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Venture into an exciting new world; forego all preconceived ideas of traditional museum visits, dispel all notions of tiptoeing through silent art galleries to view masterpieces from afar, change how you engage with art. Vitalise your senses and challenge your beliefs in a completely unique, stimulating Van Gogh exhibition experience.

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things i havent considered before:

  • kara was 12 when her planet was destroyed, monel was a grown person which means he’s significantly older than her
  • whenever they fight about kara’s preconceived ideas about daxam, keep in mind that kara was a child when she was forming these opinions
  • how fucked up and shitty must a planet be for a young child to know ‘that is a very bad place’
A banker? Me?”
“Yes, Mr. Lipwig.”
“But I don’t know anything about running a bank!”
“Good. No preconceived ideas.”
“I’ve robbed banks!”
“Capital! Just reverse your thinking,” said Lord Vetinari, beaming. “The money should be on the inside.
—  Making Money, Terry Pratchett

INTERVIEWER: You seem very much aware of the world around you.

I’m quite in love with the human race and this planet that we live on and I see life as fresh and beautiful, not because “I have the world in my hands,” but because it’s just my reality. I also get very frustrated with the pace of life and the way the world goes. I want so badly for people to communicate with each other. With all this technology, is this the best we can do? It’s depressing. But there’s also an optimistic side of me that believes that we live in an incredible time and that if we all come together on the important issues and stand up for our rights, as Bob Marley said, we could really accomplish a lot.

INTERVIEWER: What would that be for you?

PHOENIX: One thing I would like to do when I have the money is buy thousands of acres in the Brazilian rain forest and make a national park, so no one can bulldoze it (in order) to put a McDonald’s there. I guess people find security in a Big Mac, but that’s our oxygen! And the mass slaughtering of animals is a chickenshit approach. I can’t understand the farmer who raises his cow and then rips it’s throat and eats it.

INTERVIEWER: You offer a positive role model for young people, not only by virtue of the ideals you espouse, but, on a different level, by the very characters you play. This will probably be more so than before because of young Indiana Jones.

PHOENIX: Yes, but it angers me that in this society we’re trained from a very young age, watching television, to swallow preconceived ideas of what is the ideal man or ideal woman. It’s prejudice, really. Many people overcome it, but so many remain oppressed if they’re not happy with their looks, if they don’t look like Robert Redford,. It’s a shame, because they shouldn’t be. When I was younger, I was worried about how others viewed me and if I was good enough. I realize now that you can’t mold an image or try to be something that you are not. As far as being an actor is concerned, your work really speaks for itself.

[Interview for Starlog Magazine, October 1989]

if you are straight and realize you’re gay, it’s okay. if you’re gay and realize you’re straight, it’s okay. if you are pan and realize you’re bi, it’s okay. don’t put this preconceived idea that if you suddenly realize what you thought you were isn’t exactly right that you will all of a sudden be shunned by life. you did nothing wrong and you’re still figuring yourself out like everyone else tbh. just have fun and be safe.

I've been thinking about the Avengers again...

And how Steve refers to them as a family. I can’t help but wonder how Steve came to that conclusion, we never see them becoming that close. Yes, they are having a party and hanging out in Age of Ultron, but later they don’t even care enough to stop Thor from choking Tony.

If they were a family, they wouldn’t have let that happen.

If they were a family, they would’ve stopped to ask for the truth.

If they were a family, they would realized that with Jarvis’ death he lost one of his best friends.

Instead the Avengers wait around and watch as Thor, a god, choke Tony their non-superhuman teammate with known health issues. As if that weren’t enough, they don’t even trust Tony more than a known criminal.

When Tony accidentally makes an “murder-bot” he’s seen as a villain and not given a chance to explain, yet the Avengers will willingly trust the Maximoffs despite knowing they’ve worked with Ultron.

To add insult to injury, Wanda fucked with Tony’s head- she’s the reason he made Ultron, yet they let her join the team. There’s no doubt in my mind that made Tony feel uncomfortable IN HIS OWN HOME, the one that HE provided for THEM.

Then civil war comes around and all these people, this “family” leaves not because of the accords. No matter what Steve says, he was going to sign. The accords aren’t why he left, Tony lost his team because Steve missed his friend and got mad that someone he CONTINUOUSLY calls a CHILD got house arrest.

They were never a family, they never could have been. There was never trust between Tony and his team, whether because of his past or preconceived ideas I don’t know. All I know is that Tony gave them everything, shelter, gadgets, costumes, food, and they took advantage of him. They left him to hang, because they have never taken responsibility for
their actions and refuse to be held accountable.

I am glad that they weren’t a family though, because that means when they come crawling back Tony can say no. Tony can finally separate himself from the toxicity of the Avengers and live his life.

He can go and make his own family, he doesn’t need Steve to “give him the Avengers”.

Sorry this isn’t very articulate, I was just writing what I felt.

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Could you do 3,7, and 16 with Steve please?

3. “For some reason, I’m attracted to you.”- Steve Rogers

People had certain preconceived ideas about Steven Grant Rogers, thinking he was this figurehead for all things good and honourable. What they didn’t know was, he was secretly a little shit.

The two of you had been dating for 6 months, so you were now well used to all of his little quirks. The sassiness that no one would expect, the dorky jokes that made you groan on a daily basis, and the just plain stubborn way he acted. But all of that didn’t mean you didn’t love him more than anything.

On a weekly basis, you would drag Steve down to the grocery store with you, insisting you couldn’t carry all of the bags without him.

Perusing the fruit and veg section, you rolled an apple round the palm of your hand as Steve grinned beside you.

“Hey doll?” Steve murmured, holding an orange in his hand, “Orange you glad to see me?”

Shaking your head, you placed the apple back on the pile, not intending to give your boyfriend the satisfaction of a reaction.

“Y/N? Don’t we make a nice pear?” He then asked, holding out the said fruit in your direction, a huge smile on his lips.

“For some reason, I’m attracted to you.” You muttered, placing a carton of strawberries in your cart. 

“Sorry Doll.” Steve chuckled, moving behind you to wrap his arms around your waist he placed a kiss on the top of your head. “I love you, from my head tomatoes.” He grinned, quickly swiping a pack of the said food and throwing them in the cart.

Groaning, you lent your head back to grant him access to your lips, smiling as he chuckled against them.

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what is your opinion of how the fandom dislikes mon-el's and kara's relationship. do you ship lena and kara? because i ship both and i can see why the fandom hates mon-el and how the writers have made kara dependent on love when she should focus on herself. i know that's what Melissa wanted for season 2 and i feel so bad for her because the writers basically said: lo l n o p e

1. I appreciate your message but I think you contradicted yourself a little. You say you ship Lena and Kara but want Kara to be alone at the same time??? That’s a little paradoxical. I like Kara and Lena’s relationship, actually I love it but not as a romantic pairing. 

2. I don’t think the fandom hates Mon-El. I think a part of the fandom who is incredibly vocal and annoying hates Mon-El. Unfortunately negative people have a tendency to be more vocal about things they hate rather than the ones they love. That’s why haters always seem to have more of a voice than those who actually ship it. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media websites are filled with Mon-El/Karamel love. For instance, Karamel scenes on Youtube are the most watched of all Supergirl scenes and have thousands of likes and comments. That doesn’t seem like a ship people hate.

3. I’m sick of the whole “Kara should be independent!!!1!!” argument. I know this is a wild concept for some of you but Kara can be independent AND in a relationship because one doesn’t invalidate the other. We should promote the idea that women can be strong and tough regardless of the path they choose in their love lives. So stop trying to reinforce the idea that women who love romance and are in love are somehow weaker or milder as if they are obligated to be alone in order to be perceived as “strong” and “independent”. Kara is extremely sensitive and a soft little bean who can be in love while simultaneously being a badass.   

4. Mon-El and Kara’s relationship didn’t make Kara’s character development regress. On the contrary, she has evolved since she met him. Firstly, dealing with Mon-El really challenged her perspective about the aliens’ presence on Earth and led her to examine the way she really felt about that issue. She has always been such a strong advocate for alien amnesty but she realized that she too had some preconceived ideas and prejudices that she needed to work on. She was able to acknowledge and overcome that becoming more tolerant in the process and cementing her own views. It also allowed her to explore her frustration for not having been able to help her cousin like she was supposed to and come to terms with that. Moreover, she is now able to follow someone who’s going through the same struggles that she was faced with when she first arrived on Earth and it makes her feel less alone and like someone understands her. And finally, her arc this season has been about her learning to stand her ground as Kara Danvers and not just as Supergirl. Confessing her feelings for Mon-El and allowing herself to be vulnerable helped her do that. So yeah, I’m pretty sure she has grown thanks to her relationship with Mon-El.

5. Don’t feel bad for Melissa because she looks like an excited puppy every time someone asks her about Karamel. Trust me. She ships it. 

I’m so conflicted because on the one hand I’m glad the WW twitter reactions have been good so far but on the other hand I hate how a narrative is already emerging that’s like “finally a good dc movie” “humor and optimism” “you leave inspired for once” like no. There have already been two good dceu movies that are inspiring and hopeful, maybe this time you just weren’t so blinded by preconceived ideas and childhood nostalgia so you were able to judge it on its own terms.

Frances Spence (1922-2012) is thought to be one of the first computer programmers in history. She was one of the original programmers for ENIAC, the world’s first digital computer.

She graduated from Chestnut Hill College with a degree in mathematics and physics, and began working on the ENIAC project, as part of an all-female team of six programmers. Despite their crucial role in the computer’s development, their contribution was often downplayed when the achievement was reported in the media, due to preconceived ideas that women are not interested in technology.

About international kpop idols

Okay so i keep seeing things about everyone having issue with EXP being idols and with jayden smith wanting to become an idol. I also recently saw the chance opportunity of a lifetime recently come up to audition to go to a summer camp that trains you in Seoul and if you won the competition you would get the opportunity to audition with any entertainment group of your choice. [It is the opportunity of a lifetime, but it is something that would have cost me 3 months of my last full time job’s salary and short of creating a go fund me page i can’t get that kind of money.] I see nothing wrong with international idols like this because if you have a problem with nonkorean idols you must either be Korean or hate every nonkorean kpop idol. Which means you hate luhan, lay, xiumin, bambam, jackson, mark, lisa, fey, about a 3rd of seventeen, and countless other idols. *some non korean possibly also American like me* “but that’s different they’re all Asian” that is one of the single most irksome statement and the most common arguement. Saying they are all “asian” is both obtuse and generalizing. By that argument anyone mongolian, thai, chinese, indian,half of Russians, and anyone else in an asian based country is allowed to be an idol. Which would mean Mark Tuan, Vernon, Ailee, Amber and any other American citizens should come home and stop being idols. “Well that can’t happen and besides they have the ‘asian’ look so its okay” okay okay just stop. Kpop is about the language and the music. The LANGUAGE makes it kpop. Not the person singing it. Give the foreign idols a chance.

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Hello love! In light of all the hate I’ve seen towards Karamel, why do you ship them? You are one of the few blogs I know who do love Kara and Mon-el together. For me, their chemistry is undeniable, of course, but with her other relationships (especially with James), I didn’t hate them: I just didn’t care. I was apathetic. With Mon-el, I care, oh boy do I care XD. From the moment they started to interact, you could see that it was something special. Hugs and love!

Hey, love!!!  I feel the exact the same way. I thought (and still think) that Kara and James were kind of cute but, in my humble opinion, they were missing that spark. And it wasn’t solely due to lack of chemistry but also because the writing in Season 1 was not the best in regard to their romance. 

But let’s talk about why I ship Karamel because there are so many reasons and I have so many feelings about them, at least 5, sometimes as many as 7 (yes queen Carrie reference). So let’s start:

1. They’re similar enough that they can understand and relate to one another but different enough that they can complement each other and learn from the relationship. Kara and Mon-El are, in fact very different in some aspects and very similar in others. But these are the best relationships. It means you are in sync about the most important issues but at the same time you can bring something new to the table because people evolve by not only sharing the same principles but also by being confronted with different points of view and personalities. Concerning their similarities, Kara and Mon-El are both refugees on Earth. They both know what it is like to lose your home and everything you’ve ever known. That’s a huge part of their identity and something that really strengthens their bond. Being an alien always conjured up feelings of loneliness and even anger in Kara. The fact that they both shared that experience creates a very deep connection between them and a sense of understanding that is hard for others to grasp. I feel like those moments when Kara and Mon-El are reminiscing about their home worlds are really underrated because they must be so special for Kara who has been on Earth for years with no one to share her memories with. Moreover, they’re also similar in the sense that they’re both compassionate and kind people who want to make the world a better place so their ideals pretty much coincide, which is the most important thing in a relationship. Yes, Mon-El is still working on that but that’s who he really is, in spite of the ingrained ideals from Daxam that he is slowly overcoming. And no. Mon-El didn’t magically turn into this kind and compassionate person because of Kara. He has always been that person, he just needed someone to motivate him to become the best version of himself. She didn’t change him, she inspired him. Which leads us to their differences and how they are actually beneficial to their relationship since they allow Kara and Mon-El to challenge each other. Mon-El has become inspired to be more selfless and courageous while Kara is learning to loosen up a little and be more tolerant. So their different personalities really complement each other, even though they do clash at times but, hey, fighting is healthy in a relationship and completely normal and leads people to evolve. 

2. The fact that they’re both superpowered. I’ve talked about this before. This is actually a big deal. They don’t have to hold back their strength around each other. They can hold each other as tightly as they want to after a hard day, they don’t need to hold back their passion and they can allow themselves to be a little more vulnerable because when they’re together they don’t need to be so painfully aware of the fact that they are powerful aliens in a different planet. As I’ve said before, sometimes being so powerful can become tiring and even lonely. And this is specially true to Kara. It’s important for her to just take a break from all the responsibility of being so powerful, of being Supergirl. Let her hold someone as tightly as she did when she was on Krypton and make her feel like she has come home and forget the fact that if she were to hold someone else like that she could snap them in half. 

3. They’re hilarious. No couple makes me laugh like those two. From their bickering, to their frequent and adorable awkwardness around each other, to Kara’s frustration with Mon-El’s cluelessness…

4. There’s something really innocent and cute about their relationship. Yes. They made out on a couch and were going hard BUT at the same time they’re both completely new to being in a relationship and they’re just figuring it out and it’s so cute to see them going through that process together. They’re just so bubbly and happy and smiley. Our space puppies… And that creates balance in their relationship since they’re both inexperienced and neither of them has the upper hand. And they just fit so well together, you know? I don’t want to use the word “childish” when referring to them but they’re both a little naive, they both have bubbly personalities and enjoy laughing and playing around. Once again, our space puppies. 

5. Mon-El contributed to Kara’s arc (I know! Unpopular opinion!!). I’ve also talked about this before. Dealing with Mon-El allowed Kara to acknowledge her own preconceived ideas and prejudices and work on them. She was able to acknowledge and overcome that becoming more tolerant in the process. It also allowed her to explore her frustration for not having been able to help her cousin like she was supposed to and come to terms with that. Also, her arc this season has been about her learning to stand her ground as Kara Danvers and not just as Supergirl. Confessing her feelings for Mon-El and allowing herself to be vulnerable helped her do that. 

6. Chris and Melissa’s chemistry. They just kill me. The intense eye contact, the passionate kissing, the natural interactions between them, the way their eyes wander from eyes to lips to whatever lmao I love them. 

We are all in the depths of a cave, chained by our ignorance, by our prejudices, and our weak senses reveal to us only shadows. If we try to see further, we are confused; we are unaccustomed. But we try. This is science. Scientific thinking explores and redraws the world, gradually offering us better and better images of it, teaching us to think in ever more effective ways. Science is a continual exploration of ways of thinking. Its strength is its visionary capacity to demolish preconceived ideas, to reveal new regions of reality, and to construct new and more effective images of the world. This adventure rests upon the entirety of past knowledge, but at its heart is change. The world is boundless and iridescent; we want to go and see it. We are immersed in its mystery and in its beauty, and over the horizon there is unexplored territory. The incompleteness and the uncertainty of our knowledge, our precariousness, suspended over the abyss of the immensity of what we don’t know, does not render life manginess: it makes it interesting and precious.
—  Rovelli, Carlo. Reality is Not What it Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity. NY, NY: Riverhead , an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, 2017. 8. Print.
For let us make no mistake. If the end of the world appeared in all the literal trappings of the Apocalypse, if the modern materialist saw with his own eyes the heavens rolled up and the great white throne appearing, if he had the sensation of being himself hurled into the Lake of Fire, he would continue forever, in that lake itself, to regard his experience as an illusion and to find the explanation of it in psycho-analysis, or cerebral pathology. Experience by itself proves nothing. If a man doubts whether he is dreaming or waking, no experiment can solve his doubt, since every experiment may itself be part of the dream. Experience proves this, or that, or nothing, according to the preconceptions we bring it.
—  C.S. Lewis

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Preconceived ideas of what’s, ‘Perfect’.

“It angers me that in this society we’re trained from a very young age, watching television, to swallow preconceived ideas of what is the ideal man or ideal woman. It’s prejudice, really. Many people overcome it, but so many remain oppressed if they’re not happy with their looks, if they don’t look like Robert Redford,. It’s a shame, because they shouldn’t be. When I was younger, I was worried about how others viewed me and if I was good enough.

– I realize now that you can’t mold an image or try to be something that you are not.

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Was Joseph married before he married Mary?

The suggestion that Joseph was married previous to being mentioned in Scripture as Mary’s betrothed is completely fictional (Luke 1:26–27). There is no scriptural evidence, or even a subtle suggestion, that Joseph was married to anyone but Mary. We do not know the age of Joseph, and it is possible that he was considerably older than Mary was. Such an arrangement was common in those days. At the same time, it is just as likely that Joseph was only a few years older than Mary. Joseph’s age is irrelevant since it is not given in the Bible and has nothing to do with whether or not he was a widower.

The idea that Mary was Joseph’s second wife originated with Catholic tradition in an effort to explain the existence of Jesus’ “brothers and sisters” (Matthew 13:55). Some of Jesus’ siblings are even named in the Bible: James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas. Catholic tradition has long asserted that these individuals might actually be cousins of Jesus or children of Joseph from an earlier marriage. Catholics, with the help of some pseudepigraphical books, have constructed an entirely fictional account of Joseph, saying he was an older man who had been married and had many other children before courting Mary. This theory is crucial to Catholic theology in order to substantiate their doctrine that Mary remained a virgin, even after giving birth to Jesus.

It is true that Mary was a virgin when the angel Gabriel appeared to her to announce that God had chosen her to be the mother of the Messiah (Luke 1:34–35). And the Bible is clear that she was still a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus (Matthew 1:25). But Joseph had taken Mary to be his wife (Matthew 1:20), and there is no suggestion that her role as Joseph’s wife was in any way different from the role of any other wife. Matthew 1:25 says, “But he did not consummate their marriage until she gave birth to a son” (emphasis added). The word until speaks of a change to the first action. The implication is that the consummation of the marriage occurred after the birth of Mary’s son. The meaning is similar to that of this sentence: “Bobby could not access his trust fund until he turned 25.” Until means there was a time when the first action (having no access) changed to something else (access). The structure of Matthew 1:25 clearly suggests that consummation did, in fact, occur after the birth.

If other children had been present before Joseph’s marriage to Mary, it is likely they would have been mentioned in one of the gospel accounts of the birth of Christ, especially Luke’s very detailed description of the trip to Bethlehem (Luke 2:1–20) and Matthew’s report of the subsequent flight to Egypt (Matthew 2:13–15). In verse 13 Matthew records the angel telling Joseph, “Get up, … take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him.” Joseph is to take two people, Mary and Jesus, not a larger brood from a previous marriage.

Then in Matthew 1:20–21, the angel again tells Joseph, “‘Get up, take the child and his mother and go to the land of Israel, for those who were trying to take the child’s life are dead.’ So he got up, took the child and his mother and went to the land of Israel.” Again, only Mary and the Christ Child are mentioned. There are no older children, which would imply that Jesus’ subsequent brothers and sisters were all younger and came along as the natural result of Mary and Joseph’s normal marital relations.

It is often tempting to try to make Scripture say something it does not say in order to create a theology we like. But we should remember a basic principle of scriptural interpretation: “Whenever possible, let Scripture interpret Scripture.” We get into trouble when we try to make God’s Word fit our preconceived ideas or a doctrine we find comforting. The notion of Joseph’s previous marriage is such an idea and has no foundation in God’s Word.  God bless you!!!  maranatha!!!  :):)