He was everywhere. Where you went, you could expect Klaus to be there too. There were no place he'ld not go. At first it was flattering, Klaus predending he was there because of coincidence but after a while it started to be annoying and creepy. You got enough and asked Klaus why he kept following you. His stated you were interesting and one of a kind, how could he not to follow and try to get to know you.

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any angsty e/R hc's? Absolutely love your blog, btw! ✨✨

You asked for this, I deny responsibility :

  • Enjolras falling for Grantaire as hard as Grantaire fell for him, but unlike Grantaire, he has a goal, something that drives him, something bigger than himself. He holds his ideals higher than he holds his own life or his own feelings. The greater good is more important than that of one man, so he chooses not to act on what he feels for Grantaire. Ever
  • Which leads him to “disdain this cynic”. Firstly because he doesn’t believe in the cause, and secondly because it seems like the easiest thing to do to tame his feelings. But it’s hard, especially when Grantaire is loud and goes into rants
  • Enjolras finding Grantaire blind drunk alseep in the Musain more than once, wondering if he’s partly responsible for his state. He wraps a quilt around him most of the time, resisting the temptation that leads his hands to Grantaire’s shoulders or his hair
  • He gets him home sometimes, given that Grantaire leave near the Musain. R stumbles, trips, but finds his bed sooner or later. He never, however, remembers who was so kind to take care of him. He often tell tales of the angels or muses watching over him, guiding his steps in the dark. Enjolras smiles wistfully and bows his head, predending to write something down
  • Enjolras regretting being so harsh with Grantaire when they’re building the barricade, and wishes he could apologise immediately, but R is already asleep. He’ll never apologise, turns out. And those will be the last words he’ll ever say to him
  • The last thing Grantaire sees is Enjolras smile
  • The last thing Enjolras sees is Grantaire lying at his feet while eight bullets have nailed him to the wall behind him. He can’t reach for him. He can’t die with him. He dies the same way he’s lived : mere inches yet miles away from Grantaire
While I'm working on a GOTF script...
  • Evan Stanley: ...I forgot Big
  • Gigi D: EVAN
  • Evan Stanley: SHIT
  • Gigi D: OKAY

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Hey! I was wondering if you could explain to me what show Little Finger meant when he told Sansa 'Avenge them'. I don't understand how marrying Ramsay could bring Sansa or her family any sort of revenge. Or am I missing something?


Oh, no, it’s not you, that line has proven to be completely pointless. Not that the actually “explanation” they give made sense to start with: the idea was predend to be an ally and marry Ramsay, and wait until Stannis took Winterfell and then ally with him. How does this even work? Why was the marriage needed? Why did she have to be in Winterfell and risk her life with the Boltons and also in the siege, having just the hope that Stannis will win? Why couldn’t she deal with Stannis after he wins while she waits safely nearby, or even in the Vale? No idea, it actually doesn’t make any sense, as we have seen. It would have made much more sense to try and gather some support from the North (but then again, in the show there are no other Northern house, lol), even offer an alliance to Stannis (who in the book doesn’t want anything to do with “Lady Lannister”, but who’s in need of a Stark in Winterfell, and could actually be a win-win situation) and offer some men from the Vale to support him. It would have even made sense to do like Wyman Manderly, pretend to be an ally, delay the marriage as much as possible, and try to create havoc in Winterfell to weaken the Boltons as Stannis’ approaches.

But the plan is to do… nothing? Seriously, Sansa in Winterfell changes nothing in the big picture, she can’t do anything for avenging her family. Except, I don’t know, killing them? Which wouldn’t have needed her to actually marry Ramsay? And which will end up with her in a dangerous position as well? And would be so obvious? And it’s obviously not her fault, it’s that she has been robbed from any agency. She has no agency at all.

The line means nothing. It’s another joke.