They ran up stairs as fast as they could almost tripping over their own feet. At that moment nothing was more important than their precious little sister’s life. Jungkook opened the door revealing Y/N kicking the chair she was standing on. Just in time maknae ran up to her and catch her body before she could hung herself. Namjoon came up to them, took the rob off of her sighing heavily. 

Maknae put her on the ground still holding her in his arms. “Noona, why?” He cried looking deeply in her eyes. She started crying hiding her face in his hoodie. “Jungkook give her to me. She needs to rest.” Jin croached down in front of him. “No! I’ll take care of her!” Kook stood up and disappeared in her bedroom. “Leave him with her for a while. We all know how he feels about her.” Jimin stated sitting on the couch putting face in his hands trying to calm down.

*Jungkook’s POV*

I tried to put her in bed, but she didn’t want to let go of my hoodie. “I’ll lay with you, is it okay?” I asked shyly. She just nodded, letting go of the material and moving over so I could lay down. I took off my shoes and gently laid down next to her. Y/N immediatly cuddled up to my side crying quietly. 

I waited until she stop crying and asked, “Do you really want to die noona?” I didn’t dare to look at her. She didn’t say anything, just sniflled snuggling her face in my chest. “If yes, then I want to die with you.” I whispered feeling another round of tears precking at the corners of my eyes. Y/N sat up quickly and looked at me in shock. “What are you talking about Jungkook?” I sat up too looking down. “Because my life without you means nothing.” I said trying to sound calm, but my voice broke at the end. “Noona is so important to me. I tired to never show my feelings towards you, but now I have to. Because this may keep you alive for a little longer.” I looked up into her eyes. 

They were shining like never before. As if you put all the stars in them. “Kook, are telling me…” I interrupted her by putting my lips on her. At first I didn’t do anything waiting for her reaction. She froze for a second, but she tangled her fingers in my hair pulling me closer. So she likes me too.