precure confessions

Yes, characters have crazy hair colors. They also have big eyes. This is a trait anime characters tend to have just to make them stand out, but they all still have skin tones that Japanese typically have. That’s why characters that have dark skin tones tend to either be mix race or of another country originally in anime.

I don’t mind diversity nor LGBT, but people need to understand culture differences before they start spewing stuff like that. Also, I’m really getting tired of people saying everything is racist and homophobic. That is getting way out of hand and some people even threaten others for it, which is scary and disgusting! People just grow up!

Before you call me “homophobic” do research. The link is below.

Japanese laws regarding same-sex marriage 

I keep seeing Crystal fans claiming that people who criticize Crystal’s animation have never watched Precure, which they say looks much worse. I’m a big fan of both Sailor Moon and Precure, and Precure does in no way look as consistently terrible as Crystal does. In fact, Precure often has some amazing animation, especially during transformations, attack sequences, and important episodes.

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