Invite a Vampire

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It was a chilly day on Cybertron and the sun was slowly setting. At certain house that belonged to a family of Predacons, there was soft knocking at the front door. “We’ll get it!” The little ones can be heard from within the house as they raced towards the front door. 

Once the door had opened, the three Predalings looked up at their visitor and smile. “Mom! Uncle DT is here!” The eldest one, Cain announced loudly.

Growing up

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Quiet a few months had passed since Cain had gotten over his fear of flying, and it seemed to Navimus that her children had grown a lot since then. Cain’s armor had gotten darker and darker till now it was almost the same shade of black as her own. Ryker and Layla had gone through a growth spirt and were almost the same size now.  Ryker’s wings were starting to show as his armor had started to change to a dark gray. While Layla’s wings were bigger then before though still to small for her to try and fly. 

During the time she was not busy with reports of visiting new construction sites, Navimus and Crossfire worked with the predalings on grammar and  speech, as well as some writing and reading. They also continued Cain’s flying lessons though kept them with in the playground.  She could see his wings were getting stronger, but still felt it was not yet time to take him out flying for real yet. Especially with what had happened last time.