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About the anon and bobby , i brought one of bobby longs letters off a site and he seemed really nice and interested in the person (I think it was their first time writing to him)

He was really nice and interested in writing to me the first time, too.  Talking about movies and such.  Then he asked me about my family.  Eventually, he went into sexual stuff and tried to tell me that “nobody in your life cares about you, but I will”.  Which is insane because I’m actually really close to my family, I just wasn’t living with them because well…I was 20 and out in the world on my own.

NASHVILLE, TN - FEBRUARY 6: Pekka Rinne #35 of the Nashville Predators skates by Beckett Weber and his mom Bailey as they watch an NHL game against the San Jose Sharks at Bridgestone Arena on February 6, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images) 

So I was filtering through twitter and was really confused by this:

It just didn’t seem real. Did everyone get put in the box?

Yes. Yes they did.

I couldn’t stop laughing at how many people got shoved into the box.

There’s a 3 minute video how what happened at the bottom of the sbnation link here.

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Thank you again for replying to me regarding me writing to bobby Joe long, I thought that if he knew I was so young he might not be sexual towards me,but I'm starting to feel it would be the opposite? Because I'm young he would do that to me more? And thank you for the recommendation about the book, I have already got it. I would tell him if he starts being sexual not to, so would that count?

I highly suggest you just find someone else to write.  You’re young.  You shouldn’t be writing a 62 year old sexual predator.  There are plenty of people who would appreciate getting mail from you and be respectful.  But again, it’s entirely your choice at the end of the day.  I honestly can’t tell if you’re just trolling me, it’s starting to feel like it.  Are you getting a kick out of this, or something?
If you told him not to be sexual, I don’t really see how that would make a difference.  I’m sure the women he brutally raped and murdered asked him not to, but it didn’t make a difference.  It seems like you know what he’s all about, but you want to play with the monster, anyway.  I don’t think a lot of people understand that they can’t always walk away unscathed, even when it comes to corresponding.  There are things people say to you sometimes that you can’t forget.

He told my MALE friend to get his little sister a dildo for Christmas, hide, and watch her open it up.  My friend told him to enjoy the chair.  


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Thank you for the answer you said in my question about bobby Joe long, when i meant changed, I meant is he still sexual in his letters. And when I say I'm 17 now, I will be 18 in a couple if weeks, so by the time I finished writing the letter,I would be 18. What sort of mind games does he play with people? (Particularly girls) I'm sorry if I seem stupid and dumb, I know I shoudnt have asked, but thank you for the reply anyway

Why would he suddenly stop being sexual in his letters when he’s a rapist and a sexual predator?  I really don’t think you understand what you’re doing.  I would suggest you hold off.  You don’t come off as stupid or dumb (please don’t say things like that about yourself), but you have all the facts laid out in front of you and you’re still questioning them.  I mean, I’m not your mom and I won’t tell you what to do.  Write him if that’s what your heart really desires.  I just don’t really understand why you’d willingly put yourself in that situation.  Some people in prison are dangerous, and while they can’t do anything physically they will do all they can emotionally/mentally to hurt you.  Read this, maybe buy a book that displays his letters.

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FUCK i never knew how hot pekka rinne is ... thank you for helping me see the light of day

YOU ARE SO WELCOME. tbh the predators are unfairly attractive and no one talks about it???? 

i mean you got this finnish 6 foot 4 neil patrick harris lookalike 

ultimate daddy aka shea weber


seth jones aka the preds player voted one of nashville’s 25 most beautiful people 

craig smith is a person who exists?????

colin wilson is also a person who exists??? 

and finally james neal can be a complete idiot but like, he’s so hot????? bye 

pretty sure the preds are just making other teams feel so bad about themselves they give up