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Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Asperger syndrome is one of the autism spectrum disorders (ASD). This means that people with Asperger syndrome can display a wide range of behaviours and social skills, and no two individuals will have the same set of characteristics. 
Some people will demonstrate skills that are mostly in line with their peers, while others may present with ‘odd’ behaviours. Other people will appear to be significantly different from their peers. 

Characteristics of Asperger syndrome:
People with Asperger syndrome may experience:Difficulty in forming friendships.

A preference for playing alone or with older children and adultsApparently good language skills, but difficulty with communication.

Language may be considered to be very advanced or ‘precocious’ when compared to their peers. The person may be able to talk extensively on a topic of interest, but have difficulty with more practical tasks such as recounting the day’s events, telling a story, or understanding jokes and sarcasm

A lack of appreciation that communication involves listening as well as talking. For instance, they may not allow their communication partner an opportunity to engage in the conversation

A very literal understanding of what has been said. For example, when asked to ‘get lost’ (go away) a person with Asperger syndrome will likely become confused and may literally try to ‘get lost’Inability to understand the rules of social behaviour, the feelings of others and difficulty ‘reading’ body language. For example, a person with Asperger syndrome may not understand that someone is showing that they are unhappy by frowning

Behaviour varies from mildly unusual, eccentric or ‘odd’, to quite aggressive and difficultHaving rules and rituals that they insist all family members follow

Anger and aggression when things do not happen as they wantSensitivity to criticism

A narrow field of interests. For example a person with Asperger syndrome may focus on learning all there is to know about cars, trains or computers.

People with Asperger syndrome can be very talented
Some people with Asperger syndrome are very talented in their chosen field of interest and may enjoy quite significant academic and vocational success.

While strengths and abilities differ from one to the next, a person with Asperger syndrome may have:Average or above-average intelligence

Extensive vocabulary – but many people have difficulty with the practical use of language

Expertise in their chosen topic of interest – although this can become difficult in social situations as they may only talk about one topicExcellent factual memory for their chosen topic of interest

Dedication and commitment to their job if they work in a supportive environment and their job is suited to their interests

The drive to perform well at school or work, if given a supportive and inclusive environment.
Asperger syndrome is not a disease
Asperger syndrome is not a disease or illness. A person does not catch it or recover from it. However, the effects often lessen as the person gets older and develops compensatory or coping skills.

Asperger syndrome is present from birth, but it can often go unnoticed (or undiagnosed) until the early school years. In some cases (particularly females with Asperger syndrome), a diagnosis may not be made until adolescence or even adulthood. 

Things to rememberAsperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).People with Asperger syndrome view the world differently and have difficulty with social, emotional and communication skills. They are often seen as eccentric.There is no cure, but support, understanding, routine and training can assist.

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Brother and Sister

I want to discuss my favorite aspect of TCW: The relationship between Anakin and Ahsoka.

I love this relationship for so many reasons, but primarily, I love it because it’s a well developed big brother/little sister relationship. Yes I know that Luke and Leia were siblings, but that relationship wasn’t explored that much. Clone Wars spent five years building the relationship between these two. This relationship is sweet, kind, compassionate, trusting, funny, and relatable. As you watch the show, you see that Anakin genuinely cares about Ahsoka, and Ahsoka cares about him. At first, Anakin acted as a mentoring big brother: one that constantly helped, saved, and taught Ahsoka, who acted as the scared little sister that hid her insecurities behind her precocious attitude. By season five, Ahsoka is equal to Anakin, and Anakin treats her as such. For instance, Ahsoka saves Anakin in the final arc, and Anakin thanks her by shrugging of his humiliation. This relationship felt real, relatable, and genuine. 

How do I know? Simple, I have a little sister who’s four years younger than me. We act exactly like Anakin and Ahsoka. We’re each others’ best friends, we tease each other, we talk to each other, we get on each others’ nerves, but we always make up. When I was younger, I felt like I had to protect her, even though I never actually did :). Now that we’re older, we treat each other like equals, just like Anakin and Ahsoka did.

This excellent relationship is the reason the Wrong Jedi is so heartbreaking

In the Wrong Jedi, you see a sweet brother/sister relationship torn to shreds by the actions of the Jedi that Anakin and Ahsoka served during the Clone Wars. You, alongside Anakin, don’t want Ahsoka to leave, but you realize that she has every right to do so. Every aspect about this scene is perfect: the directing and animation are flawless, and the voice acting and dialogue are incredible. More importantly, you finally understand why Anakin distrusted the Council so much in episode 3. I mean, if someone took my sister away from me, I’d hate them too. In my opinion, the wrong Jedi is the most heartbreaking story in all of Star Wars.

 When I see the final scene, I think, “That’s it. That’s why he distrusted the council in Episode 3. That’s why he grew so controlling of Padme. That’s why he sided with Palpatine. That’s the Birth of Darth Vader, and the death of Anakin Skywalker.” And now, because of the Jedi’s detachment, this beautiful bond has turned into this:

In one beautiful scene, The Clone Wars did what the prequels failed to do, give Anakin Skywalker a relatable, sympathetic, and tragic reason to fall to the Dark side. Thank you Clone Wars. Thank you so much.

Go back to her Skyguy. Go back to your little sister.

Word of the Day: PRECOCIOUS

Pronunciation: [pri-KOH-shuhs]

Example sentences:

  • The precocious child memorized half the dictionary by his fourth birthday.
  • The precocious nine-year-old graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Biology.
  • A professional football club offered a contract to a precocious six-year-old who is a magician on the pitch.
  • The precocious "studyaholic" has become a role model for an entire generation.

Egg of a Phoebe and seven consecutive days of growth.

Phoebes, like most passerines, are altricial birds.

Another way that birds can be classified is whether they’re altricial (from Latin alere, meaning “to nurse, to nourish”), meaning they’re born helpless and blind, or precocial, where they’re relatively mature and mobile upon hatching. 

The spectrum between altricial and precocial is wide, and there’s no set formula for which reproductive strategy birds use. In general, though, passerines (the perching or “song” birds), herons, woodpeckers, and birds of prey are altricial.

Book of Birds Common to Town and Country. National Geographic Society, 1915.

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From Project FeederWatch

Shorebird chicks are precocial, which means that they are born fully-feathered and ready to go! Within minutes chicks like this Piping Plover chick are capable of feeding themselves. This chick’s meal made for a cute moment captured by Chuck Homler in Maine who submitted the photo to week 15 of our BirdSpotter photo contest with the theme “Birds and Food”.

Galliphasis albocristatus (now Lophura leucomelanos hamiltoni) and Galliphasis horsfieldii (now Lophura leucomelanos lathami

The White-Crested Kalij Pheasant and Black-Breasted Kalij Pheasant.

Pheasants and other fowl (such as domestic chickens, ducks, and geese) are some of the most well-known precocial birds. Born with open eyes and fluffy down, with “adult” (juvenile) feathers growing in shortly after birth, precocial birds generally require less care from their parents than altricial chicks. The range of precocial nature is broad, though, and precocial birds still need protection and care from their parents.

Most birds that have only one parent caring for them after hatching are precocial, and most tree-nesting birds with two parents are altricial, but there are no set lines how birds raise their young.

Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 1858.

We both know that flowers never leave their petals by themselves–

So we will walk in the park and
We will leave the bottles we used to
Drink our soda–
We will leave the two bottles

In the bench we used to sit
So that people will know
That once upon a time,
A boy and a girl shared their

Afternoon at that park.
We will leave our footprints in the
Shore, so that jellyfishes
Will know that there are two

People who dare to visit their world.
We will leave our shoes
In the middle of the road so that
Cars will know that a young boy

And a young girl dare to sit and talk
Amidst the dangers sorrounding
Them. We will leave our dripping
Blood everywhere we go

So that bees will know that people
Also bloom, and that petals
Are the pieces of our soul
We risk to leave in the places

We want to remember and we
Want to be remembered–
And that we leave crumbs of our
Skin for the people who we

Love to have a trail
back to

—  marge, “Why we leave our bottles in the park”
i’ve decided that i’m going to start telling people that i got my philosophy degree with a focus on vanderwaalian praxis.

Vanderwaalian praxis, of course, is based on the principals of Mona Vanderwaal philosophy.  Vanderwaalian moral imperatives include, but are not limited to:

  1. Showing affection by either a. running someone under with a BEAUTIFUL TOYOTA or b. teaching them how to shoplift
  3. Turning into an actual shark in order to come to the defense of other women
  4. Creepy dollhouse arts & crafts

(moral imperatives are based on a heather hogan ontological analysis of vanderwaal’s early works)

“The New Wife” - Digital Oil Painting

A painting based on charlotteashmore13‘s fic, “The Wonder Of Love,” which I am enjoying immensely. Rumple marries Belle in exchange for ridding her kingdom of ogres, because he wants a wife to look after his kids (one is Bae, the other is an adopted sister). Full of fluff and sexiness! I recommend giving it a read if you enjoy either of those things, mixed with precocious children.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


“You’ve inherited strong legs,” were the words of my father

always vigilant in observing his wayward son’s antics.

Ducklings leave the nest just one moment,

a second after the shell bursts.

Unlike them, I was naked, downless

and with eyes closed.

Jackdaws edge close to humans,

associating them with nourishment.

Haste kills he who crosses the road

and I shall wait for everyone to

disappear into the night.

Analysing is the key to survival

and the human mind is like

a book with deformed pages.

Why bother to unfold that which I already know?

That morning my mind wandered

a bit too far I might say.

So when red hues faded

men emerged from flashy vehicles

covering bodies with pale blankets.

And the jackdaw edged closer

eyes opened to the sound

of shrieking sirens.

It was the only time I saw corvids

become roadkill.

Animal (adaptation) of the day #3: Precocial v Altricial (This one's a doozy)

Precocial v Altricial 

Have you ever wondered why some birds hatch as naked, blind, helpless and ugly (think song birds); while others hatch with a full body of down, bright eyed, much more developed, and cute (ducks and chickens)? Well you can still wonder why, but now you can know a little more about the differences.  

Altricial birds, from a latin root meaning ‘to nourish’, have chicks that when they hatch are naked and can’t regulate their body temperatures, closed eyes, need to be fed and are basically helpless.  

Precocial birds, from the same latin root from which we get precocious, means that when the chicks hatch they are covered in down, with their eyes open, and are able to leave the nest to walk or swim nearly immediately.  

There are developmental benefits and disadvantages to each strategy.

Altricial chicks, like song birds, obviously require a much more substantial neonatal investment from the parents. Upon hatching, the chicks still require incubation to maintain their body temperature, in addition to being fed by the parent birds.  However this also means that less of an investment needs to be put into the nourishing of the egg before it’s laid.  Another advantage to this strategy is that the chicks generally fledge faster than precocial bird species, meaning that although the parental care is more intense, it doesn’t last as long.  One other disadvantage is that the entire brood is much more susceptible to being completely lost by predation.

Precocial development requires that the mother bird is able to make greater investment into the nourishment of the eggs prior to hatching, by weight their eggs contain twice the calories as an altricial egg, (which in the case of chickens is also an advantage to humans).  This leads to another advantage, which is that if your brood is mobile and out of the nest it is much more unlikely that a single predation event will take out all of the young.  The chicks are also generally able to feed themselves, either by the parents showing food to them or by instinctively feeding.  A disadvantage of this strategy is that the time between hatching and fledging is greatly increased, meaning a longer investment by the parents.

One other difference between these main two categories which i find fascinating is the correlation to brain size and development.  Altricial species are born with a smaller brain to body ratio, but one which grows into a a larger brain size than precocial species relative to body size.  Precocial species have a bigger brain at hatching, as you would expect given that they are more developed, but the rate of growth of their brain isn’t comparable to their body growth and their brain to body size ratio decreases as they grow.  

There are a couple of groups of birds that are kind of anomalies to this structure.  One is the megapodes, these birds are ultra precocial, no parental involvement at all even after laying the eggs, much less after they hatch.  They construct a mound of dead vegetation that the eggs are laid inside of to be incubated by the heat of the decaying matter.  The chicks hatch and dig their way out of the mound and are fully independent, capable of flight on their very first day.  The other outlier, you might say has the best of both strategies, parrots.  Parrots obviously look altricial, but there are a couple of precocial features in their development.  The females investment in the nutrition of their eggs, a precocial feature, leading to chicks with much larger brains than typical altricial chicks.  However, unlike precocial chicks the brain development doesn’t slow down, it has the same pace as other altricial birds, giving parrots a sort of super brain, explaining why they are such intelligent birds.  

There is a snazzy little chart on this website showing a breakdown of the variations within these two broad categories. 

Can you think of other benefits and disadvantages to one strategy over the other?


River Cowl Kit, by Jaala Spiro

Inspired by Firefly’s River Tam, the colors of the cowl evoke River’s girlish innocence, and the unexpectedly sinister connection to a soft blue. I imagine River knitting up this cowl in an afternoon when she gets her hands on some pretty yarn. Just don’t leave the needles sitting around…

In River’s own words, the color is called *Also, I can kill you with my brain*. Such a powerful and precocious young woman.

This soft reversible cowl makes the most of a simple stitch pattern and looks much more difficult than it is to work!

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You are the reason for the sudden mood swings,
For the sudden change of plans,
For the sudden loneliness and
You are the reason for the sudden ten-minute stare to nothingness,
A stare to swelling solitude that everyone can see, but no one can
You are the reason for the sudden glass that slips in her hand in the middle of a family dinner,
Her brothers will say that she is out of her
Mind, and
Her parents will say, “You are too tired.”
Neither of them are right,
Because she suddenly feels an aching
Void, a sudden pull from earth to hell,
You suddenly remember his hands, his laughs, and the way he nods, as if he is inviting you to an unknown
You are the reason for all of the “sudden moments”–
The moments that tell she is still enthralled by the mystery she can’t solve.
That moments that tell she is still haunted by her memories of
And the moments that tell he comes and leaves all of a
—  marge, “The Reason Why I Messed Up our Dinner”

“So much pressure, why you so loud? If you don’t like my sound you can turn me down, I gotta road, and I walk it alone. Uphill battle, I look good when I climb.  I’m ferocious, precocious I get braggadocious, I’m not gonna stop, I like the view from the top.”

- Masterpiece (Jessie J)