The Wolves of Paris, 1450.

They winter of 1450 was an especially harsh winter in France, leading to a shortage of food for wild animals and predators.  Desperate for something to eat, a large pack of wild starving wolves terrified Paris throughout the winter.  Although Paris was a walled city, with fortifications constructed back in the 13th century, during the many decades of peace in France the walls had fallen in disrepair and neglect.  Entering through breeches in the walls the wolves would scour the streets of Paris looking for food.  Hunting in organized packs, they attacked and killed Parisians walking the streets alone, along with defenseless victims such as the elderly, children, and homeless. The leader of the pack was a red furred alpha male who was given the name “Cortaud” by the frightened people of Paris. During the winter of 1450, 40 Parisians were said to have been killed by wolf attack.

Eventually the terrorized people of Paris had enough and created a plan of action to strike back at the wolves.  Using a handful of volunteers as bait, the Parisians lured the wolves into the city center.  Once the wolves entered Ile de La Cité the people of Paris ambushed the pack, trapping the wolves and killing them with clubs, spears, swords, and stones.

I was walking on the bike trail and this fucko tried for the SECOND TIME to lure me into his vehicle. The last time was a few months ago. This guy preys on girls on this bike trail, idling in this barren parking lot until someone walks by. Then he rolls up to you, rolls down his window, and said something I couldn’t hear but it was “something something baby”. 

I ran away last time and he sped off. This time, I kept walking until I was behind this fence, and he drove back to his parking space. I stopped behind the fence and stared at him, then he rolled up to me again and said something else I couldn’t hear. As soon as I raised my phone to take a photo, he cranked up his window and sped out of the lot really fast.

I might have fucked up, because now he might find a new spot. I’m going to arm myself to the teeth and keep walking this path, until I can get a picture of his license plate number. He was a latino or middle eastern guy with a short black beard and a black hat, maybe in his 30’s or 40’s. It was hard to see from a distance.

If you live in or near Olympia, WA watch out for this vehicle.