precision rifles


Cugir PSL-54

Romanian semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x54R. Although it bears a little resemblance to the SVD Dragunov, the PSL is more like an oversized AK. One major difference between the two rifle is that the PSL uses a stamped RPK style receiver, while the SVD uses a milled one. Accuracy is decent for what it is and for the most part serves its role as a DMR more so than as a precision rifle. (GRH)


Remington 700

Custom built 700 by Breakneck Creek Precision Rifle Co (BNCP). This is chambered in .458 SOCOM, hence the AR-15 magazine adapter. Generally .458 SOCOM is a heavy hard hitting but short range caliber for the AR platform, a favorite for some hog hunters. The owner/seller mentions the camouflage pattern used is KUIU. (GRH)