Reasons to love the Houses

Slytherin. Fall in love with their knife-edged stares and all consuming auras, fall in love with the way they hold you at the center of their world and let the rest melt away. Fall in love with the way their nimble personalities can jump from precise focus to perfectly timed humor to gripping lust to statuesque grace. Fall deeply for their charm, their allure, their unavoidable magnetism. Fall for their fractured, diamond-like personalities and be constantly awed by the complexity of their being. Fall for the way they are constantly molding themselves to situations and how they demand that you stay just as you are. Fall in love with the ways they will balance you, how they will flip personalities to make you laugh in times of worry or thread their words together to say the truth but gently, if you need it. Fall in love with how hard and tirelessly they will try to love you, how they have chosen again and again to love you. 

Ravenclaw. Fall in love with the way their questions always show how intently they listen to every word you say, even if their eyes refuse to look at you. Fall for the way their bodies, no matter how awkwardly they’re shifting, are still angled in some way towards you. Fall for how they know exactly what to show you to make you laugh or smile or want to hit them because they know you too well!! Fall for their the way their mind races endlessly and the way their entire being lights up at a new idea. Fall for their idiosyncrasies, their innate creativity, their peculiar nature, their unconscious habits, their lofty ideas, their obsessions, their infatuations.. Relish being infatuated, relish how many seemingly boring things they will be infatuated with you. Eyelash thickness, the curve of your ears, moles and freckles, the shape of your wrists; they collect these in their mind like a map because they’re fascinated by you.

Hufflepuff. Fall in love with the way they will expand their hearts long passed fatigue and self-care to comfort you. Fall for their tightening holds and unrelenting devotion. Fall for their twinkling eyes, smiling in the purest adoration for you. Do not take this for granted. Every touch, every smile, and every downpour of affection are heartfelt and a gift. Fall for the safety net they cradle around you, fall into it like silk sheets and feel how much they want to love every inch of you. Fall for the ways they desire to take care of you, to push through the hard times with you, to do everything they can to make you smile. Fall for how all the tiniest ways they show they’re already thinking about you, that they’re always thinking about you.

Gryffindor. Fall in love with their almost instant desire to entangle themselves in you, in your mind, in your time, in your thoughts. Fall for the way they grin while you catch them staring at you, fall for their adorable hesitation when you make a move. Fall for their belief in your potential to be anything you want, fall for their dedication to jump into the unknown if you’re the one holding their hand. Fall for their almost blindingly bright personalities and how everyone seems to glow when they enter the room. Fall for the way your heart hammers as they beg you to do a thing with them because “it won’t be the same without you!” Let yourself realize that you’re never falling for a Gryffindor, you’re always diving headfirst while they grip your hand and that they’ll somehow always manage to catch you.

Incapable of traditional flight, Western Meadowlarks maneuver through the world by leaping with powerful legs. Capable of jumping three times their body’s length completely vertically, these springy Sturnella are hardly hampered by the lack of flying ability; many casual observers have been fooled into believing they take wing due to the speed and precision of their numerous jumps. Above, a pair of meadowlarks judge the leaping form of a third.

backseat serenade (m)


Words: 13k.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader.

Genre: Fluff, smut, punk!Taehyung.

Summary: Falling in love with your brother’s best friend was something you couldn’t help.

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The state of Japanese ladies at the start of the Olympic season - personal analysis

The Japanese press has already begun speculating which ladies will be on the front line in an epic battle for the two Olympic spots available, a battle that the ladies’ field in Japan has arguably never witnessed before. The “post-Mao” era - as the media calls it - sees no less than seven contenders and no clear favorite, which means we all need to fasten our seat belts because we’re in for a long, wild ride. 

In this analysis I will try to write my thoughts down as coherently as possible, all the while trying to maintain the bias to an acceptable level. Hey, even the most experienced and relevant skating analysts have their own preferences and understandably so, in a heavily subjective sport which relies on subjective judging. I’m not trying to predict which two ladies possess the skating gods’ favors to compete at the Olympics; anything can happen until the last minute. But it’s worth making a list of the qualities each of these lovely ladies bring to the table and what areas are left to improve. Using the ISU guidelines, my own experience as a skating fan and a variety of videos and gifs, I will try to cover all the reasons why you must not miss out on this race. 

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Mission gone wrong - s. r.

Originally posted by bluebrooklynkid

pairing: steve x reader (she/her)

summary: theoretically, it was supposed to be easy mission - get in the base, take off the HYDRA soldiers guarding it, take the date and get out. theoretically. but the thing is: the team was overcome with tension, a ticking bomb ready to explode at any minute now. and all because the only couple on the avengers team had had a big fallout that morning and were not on speaking terms, meaning: barked orders and a disaster bound to happen.

warnings: swearing, anger, blood loss, a bit of asshole! steve, fluff and i gues that’s it?

word count: 2.9k

n/a: so this is my first writing for the mcu characters. tough i’m not a new writer per se, i’m new to the fandom (i mean, that’s the easiest way to explain/go about it) so pls be gentle w me beans. i didn’t properly proofread it, so if there’s any mistakes, please do tell. i hope y’all enjoy it . ♥

masterlist ask

Are you ready, kid?” Clint asked, his voice soft, yet fearful.

Y/N sighed, knowing she and Steve had caused a big strain on the group after their morning fight.

I’m fine, Clint.” She answered, knowing his question had a deeper meaning. “Steve and I know how separate our professional from personal life.

“I know, kid, it’s just… we need you both with your minds on the field. Even if it’s not a heavily guarded base, it’s still dangerous not to be focused.”

The girl sighed, knowing the archer was just trying to make sure she was fine, but still annoyed nonetheless.  

We know. He’s Captain America, Clint. That man is like a hundred years old, he knows what’s up and so do I. We won’t let our argument get in the way, I promise.”

Looking in her eyes for a moment, he nodded, leaving the room. Muttering encouraging words to herself, she finished suiting up, her head high on her way to the Quinjet.

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Mad King’s Clock Tower

So, it’s kind of common knowledge that the Clock Tower is one of the hardest jumping puzzles in the game. And in the past when I tried it I was lucky if I got 2 complete runs in during the 15 minute sessions that you get access to the jumping puzzle. 

This year, however, I tried a few new tricks and they’ve helped me out a lot.

5 successful CT runs in 15 minutes. You don’t even know how amazed I was that it happened, and happened fairly consistently.

So, in the interests of lessening everyone’s pain, I’d like to share some tips.

1. Turn on your action camera. It’s pretty useless for actual combat, but the action camera is a godsend when you need to navigate small, twisty areas. It’s also really helpful if your mouse is slowly giving up and doesn’t let you control your camera all that well. 

2. Pick a character of the race you are most comfortable jumping with. For me this ended up being a sylvari, others might prefer humans or norn or asura or even charr. Pick whatever you find easiest to control in fast, tight maneuvering areas.

3. Turn down your settings. I saw plenty of players getting eliminated at the start because they were stuck in the loading screen. Turn down as many settings as you can to make sure things load fast enough.

4. Slim down your character. If you’ve got a giant skirt or coat on, or some very bulky wings, hide the appearance of them, or take them off. Run the puzzle naked if you want to. Just don’t block your own view of where you’re trying to go.

5. There’s 2 kinds of jumps in gw2, and they depend on the order you hit your keys in. If you hit your jump button before your directional button, you’re going to jump higher rather than farther. If you’re moving in a direction and then hit jump, you’re going to jump farther rather than higher. If you need to go a short, precise distance, jump first before you move so you don’t get stuck on things. 

6. Aim for the smoothest areas. If a surface looks to have lots of bits and pieces there’s a chance you’ll get caught on them and it’ll eat up your time and get you stuck in the green goo. Try to keep to the smoothest, largest areas. Jump around or over the smaller, bumpier areas. If you can cover an area with 6 small jumps or one large one, go for the large jump. It’s less time consuming and you’re less likely to miss a step and get stuck.

This is all I can think of for now! I hope it helps anyone struggling with the jp! Good luck, and Happy Halloween!


At the norwegian fjord horse nationals this week.

Some of the best fjord horses there is compete in different disciplines. 
Today and yesterday was dressage, and tomorrow there is marathon driving. then precision driving and jumping later this week.

Plenty of pictures to come, i am in photography heaven!

But wont have my proper editing tools till i get home on saturday.. so a bit slow here this week.

Family Outing


“I thought that laser thing was an Argus weapon…” Oliver looked at Felicity.  “It’s the same technology you and Helix used at the compound.”

Felicity could not take her eyes off those dead birds. She could feel the laser humming, as if it was speaking to her fear with algorithmic code. Cayden James must have hacked the weapon and given it to his cohorts to use on them.. Why? Why would they use it out here to trap her and the team? And what in god’s name did the children have to do with any of it?  Of course, Talia is what has to do with the kids. Some sick revenge thing, some kind of compensation for Lian Yu.  As Felicity stood there looking for any answers to come out of the blue light, another bird, a robin, hit the barrier and exploded into precise, smoking pieces. She jumped, as did the rest of the team—all of them watching the bird fall to the ground like a shot down plane.

“Felicity,” Oliver raised his voice a fraction. “How did that thing get here? What does Helix have to gain by…by terrorizing our kids and trapping us here? What the hell is Talia doing obviously working with Cayden James?”

Felicity looked away from the birds and over to Oliver. “Oliver, I don’t have any answers yet. I’m still trying…”

“Oliver,” John interjected. “You’re right about Argus. The laser grid is one of their strongest defensive weapons. Lyla told me it was developed to fully contain any possibility of escape. At the compound that night, I remember seeing all these little round metal pads embedded in the walls and concrete. There could be hundreds of them all around us. “

Felicity shook her head. “John, Oliver…the laser can’t be activated from a distance. It works on a computer generated command. John is right. Those pads are receiving nodes. But it has to be line of sight for the operator to bring up the grid.”

“Felicity…” Oliver stared hard at her, his face a conflicting mass of wtf lines. “We aren’t as tech savvy as you are, hon. Are you saying that someone might be close by keeping that thing up?”


A small grin crept onto Oliver’s face. “Felicity, how high up do you think it goes? Could something fly over it?”

She looked back at the dead birds. “Oliver…I don’t think…” Then she got what he asking her. “You’re right. The laser is probably, maybe forty feet high. It depends on how the nodes are programmed.”

“So maybe I can put one of my repelling arrows into that tree outside the grid. Would it be high enough to carry me over?”

Felicity nodded.

Oliver turned around and started to walk away, toward their tent. “Wait here,” he asked.

The team knew that walk. It was one of determination and purpose. Oliver had a plan and god help anyone trying to thwart it.


“Whatever he’s doing,” Rene barked out at the team. “I’m not waiting around here much longer. Whoever took Zoe is getting further away. I’m going to jump in the river and ride it down to the bottom, back to the main road into here. Is that another plan we can think about?”

Then Oliver came out of the tent and Felicity shot him a look that could have pierced through the Kevlar in the Green Arrow suit he had on. His quiver was strapped on his back, fully loaded with his arsenal of arrows. In his right hand he carried his original bow, somewhat smaller than the one Felicity had custom made for him, but it would still be accurate.

“Rene,” Oliver glanced at him. “It’s almost twenty miles to the main road. It would take you some time and there might be some of Helix’s or Talia’s people lurking around in case we turn out to be smart enough to escape.  Also, there’s the Pinball Rapids about half way down. Those waters are class 4. None of us would survive them without a boat of some kind. We need to stay together. That’s our strength and our way out of here.”

“Oliver…” Felicity started to say in a tight voice. “I thought we agreed…”  Then she stopped talking. Bringing the Green Arrow suit despite their agreement was the same kind of thing he did when William came into their lives. He would always feel the need to be prepared, to protect those closest to him. This was the fundamental issue that they let drive them apart, before Oliver was literally tortured into thinking he would always be a monster. And that he would enjoy it.

“Never mind,” she relented. “I trust you.”

Rene glared at Oliver with defiance swirling in his eyes. But there was also acknowledgment…Zoe was not the only child taken. He felt the same concern for William and JJ. “Okay Oliver,” he admonished himself. “Do your arrow thing. I trust you too. But I’m willing to risk my life to make Zoe safe. Aren’t you, for William and Dig for JJ?”

Oliver was about to respond when Lyla’s voice suddenly broke through the hum of the laser. “Oliver, you don’t have to do anything. I got this.”


Curtis and Rene were tearing down their tents, but John still hovered next to Lyla. When she brought the grid down, he exuded a huge pride in her appearance and capabilities. Oliver was reminded of that night when Lyla showed up in an Argus helicopter and blew up the clock tower with some of Slade’s goons still inside.

“Lyla, how did you find us,” Felicity was asking?

“We knew Helix took our laser technology when they broke Cayden out of the facility. But what they don’t know is that there is a search algorithm implanted in the software. I’m surprised that James hasn’t found it. When he activated it, a homing signal led us here.”

“Us,” Oliver asked her?

“Yeah, I brought some back up. We took two Helix members into custody. They were not too far from here, keeping the laser active. It led us right to them.”  She looked at John with hope in her eyes. “I put a tracking wire on JJ. It’s the brass whistle necklace you got him for his birthday. I already have a fix on his location.”

John let any animosity toward his wife’s clandestine involvement in this  fall away and smiled for her.  “Lyla, is there one in my necklace too?”

She nodded. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. But, there was a lot of tension between us when I got it for you. Does it matter now?”

John shook his head and smiled. “No babe, I’m good with it.”

“Come on Oliver,” Rene called out. “We need to move.” He was heading over to the Suburban with the last of his stuff. “I can’t believe I’ve taken all this time to pack. I don’t care about the stuff. Let’s go.”

Oliver nodded in agreement. “Okay. Felicity and John, I need you with me. James still has the laser tech. I’m going to need someone to track it.”

“Oh, now I’m just someone,” Felicity asked him?

“You’re always going to be my someone.  John, once she finds their location, you and I will make contact.  If we retake Cayden James again, maybe Helix will back off a bit. Maybe they will also help us find Talia.”

“And Rene ? Curtis,” John said.

“I have something else in mind for them.” He looked over at the rest of his team.  “Are you ready to do anything it takes,” he asked.

Rene nodded. “What do you have in mind?”

Oliver inclined his head to where the laser grid had been. “I want you to be dead…”

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Untimely Manner (Yuri on Ice)

Oh boy, look. Leah is actually writing something. Woah. Woah. Leah finally did something. Okay then

Okay. I tried to write a thing. No prompt, no request. Nothing. This was a “throw-shit-together-and-hope-it-reads-okay” project XD. I hope you like it :)  And send in them requests! -Leah

Warning(s): Vomiting

Of all time this could have happened, why now? Why here? 

Yuri Plisetsky was asking himself this with every ticking second. Every single second that ticked by that he was seated on a bench. Every single second that brought more cold beads of sweat to his hairline. Every second that bleached his skin a bit paler. Every second his stomach twisted and gurgled. 

He felt utterly miserable. And he had since he got off the plane. The symptoms he wanted to beg to be jet lag proved to be the door to so much horror. 

He’d gone to his hotel after getting out of the airport. But in the morning he barely had time to throw his blankets off and bolt to the bathroom. 

He didn’t even make it to the toilet. Instead, waves of vomit violently departed the teenager, leaving him with a pounding headache and lightheaded feeling he couldn’t shake off even after his dry heaving tapered off and he could manage a small amount of water. 

Despite being utterly drenched in sweat, he was shaking furiously. He had no idea how, but somehow he got a shower and didn’t end up on the bathroom floor with a concussion.

He dried himself up and tied his hair back. But the tug of the ponytail just hurt his head more, making the young blonde whimper. Gently he loosened the tie, but still had his hair securely back. 

He’d grabbed the trashcan by the desk, as it was the biggest, and pulled it over to the side of his bed. 

He hoped, seriously hoped, he could sleep off this bug and be okay tomorrow. 

Oh wow was he wrong. Again his fever seemed to be high and, despite the heat radiating from his skin when he placed his hand on his cheek, he was trembling furiously. In less than thirty seconds, he was leaning over the edge of the bed, violently coughing up the water in his body.

That day, he barely made it through Agape with the perfect score he had. 

Everything after that seemed a blur. Like it was there in his mind, but he couldn’t quite grasp what had happened after his skate. 

Allegro Appassionato would completely do him in. The routine was challenging on a good day, when Yuri was in perfect health. But sick? With nausea that almost had him doubled over, with a close to dangerously high fever, with his muscles feeling like lead and his head pounding furiously. Yuri knew he was done for. 

And yet, Allegro was as beautiful as ever. Each jump was precise, each spin executed to perfection, body tense with determination. He had control over this, how his arms moved, how straight his back was. He threw every last bit of energy he could possibly muster into his routine.

But it drained him entirely, his whole body hurt and his head felt dizzy. He held his pose then skated off, not even bothering to bow. He’d just paint the blue-tinged ice with bile if he did so. So, he got off the ice.

Immediately, long fingers and a lightly calloused palm brush over the blonde’s forehead, who subconsciously swayed on his feet.

“Damn it Yurio, what have I told you about taking care of yourself..?” 

This voice, this voice that is stern and lecturing but so calm and steady. It’s Viktor, Viktor is here.

Wait, why wouldn’t he be. His husband is performing. But at this point, Yuri ceases to care. 

As if things couldn’t get any worse, they do. Yuri’s knees buckle and his small, feverish body collapses into Viktor’s torso. 

A small string of Russian curses follow before Yuri is picked up in Viktor’s hold. 

It’s a while before Yuri wakes up again. But when he does, he feels something ice cold, right over his eyes, as if shielding the light out and lowering his fever.

His stomach is acting furious now and he only whimpers softly.

A hand brushes through his hair, someone must’ve taken it out of that braid and changed his clothes from the skate uniform into sweatpants and a t-shirt. For that Yuri is thankful. Because his head really fucking hurts. Which in turn does nothing for his stomach. And the loose clothing keeps immense pressure off his aching abdomen. 

Another whimper, a sickly one, emits from the young blonde’s throat.

“Yura?” A soft voice asks. 

It isn’t Viktor. It is not Yuuri. This voice is different. It’s not condescending or childish. No…

“Yuuri and Viktor went for medallion ceremony. They left me here since I’m across the hall.”


“Do you need something?”

In that instant, Yuri slaps a hand over his mouth, digging his nails into his cheek slightly.

Otabek must catch on, for he places a hand under the smaller teen’s back, between his shoulders, edging him into a sitting position. 

Within moments Otabek is slipped up behind Yuri, supporting the sickly skater while also keeping him upright and holding the wastebasket. 

Otabek lasts the time it takes, feeling each heave against his chest as they tear from Yuri. 

Thankfully, it’s over soon.

Shakily, Yuri wipes his mouth with his hand.

Otabek takes the discarded rag and drenches it in the bowl of ice water, he wrung it back out and handed it back to Yuri. It doesn’t take long for the rag to be over Yuri’s eyes again.  

It sends a nice feeling over him and it dulls the ache, no doubt from dehydration and strain, behind his eyes.

He’s forced to drink a little more water, and he downs half the glass, the cool liquid feeling good down his torn up throat.

Again the mattress shifts and Yuri is gently passed over to someone else. a jacket of some sort is being draped over his body. The scent is recognizable as that Katsudon’s usual smell whenever Yuri hugs the older skater on that rare occasion. 

He nestles into the coat and cuddles up to whoever is supporting his ill body.

Sure, the timing of this fucked him over no doubt. He probably lost. Didn’t even make it to the podium.

“You got gold. You’re going to the Grand Prix…”

This is the last thing Yuri hears, it quiet and steady but he knows there is pride in it. There is so much pride and astonishment that even sick as he was, he could still do this. And now he was going to the biggest match of all. And he who said it, was so happy for him. 

And this brings a faint smile to his ghostly white face as he drifts off into a finally restful sleep. 


Okay as promised.
Some behind the scenes. Some you may have seen, some I know you haven’t. Including Stevens extremely over exposed selfie.

Fun story with that, to get a shot up on a high ledge I had to climb up, naturally though when you have an expensive and heavy camera, the last thing you want to be doing is climbing around with it in your hand or strapped to you where it can collide with whatever you’re climbing. So I thought it would be a good idea to ask Steven to hold it for me whilst I did a run and precision jump up. Once I got my camera back and did the shots, I checked through them to make sure they were all okay and I found ten… TEN selfies like that one. Thank you Steven.

We also have Steven as Shay, killing his creator. (He’s become a monster…)
Stevens smoking picture, followed by the moment I caught on camera of Steven and @the-fashionable-assassin hugging showing his gratitude of receiving the costume.

Then there is Steven (Shay) and Arno… Self explanatory really!

Lastly we have a snap I took of Nicole helping attach all the loops together for his little parkour vault as we had to remove the gun temporarily to see if he could make it over without smashing it against the wall.

I was going to show all new ones but I thought I would leave that until the website is up and running. That way you don’t have to wait in between posts and you can see them all at once.

I honestly hope everybody enjoys the final shots, official and behind the scenes. I had a blast doing these shots and I am sorry for the huge unexpected and unwanted delay on these photos.

Thank you all for your patience.

same, similar

At times, you open your mouth, and I can listen forever, but I cannot always provide a thoughtful answer to progress the conversation. These times are times I learn from you, and I love these times. But
At times our wavelengths are so precisely matched that I jump in my seat.
We brush our teeth and spit into the sink at the same time, to the second.
We get dressed across town, but at night in the same bedroom, we discover that our underwear is the same exact shade of pale mint green.
Our SAT scores from high school match exactly and you’re the first living person to match my love for macaroni and cheese.
Our thoughts conjure the same small, green, wooden table to demonstrate hypothetical adjective organization.
At times I worry that our similarities are too similar, but others I worry our contrast is too strong—does this mean that we’re just right?
At times I must simply allow myself to enjoy your company, similar or not.



Forest path

Prompt: Any Finnish Mage - The forest breathes. Listen. It answers.

He carefully relayed the tiny caterpillar - that was spanning on his pen - to a blueberry bush, then slid his notes in the inner pocket of the ragged coat he was wearing. It was time to continue his journey.

He had never been this far from the place he called home, but he was fine. He followed the lead of the forest and if there was one thing he learned to trust, it was the guidance of nature. He was not quite sure of the destination he was heading or the path he should walk. Maybe it didn’t really matter. He was in a forest.

The forest breathes. Listen. It answers.

Leaves rustled in the wind, whispering old stories; a lone parched birch gave out a whine. A croak of a raven echoed among the trees. The distant cry of terns uncovered the open water of a lake nearby.

He followed a narrow animal trail to the South. The sounds of his steps were muffled by the soft, wet grass, but it still stirred up a few slim bugs. They flew away indignantly.

He took a deep breath. The rich, green scent was full of vitality; the sweet rot of the bog promised a new, better life. Everything seemed calm and bright. And safe.

The path turned bypassing large, mossy rocks. A small flock of willow tits crossed the bushes before him; they jumped from branch to branch. For a moment their vivid chirping lifted his soul and made him smile.

Above his head fieldfares were replying each other in songs.

Suddenly they stopped.

The forest is alert. Listen. It warns.

A startled capercaillie took off with a thundering noise. Then the forest fell quiet.

It was a brooding silence that forebode danger.  Something was ahead of him; he could feel the dark presence in his bones.  A beast, probably. Or more.

This vexing stillness made his skin crawl.

His instincts commanded him to turn and leave immediately, to choose a different path, a safer route. But before he looked for another trail to follow, he stopped. He had come here to learn and discover, after all. He cleared his mind and gathered his strength to sharpen his senses.

He watched. Listened.  Smelled.

He saw darkness; an ill gloom lurked where the thick branches of pines blocked out the sun. He heard whispers and cries, the wails of death and eternal suffering. The wind carried the sourness of decay.

But there was something else in the air, something he could not just leave like this: magic.

He had not expect to find a mage here. Or anyone for that matter.

But he could see the signs now. Light fell on a couple of small bones on a rock; to a normal eye they could be the sad remains of a raptor’s prey. They weren’t. His coat got caught in a broken branch. It looked like an ordinary cut, but it wasn’t; echoes of soft spoken runes lingered on the bark.

The prospect of meeting another mage made him excited. And bold. Despite the danger, he kept going toward the darkness.

He unsheathed his knife, the forest was no longer calm, nor safe.

He heard grunts and stamps, then an agonizing howl filled the air. And when he reached a small clearing, he saw it: a fallen beast with bones and antlers growing in strange directions. Behind the beast stood a woman, knives in both hands, ash-blond hair floating in the wind.

She stared at him in confusion with gleaming blue eyes. But there was no time for formalities. Another beast dashed forward from the trees and more menacing shadows were moving, slowly surrounding them.

She turned and stabbed. She was agile and precise. And beautiful.

He jumped next to her and started to chant. He felt the magic flowing through his body and the air whirled around his knife as he cut through darkness.

The forest cares. Pray. It answers.