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Starscream’s Return & Survival in Transformers Prime and Robots in Disguise!

Latest episode of Robots of Disguise is now out, and it finally adds the final pieces as to the survival of the most vile and treacherous Decepticon in history, that being the reveal on how Starscream managed to evade his fate from the vengeful Predacons back in the Predacon Rising movie.

Welcome back, Starscream!

I’m always thinking about the fate of the Predacons after the end of ‘Predacons Rising’.

Skylynx and Darksteel taking Predaking to their old hide-out where the other Predacons Shockwave and Starscream were making, still in their capsules.

Predaking going to the Autobots because they took Shockwave in (to treat his injuries) and wants Shockwave’s help bringing the capsule-ones online.

The Autobots having a huge long discussion about how this should be handled before deciding to let Shockwave do it, because they’re not at war anymore so they have a responsibility to all life on Cybertron. 

Shockwave bringing the remaining Predacons online. They’re young and can’t transform yet, so the Pred Trine becomes fiercely protective of them. Afterwords though they refuse any more help from the Autobots, going off on their own to forge their own paths.

Years pass. The Predacons claimed much of the destroyed former-Decepticon regions as their land. Very little was actually rebuilt however, they mostly just forged and fixed up dwellings from scraps. They’re primitive but sturdy. They use very little in the way of technology, generally living off the land from their own strength. They don’t need much after all. Predaking resides in Darkmount, making it his personal domain where he oversees his lands and people. Skylynx and Darksteel are his first lieutenants. 

Time continues to pass. Their numbers grow. They’re a civilization of their own now, alongside the other Cybertronians. Relations are tense, but peaceful. Predaking and Bumblebee both do everything they can to keep things that way. 

Predacon affairs in Darkmount resemble medieval courts. To outsiders they seem barbaric, but it’s their way. Festivities are loud, boisterous, and full of life. Song and dance are as welcome and even valued as battle. It even has a flair of old Celtic themes.

Predacons have technorganic reproductive systems. They lay eggs, and the females of the species are almost exclusively the ones who do so. Care for the eggs and the young are a group effort though. Everyone cares for all young as their own. The young begin life in their beast forms, and can only transform into bipedal modes once they are fully grown. 

The Predacons are tough and brutal, but passionate. They love and show affection with just as much conviction as their tempers rage. They don’t give their trust freely, it must be earned. But when it is, it’s eternal. Predaking is adored by his people. And to him, they are always his first priority.