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‘Parasitoid’ My bone Alien Facehugger and a tribute to the great HR Giger This is one of my most popular pieces being shared online by, ThinkGeek, The Verge, Famous Monsters of Filmland, and many more. A personal favorite as well, I sold this exactly one year ago at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas.

lillpon  asked:

I've always wanted to ask this, so since your main tag about Captain Swan is "holding out for a swan tattoo", what is your opinion/headcanons on Killian having Milah's name tattooed on his arm? I know it's really random and vague but I've been wondering for a long time.

So first of all, this is delightful – no one ever asks me about headcanons. I don’t think I have the knack for them. :)

I was thinking about this while I drove in today. I’ve always had the idea in my head that the tattoo predated Milah’s death, or at least part of it did. I was never sure why I had that thought, but thanks to your question I figured it out, and it’s this moment:

I feel like if the tattoo had been always and only a reminder of that day, Killian wouldn’t have reacted quite like this – there would have been more anger, more defensive tactics employed vs the pure avoidance he resorts to. But it’s not just a reminder of revenge, but of love.

I mentioned it in my first Millian fic like that. I can see him just up and deciding one day  early in their relationship that she’s the one, and wanting to mark that – and being Killian, wanting to do it in a way that isn’t really flashy, but still makes a clear commitment. He’s always been more about actions than words.

By the same token, I’m pretty sure he’s already got a swan somewhere. :)

Dress for the posse you want, not the posse you have.

The 6 Stealthiest Disguises in the Animal Kingdom

#6. The Fruit Fly That’s Got a Posse

Why are [Goniurellia tridens fruit flies] sporting wing tattoos of predators? … Without an informant in one of the major ant gangs, we can’t know for certain (and there is some doubt that the shapes are even intentional), but it’s been proposed that the fruit flies are trying to scare off potential predators by making it appear as though they’re already being eaten, are surrounded by dangerous creatures, or are the dangerous creature themselves.

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