Amy Northcutt and her husband, Justin Northcutt, were arrested for sending lewd text messages to a 16-year old female student and then arranging to have group sex with her.

Cameo Patch was arrested for having oral sex with her 17 year old male student.

Amber Jennings, 30, a Massachusetts teacher, emailed nude photos of herself and one video to a 16 year old male student. She served 2 years probation.

Carrie McCandless was accused of having sexual relations with a 17 year old male student during an sleepover school camping trip. She provided the kids with alcohol and “did everything except having sex” with a male student while another male student slept nearby. She was sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Jaymee Wallace is a 28-year old teacher who is accused of having an 18-month lesbian relationship with a teenage girl. 

Janelle Batkins was charged with two counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct for her relationship with a 17-year-old student

Lindsay Massaro, 26, taught 8th grade students. She was accused of having sex with a 15 year old boy in her car and then in her bedroom after the victim’s father reported it to the authorities. 

Again, when are we going to talk about this trend of white female teachers raping their students?

Like…this isn’t even ½. I honestly had to stop because I was so disgusted by their faces & the light sentences these monsters received for ruining a child’s life.

Hunter or Hunted? What Eye Shape May Reveal

The eyes are the window to the soul — and the food chain, it turns out.

A new study from UC Berkeley suggests that pupils can reveal whether an animal is the prey or the predator.

Animals that are grazers are more likely to be prey, and typically have horizontally elongated pupils on the sides of their head. These rotatable pupils helps expand their view and detect predators that may be coming at them.

Ambush predators (like snakes, domestic cats and alligators) that are closer to the ground and active at day and night, have vertical slit pupils. This increases their depth perception and gives them a better visual focus on their prey.

Animals with spherical pupils (including humans, big cats and dogs) were linked to “active foragers,” or animals that chase down their prey. The researchers reason that these animals are bigger and sit higher on the ground, therefore don’t have the same visual needs. 

Read more about the study here.

I was walking on the bike trail and this fucko tried for the SECOND TIME to lure me into his vehicle. The last time was a few months ago. This guy preys on girls on this bike trail, idling in this barren parking lot until someone walks by. Then he rolls up to you, rolls down his window, and said something I couldn’t hear but it was “something something baby”. 

I ran away last time and he sped off. This time, I kept walking until I was behind this fence, and he drove back to his parking space. I stopped behind the fence and stared at him, then he rolled up to me again and said something else I couldn’t hear. As soon as I raised my phone to take a photo, he cranked up his window and sped out of the lot really fast.

I might have fucked up, because now he might find a new spot. I’m going to arm myself to the teeth and keep walking this path, until I can get a picture of his license plate number. He was a latino or middle eastern guy with a short black beard and a black hat, maybe in his 30’s or 40’s. It was hard to see from a distance.

If you live in or near Olympia, WA watch out for this vehicle.