Esma Redzepova & Vlatko Lozanoski will represent together Macedonia this year with the song If Could Change The World (originally was set to be at Macedonian and Romani as Pred se se razdeni).

Now that’s a shocker from Macedonia because they normally keep Macedonian in their songs…

I also have to say that I have nothing against countries not singing in their own language actually I’m happy that now I understand part of the lyrics and I like them :D

I really hope to see them in the final, they have a pretty tough task since last year Kaliopi got one of the best Macedonian entries

Do you think they will get to the final?


28. F.Y.R Macedonia: Esma & Lozano - Pred Da Se Razdeni

Best bit:

Lozano does have such a fantastic voice,  I feel that if he had represented Macedonia on his own then he may have gotten through to the finals as I do enjoy the parts of the song when it is just purely him singing.

Worst bit:

As good as Lozano’s vocals were, Esma’s were just completely unnecessary and she was out of tune on the night.


If this song was 100% Lozano and 0% Esma then it would be a really good, sweet song but alas it isn’t, and seriously they looked like a grandmother/grandson duo, weird.


Eurovision 2013: F.Y.R. Macedonia – Esma & Lozano “Pred Da Se Razdeni”

I love a good duet.  But Esma is… unexpected.  Xtina, this could be you in 1.5 decades!!!  At least Lozano appears to be in on the joke.  But is Esma?  Since I can’t understand it, it comes off as Lozano singing this serious song and he is occasionally interrupted by his crazy aunt Esma with the burgundy head wrap.



Esma & Lozano - Pred Da Se Razdeni (F.Y.R. Macedonia)

Thirty nine little films... FYROM (revisit)

I’m not sure. To me it seems for fractured and more like two different songs mashed into one. They are quality singers, there is no doubt about that, but I’m not getting this one at all. I have to say that I find Esma quite annoying and I’m guessing I am going to get more annoyed before the ESC semi final. On the reverse, I think it’s her style and if she was asked to stand still and sing the song and be less of a blot would be like killing the poor woman.

ESC: 2013 vs. 2014

I can’t remember the song from 2013 and I don’t like the one from 2014
Albania: “Identitet” (2013) vs. “One Night’s Anger” (2014) 
Belarus: “Solayoh”  (2013) vs. “Cheesecake” (2014)
Macedonia: “Pred da se razdeni”  (2013) vs. “To the Sky” (2014)
Montenegro: “Igranka” (2013) vs. “Moj svijet” (2014)

They are equally good or bad? I can’t decide:
Ireland: “Only Love Survives”  (2013) vs. “Heartbeat” (2014)

Armenia: “Lonely Planet” (2013) vs.“Not Alone”(2014)
Austria: "Shine” (2013) vs.“Rise Like a Phoenix” (2014)
Azerbaijan: “Hold Me” (2013) vs.“Start a Fire” (2014)
Belgium:“Love Kills” (2013) vs. “Mother” (2014)
Denmark:“Only Teardrops” (2013) vs. “Cliché Love Song” (2014)
Estonia:“Et uus saaks alguse” (2013) vs. “Amazing” (2014)
Finland: “Marry Me” (2013) vs.“Something Better” (2014)
France:“L'enfer et moi” (2013) vs. “Moustache” (2014)
Georgia:“Waterfall”(2013) vs. “Three Minutes to Earth” (2014) Germany:“Glorious” (2013) vs. “Is It Right” (2014)
Greece: “Alcohol Is Free” (2013) vs.“Rise Up” (2014)
Hungary: “Kedvesem” (2013) vs.“Running” (2014)
Iceland:“Ég á líf” (2013) vs. “No Prejudice” (2014)
Israel: “Rak bishvilo” (2013) vs.“Same Heart” (2014)
Latvia:“Here We Go” (2013) vs. “Cake to Bake” (2014)
Lithuania:“Something” (2013) vs. “Attention” (2014)
Malta:“Tomorrow” (2013) vs. “Coming Home” (2014)
Moldova: “O mie” (2013) vs. “Wild Soul” (2014)
Netherlands: “Birds” (2013) vs. “Calm After the Storm” (2014)
Norway: “I Feed You My Love” (2013) vs. “Silent Storm” (2014)
Romania: “It’s My Life” (2013) vs.“Miracle”(2014)
Russia:“What If” (2013) vs. “Shine” (2014)
San Marino: “Crisalide (Vola)” (2013) vs.“Maybe”(2014)
Slovenia: “Straight into Love” (2013) vs. “Round and Round” (2014)
Spain: “Contigo hasta el final” (2013) vs.“Dancing in the Rain” (2014)
Sweden: “You” (2013) vs.“Undo” (2014)
Switzerland: “You and Me” (2013) vs.“Hunter of Stars”(2014)
Ukraine:“Gravity”(2013) vs. “Tick-Tock” (2014)
United Kingdom: “Believe in Me” (2013) vs.“Children of the Universe”(2014)

2013: 15
2014: 14
Can’t decide: 4

Poland and Portugal wasn’t in the 2013 competition and therefore I don’t have anything to compare with so they weren’t eligible for consideration.

Thirty nine little films.... FYROM

Pred Da Se Razdeni - Esma and Lozano

Semi final 2

Song 3

This is bad and it’s an injustice to Esma and Lozano. They spent time and money of the other song and a decent film clip. In replacement we have a staged clip, where both people appear to be lip syncing. Worse, they look weird, the song seems like a mash of two songs and it doesn’t make much sense to me.