did any1 else ever see that one post where some1 was talking about their cute quirky headcanon where alliance law classifies having sex with memebrs of the horde as ‘bestiality’ and anduin has to embarrass his dad into changing the law by being precocious abt it at the dinner table and everyone laughs because it was um well anyways blizzard entertainment is uh, really bad at writing as a general rule but sometimes i am very glad that They are in charge of the lore and the wider fanbase is Not 

Really? It even said CUTE

That moment when you realize that your cute, fluffy little one-shot idea just turned into a six-chapter (at least) angst-fest.

Blame @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, she made me do it.

One of the central themes presented thoughout JK Rowling’s works was the idea that people–and their choices–dictate their fates. That they could be more powerful than their past, heritage, or any prophecy…

Even if we were to ignore the OOC moments and problematic social justice implications, this new addition to the series undermines its own message. The alternate universes seem to imply that what happens to you matters much more than who you choose to be.

In doing so, it underestimates the weight of core personality traits, upbringing, and previous life choices. If Cedric would have become evil after one humiliation, whatever happened to his past acts of kindness and justice? If Hermione would have become bitter and mean to her students simply from Ron’s absence, whatever happened to her precocious ambition, talent, and capacity for kindness?

*sigh* What an injustice the script has done, making unlikely changes for the sake of forwarding an already weak plot, only to shoot itself in the foot. Sure, you can ruin **some** parts of your characters and blame it on “time changes people,” but you should never mess with the underlying theme that holds the series together.


One of the reasons that the maleo’s eggs have such large and rich yolks is that the chicks are super-precocial, which means that they hatch highly developed and able to fend for themselves.  This is vital, because the maleo, unusual among birds, does not perform any parental care beyond burying their eggs: the chicks are completely on their own.  A newly-hatched maleo chick must dig its way through over a metre of sand or soil to the surface, which can take up to two days.  It emerges fully feathered, capable of running and, most startling of all, flying.

These little newborns are amazingly tough.  Matt Leggett of the Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia (WCS Indonesia), observed a chick that dug its way free of the nest and “took to the air but landed in a river, where it swam 10 meters [33 feet] through sizable rapids, climbed up the opposite bank, then flew off again.”

Egg of a Phoebe and seven consecutive days of growth.

Phoebes, like most passerines, are altricial birds.

Another way that birds can be classified is whether they’re altricial (from Latin alere, meaning “to nurse, to nourish”), meaning they’re born helpless and blind, or precocial, where they’re relatively mature and mobile upon hatching. 

The spectrum between altricial and precocial is wide, and there’s no set formula for which reproductive strategy birds use. In general, though, passerines (the perching or “song” birds), herons, woodpeckers, and birds of prey are altricial.

Book of Birds Common to Town and Country. National Geographic Society, 1915.

of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and Central America

©Gary Kramer

Such a beautiful bird, love all that color. Otherwise they are similar to American turkey breeds. WOuld love to raise this breed. Unlike American breeds, this turkey’s chicks are precocial and able to leave the nest after one night. They then follow their mother until they reach young adulthood when they begin to range though often re-grouping to roost.

…Dorian closed the book, grimacing as all those names burned in his vision. What sort of throne would he inherit someday? If the heir of Terrasen, Aelin Galathynius, had lived, would she become a friend, an ally? His bride, perhaps?
He’d met her once, in the days before her kingdom became a charnel house. The memory was hazy, but she’d been a precocious, wild girl- and had set her nasty, brutish older cousin on him in order to teach Dorian a lesson for spilling tea on her dress.
—  Sarah J Maas, Crown of Midnight

Galliphasis albocristatus (now Lophura leucomelanos hamiltoni) and Galliphasis horsfieldii (now Lophura leucomelanos lathami

The White-Crested Kalij Pheasant and Black-Breasted Kalij Pheasant.

Pheasants and other fowl (such as domestic chickens, ducks, and geese) are some of the most well-known precocial birds. Born with open eyes and fluffy down, with “adult” (juvenile) feathers growing in shortly after birth, precocial birds generally require less care from their parents than altricial chicks. The range of precocial nature is broad, though, and precocial birds still need protection and care from their parents.

Most birds that have only one parent caring for them after hatching are precocial, and most tree-nesting birds with two parents are altricial, but there are no set lines how birds raise their young.

Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 1858.

From Project FeederWatch

Shorebird chicks are precocial, which means that they are born fully-feathered and ready to go! Within minutes chicks like this Piping Plover chick are capable of feeding themselves. This chick’s meal made for a cute moment captured by Chuck Homler in Maine who submitted the photo to week 15 of our BirdSpotter photo contest with the theme “Birds and Food”.

Dev Patel searches for home in the official trailer for Garth DavisLion, a movie based on Saroo Brierley’s memoir titled A Long Way Home. Watch it below.

Precocious five-year-old Saroo Khan is always up for an adventure. Eager to help his older brother Guddu with any odd job that will provide their family with much-needed money, Saroo follows Guddu everywhere he goes. One night the two boys are separated on a train platform in their native Madhya Pradesh, and Saroo winds up nearly a thousand miles away in Calcutta.

Homeless in a strange city where he doesn’t speak the language, Saroo gets by on his street smarts until he is taken in by a government orphanage. When an Australian couple adopts him, he is taken to live with them in Hobart, Tasmania. It’s not until Saroo leaves that island as a young Australian man that he begins to wonder what became of his first home and the family he so adored. Ingeniously using satellite images from Google Earth, he finds a lead to follow up on. But the search for Saroo’s past threatens to overwhelm his present, and he finds himself further adrift than he ever imagined possible.

Co-starring Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman, and David Wenham, the film will make its debut next month at TIFF, and will later open in the US on November 25th.

~*~Sellieve’s Moon Sign Interpretations!~*~

Moon in Aries: You impulsively act on your feelings without thinking them through. You need adventure in order to feel complete. You are moodiest when you feel impatient. Very passionate and deliberate. Straight and to the point, you prefer not to dwell on or analyze your feelings.  Precocious, eager to get going in their pursuits.  A strong sense of autonomy, insistent on doing things on their own, a lust for independence.

Moon in Taurus: When provoked, you become stubborn and hardheaded. You have a hard time understanding the feelings of others. You can get stuck in emotional ruts, but what’s good about this is the fact that it gives you determination. Various smells, tastes, textures, sights, and sounds have more of an effect on your mood than they do for other people. Your emotions are less fickle than anyone. Once you feel a certain way about a person or situation, it is unlikely that you will change.  An emotional need for affection, you love to be touched.

Moon in Gemini: You feel the need to talk about your feelings and get it all figured out on a mental level. Indecisive, you understand both sides of a story and often feel strongly about more than one opinion on an issue. Acting shallow, letting loose, and seeing things from a lighthearted point of view helps you become emotionally at ease. Sometimes viewed as inconsiderate, you have a hard time understanding why others keep their feelings secret. When provoked, you try to weasel your way out of the situation. You consider all possibilities before making up your mind. You are moodiest when you have gone a long time without having fun.

Moon in Cancer: This is the moon’s favorite position, as Cancer is ruled by the moon. You are lovey-dovey, touchy-feely, affectionate, soft spoken, sensitive, nurturing, gentle, considerate, motherly, but whiny at times. You are ruled by your emotions and have difficulty seeing things objectively. You have a need to feel needed and love being a shoulder to cry on. You love deeply, laugh wholeheartedly, and sadness stings you more painfully than it does for others. You are clingy and have a hard time letting go of old feelings. You are guarded and might not show how emotional you truly are.

Moon in Leo: You have an emotional need to have your ego stroked. You can fill a room with your presence enjoy being the center of attention. When you feel passionately about something, you express it with full enthusiasm. You are not one to keep their feeling private. Some may view you as demanding, others admire the fact that you really know who you are and aren’t afraid to show it. You are dedicated at getting what you want.

Moon in Virgo: Little things tend to set you off, and you notice things more than others would. You can be thoughtful and nurturing, but cynical as well. You feel like your good deeds go unnoticed, but you give appreciation to other peoples’ favors more than many would. You really think through your feelings before acting on them; you feel that you must analyze your feelings to get them perfectly figured out, then you tell people exactly what you feel. Sometimes you get bogged down in details and miss the bigger picture. Men who have moon in Virgo are in touch with their feminine side. Sometimes the fact that you are considerate of others’ feelings gets in the way of pursuing what you want.

Moon in Libra: You have an emotional need to be balanced and to please other people. Against separatism, you strive to make everyone feel included and comfortable around you. You will refrain from speaking up about how you feel out of fear of disturbing someone else. You can be resentful as you often put your own needs on the back burner to help someone else. You are indecisive about how you feel but after collecting enough information, your opinions are stronger than anyone else’s. You care about what other people think of you and try to be as fair as possible. You use your charm to get what you want. You are pretty good at seeing the bigger picture but often miss important details.

Moon in Scorpio: You are emotionally intense and occasionally you erupt. You feel the need to get down to the bottom of an issue, finding the very source of a conflict. You use your emotions to give your life more meaning. You are annoyed by shallow people and prefer to view everything from a deeper perspective. You lack the ability to be carefree as you thrive on feeling everything to the extreme. You are not afraid to face the more painful things in life, and you prefer to heal yourself from the inside out rather than cover up the surface of a problem.  When people hurt you, it leaves a deep impression on you, and you have trouble forgiving or forgetting.

Moon in Sagittarius: Emotionally, you are all over the place and unstable. Trying new foods and broadening your horizons fills your explorative heart. You have an emotional need for action, adventure, and freedom. You have this “go go go” attitude and other people tell you to slow down. When you feel passionately about something, some people may perceive you to be radical. You are open about how you feel, to the point that people see you as tactless. Nothing can extinguish your flaming enthusiasm and zest for life!

Moon in Capricorn: You take your feelings to the next level, always wanting to experience them at full complexity. You have supreme sensibility and logic that keeps you emotionally stable. You like to be seen as sophisticated, and so you often hide your passion and intensity behind a well composed, serious disposition, and well-crafted speech. You thoroughly contemplate your feelings before acting on them; you feel that you must analyze your feelings to get them perfectly figured out, then you tell people exactly what you feel. Some people who have moon in Capricorn ignore their emotions all together, for the sake of practicality, while other people with moon in Capricorn are the most emotional people you know, whether or not they show it –or even admit it to themselves! You have been wounded so many times to the point that you have grown to have thick skin, and get annoyed by people who are overly touchy. You have an “it is what it is” attitude and will tell the cold hard truth without sugarcoating.

Moon in Aquarius: Having your uniqueness stroked makes you feel fulfilled. Inspired by science and literature that has morals, you enjoy an intellectual challenge! You have a rebellious streak to fight for what is right. You rationalize the way you feel, a few friends of mine born with moon in Aquarius write what they feel in order to make sense of it. You prefer to view things objectively. You may have a hard time understanding the way others feel as you can be quite opinionated. You are good at thinking outside the box and seeing a situation in a new light.

Moon in Pisces: You have an emotional need to just go with the flow, meaning that you will act based on whatever feels right at the time, without analyzing the possibilities or considering the outcome. Though you are easily hurt, you are good at letting go and getting on with life. Others see you as hard to hold onto or pin down in a situation. Your personality is hard to fully grasp, even you aren’t sure of yourself. Your emotions are almost never concrete, you tend to change your mind and you are easily influenced by others. This makes you very agreeable and easy to talk to, but spineless. Very conflict-avoidant and evasive, you have a hard time facing your fears or having conversations that require you to be honest about your feelings. You feel like your good deeds go unnoticed and that you get walked all over, because it is hard for you to stick up for yourself. You have a lovely imagination and intuition.

I give readings and lessons if you want to learn astrology on a more advanced level!

–Acai Psyche

Sellieve Neptune

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You keep giving me Sannin feels. I have this headcanon where Sarutobi was promoted to Hokage just three months after he's given the Sannin as a genin team. And everyone is just like "give the team to someone else" but Sarutobi Made A Commitment, so he insists on sticking with it. And it would be fine, but these are three kids who graduated from the Academy aged six -- they are precocious as all else. They need supervision. (1/?)

And the one thing Sarutobi does not have, new Hokage in the middle of the First Shinobi War? Time. Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru get into SO MUCH trouble as genin, simply because they’re just left alone for so long, and Sarutobi really only has time to stop by occasionally and then assign them research projects. Most genin? Drilled on their taijutsu. The Sannin? Told to analyse the tactics the ANBU use to protect the Hokage. And all their C-ranks were weird diplomatic missions, where they had to accompany the Hokage to peace talks in Iron Country, or sit in on trade negotiations with Tea, or talk to children on the streets of Wind Country about the current situation, or whatever. This is why Jiraiya performs the summoning technique without a contract – basically, he wants to find out what will happen, and Tsunade and Orochimaru are basically egging him on. There is no Responsible Adult there to say, “Hey, kid, not a great idea. How are you going to get back?” (After this, Sarutobi promoted them to chuunin, hoping they’d have less free time to get into trouble. It didn’t work. At all.)

Oh wow, this is fantastic. Headcanon accepted! Also a truly fantastic explanation behind the various team dynamics we see. This is beautiful and I would totally write it if I wasn’t buried in WIPs. Definitely saved for later, though, if you’ve no protests, anon!

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not kidding but I made a MISTAKE and it’s WEIRDER 
it’s from the Julie Rose translation of 3.4.1: 

Always ready to throw a cobblestone through a window, then to tear up the whole street, then to tear down a government, just to see the effect; a student of the nursery school , always playing up.


The best I can guess is this is like ..trying to turn it into a way of saying he’s a brat?? (He is a brat, I mean I know it, it’s part of why I love him) .  But it’s SO WEIRD. SO WEIRD.  

(anyone wondering: the original French is “ étudiant de onzième année” , which is pretty directly “student of the eleventh year”. It’s just a REALLY ODD choice??) 

a holsom concept: brady bunch/cheaper by the dozen au

Overworked single doctor dad Ransom is desperately trying to hold everything together and doesn’t have time for a social life between his shifts at the hospital and looking after his three precocious daughters. Exuberant single dad Holster is a high school teacher with three energetic sons, and would never admit to being lonely. They meet when their youngest kids join the same coed under 7 hockey team.
The Empire Needs Children - Chapter 1 - PermianExtinction - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

To anyone who wants to read a story about Hux’s childhood on Arkanis

To anyone who thought that brushing Hux’s mother aside as an “unimportant kitchen woman” was a bad move

To anyone who likes stories about cute precocious children trying to figure out big ideas

To anyone who wants to read about fish and rain and tea and tentacle monsters

Here is a fic.

Sun - Saturn Aspects

Sun trine or sextile Saturn: You can easily take on a lot of responsibility and find it rather easy to work with others with more experience. You’re organized and almost never feel overloaded with work.

“The Assiduous Executive”

Sun conjunct Saturn: You take care of business and often think of yourself as much older than you are. Being confused for an older age will always be a compliment for you. You treat authority with respect.

“The Precocious Authoritarian”

Sun opposition Saturn: You may feel like you have so much to work on in your life or that people are always giving you new things to do, that you never have time to achieve your own goals.

“The Unorganized Laborer”

Sun square Saturn: You lack maturity and may find yourself running into the law often. You try to achieve your goals despite what the situation is and this stubbornness can cause much chaos in your life.

“The Egotistical Child”