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Things People Don’t Tell You about Pet Birds

Here’s a list of things nobody told me before I got my bird.  You’re welcome to fact check and add your own experiences!  I hope this helps someone!

Possibly disturbing images of animal neglect below.

NEVER get a pet bird who lives alone a mirror for their cage.  They can choose their own reflection as a mate, which needless to say isn’t healthy and can be extremely sexually frustrating.  It’s much healthier to get even small birds foraging toys to entertain them.



ALL birds need lots of social interaction if they’re going to remain mentally healthy!  This is especially important for birds that live in large groups in the wild like cockatoos, finches, and parakeets, but also true for “loner” birds like Senegals and African Greys.  Without the proper social interactions (hours a day with people or other birds) birds can get bored and pick up destructive habits like feather pulling, biting, and screaming, and even develop mental illnesses like depression or anxiety.  Yes, even parakeets.

Feather pulling removes a bird’s main way of staying warm, which can lead to life threatening things like hypothermia.

Parrot’s body temperatures are around 103 degrees Fahrenheit, much higher than humans, and largely thermoregulate through their feet.  Because of that and their small body size, they can get hyper or hypothermia fairly easily when compared to humans.  In hot months it’s important to provide them with a shallow dish of water they can cool off in, and in cold months, a heating pad or perch they can sit on to keep warm.  Parrots do best in a stable, relatively warm environment; while they can take slight changes, drastic changes in temperature can be very detrimental. Non-tropical/arid birds are a bit different from what I hear, so can’t really talk about them.

Parrot beaks constantly grow, so it’s important to provide lots of chewing fodder (I like to call them sacrifices) for your parrot to chew on or get their beaks trimmed by a professional.  

These can be hard calcium treats, wood, and other natural materials.  Some can be plastic but I wouldn’t recommend those as they can be swallowed and impede digestion or become a choking hazard.

Birds are prey animals!  They’re typically very nervous because they’ve been hardwired for centuries to be on the lookout for things that want to eat them.  They’ll get nervous around new things, strange noises, and new people.  They can learn to overcome some fears by careful desensitization, lots of social interaction, and a calm, careful owner.  It’s VERY important to keep them away from predatory animals (dogs, cats, etc.), as it can cause unnecessary stress on the animals.  If they absolutely have to interact, do so in a controlled environment and with one or both in separate carriers, cages, or pens.  Know your animals, pay careful attention to their body language, and be prepared to step in if either looks stressed or aggressive.

My parrot Apollo meeting my friend’s cat, the right way.

Just like humans, birds have dietary needs that must be met if they’re to remain healthy.  A few of the most important are Vitamin D (sunlight!), calcium (especially important in hens), and protein (required to grow healthy beaks, claws, and feathers).  The easiest ways to take care of the first two is to provide your bird with lots of sunlight (direct or indirect depends on the bird) and a constant supply of cuttlebones or calcium treats.  There are several different diet plans out there for all kinds of birds, but all agree that birds CANNOT live off nothing but seeds.  This can cause fatty liver disease and early death, even in otherwise healthy birds.  All parrots are usually fed a diet of pellets, fruits, and vegetables, but the ratios really depend on who you ask.

Here’s a few food pyramids for parrots:

Birds absolutely CANNOT be fed:

  • Avocados
  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate
  • Any greasy, salty chips/popcorn or any processed “human food” 
  • Dairy
  • Alcohol (I shouldn’t have to say this)
  • Apple seeds
  • Feel free to add on

Before you feed your bird ANYTHING, please look it up and make sure it’s safe!

Late Night Idea Once More

Shance idea
Shapeshifter AU

Big, strong shapeshifters are idolized while shifters that are small animals are often mocked and put down. You basically shift into the animal that best fits your personality and character, and most people get big and powerful animals like bears or panthers or even bulls.

Lance comes from a family of big feline shifters, but when he shifts for the first time, he isn’t a big predatory cat like his parents or siblings; he’s a small tabby kitten. Word gets out that Lance McClain is a tiny (a shifter with a small animal side) and is subsequently bullied and mocked for it at school.

The bullying gets to the point where Lance’s family has to pack up and move out of the country since they’re terrified of Lance getting hurt or worse, accidentally eaten alive by an out of control classmate. Which is an actual problem where they live, so they move to America but keep Lance’s shifter status secret.

Lance goes through life and meets Hunk, who is a bear shifter (and a damn big one too) and also the only one to know that Lance is a cat. (He often takes cat form and sleeps in Hunk’s lap while he’s studying, after all.)

Then the Garrison happens, and they meet Keith and Shiro again and finally end up in Blue’s cave. Lance feels a kinship with Blue because the second she realized what he was, she accepted him with open arms. So he’s perfectly happy to take her for a run, and they eventually end up in the Castle of Lions.

This is where a bit of the canon deviates. Allura asks what they are and both Lance and Pidge dodge the question on their shifter forms. Lance merely says he’s a feline, and Pidge mutters something about falcons. This raises suspicions, but nobody presses.

After the fight with Sendak and after Lance falls from the healing pod and he eats a bit, he finds the others in their shifted forms having a small break. Shiro is a huge wolf, Keith is some sort of fox, Hunk is in his usual bear form and Pidge is in her owl form. (A tiny owl, but still deadly.)

Lance is still apprehensive about shifting, so he claims he wants to go wash Blue for a bit. Nobody questions him.

Lance does shift, but only in Blue’s hangar or in the pilot seat. He doesn’t want to be ridiculed for his small size, because he’s a man and men are supposed to be big and powerful shifters, like Shiro or Hunk. But Lance? He’s a skinny little cat with blue eyes and short but soft brown tabby fur. He’s not special, he doesn’t have a thing.

Coran eventually finds out and Lance begs for him not to say anything. Coran asks to see the cat form a little more, and marvels at Lance’s lithe form.

He talks, and says that Lance’s paws are a bit big, but he moves with more grace than Pidge when she flies or Keith when he leaps. His fur is like the sky of Altea when it used to hail tiny glass crystals, the clouds swirling together like a whirlpool.

Lance is comforted for a while.

And then there’s a mission that goes wrong. It’s Lance and Shiro, and Shiro has gone wild from a panic attack and has lodged himself into a miner’s cave. It’s too small for anyone else to get through, since part of the cave collapsed from Shiro’s crashing into the stabilizers. Except for Lance. He’s thin enough and small enough to fit through.

So he tells the others over the comms that he can handle this, and shifts.

It’s dark, cold and dirty, and Lance can feel the mud slicking down his fur as he wriggles through the rubble. He can see perfectly fine in the darkness, though he’s going to need one hell of a bath after this.

The tunnel widens into an air pocket, and he can hear Shiro’s panicked howling. Worried, he moves faster until he finds where the trapped wolf is hiding. He’s in a ravine, deeper into the mine than Lance first thought. He jumps down from the ledge and slowly approaches Shiro, purring soothingly.

He barely dodges the activated Galra arm, now resembling a dog leg, and hisses warningly. At this point he’s tired, muddy, filthy and in no mood for Shiro’s aggression, but he knows it’s not his fault and that he’s just scared, so he presses onward.

It takes a while but eventually Shiro is calm enough to listen to Lance’s purring. At first, he’s startled. Was this really Lance? A cat? But those blue eyes are unmistakable, even in such dim lighting. So he follows the cat as they make their way through the caves to another exit, and gets back into Blue while Black follows behind.

Shiro doesn’t shift back for a few days, but allows Lance to give him a bath and a good rubdown.

After that, Lance is often found in cat form usually napping somewhere or in someone’s lap, usually Shiro’s. Whenever Shiro shifts, Lance comes out of nowhere and hops up on the wolf’s back like a mini heater or blanket, purring up a storm.

It only takes a month for confessions to happen ;3

bumble-key  asked:

I was watching the tv show Zoo and I saw that the Bronx Zoo used the cheetahs as ambassador animals. They trained them as cubs with puppies so that they would be used to people. The cheetahs would be put on leashes and talked about to crowds of people as educations animals. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about this because in my opinion it doesn't seem super safe but the people at the zoo are professionals.

This is actually a pretty common practice - most of the big zoos with cheetah programs do use them as ambassador animals. They’re pretty much the most safe cats to do that sort of program with (although I’m not sure the actual official written reason for that - mostly what I’ve heard said is that they’re “more doglike” which is pretty obviously a colloquial reason). Cheetahs are not considered as dangerous as the rest of the big cats - even the highly restrictive language in H.R.1818 about big cats and public contact leaves a loophole for these ambassador interactions to continue while forbidding everything else. 

I wrote USDA to ask about their restrictions on handling big cats in public, and they responded that:

“Our handling regulations ( 2.131) specify requirements for humane and safe handling of animals.  2.131©(1) requires that during public exhibition, any animal must be handled so that there is minimal risk of harm to the animal and the public…; 2.131(d)(3) requires that during public exhibition, dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, ….must be under the direct control and supervision of a knowledgeable and experienced animal handler.”     

Not included in their response - because of how I phrased my question - is the requirement that dangerous animals be a sufficient distance away from the public or behind a barrier. 

Now, what’s really interesting about the Bronx ambassador cheetah program… is the tack they use on their cheetahs in public, and the story behind it. It’s an important story because it emphasizes both a) why you never make assumptions about how a zoo handles animals until you talk to someone who works with them and b) exactly how hard it can be to pin down what regulatory bodies or people influence how a zoo chooses to do things. 

What I noticed when I watched the show that I absolutely could not explain? Is that the ambassador cheetah boys at Bronx wear prong collars. 

(Yes, I literally did just take photos of the TV screen. Go with it). 

Now, as someone who is very familiar with prong collars from working with domestic dogs, this choice confused the hell of out me. My thought process was this: prong collars can be really traumatizing for sensitive dogs, cheetahs are known to be super sensitive snowflakes with regards to stress, so what the hell are they doing putting those on those animals?? I asked around to a few people in various aspects of the animal management world, and nobody had ever heard of facilities using prong collars on cheetahs nor could think of why this choice would be made. At which point, I was pretty appalled - but they’d made the choice to allow it to be shown on TV, which meant there had to be something more to the story. 

I was incredibly lucky in that a couple of weeks later, I got the chance to actually talk to the director of the Bronx Zoo at an event. I asked him straight out if he would clarify something for me that had kind of shocked me when I watched the show (and since I hadn’t run into any program animals staffers, could he please spare the time) and described my thought process. He was immediately receptive - honestly, it seemed like a question he’d been expecting at some point- and we spent a good five minutes chatting about the choice and why it was made. 

The director told me that the prong collars were required under USDA regulations as a backup to the harnesses the cats wore. If you look closely in the show, you can see that there are two leashes coming off each cheetah - the one attached to the harness is the primary leash, and the one attached to the prong is carried by the backup handler in case the primary handler drops the leash or loses control of the animal somehow. It was explained to me that the prong collar was required because in case the leash was dropped because the cheetah’s prey drive kicked in, the tack the backup leash was attached to had to be something the cat wouldn’t just run straight through. At which point, yes, the collar is meant to be aversive on the off-chance it’s needed - but that’s to save someone’s life, at that point. I was surprised the cats didn’t find having the collar on aversive in normal circumstances, but I was told that the leash attached to the prong is never supposed to be used to control the cat except in an emergency. This all makes sense, and although in the world of dog training it’s not ideal management of prey drive, I can absolutely understand the reasoning behind it when used with a large, fast, predatory cat. 

…except that it’s not actually a USDA requirement. No other facility I know of uses prong collars with their cheetahs in public. I had asked the director during our chat where I would be able to look up the regulation, but he didn’t really know, so I emailed USDA to ask and got the response in quotes above. I don’t think it’s likely the director lied to me - even if you don’t believe that zoo staff operate in good faith, that’s just way too easy of a lie to get caught in for someone in his position to risk - so what could explain that discrepancy?

Local USDA inspectors. I asked around a bit, checking in with people who have spend their careers interacting with the USDA, and it seems most likely that whomever is the inspector for the Bronx is the person who decided that prongs as backups to the harnesses were necessary for ensuring public safety. USDA inspectors are supposed to do an impartial job of inspecting facilities according to the AWA standards, but in reality they do have a lot of power as individuals. Some inspectors abuse this, some don’t, some just get weirdly involved in how things run. My educated guess is that it sounds like this is a case of the latter - someone within USDA requiring actions from the zoo above and beyond the actual standards. (It would, in theory, be possible to track down who the inspector is for the Bronx and ask them, but I haven’t followed up on it at this point because I have the most important information - the thought process behind the use of tack and the fact that it’s a purposeful choice to balance welfare and safety). It could also be possible that the use of prongs is how the staff member who is in charge of program animals for Bronx chose to interpret the USDA regulations. 

Whatever the reason is, though, it’s an interesting deviation from standard practice to note. I don’t think it’s a bad or abusive choice - it’s just different. I do wonder if their public program training protocols are different from those at other places with cheetah programs that don’t use prongs, but that’s mostly academic. The animals aren’t bothered unduly by the collars and the public is kept safe. 

TL;DR Government regulations and the requirements imparted by the people who enforce them are complicated and confusing, and even I run into situations where I have to ask zoo staff why they do what they do because my assumptions are way off base. 

theres nothing i hate more than seeing popular vegan/animal rights activists on social media posting videos of a prey animal (ex: chickens) interacting with a predatory animal (ex: cats) 

thats not safe! thats not good animal husbandry! please dont do that just to get a cute video! 

the caption is always some cheesy “if predator and prey animals can become friends, why cant we? go vegan”  

Grind With Me // Peter Parker x Reader

Request: You ketchup hater, please write me a spidey one will ya? (via @bellamyblakesgun )

Pairing: Peter Parker x POC Reader (College AU)
Warning: Fluff, mild thigh riding and dry humping, alcohol mentions, Me screaming in the background as I watch his performance again and again
Word Count: 1.3k+

A/N: I know I said no underage characters (AND I FUCKING MEANT IT) but Tom Holland is 20 so all my Peter fics will be a 20+ year old college AU type thing. PLUS DID YOU SEE THAT VIDEO. I’M DECEASED. This turned out to be a bit more sinful than I originally intended I’m not sorry at all. Also…what the fuck are endings?????

Originally posted by kevinkeller

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IMAGINE: Being a college intern at the GCPD and Edward Nygma being your mentor. However, a relationship that was supposed to be strictly professional soon develops into something romantic.

WARNING: Slight smut, and slightly dominate Ed
You’re organizing files in the archive when suddenly you hear the door open. You look up to see your mentor, and crush, Edward Nygma walking into the room.

“Hello Mr. Nygma.” You say trying not to blush. You duck your head back under the shelf and continue working.

“Hello Y/N.” Edward says as he walks to you. His walk was almost predatorial. He was the cat and you were the mouse waiting for the deadly attack.

There was no denying the attraction between the two of you. You were 22, in your last year of college. Never had you ever felt such yearning for someone.

Edward reached an arm around your waist and pulled you to him. He then spun you around so that you were facing him. “You look good today.” Edward said before bringing his lips down to your neck.

You jumped back slightly, surprised by the shy man’s sudden confidence. There wasn’t much of anywhere to run to though, Edward had you pinned to the wall.

“Mr. Nygma what are you-” He cut you off with a nibble on your ear.

“Fuck. I love it when you call me Mr. Nygma.” He moaned out.

Edward continued to kiss you, soon bringing his lips up to meet yours. With one hand, he had your wrist pinned above your hand. With the other, Edward was roughly running his hand on the delicate skin under your shirt. He reached his hand behind your back and began to unclasp your bra.

“What gotten into you Mr. Nygma?” You asked between moans. “We could get caught.”

“Well that’s part of the thrill isn’t it?” He asked you. You groaned in reply and he continued to take off your bra.

Just as the silky fabric was about to fall to the ground, there was a knock on the file room door.

“Y/N are you in there?” Lee’s voice rang out. You sighed in annoyance.

“Yeah I’ll be right out.”

Edward helped you to pull your bra back into place. You tuned to him and pulled his lips to yours once more. You bit down onto his bottom lip.

“I’ll see you later Mr. Nygma.” You said with a wink.

Bonus episode - an excerpt from the next Night Vale novel!


Not everyone believes in mountains. Yet, there they are, in plain sight. Scientists insist, rather halfheartedly, that mountains are the bulging results of tectonic shifts along massive rocky plates. Mountains develop naturally over the course of many millennia, scientists say under their breaths.

Most people believe that mountains aren’t there at all, even if mountains are visible, as they often are. Nonbelievers will explain that our minds create sensory illusions to help explain what we cannot understand. Like the shapes of gods and monsters in the stars, or messages in tea leaves, or government codes in cloud patterns.

Mountains, real or not, ring this desert like the rim of an empty dinner plate. Scattered sparsely along the flat middle are small towns with names like Red Mesa, Pine Cliff, and right in the center, Night Vale.

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curious-spirit  asked:

Would you mind sharing some of your UPG in regards to Freyja? I'm curious how she appears other people who work with her.

I am going to start by how I “see the Gods” because it rather impacts my relationship with them and my UPG as a whole. Additionally, take what I say with a grain of salt; as UPG stands for: Unverified Personal Gnosis. 

I really manifest a blend of their archetypes with then how I perceive their influence momentarily. In actuality- it is very hard for me to think that the Gods have actual physical forms. In regards to any deity or spiritual essence, I feel that our manifestations of them are an integrate of what has been recorded of them; by those who helped constructed their interpreted meanings and now [us] who reconstruct the above in various versions. It’s broad yet holds a lot of depth, and that is what makes personal gnosis so debatable and very intriguing to say the least.

Also I have so many interactions with her over the years that I hope a general overview is okay instead of specific events. Though I will try implement them as examples. I also am not going to compare my UPG to any form of CG at this time.


She typically always has the same physical aspects when I work with her. Very golden, long blonde hair, a really muscular build, grey eyes and just roughly over 5′8, so quite tall compared to the average height of woman today. 

Though depending on what I will be doing with her do her physiological aspects change such as: the way she motions her arms, saunters, her clothing and even moreso her voice. Her voice changes a lot. It goes from this sweet and gentle- mature tone to a gruff and slightly raspy harp. I subject most of these changes to be either if we are working on ascetics, horsing/possession, seiðr, spæ-craft, hydging or just building up a goddess-to-devotee relationship. This either  through blóts or just other sporadic devotional acts. 

Something I take note of is she constantly wears Valshamr. This in comparison to some of her other articles such as the Brísingamen or grátandi tárar [gilded crying tears]. By ‘wear’ I literally mean that I ‘see’ feathers embedded in her shoulders and back, ranging in size and an array of gilded brown colours. Sometimes the clothing she wears will let them poke out or seam more like an actual cloak than part of her morphology. 

From my perception, no matter how she presents herself to me, she always has a very dominate-poised and eccentric stature. Usually is adorned in lavish woven patterns or crafted jewelry. 


She is very much as a large constitute of people describe her; which is the embodiment of beauty and strength- but even more how these two elements can be so perfectly align. Her strength physically comes deep emotionally. Her beauty is the personification of what woman can bring to each realm that their counterparts cannot. It’s immensely hard to describe- and quite haunting.

I don’t want to compare her mannerisms nor her personality to a character in cinema or like a celebrity. If anything we mold ourselves from these embodiments found and felt in nature to the Gods.  

Again, depending on what she and I are working on or how I pay reverence to her within my path do I really see her array of displayed traits. Above all, she is driven and determined with a temperament to be often equitable, yet attentive. This is really where her multi-faceted sides of being the sensual, maternal and comical aspects resides versus the warrior or even agurer/seeress.

I am willing to definitely say that Freyja’s relationship to me is dual of a guide in  seiðr along with being a strong feminine essence who presides within/over me. Thus, her manifested character draws along this core foundation between her and I. 


  • Feral & domestic cats as a constant re-occurrence when working with her are not atypical coincidences.
  • As Freyja, she really likes offerings of gold, citrine, feldspar and amber jewelry, pork anything, runes- along with yew bundles, fir resin and juniper. (either as a votive or burned as an incense.)
  • As Valfreyja, she adores predatory bird feathers, cat fur, claws, bones, teeth, seaxes/weaponry, menstrual and/or venial blood.
  • As Mardöll, she likes sea shells, ocean water, flower pressings, spears, nets, red or purple pigments/paints, fish bones.
  • As Vanadís, she likes pork rinds/bones, bonfires, runes, planting, harvesting, gardening, mead, honey, cleansing the home. 
  • Freyja really digs music outside of black metal and Scandinavian folk.
  • I often will have the sudden urge to make art, cook or do random tasks for her/with her. 
  • Her sense of humor is rather crude but dry. 
  • She is not a crazy cat lady, a sexual femme-bot or a brute woman. She is just the embodiment of something misunderstood and taken for granted. 

“Hey, Magnus,” Alec called as he opened the front door of Magnus’s penthouse, “what are you-” 

He cut himself off, his jaw dropped and eyes wide. Laying on Magnus’s couch sleeping was a huge black panther

Alec took an involuntary breath in fear which woke the panther up, it peered up at him with amber slit eyes. Alec’s first thought was: that’s odd. Predatory cats have circular pupils. His second thought was,


The panther raised it’s head and nodded at him, before lowering back down and closing its eyes again. 

“Magnus, what the hell-” 

The panther, Magnus- his brain helpfully corrected, growled at him before using his paw to gesture over. Alec moved slowly towards the couch- Magnus’s panther form was massive, with huge claws and a sleek coat. Once he sat down Magnus shifted and within seconds Magnus’ human form was curled around him. 

“I was trying to take a nap you know,” Magnus mumbled shoving Alec slightly into a more helpful pillow like arrangement. “I was at a party all night and I only got home a few hours ago.” 

“You take naps as a cat?”

“Well, you’ve heard of cat naps right?” Magnus replied with a joking smirk. “Besides not cat, panther. It’s relaxing and warm- I don’t have a fur coat as a human.” 

Alec rolled his eyes, “turn back.” 

Magnus hesitated for a moment before returning to his panther form, the coat was smooth and soft under Alec’s hands and he couldn’t help but pet him. Magnus purred and shifted again resting his huge body on Alec’s before promptly falling back asleep. 

Khirk Headcanons

1. Jim calls Khan “babe” a lot when they’re behind closed doors.
2. The one time Jim slipped up and used the pet name on the bridge, Spock nearly fell out of his chair.
3. To this day, Bones, Uhura, and Khan himself still tease him about it.
4. Khan has, in Jim’s opinion, mastered the art of power bottoming.
5. Khan is not as kinky as everyone thinks he is, and there is good reason for that. He had little time to set aside during his reign or captivity to explore his sexuality. Jim, being a little ball of kink himself, is glad to introduce Khan to a few things.
6. Due to his genes being so heavily altered with DNA from various predatory cats, Khan will, under the right circumstances, go into something similar to a heat cycle. Jim makes sure to “help him out” whenever this happens.
7. Whenever Khan is in this state, he won’t settle for anything other than fast and hard. Often they don’t even make to the bed before Jim just loses his patience and pins the augment up against the wall.
8. They share a common preference to pre-federation rock music. Khan likes AC/DC, Jim likes Beastie Boys. They swap bands quite often with one another.
9. Khan is a tease when he’s riled up, often addressing Jim by his rank simply because he knows it drives the blond crazy.
10. The fastest way for Jim to get into Khan’s pants is to start throwing punches or drawing blood. The augment revels in the fiery display of personality almost as much as he revels in the pain.
11. Khan absolutely loves having a partner that can keep up with his abnormal sex drive, someone who can take what he dishes out and still be ready for more without a second of hesitation.
12. Jim loves to pull Khan close for a cuddle in the afterglow. Khan enjoys it despite the fact he would deny the fact when approached with it.

anonymous asked:

hey I recently found out 4 webcomics that I think you should check out: Ava's Demon , ERMA(by BJSinc on deviant art) , Tamberlane and Scurry

I love webcomics! These seem interesting and I’ll definitely start looking into them a bit before reading. 

If anyone else is interested, this is what I’ve read about them (their descriptions):

  • Ava’s Demon
    • Description from Wikipedia: Ava’s Demon is set in a universe of interplanetary travel and advanced medical science, where certain people have obtained god-like powers through science. The comic follows Ava Ire, a child that has a personal demon urging her to commit suicide her entire life. When Ava learns about the demon’s motives, she accepts a mission from her in order to get a second chance for life
  • ERMA
    • Description from Tapas: Erma is like any other normal child. She goes to school, plays with friends, and even spends time with the family. It just so happens that she is the daughter of a ghostly spirit and tends to use her haunting abilities for everyday antics, whether for better or for worse.
  • Tamberlane
    • Description from the website: Belfry is forgetful, accident-prone, and not ready for responsibility, but a snap decision to take in a young, abandoned creature will change her life forever.In Treehollow, Belfry is well known as the bat with a heart of gold and penchant for accidents. All the residents love her and fear her in equal measures. So of course when she literally stumbles across a strange creature who seems to be some kind of abandoned kit, she wants to care for it… but is she truly up to the task? Or will it die a horrifying, accident-related death? 
  • Scurry
    • Description from Tapas: Scurry is a dark fantasy animal comic about a colony of mice in an abandoned house who are struggling to survive a long, strange winter. Being hunted by feral cats and predatory birds is part of life for these mice, but beyond the fences stalks something far more fearsome… 
Wise as a serpent

A Drabble Games fic requested by @lady-kaaesien, featuring Smaug

99: “Calm down. I look a lot worse than I am.” 


Your feet slipped on loose coins, nearly sliding out from under you as you made a desperate dash to hide behind a massive column of carven green stone, not daring to look back at the scale-armored behemoth that followed behind you, trailing its massive tail through the treasure hoard with a relentless, metallic scraping.

“Come now, pretty thief,” the thunderous voice called, “we haven’t finished our conversation.”

Cowering in the column’s shadow, you tried to quiet the ragged gasps that made you lightheaded, praying that the creature would somehow overlook your presence. The noise of its lumbering progress through the hall ceased, and your heartbeat seemed so loud in the sudden silence that you feared it might give away your position. There came the soft clink of shifting coins quite near you, and you flattened yourself against the cool stone, squeezing your eyes tightly shut in your fear.

The voice was quieter, silkier, calling to mind the warning growl of a predatory cat, and much too near your ear.

“Calm down. I look a lot worse than I am.”

With a start, you opened your eyes to find yourself looking into the face of a man.

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maxiesatanunofficial  asked:

How do horizontal pupils (e.g. those seen in goats + some types of frog) affect eyesight, + are there any hypotheses as to why they've only developed in a few (not very closely-related) taxa?

Horizontal pupils are more common than you’d think - they’re not exclusive to goats as other ungulates such as cows and sheep (#scopophobia warning for those links) also possess them, but often have iris coloration which makes them harder to distinguish. It’s clearer in goats because they often have pale irises. 

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Good Friends Show Up With A Shoulder To Cry On; Best Friends Show Up With A Shovel To Smack The Asshole That Made You Cry

(Damn Keith back at it again with the stupidly long titles)

Guess who’s back with more procrastination one-shots!

This one’s more of a Todd and Dirk friendship thing, although you could read it as pre-slash, and this evolved from my desire to see a) more of Todd standing up for Dirk like the good protective bestie/action hero/white knight that we all know he can be and b) the Rowdies getting called out for how they treat Dirk. Which isn’t to say I don’t fuckin LOVE the Rowdies, ‘cuz you KNOW I do, they’re my babes- but even if they never actually hurt Dirk, he was fuckin’ terrified when they first appeared, so it’s pretty messed up that they keep doing their vampire thing to him anyway. So this takes place in some unspecified time period after season one, where everyone’s escaped the CIA again and the agency’s up and running but Amanda’s still (understandably) pissed with Todd and he’s getting a bit of a handle on his pararibulitus.

Enjoy! <3

The first time it happened, Todd didn’t have an awful lot of time to think about it.

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non-binary-deathcat  asked:

How can i make it possible that a tribe/clan consisting of many difernt specise of talking animal, both canivorus and plant eating, live off the same diet and dont eat eachother?

Bina:  If they can talk, I assume they can also reason with each other. This is a pretty big assumption on my part, but maybe this clan has a set of agreed-upon rules that everyone should follow, or else they’d be kicked out or some other consequence. Having a rule of “don’t eat each other” sounds reasonable if the clan has an interest in keeping the peace and enforcing a sense of equality between herbivores and carnivores. 

 I’m sure that even if these talking animals had a rule (whether unspoken or explicitly enforced) for their diets, some of them are gonna disrespect the rule or even break it. This could lead to interesting politics. Do any carnivores resent not being able to eat their natural prey? Are herbivores mistrustful of all carnivores no matter what?

Mirintala:  One very big thing: have enough of a food source for everyone that they don’t need to rely on each other as food.

Bina:  True^^ a sense of scarcity will drive the animals to return to their old ways, especially if they haven’t moved far beyond their base instincts despite being able to talk (assuming that in your world, animals originally ate each other)

Werew:  A lot of the way this will play out depends on the level to which the animal-people reason like humans, versus listening to their instincts. 

 A cat, domestic or wild, that is entirely animal cannot fully control its instincts. Flick a small, fast moving thing past even the most lazy, laid back cat, and you’ll see the predator’s gaze lock on to it. If your animals retain most of their instincts, they will have a much harder time living together. Most predators have an instinctive chase response when something small moves quickly near them. Even some dogs, possibly the most domesticated species there is, can’t always be trusted around small, fast-running children because they still retain some of the instinct to chase.

However, if your animals are much more like humans mentally and have lost most of these instincts, they will have a much easier time living together. This isn’t to say it would be impossible otherwise; just that you would be likely to see more conflict and need more safeguards in place to keep the peace.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is diet. Some carnivores could survive without eating other animals. Canids are often better at using various protein sources and could potentially thrive eating insects, eggs, fish, and plant-based protein sources instead of meat. However, there are other species that absolutely cannot live without eating mammalian meat. Weasels, cats, and predatory birds are three groups that come immediately to mind. This might cause a problem, depending on how you want to structure your world. If these sapient animals are a minority, and other animals remain in their natural forms (and are seen as an acceptable food source by the talking ones), then you might not need to disrupt their diets too much.

Zootopia is a pretty good example of this. In that universe (though it isn’t explained in the movie itself, sadly) the majority of protein that carnivores eat comes from insects. Though this would work for a lot of species, there are some that would still realistically be malnourished, and those species probably wouldn’t survive for long.

So my question for you is this: if the carnivores still eat meat (just not the talking herbivores), what’s the benefit that both groups get from living together? Do they trade for resources that the other group can obtain more easily? Do they work together to obtain food? (Do carnivores help farm or gather food that they won’t eat because they are compensated for doing so? Do herbivores help hunt or raise meat that they won’t eat?) How do they feel about witnessing each others’ diets and food preparation?

You could also handwave the diet thing by saying that some obligate carnivores (species that need to eat meat) have evolved to be able to consume a wider variety of foods.

Synth:  Could also play it similar to how C.S. Lewis (and also L. Frank Baum? Memory on the Oz books is a bit hazy) did, and have a distinction between animals – non-sapient, commodities, considered acceptable to kill and consume – and Animals – sapient, people in their own right, definitely not okay to eat one.

Constablewrites:  The thing that people tend to miss about Zootopia is that they are very explicit about which animals are sentient–specifically, it’s mammals. They refer to missing persons as “missing mammals”, and you don’t see any fish, birds, insects, amphibians, snakes, etc. walking around and interacting. So the answer to “what do they eat” is “all the many animals who can’t complain about it.”

anonymous asked:

What do Pocket au vampires do for fun?

Admin Mawile: (*^▽^)/

-There are a variety of toys owners can purchase for their pocket vampires, but really, it’s not difficult to keep them entertained. Vampires are predatory animals, much like cats, and something as simple as a crumpled up piece of paper can make enough noise and movement to keep the less sharp ones entertained. Many of them are smart enough to enjoy more human past times too, and sharing some of your favorite activities can work just fine. 

anonymous asked:

Pia this is a stupid question but like... Please help me... You and several authors write that a person growls or something and I'm just like... In the same way that predatory cat growls?? Like I just have never heard a human person even do that. Do you have an audio reference for an actual person growling? I get that augus is a predatory waterhorse but I imagine it's different from how a cat would growl. Please and thank you!!!!

It usually just means that a voice is rougher / lower than usual.

A great example is Christian Bale’s standard ‘Batman’ voice (which was parodied excellently by Will Arnett in Lego Batman, and also by Abed in Community, when he plays Batman. He’s literally speaking the entire time in a ‘growly voice.’) The first ten seconds of the first video alone gives you an idea. That sort of deep, rumbling delivery is what another character might deliver as a ‘growl.’ It mostly indicates that the tone is no longer clear and no longer at normal speaking pitch. You might also substitute in ‘roughly’ - but roughly can be used for any kind of dialogue emotionally (also teary, upset, afraid etc.) whereas the growl is specifically indicated to mean anger or frustration, and sometimes fear (i.e. if someone is more likely to get angry when afraid than like…other things).

But basic rule is: ‘growled indicates a person is talking lower than their standard tone and their voice is no longer smooth also they’re kind of angry or determined or fierce or w/e.’ In dialogue it usually only indicates a moment of speech, and not the general person’s voice. For a more general description you might say ‘he had a rough voice, the kind that rumbled even when he wasn’t angry.’ But those people can have ‘growly voice’ too - it just goes lower and even more rumbly than their standard speaking voice, lol.

People will also tend to talk in this voice in the day to day without realising, when they growl ‘NO!’ at a cat or dog doing something wrong (or rumbling ‘get out!’ at a sibling who is pissing you off), but do it in a deeper, rougher voice than usual. Most people have had Dads / teachers / coaches etc. talk like this to them once or twice. Like, congratulations, that’s your growly voice. People can also make these sounds in frustration, with no dialogue, and this is sometimes described as an angry grunt or groan too. If you’ve ever been frustrated enough to just make a deeper noise in your chest without any words attached, that comes close too.

It’s the same when someone says: ‘the character purred.’ They’re not actually purring. It usually means the voice becomes smoother, more deliberately seductive, more ‘unctuous’ (but because most people don’t know what that means, purring is a great mid-level substitute) etc. and is sort of more like, a coded indicator of a very specific kind of delivery. Vs. ‘a literal purr.’

(That being said, sometimes Augus literally just growls. If it says: ‘Augus growled’ without any dialogue before or after it, he’s just pissed and being a predatory waterhorse, lol).

(Like tl;dr none of us are thinking of cats unless we’re writing cat shifters - a growl is something most animals can do, including humans, and a growly voice is something many of us do without even realising).

Happy Birthday, makebelievetheworldaway-blog!

June 3 - “Eyes up now. Look at me.” Rumlow/Jemma for @makebelievetheworldaway-blog

(An AU set during season 2 of AoS)

Written by: @lj-todd

The moment Jemma stepped back into the lab she knew something was wrong. The air was thick, tense, and she saw the not so subtle way the others were glancing in her direction as she passed by them on the way to her work station. Her heart began to hammer against her ribs and her palms sweated profusely as she finally saw why exactly her fight or flight instinct was screaming at her quite so loudly.

When Bakshi stormed in, two guards flanking him, Jemma swore her heart climbed into her throat and as he snarled out the order to arrest her she turned and fled. She ran, almost blindly, through the corridors, turning corner after corner, searching, almost helplessly, for an escape. Rounding yet another corner she skidded to a sudden halt at the sight just down the hallway from her.

Two HYDRA soldiers, dressed in full gear, flanking a man she recognized from all her briefings with Coulson before she had accepted this mission.

Brock Rumlow.

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It Ain`t My Fault (Oswald Cobblepot x Reader x Victor Zsasz) - Part 2 Smut (Final Part)

Anon asked: Maybe you should include LIKE Zsasz finding out that your oswalds lover now.

How could I possibly refuse that prompt? Mwahaha  So, Oswald And Victor decides to punish you. 

Part 1

Tags: @aya-fay @amandajuly81 @ellayf-of-ravenclaw @taintedmarker @cnygma @ascoolasathestral 

Warnings: Explicit Language, Domswald, Domzsasz, SubReader, Spanking, Masturbation, Blow job (Oswald and Victor receiving), Oral (you receiving), Jerking off, Facialcum.

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anonymous asked:

Pangur reminds me of Lady Amalthea. Opposite personality, it seems.

well, they’re both wispy white things that take on enemies vastly larger & more powerful than themselves? but in Pangur’s case, this is spurred by bizarre hatred, rather than unicorn nobleness