So I was filtering through twitter and was really confused by this:

It just didn’t seem real. Did everyone get put in the box?

Yes. Yes they did.

I couldn’t stop laughing at how many people got shoved into the box.

There’s a 3 minute video how what happened at the bottom of the sbnation link here.


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anonymous asked:

FUCK i never knew how hot pekka rinne is ... thank you for helping me see the light of day

YOU ARE SO WELCOME. tbh the predators are unfairly attractive and no one talks about it???? 

i mean you got this finnish 6 foot 4 neil patrick harris lookalike 

ultimate daddy aka shea weber


seth jones aka the preds player voted one of nashville’s 25 most beautiful people 

craig smith is a person who exists?????

colin wilson is also a person who exists??? 

and finally james neal can be a complete idiot but like, he’s so hot????? bye 

pretty sure the preds are just making other teams feel so bad about themselves they give up