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A little teaser cover art for my contribution to #unoffialdas8. I tried to have the corresponding one-shot ready for last Sunday but it wasn’t cooperating. However, it will be ready this Sunday. It is a continuation of an unintentional series contained in my Prompts stories. Charles is a Royal Naval Surgeon and Elsie a Matron at Downton Village Hospital. The chapter coming Sunday picks up (and yes, in this order):
from Dance and Glances


[HOLY. FUDGE. YOU’RE ALREADY MORE THAN 100 BUDDIES TO FOLLOW THIS PROJECT, THANKS A BILLION FOR THIS! ;A; To thank you all, I decided to share with you the map of Italy’s room and give you a little wip of his faceset! It’s only sketches for now, like Hungary, and they’ll be completed only when the game will be over! It’ll be the same thing with sprites; it’s only their first version here that I made with RPG maker. Italy doesn’t even have his curl yet and he hasn’t a green dress but a white one.

Yesterday, I made a friend of mine play the beginning of the game, and it took him more than 20 minutes to reach “the end” (which is actually, around the half of what I want to do, if not less) so I was very happy! I guess that I take less time when I test it because I already know everything orz.

Anyway, I hope you’ll like this little teaser!]


A Sneak Peek of Heartland Season 11 with Amber Marshall

Sneak Peek

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He lowered my exposed body into the hot bath, the soothing warmth chasing away the chill.

I kept trying to kiss him, pick up the passionate interlude where we left off. “Been a while since I’ve seen you this eager, beautiful,” Kenny teased. “Patience though…can’t have you getting sick, can I?”

He laughed gently as I pouted. But even that melted away as his large hands rested upon my shoulders, hot as the water, and they glided upon my skin. Any tension that had gathered there before had dissipated at his touch. 

They drifted lower, grazing my collarbone…and a gasp escaped the moment he cupped my breasts perfectly.

Oh, I was in an all-new kind of trouble.

- excerpt from Sins of the Father, Vol. 2: Blessings Flow (coming this weekend)


My graduation film BURN OUT will be released online this week…here is a little teaser ! (I couldn’t help myself) #Burnout #graduation #film #CalArts #Gobelins #teaser

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