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Still trying to comprehend that someone sends hate mail because of a show for little girls about the power of friendship

oh well, as ironic as it is, the precure fandom has always been kinda toxic. i have been watching precure since yes!5gogo aired but have only started actually participating in the fandom during the..hapcha era i think?

there’s always so much negativity. suite getting slammed for not being heartcatch. then people ranting about disliking the designs/themes/animation/voice actors/characters/colour schemes even when we only have blurry leaks (and they may not even be real, like???)

and this isn’t even the first time shit started because of the precure confessions blog. point is, people really don’t follow what the show teaches

but they’re just the loud minority. i’ve met so many amazing, kind and talented people in this fandom and i wont let a few bad apples ruin that for me 

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Doki Doki Precure new Glitter Force season?

OKay… So. 

I saw the Precure Confessions post today about how Doki Doki Precure is supposedly going to be the newest Glitter Force season. And after searching Twitter (Apparently, Saban got their Twitter suspended?! *shrugs*) and the internet in general. The only confirmation to this claim that I can find is this short video from Instagram   where a voice actress is working on a dub in I think Italian? I can’t hear it very well because I’m at work so the volume is super low and I don’t have headphones. 

So can anyone else confirm that this is what is going on? I found multiple “April Fools Day” post. ( Have I ever mentioned how much I hate that holiday?) But other than this short video I can’t find anything to confirm this. 

I keep seeing Crystal fans claiming that people who criticize Crystal’s animation have never watched Precure, which they say looks much worse. I’m a big fan of both Sailor Moon and Precure, and Precure does in no way look as consistently terrible as Crystal does. In fact, Precure often has some amazing animation, especially during transformations, attack sequences, and important episodes.

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kirakira-precure-alamodefanatic replied to your post “lmao why is my sexuality made into a discourse? i thought we were over…”

What’s going on??

from what i understand there were some confessions posted on precure confessions that didn’t sit well with some people [they revolved around queer things i think, i have that blog blocked] and some people flipped and there was an especially amusing post by someone who, among other things, thought that the word ‘heteronormative’ was made up by the person who sent the confession. 

i’d REALLY like people to stop discussing gay ships as if we, you know THE GAY PEOPLE, weren’t present in the fandom. we can see it and you all need to chill

Precureconfessions: Biweekly Discussion Topic #1

I want to introduce everyone to a new Precureconfessions activity! A friendly discussion topic for everyone to think and talk about~


  • Stay friendly! No personal attacks, swearing, etc.
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You can send your suggestions for future discussion topics through the ask box or through fanmail!

This week we are starting easy with:

Your favorite Pretty Cure: who is your #1 Pretty Cure and why so?

Although everyone probably has a favorite Pretty Cure each season, but if you could only pick one, who would be your ultimate favorite Pretty Cure?

Mod Suu: “My favorite is Cure Rhythm! Suite got me really into Pretty Cure and I found that Kanade was quite similar to me, I also thought her design was super pretty so she became my #1! Cure Bloom comes very close though!”

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Mod Nathan-chan: “Cure Sunshine because she was the first cure I ever truly related too!”

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Mod Ichika:  “Its been Melody for the longest time, but Macaron is getting very close. But, for now, I think its still Melody, I just love her.”

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So, who is your #1 Pretty Cure?