Agatha offers, “but it was still carried out well.”

           “Exactly,” Simon says like he’s won, like we were arguing about something more important than a film.  He gets that way over trivial things sometimes.  No one faults him for it, after all, people should be allowed to care about things.

           “Where am I turning, Baz?” I ask over my shoulder.

           “Next right.”

           There’s silence from the backseat for a moment, and I’m a little worried Simon might be angry.  I glance back to see his expression, but he’s not frowning or scowling. He just looks tired.  That’s my fault, I suggested we see a night showing, and the drive to Baz’s is a long one from here.

           Agatha shifts a few times in the passenger’s seat before apparently finding a position comfortable enough to doze off in. Neither Baz nor Simon are saying anything, so I turn on the radio and play it quietly, so I don’t fall asleep at the wheel.  I know the way from here, but it’s a lot of trees and countryside and more trees, not exactly stimulating.

           About an hour of driving and quietly humming to myself later, we hit a bump and Agatha stirs.  She stretches and rubs the sleep from her eyes (presumably without smudging her makeup, I think that’s a glamour or something).  For a moment she stares out the windshield.  Then she casts a look over her shoulder and gasps quietly.  “Penny,” she whispers.

           I look to the backseat in the mirror.

           Simon’s head is on Baz’s shoulder, which would be adorable enough, but Baz’s head is resting in Simon’s curls.  Both of them are out cold.

           I feel a grin cross my lips.  “Do me a favour,” I tell Agatha, “take a picture.”

           She does, her smile as wide as mine.

Q: Which of Doraemon’s gadgets would Daesung want most, and how would he use it? (credit to gloomynaomy for the subs)