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Downfall - Chapter 1: Promotion, not Punishment

Summary: When Detective Hopps and her partner are assigned to a new case, the interventions of a mysterious organization and the increase in violent crimes perpetuated by predators makes Judy wonder if the Nighthowler’s case was indeed finished two years prior. Zootopia seems to be falling into a new wave of hysteria with the recent events, and as pillars of predator and prey relationships, Nick and Judy’s example is necessary to remind the population that both can coexist in peace.It’s such a shame then that interspecies romantic relationships are a taboo.

Rate: M - Parings: WildeHopps - Genre: Suspence, Romance, Mystery

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Another of my favorite WK episode

Would have to be Baby Tooth and Kid Musky. I REALLY love bro feels, don’t get me wrong. I live for them, but this episodes just holds a special place in my heart.  And, you want to know why Chris Kratt is my favorite brother?  (Spoilers)

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mylittleredgirl  asked:

17. Is there a type of ship you always go for? // 23. Have you ever started shipping a ship because of the fans?

I AM SO LATE REPLYING TO THIS because tumblr neglected to tell me it was in my inbox, sorry.

17. Yes and no?  There are a lot of different types of ships that I go for, but there are a few types that I am guaranteed to go for.  The biggest one is a predator/prey relationship where the “prey” person is seduced by the predator without knowing they are a predator, and then the “predator” person has this protective possessiveness of like, “that person is mine, nobody else is allowed to kill them except me,” and eventually the prey person finds out the other person is a predator and is horribly broken because of it but is also still in love with them.

(I realize this is the most obscure, specific, fucked-up ship to have.)

The other variety is a strong woman and a man who she works with who either off the bat or gradually grows to have the utmost respect for her, and the respect and working relationship is more important than the romantic feelings they may or may not have for each other.

23. You know, I need to think about this one.  I feel like the answer is probably yes but I can’t remember what that ship would be.  I definitely have become more interested in ships because of the fans, like Bruce/Natasha in MCU which I was vaguely into but then read some great fics and was more into.  I’m a multishipper in general though so there are very few things I don’t have some level of shipping for.

valentine fandom ask meme

Happy Canada Day! We’re celebrating with the Canada Lynx and Snowshoe Hare diorama, which takes place in late October, Quebec, Canada.

Despite its best efforts to hide, a snowshoe (varying) hare has captured the attention of a Canada lynx. If the hare acts quickly, it may escape. With its large “snowshoe” hind feet, this hare can bound 12 feet (3.6 meters) in a single leap, even in deep snow.

Still, lynxes specialize in hunting rabbits. They too have broad, well-furred paws and fast reflexes. Lynx hearing and vision are also excellent for tracking rabbits on the run. This hare’s fur coat, which varies with the season, will surely stand out against the October snow—the pelt has not yet turned fully white.

Canada lynxes eat mostly snowshoe hares—which in turn are preyed on almost exclusively by Canada lynxes. This unusually tight predator-prey relationship means that when hare numbers change, so do lynx numbers (and vice versa), sometimes drastically.

Learn more about the Canada lynx and snowshoe hare diorama

The wild and furry landscape of Zootopia, Disney’s new self-contained world of talking animals, is a remarkable place. In this land, mammals have evolved beyond their traditional predator/prey relationship to form a fully functioning society. Their capital city, Zootropolis, is an intricate network of a dozen ecosystems, from a rainforest to a frozen tundra, and residents of all sizes and species are integrated into daily life. This, as our intrepid bunny hero Officer Judy Hopps constantly asserts, is a place “where anyone can be anything.”

‘Zootopia’: A Nimble Tale Of Animal Instincts And Smart Bunnies

Photo: Walt Disney Animation Studios