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Oh please #34 for beast mode!Ubbe "I'll take you up against that fucking wall if I have to"

“You wouldn’t dare,” you breathed, eyes darting to the doorway on your left. Light and music spilled through it, the sound of laughter and merry talk–the harvest feast was in full swing, mere feet away from where Ubbe had dragged you off to.

The lazy smile curving his lips upward was wolfish, all slow, patient predator. “You’ve been begging for me all night,” he growled, stalking closer. “Shaking those hips,” his hands were hard and demanding through your dress, “biting that lip, making me imagine what it will feel like between my own teeth.”  His mouth is a breath from yours, but he hasn’t made good on his threats yet. “Say you’ve been loving my eyes on you, say you’ve been longing for my hands on you. Tell me you’ve been imagining something just like this all night long, and I’ll make that dream come true.”

His head moves forward like a striking snake and his teeth are scraping rough against your lip. He swallows your groan before drawing back, his blue eyes gleaming with excitement. “Admit it, Y/n.”

“I’ve been imagining this all night.” The admission is simple, it is all he requires, and the big bad wolf before you is nearly howling his triumph to the full moon outside the window. Its cool light hollows his eyes into bottomless pits of darkness, lining his nose and high cheekbones in molten silver. His full lips are soft and demanding on yours, hungry, and you know he won’t stop until he’s full of you.

“Later,” he murmurs, his voice rasping against your open mouth, “I’m going to devour you whole. But for now,” his voice trails off into a throaty groan as his rough hands ruck up your skirts, bunching them around your waist. He takes one hand away to undo his breeches, freeing his straining erection from the confines of them, and as many times as you’ve had his cock it still fills you with a touch of apprehension. His chuckle is low and throaty, half a growl as he follows your gaze. His large, warm hands cup your ass, his calluses dragging against your smooth skin as he lifts you in his hands.

He presses your back against the wall with a dull thud and his rough hands are wrapping your legs around his waist before going back to your hips. He guides you roughly onto his cock, filling you until you feel surely he’s going to burst through your belly. He gives you no time to adjust to his thick length, but he doesn’t have to move too much anyway. His prick buried in you is most of what’s holding you off the ground and he knows it, growls low in his throat as you tug on the thick braid that’s fallen over his shoulder.

His thrusts are rough and deliberate, a long, shuddering pause between each one, and he’s grunting with the effort of sticking to this teasing rhythm. He feels your breathing hitch and he digs his nails into your hips like claws as he pulls you off his cock and sets you on your trembling legs. He tugs your bunched skirts down so they fall back into place. “That’s for teasing me that way, you wicked little woman. Maybe I’ll let you come after the feast.”

His smirking lips are shining silver in the moonlight, coming closer to nip roughly at your bottom lip again. Then the tail of his braid is trailing behind him as you lick the small bead of blood he left behind, trying to catch your breath before rejoining the festivities.

This is Tori a 4 year old tiel, calmed by having tissue paper over her body. She is a very angry and pissy bird (scared of hands) but she gladly sings to inanimate objects if they are brought up to her face and loves to repeat her name, sits on your shoulders for hours and engages “predator mode” every time my husband has food.
She can say “Where’s Mathew?” (my husband’s name), “Tori Tori Tori!”, a drawn out hello that sounds like “Henloooo”, sing the Super Mario Bros 2 overworld theme, do the wolf whistle, and “Watcha doin??”

She is super small for a cockatiel, with a bald spot, squinty eyes, little to no body dust.. screms when we leave the room and is an enormous hissburger.

But to us she is absolutely perfect <3 - @rottencanines

She is so precious and special!!! What a personality!! I love her!!
Perfect Strangers (M)

Moodboard : Sex in black and white x Stranger Jackson

Title : Perfect Strangers

Words : 1561 

Author : Myself

Genre : Smut, MATURE

Warning : Cursing, Oral sex, explicit.

Summary : Boring parties lead to not so boring encounters. You end up spending the night with a stranger you met there, and it’s anything but dull.

AN : It’s pretty random, I don’t even know why I wrote this lol don’t judge me. Also, I dedicate this to all the thirsty Jackson stans out there. 


It’s crazy. You’re not somebody who likes doing this, and even more since you’re sober.

But this guy is incredible.

This post-exam party had been boring from the beginning. Your best friend had let you alone to hook up with some fuckboy and it had been not so exciting from there. You were alone and except from the weird creeps trying to flirt with you, nothing was coming your way.

But him. This cute guy who was looking for his friend only found you in the huge house, and you spoke for hours before you both decided you needed more than casual talks and cheap alcohol.

So you had invited him to your place, which was close to the party, and after a lot of foreplay -which was absolutely awesome- you were now completely naked on your bed, while he was showing you how deep his desire towards you was.

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Imagine an enemy kidnapping someone really close to you, a family member or a best friend. Someone the Doctor had come to like. Imagine after him seeing how upset you’d gotten, practically destroying yourself with despair and guilt, and after finding the rescued someone scared and wounded, the Doctor gets ANGRY. He goes full predator mode, and you let him, simply holding your loved one and watching the enemy with disgust.

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I'm all on board for showering these boys in kisses lol Can you do the peppering thing for Zoro, Law (let's confuse the poor kids >D) and grumpy kitty Lucci please?


Peppering kisses on their face:

Law & Zoro:

  • OMG, and they would start POUTING. Especially if it was done in public.
  • Probably glaring at their s/o a little bit. Like, “How dare you?”
  • But not really going to stop them. LMAO
  • Will definitely wait till later to get their revenge.
  • Sometimes. Key word, SOMETIMES.
  • Other times, their payback starts IMMEDIATELY.
  • With either a deadly grin and verbal teasing, or a very heated kiss.
  • Though if it’s in front of Sanji, Zoro would be one smug little shit. GRINNING as Sanji fumes.
  • If they’re napping or something, I can see them barely waking up, grabbing their s/o, and immediately going back to sleep.
  • There is no escape.


  • Do NOT do in public.
  • Instant R I P if his s/o does it.
  • As in, picks them up and leaves.
  • This dude is petty af.
  • So he’ll make sure that his s/o knows NOT do that in public again.
  • As in, makes his s/o SUPER flustered instead. FOR WEEKS. At the bare minimum.
  • If in private, instantly gives them the “heated look”.
  • Goes into predator mode, and his s/o is now prey.
  • Should probably run. LMAO

New species of Jellyfish Discovered

The Jellyfish belonging to the genus Crossota was discovered this year on the 4th of april by US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). Crossota is a genus of jellyfish of the family Rhopalonematidae. The genus comprises five species. Unlike most hydromedusae, these jellyfish do not have a sessile stage. Rather, they spend their entire lives in the water column as plankton. The genus Crossota is widespread throughout the oceans.

This stunningly beautiful jellyfish was seen during Dive 4 on April 24, 2016, while exploring the informally named “Enigma Seamount” at a depth of ~3,700 meters.

Scientists identified this hydromedusa as belonging to the genus Crossota. Note the two sets of tentacles — short and long. At the beginning of the video, you’ll see that the long tentacles are even and extended outward and the bell is motionless. This suggests an ambush predation mode. Within the bell, the radial canals in red are connecting points for what looks like the gonads in bright yellow.

[Source - NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas.]


I’m on fall break so I should be able to update more this week! I hope you guys like this chapter! Hopefully, nothing will go wrong on the vacation~~ ;) ——————————– After an hour of packing, two hours in the grocery store picking out snacks, and one more hour arguing about….everything, you were finally squished in a van with six grown men and their manager/driver. You had taken the very back seat with Taekwoon and Ravi. Ken, Hyuk, and Hongbin sat directly in front of you. Hakyeon sat in the very front seat tormenting you all with weird music. You decided early that earphones were the best invention ever. Loading up your playlist, you leaned your head on Taekwoon’s shoulder and tried to relax. Not able to go to sleep, you decided to play. You tried to make your breathing rythmic enough so that it would sound like you were asleep. You lolled your head about as if the car was making it move while you were sleeping. After a few seconds of that you made your head land on Ravi’s shoulder. You could feel him twitch and try to move away from you. Your playlist ended and now all you heard was the conversation between Taekwoon and Ravi. “Uh, hyung?” “Ah, this silly girl.” Taekwoon placed his hand gently under your head to try to guide it back to his shoulder. You were definitely not going to make it that easy for him. Shrugging him off you wrapped your arms around Ravi’s bicep and made a sound of annoyance. Ravi coughed, sounding panicked. Poor thing. He had no idea what to do. He just so happened to sit back here with you and became your victim. Making it even worse, you nuzzled your face into his arm and sighed. “Hyung, don’t look at me. Come on, why did your eyes turn red? I didn’t do anything. She did this herself. I swear I haven’t done anything. She’s probably just confused. She probably thinks she’s clinging to you. Just wake her up.” “Wonshik put your headphones in and turn your music up as high as it will go.” “Yes, hyung.” Poor Ravi sounded so relieved that the heat was off of him. You felt Taekwoon reach up and take one of your earbuds out. After that, you felt his lips on your ear. Goosebumps rose on your skin and you hoped that he didn’t notice. “(Y/N), let go of Wonshik.” You protested and tried to bury yourself farther into Ravi’s arm. “I know you’re not sleeping. Open your eyes. If not, just wait until we get to the vacation house. We are sharing a room, you know.” When he finished his sentence, his tongue ran across your earlobe. You gasped softly and your eyes involuntarily popped open. Knowing you were caught you looked at Taekwoon. His eyes were deep green and glowing. Maybe you picked the wrong prank… Taekwoon was apparently the jealous type. You smiled at him, trying to placate him. It was all in vain when his hand rested on the hem of your shirt. Slowly, he slid his hand across your stomach causing the muscles there to tighten. He reached the other side of your stomach and grabbed the seatbelt. In one fluid motion he unbuckled your seatbelt, lifted you and slid you across his lap. Before you knew what was happening, your seats were switched and you were now between him and the window of the van. You looked over at Ravi who noticed the shift and just smiled at you as if to say “serves you right”. You rolled your eyes at him. Traitor. Looking up at Taekwoon, the glow had disappeared but the deep green was still there. He looked so annoyed that you could do nothing but laugh. This was why you always wanted to tease him. His reactions were priceless. Smiling, you latched onto his arm and settled into him side. You felt his body relax and his hand came up to smooth the hair out of your face. You spent the rest of the ride that way, dozing off occassionally. You were startled awake by the members cheering and clapping. You raised your head up and looked around. The van had come to a stop and everyone was shuffling out and stretching. You followed suit as your feet hit the ground. The two and a half hour drive had went by quickly but still took a toll on your joints. Taekwoon grabbed your bag and his and came to stand beside you. Their manager walked around to each person, giving out room keys. “(Y/N) gets her own room, of course. Ravi and Taekwoon get one. Hongbin and Jaehwan get one. And Hakyeon and Hyuk get the last. You guys can have a couple of days free time then we have to shoot for two days. After that, the rest of the time is yours. We’ll go back after 6 days. Got it?” They all nodded and he continued. “I’ll be two houses down the road with the rest of the staff. Behave and don’t cause trouble. The fridge should be fully stocked and will last the whole week, as long as Taekwoon doesn’t get into it so watch him. Everybody good? Good. Go on.” The boys politely said goodbye to their manager as he drove off in the van. As soon as he was out of site, they started jumping around like little kids. Taekwoon handed his key to Ravi and pulled you towards the vacation house. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, Hyung~!” Ravi laughed as he started gathering his things. “There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do, Wonshik.” Taekwoon quipped as you both walked into the house. You were in awe. The inside looked even better than the outside. Cozy couches were set to the right and a collection of bean bags in various sizes were piled up on the left. Looking past that you saw a large kitchen that any chef would be envious of. From the kitchen a set of stairs rose to reach the next three floors. You really didn’t want to know how much this place would cost to rent. “Wow, this is beautiful! We get to stay here for a week?” Taekwoon nodded and continued to lead you through the house to the stairs. “Which room did he give you?” Taekwoon stopped at the stairs and turned to you. “Its labeled ‘3rd Floor-Roof’.” You grabbed your bag from Taekwoon and followed him up the stairs. Upon reaching the third floor there were three doors. The first was labeled 'bathroom’. The second said 'pool’. The last one wasn’t labeled at all. Assuming that was the bedroom, you put the key into the lock. The lock clicked and you entered the room. A wall of windows greeted you with a small door to the right that led out to a balcony. Beyond the balcony was a lush forest as far as the eye could see. It was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. You set your suitcase down and ran towards the balcony. Opening the door you could see that the balcony connected to a small set of stairs that led to the roof. Curious, you climbed the steps. On the roof was a sparkling pool complete with water balls and floats in a net set off to the side. On the other side of the pool was another set of stairs that you assumed led to the door you had seen earlier. “Taekwoon, the pool is on the roof! How cool is that?!” You bounded over to where he was standing right next to the stairs. “This has to be the best vacation house I have ever seen!” You breezed past him and went back down to the stairs. You walked back into the bedroom and took in the surroundings that you had missed earlier. There was another beanbag set off to the side under a skinny lamp. Two closet doors sat next to the main door. On the bed was a welcome letter and a small sampling of snacks. You took out your phone and began snapping pictures of everything. You turned around, intending to take photos on the balcony, but bumped right into Taekwoon’s chest instead. “Oops, sorry! I was going out to the balco–.” You looked up and finally noticed Taekwoon’s facial expression. He was in predator mode. And you were the prey. His green eyes were dark-almost black. He had apparently not forgotten your little prank in the car and he was looking for retribution. You backed up a couple of steps and he slowly smiled. Shit, you had forgotten his warning to not give him a reason to chase you. He was half animal, after all. Your back was to the door. You considered that you may have a half a chance if you could distract him enough to get out of the door and downstairs to the others. It was a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. You thought of your phone. That might do it. “Catch!” You threw it at him and took off out the door. You ran down the hallway at full speed and almost made it to the first step when arms wrapped around you and lifted you into the air. You squealed and kicked your feet. Taekwoon effortlessly carried you back into the bedroom and kicked the door with his foot, shutting it firmly. He sat your feet down on the floor and turned to lock the door. Not giving it a second thought, you took off for the balcony. You made it to door but was not able to open it. Taekwoon’s hand had shot out and landed on the door, right above your shoulder. All escape routes were now cut off. You were out of breath, part from running and part from the adrenaline coursing through your veins. You had to admit that being chased by Taekwoon was a lot of fun. Another hand came out and rested on the door over your other shoulder, effectively caging you in. Feigning courage, you turned to face Taekwoon. His eyes were the same as before and you almost turned back around but you didn’t have the chance. He stepped closer to you. There was no amount of space between your bodies at this point. He lowered his head and kissed you. This time it was more aggressive but not overly so. He was still gentle to a point but you could feel the urgency in his kiss fueled by the adrenaline that must be traveling throughout his body. Even more so considering his hybrid status. He removed his hands from the glass door to wrap around your waist. You hadn’t even realized that he had moved you until your back hit the mattress. He held most of his weight off of you by leaning on his elbows, so he wouldn’t squish you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back. But when his hand traveled under the hem of your shirt and rested on the bare skin of your stomach, you froze. He released your lips and looked at you, eyes glowing. “You’re okay. I’m not going any further, I promise.” He waited for your permission to continue. You smiled at him and he went for your lips again. True to his word, his hand never moved from the spot he had claimed earlier, save for the reassuring glide of his thumb back and forth right below your ribcage. Every touch left fire in its wake on your skin. His lips left yours as they traveled down your cheek to your neck, nipping at your ear for a moment before continuing. There were going to be plenty of marks on your skin for the boys to make fun of now. But right now, you didn’t care. However, you should have known that something this wonderful would be interrupted. Of all the things that could have happened, you stomach picked that point in time to grumble. Understandably, you hadn’t eaten since this morning but you would think your body could wait a while. Taekwoon froze, waited a moment, and laughed. He leaned back to look at you and you just covered your face with your hands. He stood up and laughed again. “Come on, I’ll feed you.” “No,” you mumbled through tour hands, too embarrassed to face him. “Just leave me here to die.” You turned to your side and curled up into a ball. “If you don’t get up, I’ll carry you down.” Knowing that he would do just that, you begrudgingly stood up. You looked down at the floor and passed by him, walking to the door. You figured your hair was a mess so you checked it in the small mirror hanging on the bedroom door. After straightening your hair you noticed your neck. There were red splotches everywhere. Your eyes went wide as you covered your neck with your hands. “Jung Taekwoon! What the hell?! I look like I had a run in with a cheetah!” He walked up behind you and wrapped an arm around your waist to admire his work. His eyes sparkled with mischief and you were sure that he didn’t care at all. “Nah, no cheetah. Just a hungry panther.” His teeth gently latched onto your shoulder and you yelped. “Come on, let’s get you fed.” He unlocked the door and pulled you towards the stairs. You decided that this was going to be a long, interesting week.

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Your #1 Fan

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Summary: Youngjae compliments you on your artwork, and it turns into steamy time together.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1739

Request: Ship+Smut

You wiped your forehead with the back of your hand, completely forgetting that your hand was covered in paint. Feeling the sticky colors on your forehead, you let out a puff of air, trying to move the hair out of your eyes, but it was no use. The paint was already in your hair, on your face, and basically everywhere. You had no idea how you got paint in so many places while painting. Youngjae, your boyfriend, always told you it was a skill. You didn’t care a whole lot, though, because painting was your life.

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Let's Begin Talking About….

Killian, Emma, and Leia.

Okay loves. A lot of you asked me to write about life post-The Ultimate Headcanon. Life post-The Ultimate Headcanon includes Killian and Emma settling down in their house and a few years later, they have a baby girl. Despite Emma’s (half-hearted) rebuttals, Killian insists they name her Leia. So cheers to a collection of stories about their life together. I’ll always mention at the beginning how old Leia is. I hope you enjoy!


Leia is three, just turned it last week. She is a petite little thing, eyes bright green like her mother’s, hair dark and thick like her father’s. She’s quickly learning to speak, r’s coming out like w’s, but her bright little voice never fails to enchant her parents. She is spunky, but cuddly, fierce like her mother, but far and away, she’s her daddy’s little girl. Killian’s love for her runs deeper than any sea he’s ever found himself in, and the two are inseparable. She looks at him and she sees her best friend, he looks at her and sees his biggest accomplishment. There aren’t really words to describe the way Killian Jones is with his daughter. There truly aren’t. Emma catches him singing to her. Captain Hook, singing his tiny little girl to sleep. And when he’s not singing, it’s stories. Endless stories of how her parents met, how they fell in love……(the many times they fell in love.)

On this particular Wednesday, Emma was at the station, and Killian was at home with Leia. It was a blistery cold February Wednesday, but nevertheless, Killian had bundled Leia up tight and taken her out on the Jolly Roger. (She’d begged him. It’s her favourite thing in the world to do. “I a piwate, daddy. Leia an Daddy sail, daddy? Pwease, daddy?”)

They’d just gone for a quick spin around the harbour, but it was long enough to turn Leia’s nose red. Afterwards, Killian had taken her to Granny’s, spoiled her with hot cocoa with cinnamon, before returning home for her nap. Killian tucked her under her covers, kissed her forehead, and left her after a whispered, “Sweet dreams, my littlest love.“

Leia usually napped from 12:30-2:30, so Killian was surprised to hear her crying at 1:45. In fact he was surprised to hear her crying at all, because usually after a nap she simply woke up and shouted, “Daddy, I awake!” So naturally, he stood immediately and flew up the stairs to her room, heart beating a mile a minute. His eyes widened in terror at the sight of his princess. She was shivering wildly, face flushed, tears flooding her face. Her arms flailed toward him. “Cold, Daddy! I, c-c-c-c-c-cooooold!” she stammered through clattering teeth. Killian picked her up immediately, hugging her against his chest, and her tiny arms circled his neck.

“Oh, Leia,” he cooed at her, keeping his voice soothing despite his panic. Her little body was burning up, shaking in his arms. “It’s alright, princess. Daddy has you. Oh, sweetheart,” he said, brushing her hair out of her face. It was damp with sweat.

I pi-pi-wate, Dad-dy,” she reminded him, her face buried into his neck.

“Oh yes, lass, you’re right. Daddy’s first mate, you are,” Killian told her, picking up a blanket and wrapping it around her body. She was tight to his chest and he could feel her fluttery little heart beating much too quick for his liking. “Come on, my littlest love, we’d best call Mummy.


Emma was sitting at her desk at the station, filing mundane paperwork. It had been a slow day, and she couldn’t wait for it to be over. She was relieved at an excuse to take a break when her phone rang; she loved it when Killian and Leia called to tell her how their day was going. Someone’s up early, she thought errantly.

“What are you doing up from your nap so early, my littlest love?” she cooed upon answering. (Killian almost always had the phone on speaker when they called her.)

“Emma, something terrible’s happened,” Killian’s voice was urgent and thick with concern in her ear, and she felt the blood drain from her face. She instinctively stood from her chair, ready for a fight, her arm raised, ready to transport her to wherever her daughter was being held captive.

“Killian, what’s wrong, where’s Leia?” she demanded, the words coming out in a rush.

“She’s here, it’s just she’s—”

Emma had to cut him off momentarily with the giant, relieved gust of air that whooshed out of her. “Jesus Christ, Killian,” she scolded him, for scaring the living shit out of her when really he had their daughter safely in his arms.

“Sorry love, it’s just she woke up sobbing and she’s shivering like she’s freezing but her skin feels like it’s on fire,” he explained, the worry still bleeding from his words.

Emma let out another relieved breath before she switched from ready-to-kill-a-predator mode to comforting-wife-for-naive-husband mode. “Killian, calm down, she probably just has a fever. Kids get them all the time, she’s had low grade ones before. It’s okay, sweetheart. She’ll be fine.”

Emma paused for a moment to let her words sink in, but Killian’s urgent tone didn’t break.

“How do we fix it?! She’s shivering so violently and she-”

“Well you can start, by calming down so you don’t freak her out for no reason,” Emma advised, “And then, you can go in the medicine cupboard in the kitchen and give her some children’s Tylenol. Read the back and check the dosage, but I think she gets one teaspoon. It’ll take a little while, but it’ll bring her temperature down. In the meantime, just cuddle her and get some water in her. Or some pedialyte, but you know how she hates that,” Emma told him, speaking slowly and calmly.

Killian was assured by his wife’s calm tone and easy instructions, but his heart still broke for his shaking little Leia, pressed against his chest, fingers wound around his hook for comfort. “Here, can I talk to her for a minute?” Emma said then.

“Leia, Mum wants to talk to you, sweetheart,” he said gently, clicking the speakerphone button.

Emma turned her tone to the most soothing, loving, calm mommy-voice she had. “Hi Lei—a,” she said slowly, “Do you feel icky, honey?”

“Mama,” Leia said softly.

Emma’s heart broke at the tiny croak. “I know, little love. But Daddy’s going to take care of you, okay? He make you feel better. You have the best daddy, huh, Leia?”

Leia flashed her green eyes up at her father, and Killian beamed down at her. “Daddy warm me up,” she said proudly.

“Mhm, you snuggle that daddy and watch Nemo, okay? Mommy be home soon to join the cuddles. I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you, Mommy,” Leia answered happily, face lighting up at the mention of Nemo.

“Just relax, Killian,” Emma reminded him, “I love you and I’ll be home soon.”


New Species of Bioluminescent Jellyfish Discovered 2.3 Miles Below the Ocean’s Surface

Published on Apr 25, 2016

This stunningly beautiful jellyfish was seen during Dive 4 of the 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas expedition on April 24, 2016, while exploring Enigma Seamount at a depth of ~3,700 meters.

Scientists identified this hydromedusa as belonging to the genus Crossota. Note the two sets of tentacles — short and long. At the beginning of the video, you’ll see that the long tentacles are even and extended outward and the bell is motionless. This suggests an ambush predation mode. Within the bell, the radial canals in red are connecting points for what looks like the gonads in bright yellow.

Video courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas.

I just realized something –

In the Red Hood DLC, during the second part (the predator mode part), you hear Black Mask’s thugs say things like “what am I doing? I could have been a doctor!” or that they have to watch their kids the next day, and it took me until just now to realize that Rocksteady had them say things like this to humanize them in order to further emphasize how morally gray Jason is. Jason doesn’t care about the fact that they’re complex people who are questioning the way their lives turned out, or about any aspect of their lives. As far as he’s concerned, they’re just worthless criminals that need to be taken off the streets indefinitely. 

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elisa, you know what i was thinking about earlier today? derek pushing stiles down and riding him and stiles is just unable to take his eyes off of derek, gaping at him. and derek grabs stiles' hands and moves them to his thighs while he continues to ride him, enjoying the blissful look on stiles' face


DAMMIT Charlie, I’m trying to write your own prompt here and you attack with this, Charlie!

*fans self*

When it comes to those two boys fucking, literally everything is hot, but holy god if there’s something that destroys me into a hot sobbing mess it’s them riding each other. So, I shall destroy you too, my friend. You asked for it.

When they finally got their heads out their asses [(¬‿¬) not totally though (¬‿¬)] and got together Stiles rode him many times, and both of them had come in record time from it, because it’s just so fucking hot, okay? Constant eye contact, while they gasp and moan and just yOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT STILES MOUTH IMAGINE IT HALF AGAPE THE WHOLE DAMN TIME AND DEREK DOWN THERE BARELY BREATHING CUZ IT’S JUST SO H O T OKAY.

BUT you were talking about Derek riding Stiles. WHICH IS EVEN WORSE.

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The normal fuck by a normal man is taken to be an act of invasion and ownership undertaken in a mode of predation. Woman have been chattels to man as wives, as prostitutes, as sexual and reproductive servants. Being owned and being fucked have been virtually synonymous experiences in the lives of woman. He owns you - he fucks you. The fucking conveys the quality of ownership - he owns you inside out.
—  Andrea Dworkin

Deep in the ocean, a mission is underway to explore the “unknown and poorly known areas” around the Mariana Trench.

“Despite decades of previous work in the region,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says, “much of the [trench] and surrounding areas remain unexplored.”

Between April 20 and July 10, the government agency and its partners are collecting and sharing data on the creatures and habitats they find in the Mariana Trench, which stretches 1,500 miles in the Pacific Ocean near Guam.

You can follow NOAA’s live video streams from the Okeanos Explorer, including images from the ocean floor.

It’s all pretty mind-blowing when you think about it, but here’s one of our favorites: A mesmerizing jellyfish found around 3,700 meters (2.3 miles) down (video above!).

“At the beginning of the video, you’ll see that the long tentacles are even and extended outward and the bell is motionless,” NOAA notes. “This suggests an ambush predation mode. Within the bell, the radial canals in red are connecting points for what looks like the gonads in bright yellow.”

Secrets Of The Mariana Trench, Caught On Camera