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Humans are weird - hugs

I was watching a montage video of humans hugging multiple different species of animals - and I’m not just talking dogs and cats, but cattle, chickens, geese (seriously, geese, murderous feathered dinosaurs that have been used as guard-animals for centuries because they will f*** you up) and even fish!

But the thing that really struck me about all of it was how many of the different animals actively sought out or demanded the hug. Which means that multiple animals whose first inclination on contact with a human would be to flee from or attack said human because we’re intruding, or scary, or squishy or tasty… multiple species have overcome their natural inclination and instead demanded hugs.

Or, more accurately, a human has overcome it for them, at possible risk to themselves.

So how the heck would aliens cope?


Captain Xl’arrh was climbing the walls by the time the xeno-team returned. Literally. It was a terrible breach of etiquette, one they only perpetrated when stressed. And a xeno-team that was two-and-a-half planetary cycles late was cause for profound stress.

They scuttled into the shuttle bay at speed, barking for ground crew to clear the way to the xeno-team’s hangar. The sight awaiting them rocked them back on all six legs.

Turning to the only apparently-functional member of the team, they snapped the order. “Ensign Ashikora. Report.”

The avian snapped to attention and a few of her downy underfeathers drifted to the deck. Stress-moult was not a good sign.

“Captain.” She had to gulp as her voice warbled across half an octave. “We proceeded to the designated observation site in requisite time and established base camp as per protocol three-apple-si-”

“Not a full mission debrief,” Xl’arrh interrupted, clicking their pincers impatiently. “Report succinctly. What is the cause of your delay? Why did your team’s communications go dark? What -” their gaze travelled in fascinated horror over the rest of the team. “What happened?”

Lieutenant Hairhu - the stoic, looming science officer - had her face buried in her forelimbs, only the tip of her horny proboscis visible.

The ordinarily sedate Sergeant Barshni - one of the finest security officers on board - was bouncing around a containment cell, glowing a luminous pink and cackling ceaselessly.

All this was nothing compared to First Officer Vharun. The captain’s backplates rattled as they stared at their bio-silicate 2IC. The toughest, grimmest, deadliest officer aboard their ship was huddled in a corner underneath a blanket and multiple heat lamps, keening in one long, crystalline whine.

Ashikora gulped again and stood more rigidly.

“W-we encountered the expected lashkarr [1] warren, and a mated pair of jeokh [2] with a litter of three younglings in a nearby den. And, and, there… we found a human.”

Xl’arrh’s antennae twitched as they fought the urge to find the nearest bit of ceiling. By all the stars, a human.

“It, it, well it appeared to have, uh, bonded with the jeokh younglings. And the birth-parent.”

“… Bonded?”

“It, uh, it would wrap its forelimbs around the younglings.”

“I see. I was not aware that humans were able to survive evisceration. I will have to ensure that the advisory alerts are updated.”

“Uh, well, it… there was no evisceration.”

“… you said it was restraining jeokh younglings.”

“Yes, it… called it a ‘hug’.”

“You communicated with the human?”

“Well, I, we - Hairhu was shouting for it to stay clear of the jeokh and it, it entered base camp.”

“The human. Entered base camp. Unreported.”

“Well, well First Officer Vharun was going to call it in but the, the human used… ‘hug’… on Barshni.”

Xl’arrh’s antennae waved wildly. Now they could recognise the symptoms of acute oxytocin poisoning. It could take hours - whole day-cycles - for the Sergeant to metabolise the lingering traces of the neurochemical, and the comedown would leave the security officer bedridden for further day-cycles.

Ashikora babbled on, her voice warbling uncontrollably. “And, and, when Vharun extricated Barshni, the birth-parent jeokh must have thought she was attacking and, and it bit Vharun. And the human pulled it off of Vharun’s leg and, and did something and the jeokh purred, I didn’t know they could purr, and then the human used ‘hug’ on Vharun and she, she must have cascaded and now she won’t talk and so I tried to get everyone back into the shuttle but I’m not strong enough by myself and -”

“Peace, Ensign. You have performed admirably in an extremely non-standard situation. I hope at least you were able to neutralise this human threat.”


“This human interfered with a protected non-sent species, entered base camp without authorisation and attacked and incapacitated members of a Conglomerate crew. Such actions merit immediate incarceration, or outright execution.”

Ashikora gulped some more. Xl’arrh made an effort to still their antennae and pincers, as the wild movement was clearly sending unfortunate threat-signals to the young avian officer.

“However,” they continued, “I commend you for your focus on the safety and wellbeing of your crewmates.”

“Y-yes Captain, of course, I… well, I couldn’t have returned without Mira’s help.”

“… meera?”

A biped peered out of the shuttle and waved a soft appendage bearing five digits. “Hi! Me. I’m Mira.”

Another head - no, another four heads - peered out around the human’s legs. One adult jeokh and three younglings, all uttering a terrifying rhythmic rumble. “And this is Spot, Smoky, Snuffles, Speedy and Claws.”

Xl’arrh blurred, darting for the nearest elevation. From their new position, wedged in the far corner of the shuttle-bay ceiling, they heard Ashikora’s warbling query.

“Can I keep her?”


[1] Lashkarr are a non-sentient hive-bonded mammalian species. Sol-3 xenobiologists classify them as rodentiae. Lashkarr are prized in galactic markets for their luxurious fur, prodigious breeding rate and invulnerability to most ingestible toxins.

[2] Jeokh are fearsome non-sentient predators. Sol-3 xenobiologists argue about whether they should be classified as cingulata or herpestidae. Either way, they are vicious armoured tanks with voracious appetites and heightened aggression. Pups can kill prey twice their own mass within days of their birth.

As requested, here’s the gif from Twitter that was made for Matty’s story, The Predator. ^^ 

There are also other fanarts that I will post next week. Here are the previous edits.


NECA’s take on the Capcom AVP characters. I’ll say this… I absolutely love the Capcom Xenomorphs because they look pretty accurate to the game, and the video game pixel paint seems to be BARELY noticeable but… final product might not reflect that. As for the Predators?

I wanna get these.. but I’m disappointed. They’re just Diablo and Ghost remolds and repaints.. Very lazy effort on NECA’s part. I’ve seen some customs by Jin Saotome which were much better.

Humans are weird, first humans assigned to a ship!

So i got the idea of having this one ship that hadn’t had a human assingned to it before but had heard about humans in other ships and stuff, the i got thinking about the crew thinking humans are smol and stuff, sooo here is my contribution to the tag.


Spaceship Het'che'l’s crewmember Kohet'ch was excited, today was the day they would be assigned hyumaahnz’s for the very first time, and it was a pair of them to boot!

Xe had heard about the hyumaahnz before, xir kin in other spaceships have talked at lenght of how useful they were, their apendages called “haandz” made engineering easier and faster, apparently hyumaanhz ships were extremelly detailed, so xe was enthusiastic about what they could do in Het'che'l.

The first time Kohet'ch saw the hyumaahnz, xe was surprised and taken aback, they were so tiny! no taller than xir younglings! surely this hyumaahnz were to be held inside the ship at all times! good thing both hyumaahnz were in the engineering sector!

Kohet'ch tought that the hyumaahnz’s were adorable, their haandz moved at speeds that no other could rival, both used a weird communication form by moving the fur over their ocular globes and everyone had noted that Hyumaahn IamLia had a certain “look” that brought Hyumaahn IsLeo to his “metaphorical knees” (according to Hyumaahnz IamLia).

The day cycle that Hyumaahnz IamLia and Hyumaahnz IsLeo went to the padded room reserved for security training, everybody aboard the ship decided to go and see what the pair were up to, because surely they were not trying to do what the security team did as part of their rutine?, to their collected relief, neither hyumaahnz thought of grabbing the weapons, instead they stood infront of one another and after a few seconds of stillness, both of them moved towards the other.
To say that the crew was horrofied was an understatement, everybody had heard that hyumaahnz were the axe predators of Sol 3, but that had been comet cycles ago! they were supossed to be civilized! but the grace and force the hyumaahnz were moving with scared them all. Hyumaahn IamLia grabbed Hyumaahnz IsLeo aarmz, turned around and somehow used it to throw IsLeo over her shoulder making IsLeo land on his back, wasting no time she pined him to the floor with a footh on his baack and pressing his aarmz until Hyumaahn IsLeo said “I yield” only then did Hyumaahnz IamLia let him go.

A night cycle after what the hyumaahnz called “sparing/friendly match” there was a port planet stop, the first one they had since the hyumaahnz boarded the ship, no one thought of telling the hyummahnz to stay in the ship, as was their original intention after seeing most of the crew members tower over (the scary as yenglos (a rather terrifing race of carnivorous animals that was endemical to Kohet'ch planet)) tiny hyumaahnz.

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Zootopia did a bad job at addressing racism, there I said it.

Like sorry but if you establish the predators and their history as being dangerous and violent animals who were incredibly territorial at the damn BEGINNING then you can’t turn around and make a not so subtle allegory to the blacklivesmatter movement.

Like I was at first assuming that they were attempting to imply that reverse racism was a thing but then I remember:

1) Judy being an officer and asking her chief to fix the police academy and how they treat predators

2) Her making a speech that is basically just “black people are naturally violent” but replacing it with predators

3) the whole “10%” comment made by the villain

So how the fuck do you fuck up a racism allegory so damn badly that you portray the oppressed group as the OPPRESSORS IN THE BEGINNING OF THE DAMN MOVIE??? THATS NOT HOW RACISM WORKS!!!

This is exactly why I hate hate HAAATE seeing white writers write stories about racism because more often than not, they have 0 understanding of its context and history and just saying “prejudice is bad” over and over again solves the problem.

But of course, just like Hamilton, people saw the “race” shit and hailed it as the most progressive and well written piece of media of the year and completely disregarded all the other ignorant aspects to it.


My first attempt at making captain Rex’s DC-17 blasters and they turned out pretty well

And from mass effect, my attempt at commander Shepard’s trusty Predator Pistol, but that was the first time I made anything with foam mats, I’ll try that again