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(A few) Subclass Trees

Reddito ypatel94 typed up the skill trees of a few subclasses in Destiny 2. Two of which are returning subclasses.

*Please note that these are subject to change*



  • Press L1 + R1 to weave Solar light into blades and smite your foes from the skies


  • Fusion Grenade: Explosive grenade that causes bonus damage when attached to target
  • Solar Grenade: Creates a flare of Solar Light which continuously damages enemies trapped inside
  • Firebolt Grenade: Unleashes bolts of Solar Light at Nearby Enemies


  • Controlled Glide: Better directional control
  • Balanced Glide: Bonuses to Speed and Control
  • Focused Burst: Initial Boost of speed for Glide

Third Skill (Press and hold O, 55 second cooldown):

  • Healing Rift: Conjure a well of Light that continuously heals those inside it
  • Empowering Rift: Conjure a well of Light that increases the attack power of those inside it.

Attunement of Sky Tree:

  • Igniting Touch: A powerful melee ability that ignites enemies and causes them to explode
  • Risen Angel: While in air, aim your weapon to hower in place for a short time. Dealing Precision damage extends this effect’s duration
  • Skyfire: While Daybreak is active, Descend causes explosive damage where you land
  • Phoenix Dive: Hold O while in-air to quickly Descend and regenerate health

Unnamed Tree:

  • Firestarter: A power melee ability that damages enemies while also increasing your movement and reload speed
  • Wild fire: Engage your enemies mid-flight. Fire weapons and throw grenades while gliding
  • Blazing Dash: Press O,O while midair to Dodge
  • Everlasting Flames: Killing an enemy with Daybreak extends its duration


Fist of Havoc :

  • Press R2 to slam the ground
  • Press R1 to smash shoulder first


  • Pulse Grenade: Periodically damages enemies in its radius
  • Flashbang Grenade: Disorients enemies
  • Lightning Grenade: Emits bolts of lightning


  • Increased Height: Greater height on lift
  • Catapult: Strong initial burst of momentum
  • Increased Control: Better directional control on lift

Third Skill (Hold O, 40 second cooldown):

  • Towering Barricade: A large Barrier that can be used for cover or to seal off dangerous areas
  • Rally Barricade: A small barrier that allows you to peek over while aiming down the sights and instantly reloads your equipped weapon when you take cover

Code of Juggernaut Tree:

  • Knockout: Breaking enemy shields increases your melee range
  • Reversal: Melee kills immediately trigger health regeneration
  • Frontal Assault: A powerful melee punch that grants you increased weapon stability
  • Trample: Fist of Havoc lasts longer while sprinting. Killing enemies with FoH extends the duration.

Unnamed Tree:

  • Shoulder Charge: After sprinting for a short time press R1 to slam shoulder
  • Aftermath: FoH disorients enemies and leaves a damage-dealing field in its wake
  • Magnitude: increased the duration of Pulse/Lightning Grenades and Aftermath
  • Aerial Strike: FoH deals more damage the longer it is in the air


Golden Gun:

  • Summon a flaming pistol that disintegrates enemies


  • Tripmine Grenade: Places a tripminde
  • Incendiary Grenade: Catches enemies on fire
  • Swarm Grenade: Release seeking drones


  • High Jump: Double Jump with greater height
  • Strafe Jump: Better directional control while in air
  • Triple Jump: Upgrades Double Jump with a third Jump

Third Ability (Press O,O, 17 second cooldown):

  • Gambler’s Dodge: Dodging near enemies generates melee energy
  • Marksman’s Dodge: Automatically reload your equipped weapon when dodging

Way of the Outlaw Tree:

  • Bombs for Bullseyes: Precision Hits generate Grenade Energy
  • Chain of Woe: Precision Kills increase weapon reload speed for you and nearby allies
  • Six-Shooter: Golden Gun can be fired quickly up to 6 times but has a shorter duration
  • Explosive Knife: Throw a knife at enemies that explodes shortly after impact when melee energy is full

Unnamed Tree:

  • Line ‘Em Up: Precision hits with Golden Gun increases its damage and extends its duration
  • Crowd Please: Precision Hits with Golden Gun generate Orbs of Light for your allies
  • Gunslinger’s Trance: Enter a trance with each Precision kill, reducing the cool down of your Golden Gun
  • Knife Juggler: Throw a knife at enemies when melee energy is full. A precision kill with this ability immediately recharges it.

I’m just going to lead with this image of Lance and his “WINNER” flag because I hijacked an ask about Lance to talk about Allura, but Lance is a gift, okay.

My model before I’ve started to swing in favor of Black Paladin Allura was Keith becoming Black Paladin and Lance shifting to Red temporarily, and this causing the characters to explore themselves in greater depth, but now, I think it’s actually important that Lance comes to understand himself where he is as the Blue Paladin.

Because we still don’t know Blue’s specific stated virtues. That’s still up in the air. And having Lance shuffle towards any of the other Lions, with their explicit, stated virtues… he isn’t going to be more of a Red Paladin than Keith, or he would have bonded with Red initially, and I don’t know if Lance would necessarily make progress in that manner.

I mean, I still have a warm spot in my heart for the idea of Red being Lance’s aggressive pep talk coach but I think at this point, especially with the idea of Allura taking up the Black Paladin role, Lance isn’t particularly in a place to move Lions. It also makes sense practically that they’d probably want to switch Lions as little as possible to minimize the amount of people going “oh god how do I” at the same time.

That said, though, I’m going to do some rambling on what I think the Blue Paladin virtues actually are.

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You Are The Wilderness: Part 2

Originally posted by loudestcrowdever

Summary: When Roan appears again an uncertain bond is formed and a risky offer is placed on the table. Will you accept it? (Part 1)(Part 3)

Life in Arkadia was a welcomed change from the fallen Farm Station. There was no more hiding in plain sight, no more scavenging, or living in fear. In the fortified walls of Arkadia, there was safety as armed guards patrolled every square inch of camp. There was food, clean water, and warm living conditions. There were families with children that freely roamed the streets. And, perhaps, the most surprising difference was the relationship between Arkadia’s leaders and the grounders.  

Sentiment toward grounders was much different here. While Farm Station leader, Charles Pike, had been enforcing a strict no grounder policy, Chancellor Abigail Griffin and Councilman Marcus Kane were working around the clock on peaceful strategies to unite and ally with the grounders. It was safe to say that the Farm Station residents and their leader weren’t impressed with Abby and Kane’s methods.

Pike was still leading a firm charge in his anti-grounder politics, but you weren’t sure if you completely aligned with his beliefs anymore. On one hand, it was completely logical to harbor disdain toward grounders because of the Ice Nation’s terrible offenses; however, you knew it was absurd to hold an entire group to one standard.

For instance, there was Roan and that piece of you that believed he was inherently good. If it wasn’t for him, you never would’ve survived long enough to see Arkadia. He showed you mercy, the same emotion that Pike constantly preached that the grounders were incapable of displaying, and if he was capable of such empathy then so were others.

Roan, you thought about him quite often. You couldn’t count the times he crossed your mind or appeared in your dreams, haunting you with that piercing gaze and surrounded by question marks. Why did he help you? What changed his mind or had he been leading you to Arkadia the entire time? Since Roan had been badly wounded during your last encounter, you wondered if he was even still alive. Even if he did manage to survive, you knew it would be impossible to find him again and receive face to face answers for your queries. You never imagined you would get the opportunity at all, let alone, so soon.

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The Way We Were

Jason Todd x Reader

Words: 1,270

Nothing could adequately describe the pain found in dying. You knew this best- though being alive once more hurt even more than the fatal blow. Even after several years had passed since being revived, and though all physical pain had all but gone, emotionally you were ruined. Ruined and a freak alone in the world.

God, did you miss living. Because what you did now, well that wasn’t half as close to what being alive felt like. Being alive wasn’t a burden anymore, the Y/n that was alive didn’t stoop to such low levels to remain hidden. You decided that it was better that way, to keep the reinstated mortality away from those you left behind. To do so you became desperate, becoming something more than the hero people were left knowing you as.

They wouldn’t mourn if they knew you came back, a hero who didn’t deserve being alive again. Your old life wouldn’t even be able to recognize you now.

“Hey!” A sharp yell startled you out of your stupor, bringing you back to the present and away from your thoughts.

Grasped firmly in your hands was a bundle of gems, only just ripped from the neck of a Gotham socialite. You had been in the middle of fleeing from her most recent heist, when you were struck by being back in your old turf. Back as something else this time.

An annoyed groan tore out of your mouth, disguising the surprise at seeing someone who used to be your friend. You should have expected seeing Red Robin, being in Gotham at the moment. If it had been up to you, you would still be on the opposite Coast. Actually, you’d be comfortably settled in the ground still if you had the choice.

Nonetheless, you were stuck in a position you didn’t want to be in. You knew how smart Tim was, knew he’d notice the similarities between you and who you used to be. Even if they hadn’t known each other long, as you met her demise shortly after Tim took up the mantle, he’d know Y/n was still alive.

Alive and well while Jason was still dead.

It was better for everyone that you remained dead.

Which is why you tried to deepen your voice slightly underneath the full face ornate mask.

“Well look what the cat drug in, a little Robin.” Your stance switched from startled to casual as you dangled a few necklaces from her gloved fingertips.

You knew you had to get out fast, especially after seeing Red Robin’s eye mask narrow.

“While this little meet up has been fun, I should get going.” You began to slowly move, watching Red Robin echo your movement. “Ya know, places to see, jewels to be snagged.”

Watching Tim tense up, you jumped sharply to the left, dodging the leap he sprung at you.

With a heavy grunt, you threw yourself over a piece of furniture. “You sure don’t make this easy!”

He didn’t say anything, only reaching into his stashed compartment and blindingly throwing a rope to latch onto you.

You had barely dodge in time, silently thankful that you had been there to see Tim learn that maneuver.

Which is how you knew to counter and throw the rope back at him.


Though you felt bad, your voice held no remorse. “Sorry birdbrain.”

You found your escape through the window, using the metal framework of the building to climb to the roof. The combined bite of jagged metal and freezing air assaulted your skin. It was almost familiar, in a way, as it reminded you of long nights spent training on the Gotham landscapes.

But that was then, and you still had to complete the heist. The time of remembrance and sentiment was beyond her now.

“Wow, the Bat really wants to stop me, huh?” You said bitingly, as you saw another figure upon arriving on the roof.

The figure, one of the newly turned Bat prodigies, turned around, the apparently male’s face concealed with a bulky red helmet. The Red Hood.

“Pfft, you’re not that important Y/v/n, neither is petty theft.” He sounded annoyingly smug.  “But that file you stole from Waller last night is.”

The grasp around the jewels in your hand slackened. You were also hyper aware that the file was still on your person, folded away in your utility belt. Every fiber of your being restrained you from automatically darting your eyes towards the unsecure location.

You didn’t dare to move, especially when you heard Red Robin land behind you.

Though you did once they both lunged towards your form. The string of pearls and several bulky rings were thrown into the red helmet, the weapon on your hip was thrown at Tim.

Your movements were almost like a dancer, light and nimble. The ornate full face mask added to the affect. However, the precise jab of your weapon was hardly anything on the two you were fighting. Especially when all you wanted to do was leave.

You regretted coming back to Gotham, gathering that file wasn’t worth seeing a bittersweet glimpse of your old life.

It was too much, to be on the other side against your family, to be here once more without Jason. To be alive.

“Remind me again why I can’t shoot her!” The red hooded one yelled, fed up with having you tie a rope around his neck.

Your legs were rapidly kicking Tim as he replied. “You know why!”

Your movements stalled.

“This is getting ridiculous!” He yelled, in one fluid movement grabbing your upper arms and heaving you over his head and face first into the buildings railing.

As it happened, your mask shattered against the concrete.

“Give up, Y/n.”

You felt pitiful and small, looking up at Tim. “You knew.”

“C’mon Y/n, if I could figure out Batman’s identity, yours was nothing.” He smirked slightly, extending an arm down.

You shook your head incredulously, leaning against the railing. “You aren’t going to ask how I’m alive?”

“Ha, sorry Y/n, but you aren’t the first.” The other male moved closer, releasing his mask with a metallic pressure release. “Becoming a bad guy was also my thing first.”

Tim rolled his eyes, adding to your confusion. “Shut up.”

“Okay, what the hell is- Jason?” Your eyes widened almost comically, taking in the once teenager who had died a few months before you.

“Hey babe.” He sounded and looked so much older.

Guilt rushed forward, heightened by the revelation and emotional exhaustion. You hadn’t felt so many emotions so strongly since you had been first brought back to life. You wanted to cry, maybe even scream and shout, and also apologize for not looking for him.

You had a watery laugh. “Hey.”

You were both different, changed after being brought back.

“I guess we’re both pretty cliché-y.” You agreed, handing the file to Tim who shuffled about awkwardly.

Jason smirked. “The movie rights itself, the Outlaw and the petty theft.”
You rolled your eyes, finally standing up. “I prefer bandit.”  

He didn’t reply, and you were too fixated on his face and the white strip of hair that fell over his domino mask.
“I really missed you, Jay.”

His embrace was enough of a reply.

You knew things between you two were far from the smitten teenagers you had been years prior. You both were far too gone to even pretend nothing had changed. But for now, who you weren’t was enough.

“… so, uh, I’m just going to go.” Tim spoke, his escape falling on deaf ears.

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Then what about lotor? Considering he's probably Haggar's child - wouldn't he consequently have the same magic tolerance and some kind of magical powers too? And if he has, does he know about that or will he accidentally figure it out like Allura?

I’d argue he’s a little more than “probably” Haggar’s child considering the family resemblance is positively breathtaking.

At this point it’s kind of an unknown how magical Lotor is? I mean the VLD writers did promise he’s got cool stuff going on which makes me wonder if he’s going to be a kind of “spellsword”- a mix between Haggar and Zarkon’s fighting styles.

So far, he seems pretty light on his feet and fast, with a precise weapon (his sword is straight-bladed and slender compared to the jagged scimitar-like piece Haxus pulled on Pidge) and frankly he could be an absolute nightmare to fight if he paired that with illusionary doppelgangers and teleportation like Haggar does.

Furthermore, if that’s the case- him not really being a direct powerhouse the way either of his parents are but having a lot of nasty tricks that make him just as much of a pain to be on the wrong side of- it’d really emphasize him as sneaky and calculating. I know something I’ve considered with how he seems to have the skirt of an overcoat attached to his armor is that, he might have a hip holster for his sword and the long coat over it makes it hard to tell if he’s armed or not because it covers the scabbard.

The MiG-29SMT aircraft is a fundamental upgrading of the original MiG-29 aircraft which is the multi-role fighter of “4+” generation with avionics open architecture and continuously enhanced nomenclature of high precision weapons.


BCM Gunfighter History : Travis Haley

An Exercise in Compromise

Hanging in my office, is a clone of the rifle I carried on two combat tours(Iraq and Liberia). It’s a reminder of where I came from, where I stand today, where I am going and why I am going there.

While serving in 2nd Force Reconnaissance in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, my unit started seeing radical advances in small arms and light weaponry via the SOPMOD program. Suddenly, carbines could quickly be fine tuned for specific missions by mounting night vision systems, laser aiming devices, weapon lights and red dot optics to the 1913 Picatinny Rail Systems on the upper receiver and handguard.

These technologies opened up whole new tactics, techniques and procedures that could be employed to prosecute our mission of specialized reconnaissance, ambush and direct action raids.

Despite the additional capabilities the SOPMOD program delivered, opinions were sharply divided on the program. Some saw these tools as a burden, adding a lot of “crap” that would only increase the amount of weight our Marines carried on mission for little tangible benefit. A maxed out M4 could run up to 14 pounds, but we didn’t need every component for every mission.


The SOPMOD accessory package that my platoon ended up running included almost two pounds of weight in mounting interfaces alone. When I challenged this, I got a typical Marine Corps answer, “Because that’s what you are issued, now quit asking irrelevant questions Too Speed.” (Too Speed was my call sign)

I couldn’t accept that answer. It was an institutional answer that repeated a party line and the lives of my teammates were, and will always be, more important than not rocking the boat.

After some trial and error, the first mod I made was to ditch the Surefire M951 Weapon Light and replace it with a Surefire 6P in a shotgun tube light mount that I scored at a sporting goods shop near base. After swapping the 6P tail cap for the M951 remote switch assembly, I then ran the tape switch on the left side of the 203 so activating the light wouldn’t impact my weapons manipulation.

Getting a weapon light in tight with a rail and shaving weight off the interface was something I would spend the next 10 years fiddling with before I had a eureka moment and Haley Strategic Partners released the Thorntail Adaptive Series of light mounts, currently in use by military, security contractors and law enforcement worldwide.

This time was a defining moment for me, as it was when I first started tweaking and eventually building original components for my platoon based on the unique requirements of our missions. These experiences of shaving weight, improving ergonomics and finding a balance between capability and utility, would drive the development of so many of the components I have commercialized in my post-service career.


Colt M4 with 14.5” Barrel
Colt M203 40 mm Grenade Launcher
Knights Armament RAS Handguard
PEQ-2 IR Aiming Laser
Surefire Classic 6P with a custom “Simply Dynamic” mount
Boone & Packer Redi-Mag
Simply Dynamic Multi-Mission Sling (commercialized by Magpul as the MS3)


Prior to the invasion of Iraq, Force was trained up for both Green Side(reconnaissance) and Black Side(direct action) missions, with the assumption we would be tasked to one or the other. However, when we entered Iraq, our platoon found ourselves doing a combination of both at the same time. Force Recon is a special operations unit that prepares the battlespace and gathers intelligence for the MAGTF(Marine Air Ground Task Force) and then prosecutes specialized targets as directed.  

With a few days under our belts, the entire platoon started striping gear and mags, looking for that perfect balance of speed, utility and capability. If you can’t move, you can’t be effective. Most of the Marines went from 13 rifle magazines to between five or six. I ended up with four on my vest and two taped together on my carbine with riggers tape and offset with a stick.

Force Recon ran low signature loads outs, often working out of vehicles(mil and civilian), and running a double mag on the carbine meant I had 60 rounds at the ready. When I saw the “Redi-Mag” in a copy of Shotgun News, I ordered it and had it delivered to me overseas. Despite the weight, the Redi-Mag was more versatile than the old riggers tape and stick, and cut my carbine reloads to sub one second.

I no longer run a Redi-Mag because there are so many excellent belt mounted magazine pouches available today, that I can reload at almost the exact speed as from a Redi-Mag. That said, you will sometimes find them on my house and car guns, as I do not expect to be kitting up if someone breaks into my house or I find myself engaged with an active shooter around vehicles in the streets.


The M203 is a vital component to small and agile units, like Force, who operate in small units in semi and non-permissive settings. It becomes even more essential in worst case scenarios where the mission is compromised or the unit is outright ambushed by an enemy force.

We prepared for scenarios where 203s could be employed for a hasty breach, in instances where a short count/stack was not possible. Also, as a posturing tool to achieve immediate fire superiority in the face of an ambush. Finally, we practiced employing them to suppress fortified enemy positions in buildings by putting accurate fire through windows or open doors.

In fact, in the first gunfight I was involved in during OIF, I put this into practice, pumping 40mm HEDP(High Explosive Dual Purpose) rounds through windows of enemy positions 50 meters out. This fire created instant hate and discontent on target, where crew served weapons and M4s did not offer as much of an immediate positive effect. We had never trained to fire the M203 at such a close distance for safety reasons, but I held at the top of the window frame with my Aimpoint and the round went straight where I wanted it.


The MEUSOC 1911 has an almost legendary reputation among 1911 and handgun enthusiasts. One of the most high performance handguns ever built, the MEUSOC 1911 we ran was hand built by Marine Armorers from the Precision Weapons Section at MCBQ (Marine Corps Base Quantico). They fine tuned our 1911’s, hand selecting barrels, link pins, sear springs, ejectors, firing pin stops, mainspring housings and mainsprings. Slides were custom built by Springfield Armory with beavertail safeties and recoil spring guides by Ed Brown, Novak rear sights, Wilson Combat extractors + mag release buttons, and King’s Gun Works ambi thumb safeties.

Force ran the 1911 specifically in direct action raid or ambush missions. It was not a primary and would only come into play if our carbines had run dry or malfunctioned. We carried 10 round magazines with 230 Grain 45 ACP. More than enough to deal with any immediate situation and then refocus on the carbine to get it back into action.

On DRP(Deep Reconnaissance Patrol) Missions, I personally chose my Berretta M92, which was our only 9mm alternative at the time. The flatter trajectory at range of the 9mm and the larger magazine meant more bullets to deal with more problems in the event my carbine was down or permanently disabled.

When I later worked as a security contractor on Ambassador Bremmer’s detail with Blackwater, we would run Glock 17s. But in the end, the mission drives the gear. But more importantly, the mission drives the man.


When I first started making gear, I was doing it to help keep my guys alive. When I started my first company, Simply Dynamic Tactical, I wasn’t in it to get rich. I was doing it to pass on what I learned in combat and to provide tools that would stack the deck in the favor of the men and women who were going overseas or out on our streets as warfighters, law enforcement or private citizens.

Surviving war is an awesome responsibility. For those who have been in combat, you never forget the brothers you lost. When you are one of those who made it back, you carry a weight that is difficult to put into words. I was lucky to have known such great men in my life. I was lucky to have a second family closer than any people I will ever know.

As I approach the 5th year in business with Haley Strategic Partners, we have tried to bring this industry together and to stay focused on that one mission. Enable brave men and women to complete their missions as safely as possible. Through training, through gear and through mindset.  

Stay Sharp and be safe,

Travis Haley
October, 2015


Nicole is hosting a book club today, in spite of Vanessa’s predicament. || Any of these ladies not gonna make it? || This Mindy is a maybe. || Maybe means no. I’ll go as her friend.

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i was thinking about the scene where Magnus gives Alec back his bow & quiver &is all 'idk how to use these' & i was thinking that Magnus is old af he definitely has been around since the bow &arrow was a commonly used weapon & i know he primarily uses magic but what if he's still trained with weapons? Like, can you imagine how many cute as heck archery competitions Malec would have if Magnus was good with a bow, they would get so competitive and flirty omg i didnt know i needed that til now

Wow, thanks, Anon, for making me all emo again. Because duh…. if this is not canon, I don’t know what is. Let’s be real, Magnus lived for centuries, so of course he knows how to use a bow. I am also pretty sure that, even though he might use magic when it comes to fighting on the battle field and all, he knows how to use other weapons as all. I mean, just look at him, being all bad ass, fierce eyes and body strained, but on the other hand those fluid movements? The elegant way when being deadly precise with that weapon of his choice?

Damn, give me bamf!Magnus all the time. The content I am here for.

But well, yeah, Magnus again trying to convince Alec that he has no idea how to use that bow like he did when they both played pool? So Alec leaning in, his chest against Magnus’ back, warm breath caressing Magnus’ ear while he helps Magnus to steady his posture and teach him how to hold that bow. While Magnus is trying very hard not to smile that fondly smile. Or grab Alec and throw him on the ground and kiss him senseless.

So he really tries to put on an unfazed expression, playing the oh so eager student who just wants to do it right. When Magnus finally shots that arrow and it hits right into the yellow ring. “Not that bad.”

Alec just stares, arms crossed. He shakes his head. “You did it again.” He tries to sound grimmly but Magnus sees that he is fighting back a grin.

“What are you talking about, my dear, Alexander?”

Alec huffs. “Shut up. I am going to get you another bow and then I wil teach you how to shot an arrow.”

Magnus beams. “Oh, Alexander. I didn’t know that you can play dirty.” He wiggles his brows.

Alec tilts his head. “You know, you are going to lose against me, right?”

Magnus’ lips curl into a sly smile. “Wanna bet?”

Alec rolls his eyes but he laughs. “Game on.”

Which leads to these two competitive shits shooting arrows until dawn comes. Neither wanna lose or declare defeat. Not until Magnus may or may not start to get Alec distracted with accidentally touching his arm and leaning into him and placing a soft kiss onto his neck. Alec may or may not miss but he grabs Magnus by his wrist and may or may not kiss him in the middle of the archery field. After some passionate kisses, they both agree to continue this tomorrow.

“I am still better at this, you know?” Alec says with so much pride and a gleeful smirk while tugging Magnus back into the institute.

Magnus chuckles. “Whatever you say, darling.”

Oh, he will teach that cheeky nephilim a lesson. Later. Tonight. In the bedroom. And Alec will be begging. This is gonna be so much fun. Magnus grins while entwining this fingers with Alec’s. Alexander Gideon Lightwood. The best thing that ever happened to him.

Some quick things about the MOAB or Mother Of All Bombs that was dropped in Afghanistan today.

1. It’s not nuclear, there is no lingering affect and the bombed area can be used. It is 11 tons of TNT compared to 100,000-1,000,000 tons of destructive power of our nukes.

2. It’s dropped from a MC-130 operated by Air Force Special Operations Command. It looks like a flying pig and must operate at night because it is slow.

3. It’s not a carpet bomb it’s a precision weapon used on specific targets. Specifically against cave complexes and mine fields.

4. It is a thermobaric weapon similar to fuel air bombs. It’s explosion is meant to create a high pressure blast wave to destroy said caves and mine fields. The main cause of death is your nervous system shutting down, and having your lungs explode.

5. Within a mile of the blast you’re either gonna die or suffer major injuries. Within 5 miles you’ll lose your hearing for awhile and you and a lot of your stuff is gonna fall over. Within 10 miles your gonna have cracked and broken windows. Within 40 miles you’re gonna hear it.

6. The previous use of such a large non-nuclear weapon was the British Gland Slam earthquake bomb used against underground factories and bunkers in Nazi Germany in WW2.

7. The Russians have a larger one at 44 tons created in response to the MOAB.

Oh yeah it’s also not 300 million dollars, more like 15 million.

U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress aircraft from Barksdale Air Force Base, La., arrived at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, April 9, 2016 in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, the operation to eliminate the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the threat they pose to Iraq, Syria and the wider international community, and as needed in the region. The B-52 offers diverse capabilities including the delivery of precision weapons. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Nathan Lipscomb)

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Would you paint a firearm?

What a curious question. I’m a non-representational painter, so the answer is absolutely “No,” in terms of painting the form of a gun (or an arm lit on fire for that matter). But if you’re implying a prepositional phrase, as in, “Would you paint on a firearm,” the answer is less clear.

I routinely paint on various objects, but my work has, by and large, been narrativeless. Like a poem constructed of impressions, or an instrumental song dependent on sensations; rather than, say, a bit of prose – a story – with a motive and a structure designed as a means to an end user experience or an explicit edification.

This is probably not what you bargained for, but you got me thinking about my work and my roll as communicator. I prefer ambiguous content that doesn’t hit the viewer over the head and right on the nose. I am apolitical in that regard, insofar as I like to touch various cultural themes I believe are important, sure, and I can even get subversive with some of my titles, but I prefer to give the viewer enormous space to draw her own conclusions about what I’m getting at, and much less what I precisely “mean” with particular creative decisions. Art, for me, isn’t a precision weapon… oh, shit, see what I did there?

So Brutalized Gainsborough II (seen above) doesn’t feature a punky crown painted over the woman’s head to mock her stately, lavish position; rather, I’ve placed non-representational bands of paint over a cheap reproduction of her likeness in order to remind the viewer that they’re looking at a two-dimensional surface, a rendering of a rendering, reproduced and then digitized and transported, most likely, to their screen. I’m pointing to the object-ness, the thing-ness of the visual experience itself.

My work has tended to deal with broad questions about visuality in general, about art history, and about the reception processes we each engage to construct information and meaning (often without realizing what and how we’re processing visual queues). Pretty metaphysical in nature. In that respect, I haven’t needed to paint or depict narrative. Nor have I felt keen to paint on a firearm. They scare me and I’ll wind up shooting my eye out.


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Someone tried to explain to me that drone strikes are better than the m.o.a.b. because "drone strikes are controlled rather than just dropping a bomb out an airplane" I don't like the world we live in.

Oh my god they’re both guided munitions, also them.
Literally everything is a precision weapon these days. The US doesn’t drop bombs just anywhere. Targets are selected based on the intel and sensors available.